One of those days

Janis_G(z7GA)August 23, 2012

I took Neil to the dermatologist yesterday and since she is

in the same office as a plastic surgeon friend of ours, I

had an opportunity to look at the brochures of all the

surgeries available to us now. I took one on the tummy

tuck, liposuction, facelift, breast reduction. Talk about

dreaming. What a fantasy I've been having.

Losing weight (oh yeah), getting that

tummy tuck (wearing pants without an elastic waist band),

liposuction (fat begone), facelift (no sagging skin and no

more toothpicks holding up the extra skin over my eyes).

Breast reduction (no more pain in my shoulders). RED HAIR,


Okay, Jan, you can wake up now.

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Lol, go with the red hair. That's the first thing people notice.

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I do miss my Red Hair, west gardener.
Only went blonde after seeing an elderly lady with orange
red hair and matching lipstick somewhere in the area around
her mouth.

I suppose I wanted a gentler and more elegant look.

Do you think I should go for short spiky hair?

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Janis, I have a friend who still keeps her hair a rather vibrant orange. Recently, she saw someone who knew her, but she didn't recognize. She said, "I wonder how she remembered me after all these years?"I had to chuckle at that, (inwardly, of course!)

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Why not spiky hair? It's in fashion these days. No matter what you decide to do phycically, you'll still be the same wonderful woman on the inside.

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