Tibs checks in

tibs(5/6 OH)August 21, 2012

Been awhile. What is new:

New kitten. Back uo to five felines.

DD getting married.

I cut my hair.

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All good news, Tibs, glad you are checking in, stay a while please, will you?
Thank you for the sunflowers for Joann, I'm counting my blessings, it had been a hard, stressful day, but I don't have a dead daughter, it came so close

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Nice hearing from you. Please stay a while, even if the wedding preparations keep you occupied.

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Glad you're back, Tibs. Please keep us posted on wedding preparations and the cats; pictures would be nice, too. :>)

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I haven't been around long enough to know you well Tibbs, but still appreciate the advice you gave me on being careful about copywrites. Its come in very handy. How did your club make out on the threat of being sued on the article by "unknown" that they published?

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Hi Tibs, glad to see you again. As lilo said, it's all good news. Please keep in touch, and yes, pics would be welcome.

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Welcome home!

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