Of course it comes all at once

gandle(4 NE)August 12, 2011

The bounty from the garden. We have been canning tomatoes and canning pickles now, the sweet corn is at just the right stage. Guess we will interrupt the tomato canning for sweet corn freezing.

You know I had a thought, earlier I posted about Leone talking to bugs and they listened, perhaps if she would have a nice chat with Michelle's tomato hornworms maybe she could persuade them to go somewhere else then, then sensibilities of some of the people who must belong to the SPCHW's wouldn't be offended The society of prevention of cruelty to hornworms.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

LOL! I love it Gandle! It would be equally poetically beautiful to me if the buggers could be peacefully persuaded to live among those who would do them no harm. Win-win, as far as I'm concerned.

My tomatoes are overwhelming me at the moment. But it's mostly just the slicers (Black Krim, Cherokee Purple, Early Girl, Patio, and various cherries). My San Marzanos are only beginning to ripen, and then I'll be on a roasting and freezing frenzy myself.

I put up 14 quarts of pickles, and gave myself permission to be done for the year. Sure hope they taste better than the last batch I attempted!

If you want me to put the phone on speaker and go out to the garden, just let me know. But I think the garden is devoid of them (I left the Swallowtail caterpillars be). That trick with the backlight really works!

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We had heat. We had rain. We had a nice garden plot enriched with last year's henhouse pucky. We had lovely plants started early in the greenhouse.

The rabbits enjoyed the cabbage and green beans. I never even got to see the beans flower. The groundhog really enjoyed the sweet potato patch. They kept it defoliated perpetually. They also destroyed every tomato on thirty six plants one by one as they ripened. The corn was spared until it started to silk, and the racoons who have been conspicuosly absent have now emerged to finish the job, taking down ten or twenty stalks a night. I put in five hundred plants, so they have a month to enjoy themselves. They left me the cukes and onions, and green peppers. So yes.....I made bread and butter pickles, what else? Worst gardening year I ever had, but I have the healthiest and best fed varmints in the county.

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Calliope, my backyard zoo did not get your variety of veggies, but about the only thing I have left are cherry tomatoes, the large ones all have holes picked by blackbirds, I think. Whatever even ate the parsley.

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Oh yes, everything, and everybody comes together to enjoy the summer's bounty. I looked into one of my pumpkin flowers this morning, and there was a wasp,a bumble bee, some ants, a fly and me interested in the flower.

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We've got tomatoes, galore, and they're good, too. But what could be the reason that the green pepper plant has never grown very much and still has only one pepper? Probably too late for this year, but if I had some idea why, maybe next year I could do better.

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