Posting pictures - questions and answers

youreitMay 22, 2008

Since so many folks are wanting to post pics of their ponds (it's that time of year!), I thought I would start this post for future reference. Any problems or questions, simply post here.

To attach a photo that's over GW's 60k limit (which is pretty small), you need to sign up for a free account at an image hosting site ( is one of several), then upload your pictures from your computer to your album there.

To embed them within a post, you would need to copy the HTML Code line, which will be under your image on Photobucket, and paste it into the message box here at GW. For those using a site other than Photobucket, just look for the line that starts with "a href". This option will allow you to post more than one pic in each message you post.

Or you can just copy and paste the Direct Link line ("Link To" or something similar from other sites) from Photobucket into the "Optional Link URL" box at the bottom of the "Post a Follow-Up" area here at GW.

Hope that helps! :)


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catherinet(5 IN)

Thanks Brenda!
Here's a question for you. When I want to give someone a link for a previous do I do that? I've had trouble with not being able to turn it into a link.

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Catherine, you can either a) copy the link address of the post at the top of your browser (starts with http) and paste it into the "Optional Link URL" box below the "Message" box here at GW (and be sure to type a description of the link in the "Name of the Link" box, i.e., Joyce's lotus pond);

or b) (a more complicated version, but you can put more than one clickable link in each post) copy that same link address (i.e., for this post, it would be and paste it into the "Message" box.

To make it a clickable link, the link would look like this -

Posting pictures - questions and answers - without the spaces after the two Done without spaces -

Posting pictures - questions and answers

Hope that makes sense! If not, just holler. :D


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I've set up a Photobucket account and am trying to cut/paste HTL Codes into the message box so I can imbed pictures of my pond but, of course, it's not working for me. Can someone walk me through this. I'm working on Apple Safari. Thanks in advance.

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always_outside(8a DFW, TX)

Youreit - I just wanted to say you are always so helpful on gardenweb. You always help people out and make such nice comments. :) You helped me get started when I first found gardenweb. Thanks!!!

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AO, you're so sweet, thank you! I really do love a good mystery, hence my determination to help if at all possible. :D

Well, I tried posting a bunch of info for you, Zoe, but for SOME reason, GW isn't let me post links with certain names in them (not even sure WHICH links are the bad guys...). I can't seem to email you directly, so please email me at csgale at yahoo dot com (written out so the bad guys can't reach me! LOL), and I'll send you this info.


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Zoe, if you emailed me, I didn't get it. I hope I don't have your domain blocked (i.e., the stuff after the @ symbol in your email address, like! If you DID email, please post your domain name here so I can unblock it.

Ok, back to our regular programming. :D


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For Mac users, this was posted by a very helpful lady over on the CA forum. Thanks, Diana!


Looooong time Mac user here. To post a pic from PB just click on the HTML code link. It will automatically "copy" it (you'll see a yellow "copied" when you click on it). Then come to the body of your post and click "paste". You will see a line of code in your message. Then when you click on preview message you will see the pic. Click on submit message and you'll see your pic, like this: 

<img data-gwi="176902" src="" class="img-external cursor-magnify js-enlarge" />  

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This is a test.....

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sheepco(MN z4)


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hi the way I put photos into my message instead of putting in a link is by uploading photos to then I pick a photo I want to use. I click on Edit which opens up a new page. Then I click on Resize. A window drops down and I chose Large. Then I go to the bottom of the photo and click on Save Copy. Then you'll see the photo with new size. Copy the first link which is for HTML For Websites. Then paste it in your message. You'll see the code but when you click on Preview Message, you'll see the photo. You can do that more than once.

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sheepco(MN z4)

This needs to go to the top again.

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