Crazy cat-ladies preparing for evacuation

lilosophieAugust 9, 2014

The cages are borrowed from the rescue, not getting any one or two cats into a cage is another question, but at least they have the opportunity and we feel we did all we could.
Over-planning usually results in nothing happening and one has to spend a lot of time and energy to put everything back, that's what we are working on.

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Another short-term option, in a TRUE EMERGENCY situation when you need to IMMEDIATELY evacuate, is to put a cat in a pillowcase.

Obviously, need to keep the open-end - closed manually or with tightly tied rope.

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Being over-prepared has got to be better than under-prepared. You and Joann are doing all you can to be in the first group. Add my good thoughts and prayers for your safety to all the things that will go with you.

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It's a kitty apartment building!! Looks like a lot of wrestling, wear gloves.

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Praying that you don't have to go. To get the cats into cages is not easy. All the best for all of you.

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Still here, not unpacking just now. Joann went to the town meeting yesterday - They are making progress, had the use of one of the bombers yesterday and that made a big difference. Result: very little smoke, breathable air. The wind is also in our favor right now, blowing the fire into itself.

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I am glad that you for the moment have breathable air and that it might get better. Your preparedness reminds me of another time and place, about 70 years ago, as it most likely will remind you, Lilo.

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You are right, Anneliese. I learned at that time one can let go of things, so I take this approach now, hope I don't have to let go, but will. Joann and I are trying to find a way to save some valuable, at least to us, original art, but haven't arrived at a solution to this problem.

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Lilo, I am so sorry for all the stress in your life right now.
You are one of those wonderfully strong women that just does what needs doing. I hope and pray that those crates stay empty and you and Joann can stay put and be able to breathe a big
sigh of relief.

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gmatx_gw zone 6

Sending prayers and hugs to you, Joann and all others in the danger area of the wildfires. Please be careful. Things can be lost (and that will hurt) but lives lost cannot be replaced.

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lilo. I hope all will go well.
You may consider packing up your original art and send it to relatives that live in a safe area.
That's what my Norwegian relatives did during WW11, they sent it to relatives in Sweden.
Included was an oil painting my uncle had painted of me when I was a year old.It made it back to Norway after the war, then years later it came here to our house in Silicon Valley. After 73 years, it is safely at our house. It can never be replaced so I'm so happy to have it.

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I didn't see this! I am so glad you're able to consider unpacking. Not that I've forgotten. I haven't. But I didn't know it was closing in. Glad it's better.

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