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Janis_G(z7GA)August 4, 2010

My sister Sue went to the hospital tuesday afternoon

with pressure in middle of her chest, sweating, nausea,

pain between shoulder, radiating pain down left arm.

She had a heart cath done today and now has 2 stents.

Heart problems run in my family as it does in Neil's.

Please don't ignore symptoms, it will save your life.

I was so pleased to know that the stents now have a 99%

chance of never having to be replaced, unfortunately mine aren't in that catagory but my sisters are.

There have been so many wonderful discoveries in the medical field.

I just can't help but have so much hope for the cures and

great things to come.

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It's all rather amazing isn't it? Even 5 years can make a big difference in technology when it comes to the medical field.It sounds like Sue is now going to be fine.

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