Happy Independence Day, Ukraine

mrobbins(6b - Brooklyn)August 24, 2012

On August 24, 1991, the government of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic defied Moscow and issued a declaration of independence. The modern free state of Ukraine was born!

It hasn't been easy, these past twenty-one years. Ukraine and her people still have far to go, and a lot stacked against them. But after growing up all my childhood hearing adults toast "Free Ukraine" as a heart-rendingly unattainable ideal, I am proud today of my Ukrainian brothers and sisters. The last time the country was a sovereign state for more than an unstable year or two was back in the seventeenth century, in the time of the Cossack Hetmanate.

This is the image that Google Ukraine posted today. Storks are a typical Ukrainian folk theme.

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Yes, it ia typical.

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It takes a while to form a working entiety after so many years of oppresion. It will get better.
Great to hear from you. Have been thinking of you just a couple of days ago and wondered how you are doing. I miss your New York reports.

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Happy Independence Day to all the people of Ukraine! This is a little late, but I just read the post. Hope they are able to stay strong and keep things going.

(Written by someone who knows nothing about the Ukraine, except for a program or two on "Househunters"!) :>)

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Happy Independence Day! Ukraine is a proud country and the people have suffered so much, may they prosper now

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blueheron(z6 PA)

Interesting that I just finished reading, "Bloodlands" about the areas of the Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and parts of Western Russia that were brutally treated by both Hitler and Stalin before, during and after WWII.

No wonder the Ukrainians wanted independence! Good for them!

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Oppression is diminished by those that live on and continue with the idea of equality and dignity for all. Happy Independence Day.

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mrobbins(6b - Brooklyn)

I appreciate the things you said. Lilo, I know you have the European perspective necessary to understand what it might be like for modern Ukrainians; thank you for seeing their pride. Blueheron, good for you for reading Bloodlands -- I'm impressed by your commitment to understanding history. Don, that's a great aphorism! "The Ukraine" no longer -- Ukraine, now a sovereign country, has dropped the article that referenced it as a province or possession of another country.

I wanted to share this quote from a Ukrainian music website. The commentator at this site always has interesting things to say, and there is also a certain intriguing space between his Ukrainian and English language abilities that prompts thoughtful imagination on the part of the English reader.

"This summer, the modern Ukraine turns 21 years old - so, anyway, it has finally come of age. In other words - it is time to be accountable for one's actions without hiding behind reputable backs of older friends. Just because everyone in this world is living his/her own life - and it is far not those who offer advice that live and act according to this advice.

Thus - it is not them who learn the hard way...But us. As a result, we learn from our own mistakes - well, that's how it is. The main thing is to learn. Not for the sake of the world with which we need to catch up - but for the sake of the world that we need to discover. In ourselves - and around.

But there is another option as well: it turns out very simple - to step into the same river twice. One just needs to block the flow... The choice is ours. Because each of us is living his/her own life. Even if he/she chooses not to choose."

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That last paragraph is so simple and so profound, and it is so true, thank you!

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