Idyll #324 Hot Summer Nights

michelle_zone4July 6, 2007

Hot summer nights here in Iowa.

Eden, I feel so bad for you and your garden. We had straight-line winds 6 years ago and my garden, which was pretty young back then, had a similar look. It was at the end of June and things actually looked pretty good later in the summer. I hope that there wont be more damage trying to get the tree out of there. Brad is so handy, were you planning a new shed or remodeling the existing one? Kenzie really enjoys farm animals of which we have lots. She really likes to play "farm" She's very interested in Grampa on the tractor, but refuses to ride in the tractor.

Mary, what a fun opportunity for Annie. The cover is just the coolest.

Cindy, I remember that Gardeners Diary too. I lost a clematis too. It was a new one last year. The others are all going strong. I actually water my garden very little. I picked up sambucus ÂBlack Lace and a couple of hydrangea ÂBlushing Bride not overly exciting, but interesting shrubs are hard to find around here. IÂm envious of EdenÂs weigela ÂMy MonetÂ

Brenda, we are having the "serious" heat. 93 yesterday and more for the weekend. Unbelievable that some areas are experiencing so much flooding.

Babs, IÂm growing Super Sweet Sugar Snaps this year and they are producing like crazy. I showed Kenzie how to eat them right out of the garden when she was here. I have about 7Â of fencing with vines on both sides. I think its so wonderful that you and Mary can have the summers off to spend with your family.

Marie, the clematis I have never get extra water beyond the first year. I think they really are quite tough. Fingers crossed for your garden. IÂm sure leaving is going to be tough ((Marie))

Chelone, thinking of Rex and you today. I would love to see pictures of the tall ships. DonÂt see many of those in Iowa ;o)

Wendy, have a great vacation  the beach right? Right up my alley.

IÂve been asked to be on a mini garden tour in 3 weeks. Approximately 50 people, but IÂve never had that many people here at one time. It should be interesting. Fortunately IÂve got things somewhat in order.


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(((((Eden))))) Nature can be vicious sometimes, huh? Though it may take a few weeks, this too shall pass.

(((((Marie))))) You must be a glutton for punishment to quote tht song while leaving the dear ones.

((((Rex)))) -- from a person who lived through three adult collies all having those things hanging off of them at the same time. Your mom will figure out something better, i'm sure.

(((((anyone else who needs it)))))

So, there's a job change in my future (again) but this time it's a promotion so I'm staying with the same company. Rather than working in Massachusetts, I'll be back in Connecticut and am looking forward to everything but the traffic. The first larger check has been designated for a huge sale. Keeping my fingers crossed that all things mechanical stay intact until then.

It will be fun to have 50 for a tour, Michelle!! I'm sure you'll have fun getting things together and your gardens seem very accomodating for lingering.

Sue -- I swear that the best defense against itchy is baking soda and water paste. If Dr. Feelgood doesn't come through for you, find another. Have you gotten up to the Ladd's sale in Willimantic, yet???? Worth every second of the trip!!

So Deanne's containers are putting everything I've thrown together to shame, again. Since your still into torturous bike rides, do you ever go to where there are different birds and pull out the camera? My dad has gotten back into it and it's thrilling to see him be excited about something other than crosswords.

Just got the call for lunch -- it's Friday so it must be Chinese!!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Way too busy here but I wanted to pop in and tell Eden that It just broke my heart to see the tree in her beautiful garden. I'm just sick to my stomach to see the damage so I can't begin to imagine how you must be feeling. Soooo.... sorry!

Chelone, best to you and Rex! It's a good thing that you hate dogs... Thinking of you guys.

We had some scary T storms come through here a half hour ago. We were on our way home from HD and Sam's and when I looked up at the sky there was a funnel cloud poking down from the clouds!!!!! Holy moly... That was pretty scary. It never touched down but swirled away and dissipated.

OK time to get back into gear here. We are throwing a barbeque birthday bash tomorrow for Doug who turned 60 today. So far we are expecting about 30 to 35 people to show up so I still have a ton of stuff to get accomplished before my head hits the pillow tonight.


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We're in a holding pattern here. Still waiting for the electric company to show up. I think the fact that I haven't lost service is putting me down the list. I've called for estimates on the tree removal and shed damage but they won't come until it's safe under the powerline. The Drs. have determined that my mom's latest problems are due to the recurrence of the lymphoma and now are trying to decide what the next move will be.

Happy Birthday to Doug! Enjoy the party!

Martie, congrats on the promotion!

I was hoping to hear how Rex did. I'll check again later.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Eden, I'm so sorry about your garden. I ended up with the "stump bed" because of a fallen tree. It's coming around to be a good thing now, but at the time.....I coulda puked! Like you don't have enough going on right now, huh? Aw, geez, I just read down, and saw the news about your Mom. My thoughts are with you. (((Eden)))

Chelone, was hoping for a Rex update. Those collars....the concept is ok, (I guess) but I've never seen it work out well. We had a lab mix that got shot in the chest, and he had to wear one for quite a while. He managed to flip it down several times, then finally broke the snaps off of it. Funny thing is, once we took the collar off of him, he didn't bother his stitches a bit. Just wanted the dang collar off. Is the boss going to be cool with him coming to work?

Wendy, have a GREAT vacation!!

Sue, I'm glad to hear the creeping crud is improving. Had to lol @ Zoe screaming bloody murder. Gus is the same way if he has to skip a meal to go to the doc. Okay, it's not really funny at the time, but they can be SO dramatic!

'Bug, you got me all teary-eyed with that song. Gotta be hard leaving. I hope you get home and find all is well with your gardens.

Mary, that magazine cover is so cool! What a BLAST!!

Hey, Babs--good to see ya!

Michelle, congrats on the garden tour! From the pictures you've posted, looks like you're ready for it. I don't mind if we get the heat, as long as it kicks up some rain. Today was our last nice day for a little bit. Later next week looks great-supposed to get rain, then cool of to the 70s! WOO HOO!

Martie, congrats on the promotion!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DOUG!! Eeek! Funnel cloud-been through one tornado and that was one too many for me...glad it just fizzled!

Pretty quiet here on the farm. We had to load pigs this morning. They took the 100 biggest ones out and will come back in a couple of weeks and take the rest. Three days after that, they'll bring us a new batch of little ones. And, on it goes......

The dogs are tearing the door down, so I guess it's time for their before supper nap.
Hope I didn't miss anything/anyone, I've been reading in bits and pieces, so I'm a bit fragmented ;)

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HI Everyone! I wanted to pop in here and say a few words.

Bug, your new little guy is adorable! He looks so alert for a newborn. Glad all went well for everyone.

Eden, I am so glad you were able to take the long view of your garden before the tree fell. It looks beautiful, and thank goodness the shed was holding up the tree. Hopefully you won't lose too many things. I am sorry your mom has to deal with a recurrance of the lymphoma. My thoughts are going out to all of you.

Chelone, I am not sure exactly what happened to Rex, couldn't find the post, but I hope he and you are hanging in there.

V- loved the swimming pond. How cool is that?! I want one. YOu may start a trend in the states. It makes so much sense when you think about it. A garden feature you can swim in, perfect!

Deanne, all of your containers are so beautiful. I especially like the latest one. A spot of color on the tree. I will have to take some pics of a couple of mine. I am going to charge up the camera tommorrow and try to get some decent pics. Tell Doug Happy Birthday for me! Hope you have a lot of fun.

Brenda, I want to live on a farm. Except the part about sending away the pigs.:) But it must be fun to get the new ones. My son in laws parents grow some sort of livestock every year. They have other jobs, and one of their sons is in 4H, so he does it for a project. One year it was cows, then a turkey one time. Not sure what else they have tried. But I know it is a lot of work.

Michelle, I really like your potager. Skip whacked down an area for me to plant one, but probably won't get to it till next year. Too many projects going on at once. But I am getting excited about it. Trying to decide what to plant.

Cindy I hope you are doing well. Thinking of you and your trips back and forth. Hope you get some downtime this weekend.

Martie, congrats on the promotion. Good for you!

That is about it from me...I will try to come back and say hi to those I missed. We have been watering the plants a lot. It keeps looking like rain, but it blows over.My lilies are starting to bloom. They are so pretty. I really like them,because they will grow in the shade or sun. I haven't been doing much except typical work and coming home. It is hard to post because I leave at 6 AM and come home at 6PM, if I come straight home. By the time I fix dinner and try to get in the garden a little, or sometimes go to the gym after work, my day is over and I am dozing. I think I need to get a job closer to home. I don't know that this most recent job switch was the most brilliant. But I think it was Cynthia who said you can't be held accountable for things you do while your hormones are raging, and that is what happened there.... :) Oh well it is a growing experience for me. I don't know how I managed to do all of the things I did when my kids were little. More energy I guess. I try to keep up with reading the idylls though. That is my treat. Tommorrow I am going to my son in law's graduation party, and my sister is coming up from Chattanooga because her daughter is due to have a baby soon. It will be nice to see her.

Hope you all have a nice weekend!


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This is going to be a busy morning. We are about to be overwhelmed by returnables (the helpmeet loathes that task). As do I. My plan is to get there early and get it done before the touristas clog the machines and bottle window. Wish me luck!

Then I have to call the veterinary clinic for the release time, stopping along the way to purchase bitter apple spray. (hmmm... reminds me that I probably ought to remove the windowbox, and bagged compost from the back of my car...). According to the surgeon Rex was a very good cooperator, wagging his tail and generally charming the OR staff. He came through the surgery (which began a 5:30-6PM!) easily and a long night of snoozing was predicted for the huge one. (Knee surgery, Drema). I will be interesed to see how they've banaged him.

We received a loud thunderstorm yesterday afternoon, not as destructive as what befell "the eden", but it certainly got very dark. I snapped this shot of nature's cruelty yesterday. The little tyke either was rejected or ejected from the nest... but it was a bounty for the ants (little sanitation workers):

So, yes, from adversity is born opportunity. :(

V., I've meant to ask you about the maintenance of the pond. Do you have to worry about leeches? will you have fish in it, too? I just think your project is about the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. So, when you have time please share more. Cindy, lol, about being squeamish about swimming with frogs... you are silly!

My best thoughts to 'bug on the return to the farm. I hope the treasured plantlife has weathered the 3 weeks well and damage is minimal. I have great confidence in your ability to properly site and select appropriate plant material. I'm putting my money on resiliency. Are you suffering withdrawal yet? ;) Perhaps your "buffalo" (lol, Woody) will make you feel better.

Good thoughts for "creeping crud", dazzling canine grins, long, gentle rains for those in need. I'll be back later, but if I'm to beat the crush at the recycling window I'd best get my hindquarters in motion.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Mornin' all! Just popped in to see what the word is on Rex. Glad to hear that he was a charmer and came through his surgery well.
Gotta go exercise before the heat sets in for the day!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good morning! It's still a bit overcast but supposed to burn off and get into the upper 80s today. The heat from the midwest arrives tomorrow. On Monday it's supposed to hit 96. I'm sitting on the screen porch relaxing with my coffee to the sound of a fountain. Zoe, with clean teeth and fresh breath is snoozing on the couch beside me. Wireless doesn't get much better than this. In a few hours we're going to mosey on up to Deanne's and help Doug celebrate his 60th birthday.

Hope the Rexmeister is now recuperating comfortably at home. Foget the e-collars. I've never used one. Maybe it depends on the personality of the dog but non of my dogs have ever paid any undue attention to an incision besides occasional licking.

Hi Martie, great hearing from you. I've never been to Ladd's. Do they have a good annual selection? This year I'm not buying anything but tender plants and a couple of shrubs. No perennials-in fact I've been hoiking perennials. I have cellulitus so baking soda and water would not an appropriate treatment. So far the antibiotic appears to be working.

Hey Drema! Busy as usual I see. You are coming to IU4, right?

Brenda, how many pigs do you have left? I had the most delicious hamburger the other night from Stew Leonards that had bacon and cheddar cheese mixed into the beef. When I told my friend (who has the picky appetite of a 5 year old) about it he went on this tirade that could have been comedy night material about how if god wanted bacon in hamburger he would have pigs and cows mate and we'd have...POWS! was a cell phone conversation and I was sitting in my car hysterical in a public parking lot. Not too many people looking at me.'s time to move on. Enjoy whatever you have planned for today.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Morning! A quick hello before we go out and work while it's still bearable.

Eden, so sorry to see the storm damage. It has to be so frustrating to be in "wait and see" mode with both the power company and your mom. I'm not good at the patiently waiting thing.

Thanks for all the good comments on the pond. Chelone, if we do things right, maintenance should be minimal. "Right" mostly consists of having enough of the right plants. On the 4th we noticed about a couple hundred baby leeches on the rocks at the top of the waterfall. Last night, they were all gone. Anyone know if dragonflies eat them? We have lots of dragonflies around the pond. We aren't adding fish because they add fish poop - one more element to manage. The water is clearing up very nicely, so we think we are off to a good start. There will be a lot of learning here because there isn't a lot of experience to draw upon.

Okay, the garden help (nieces) arrive shortly so I'm going to run. Later, gang!


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A muggy good morning to all.

Happy Birthday Doug!!!!!! 60 is auspicious and I know that Deanne and crew will throw you one heckava party :-)

Sue -- Yes, Ladd's has stuff that's cool (be sure to poke around the greenhouse) but I'll be going for the garden ornaments at 25-50% off. Think the sale ends tomorrow so act fast. Easy to find -- right on Route 32 just outside Willi.

Thanks for the congrats. For some bizarre reason I'm not nervous about this at all, though I'll be dealing with national-scale companies and their agencies. Lots of trips to NYC and Boston and some very cool perks like fourth row seats to Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd fame) with clients. Not a bad gig, and just a cube in an office; meaning, get out and sell and don't hang around. YIPPEE!!!!

Glad we held off on our water feature for this year because after seeing the pics and hearing about spilling fountains, I have no idea what I want anymore. I received a small tabletop fountain as a gift (zen-like friends are great) and that's it for now. The affect without the work!! It came with a goldfish that's still alive but appears to be growing. Deanne???? Help????

Hope Marie made it back to the farm intact and also hope that an ample supply of tissues was along for the trip. My feeling, too, is that the plants will be fine. Those big dug holes at planting do the trick, don't they?

For some reason I never connected that Woody lived nearby Marie. How cool is that???

Don't know if I mentioned it but had received an invite to the Select Seeds clear the benches sale. Came away with lots and lots of Martha Washington-type geraniums (the botanicals for Pelargonium are getting too confusing for my humble brain) and boy, are they showstoppers!!

Any good advice about how to keep these alive over the winter? A wise older woman suggested yanking them and putting them in paper bags in the cellar. Okay?

Drema -- Your days sound like mine, and I'm hopeful that the new job will allow more Idyll time. It's easy to miss this group!!

Gardens are drying up a bit -- lots of welcome rain these last few days -- so weeding and more transplanting of seedlings is the order of the day. Rich is helping someone build a wall so my time is my own. LUXURY!! :-)

And of course, Eden, all good thoughts are still being sent your way. Hope you can find a tad of joy in the midst of the ordeals. Bella's eyes must surely help ....


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Good morning

After a few mornings sleeping up till the alarm I'm back to waking early. I hit the public market at 6.15 AM and came home with arms full of fresh produce and salmon to grill. There were local cherries this week and I'll be making a sour cherry pie later today. I just love those treats you have only once or twice a year.

After the market I put in a couple of really constuctive hours weeding, mulching and edging a side bed that is all too easy to neglect. I knew that once the heat hits I won't be up to much more than puttering and deadheading so it was nice to accomplish something early in the day. The pool is looking very inviting and I know the kids and I will be there this afternoon. I have a favorite spot in the shade where I can read, sip iced tea and keep an eye on the pool activities. Heaven!

I will also spend a bit of time getting Annie ready for camp though at this point she is very self sufficient. I was thinking back to how anxious I felt the first time she went. Next week Annie is taking part in a wilderness week up in the Adirondacks which will be a new experience for her. It was fun shopping for a lightweight sleeping bag (the new one weighs only 1 lb but is warm down to 40F), hiking boots and rain gear and made me wish I was going too (I LOVE camping). I'll still be anxiously checking the weather every day but I'm getting better about the "letting go" part of parenting. DH is out of town so it will be just David and me at home which will seem very different.

Deanne - wish Doug a very Happy Birthday for me. I'm sure the party will be fun. Once you have a little time again we should talk about music we might play together.

Martie - congrats on your new job. Glad things are going well.

Drema - great to hear from you. Did you go to Watkins Glen yet?

Chelone - we are very lucky to have curb-side recycling of paper, glass, plastic and cans. Combined with the garden waste pick up and my own composting efforts we do our best to keep garbage to a minimum. My favorite compost cycle are the papers from DH's office which are shredded for use in the guineapig cages. When the cavy cages are cleaned the shreddings are then composted - the guinea pig pee and poop helps break down everything into some wonderful black gold in no time.

GB - I hope a hairy reunion with Charlotte helps with the withdrawal from baby Reed and family.

Enjoy this wonderful day!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm soooo tired. Up til 4am for some reason....

Charlotte is my wonderful buddy and washed my face with kisses when we arrived at Woody's. She's never done that before! Today she obeys NOT AT ALL! I guess it's back to obedience lessons....when i get around to it.

Lots of catching up to do, watering!!!!, and so on.
Later folks, but I'll leave you with this:


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Welcome home, 'bug. Your Charlotte must've missed you so much! But it warms the cockles of my heart to know that another Idyllette was ready, willing, and able to give your "buffalo" the TLC to which she's grown so accustomed. Brava! "Fingers" is my favorite in the last batch... but your daughter and SIL radiate love and mutual appreciation. How very proud you must be. :) Now... speak to us of watering, if you're able?

Martie, congratulations on your promotion to a "cubicle". ;), love that one! And it's such fun to read of "the Park", isn't it fun to see things take shape, put on growth, and develop as you'd hoped they would? The framer dropped off his ladders and scaffolding this morning, made me think of Rich. I'm also wondering how your brother is.

Mary, it's not a "sleeping bag", it's a fart sack, silly! ;) I'm right there withya on the once or twice a year treats. Right now it's local strawberries. Then it will be coHn, and after that our own, luscious tomaHtoes; sliced with fresh Mozzarella, chopped basil, and a drizzle of Balsamic vinagrette. There is NOTHING like locally grown, fresh produce (or meat!), is there? Shady poolside sounds great to me. I'm sure Annie will have the time of her life, whatever the weather. And you and David will find delight, too. Live it up.

Rex is home. I will snap a shot of the MONDO bandage on his leg when he "gets up". He is hopping on 3 legs and will likely continue to to do so for nearly 2 weeks. I had to put a towel under his belly to help him up into the car. It took him a minute to figure out how to lie down on his bed since he only has one "operable" hind leg and he's large. Poor baby. But he was an excellent cooperator, remaining "down" for the entirety of the voyage. This is going to be a long haul, you guys. A lot of attention to detail and incremental progress. He maybe walking 1/2 mile by mid-September. Poor thing. The staffers and the vet. I spoke with this morning all mentioned what a pleasure he's been. Kind, gentle, and obedient, he was no "trouble", at all. And they assured me that most dogs are difficult when "abandonned" by their masters and put under stress. He has shown no inclination to chew his bandage, at all (but I have the bitter apple stuff in case). That lampshade rig is OUTTAHERE. I nearly cried when he asked to go "out" and struggled to have a "poo-poo" in a place he'd NEVER defecate under normal circumstances (on the lawn!). I put him inside and then picked it up and put it out "in the wild zone". The bandage is probably going to be removed by the vet. around the 10th.; they asked us to let them do it so they could inspect the incision, etc.. I smiled and said, "yeah, no problem! gotta guard the investment, 'n' all". The vet. laughed aloud and said Rex was going to make a full and swift recovery.

I believe the actual garage framing will begin on Monday. Mark said it would take a week-ish to get it done (blows my mind!). I guess the wildcard is the arrival of the roof trusses and crane required to hoist them into place. Better teach the helpmeet how to use the camera, huh?

Eden, that's a considerable amount of coHdwood in your gaHden. Got a woodstove, girlfriend? ;)

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GB - what a joy to see those pictures. There is so much happiness and love. The fingers are just beautiful as are the sleeping babe. Big brother is doing a wonderful job isn't he? How many pounds is baby Reed now?

Chelone - I had no idea Rex's recovery would be so drawn out. Glad he is off to a good start and wonderful he was so well behaved at the vets. I will have Cloussea take notes before his next visit. He is docile too, but quivers, drools, hides, yelps and pees once in the examination room. Fortunately his happy-go-lucky personality returns the second we are out of the door.


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I just read Mary's comment about big brother doing a superb job with the littler one. How very perceptive. As the youngest I have no experience with siblings younger than I! but...

When I was a baby the vogue was for young girls in the the neighborhood to volunteer to take babies out in strollers/carriages. My mother was the beneficiary of such enthusiasm. After several days, the girls dropped me off with a complaint that my brother was "following" them. Indeed he was, at a respectful 25 yds.. Mum questioned him about it and was shocked to hear this, "well, she's MY sister!". From that day on, I continued to "take the air" but under the watchful eye of my brother and his buddies. The stroller returned with grass in the wheels. I was frequently quite dirty. But none the worse for wear. Mum never fretted about it. She knew my brother would know how to take care of me. And he did. If Reed receives one quarter of all the love and affection my brother bestowed on me then he will "overdose" before he celebrates his first birthday. Big brothers RULE!


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Bug, the pictures are all just precious! Fingers is my favorite :) Big brother looks so sweet--what a lovely family!

Chelone, I'm so glad to hear that Rex is home, and the prognosis is so good. He's in very capable hands-I have no doubt that he will make an amazing recovery!
Lol @ your bother taking charge of you. My DB did the same. Mom said as soon as I could get around, he took me under his wing. Not sure if it was love or a power trip on his part, tho. He's 15 months older than me, and I blame/credit him for my turning out to be such a tomboy :)
Gotta run, I just wanted to pop in and see how the big lug was doing.
Take care, all!

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Glad to hear Rex is home and on the road to recovery. What a good boy!

Michelle, enjoy all the compliments your garden tour will bring. They're going to love it!

Marie, I think dsgs is about the same age my girls were when David was born. They were 6 and 7 and were always his protectors. They still keep a watchful eye on their little brother. Those pictures are all just precious. What a wonderful little family!

Mary, I remember how apprehensive you were that first year Annie went off to camp. Wasn't it the same year as IU1 and she was going to leave while you were away?

Hi Drema, you always sound super busy. Great that you could drop in and give us an update of what you're up to.

V, the waiting mode is hard for me too. I want things done yesterday.

Update on my mom is home and will see her oncologist Tues to figure out what the next step will be. Still no show from the electric company, insurance adjuster, etc. We did take all the pots and ornaments that were under the path of the tree out in case it falls more when they start removing it. I can't get to anything in the shed which is where everything I need seems to be, even my sprinklers. I did go out and hand water and water all of the pots. I felt like I was living dangerously, since I had to move around under the horizontal tree and wires to do that. Couldn't just let all of my stuff die of thirst though. I have Bella today. I hadn't seen her in a week and missed her. It's supposed to get hot tomorrow, they say the hottest day of the year so far. Hope you're all having a good Saturday!


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Not only hot summer nights, but hot summer days as well. 92 degrees here today. I'm following the shade around today and only working where I can be out of the sun. I'm also gardening braless. I'm sure you all want to know that. I've been in the sprinkler. Right now V's swimming pond sounds mighty good.

How nice to see some picture of the happy family. Truly precious.

Happy birthday to Doug! Have fun at the party.

Martie, congrats on the promotion.

Mary, maybe Jaden could talk to Cloussea, she loves to go to the vet.


Good to hear that Rex is back home and on the way to recovery.

Drema, I love lilies. My first orienpet is blooming and is so pretty and has a lovely fragerance also.

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Saturday greetings Idyll friendsI returned yesterday from my vacation in the redwoodslater I will post some pics on a separate thread. Such a grand time we had ! My family and I love the redwood forests of Northern Calif, and this few days we spend there every 4th of July is a very dearly held tradition. We have gone to this same spot almost every year since my kids were little. When they got into their upper teens we stopped for a few years, but after my DH passed away we decided to go back ; we took his ashes and scattered them in a grove there. The weather was perfect up there (about 4 hours north for me) but I guess I missed a heat wave (thank god!) down here-it was fortunate that I had asked my neighbor to look in on my plants; he watered my pots every day , and DSs bonsai trees. I also must brag that I was one of the Big Winners in our poker nights this year---.
I read through all the posts last night in between unpacking, doing laundry , etc what a lot of them there were ! Think it will take me a while to catch up..

V, glad you surfaced from being submerged in your pond ! What a neat-o thing that is ! Though I must say the frogs, fish , water spiders and whatever would not bother me a bit , but leeches??? Yuck-o . All I can envision is Bogart peeling them off in the African Queen ! As far as I know we dont have themthar critters out west here . Anyway, your pond is beautiful, I love the design and cant wait to see pics as the plantings mature.

Eden, what a bummer that tree accident is. How much will the exposure change in your garden do you think ? The only tree we had felled by a storm was a mature Crepe Myrtle (they are a relatively small tree) and it fell away from any fences or structures. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it opened up lots of space in my garden for more sun-loving plants. I hope your utility dudes get out there soon. And best wishes for your Mom too.

Hi Martie- good deal on the promotion! Perhaps your plant budget will benefit I always enjoy hearing about the sales that occur in cooler climes at the end of the season. Since gardening is a year round pursuit here, nurseries just tend to carry things over , and the only places that have big sales are the discount stores who have seasonal nurseries only. Most of their stuff is not worth buying. Im going to build one of those bubbling pot water features for a seminar Im involved in next weekend. They are pretty easy to do. Glad to see you back posting..

Mary, I was always glad to see my kids go off to camp- what an unfit mother I am !!! Couldnt wait to get them out of my hair for a week. Is your public market an outdoor farmers market ? It sure does open up early-our FM opens at 7:30. We also have curb-side recycling here- I was interested to hear Chelone speak of hauling that stuff somewhere to drop it off. We have a 60 gallon toter for single stream recycling (i.e. we dont have to separate glass from plastic from paper and so forth) and another same size for yard waste. We can buy finished compost for 7$ a yard from Napa Recycling.

bug welcome home though bittersweet to be sure. What lovely pics you have posted. I too vote for the "fingers"

Chelone, good vibes to you and your four/three legged patient what a lot you have going on around there what with an ailing pet and your garage project. How do you get time to go to work ?

Hi DremaI keep buying more and more lilies every year. Not all of them make through out wet winters , my faves are definitely the orientals. I want a martagon lily in the worst way, but they are so expensive, and I fear that they may not do well here since I never see them anywhere.I should just go for it.

Okay, I still have watering to do so I better get to it. A big hello to those I missed

Kathy in Napa

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We have kerbside recycling here, too. But the RETURNABLES are different. You get money back for those! It was a pretty decent payoff... 5.75, AND there was no line. I was in and out, cash in hand, in under 15 minutes. Yippee!

Huge dog has had dinner and is now snoozing with Daddy on the sleep system downstairs. Very sweet.

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Lots going on here, and I'm not keeping up!

So happy 60th birthday to Doug. Deanne, I hope you'll have pictures of the party to share. I know the bounty and the backgrounds will be entertaining for us all :)

Kathy, welcome back from vaca, and Wendy enjoy yours. Anyone else coming and going - same sentiments. Bug, you have captured some wonderful moments with the family, thanks for sharing those photos. Everyone is indeed glowing!

Mary, I neglected to comment on Annie's cover (Eden's crashing tree sort of blanked my mind out that night). I hope you are having that framed, she has grown up so and is such a beautiful girl (inside and out.)

So Zoe has clean teeth and Rex is at Chelone's rehab facility. Dogs are much more adaptable than humans so he'll be fine in no time. So many greys lose a leg to osteo and come home and zoom around on three legs after the required rest period. The saying is that dogs have 3 legs and a spare :)

Katie's not doing too well today, I let her overdo the activity (open house and a walk as well) and she couldn't make it downstairs for supper. I went up and carried her down and we all ate on the patio, which is one of her favorite things. Most mornings she dashes for the door to try to get me to take her breakfast outside.

Eden, hope Bella kept your mind of everything else today :) It's frustrating when you have no control over what's going on. I think the insurance rule on neighbor's trees is that if you told the neighbor it was a hazard and they did nothing, then their insurance has to cover. Otherwise it's considered act of nature and your insurance covers. Is that about right?

Very little accomplished here today! Not terribly hot but extremely humid. If it gets down to 70 tonight it will still feel like 90 with the humidity. I spent less than an hour removing more brush and forsythia near the compost pile and was miserable the whole time. Plus I put on mosquito repellant just in case and the scent must be what keeps them away. Had me running for the shower. I know I have scentless around here someplace. Gotta find it. But what's making me itch is....the poison ivy. I was so careful on Wednesday, but still managed to get a bit on my wrists. Small areas and could be lots worse.

I think this wasted day (no housework done either) is about over. Early to bed and hope that I'm motivated tomorrow!

Hi to all ~ Cynthia

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Good Morning, Still no electric truck showing up here. The more I look around out there though I'm amazed at how little damage there is to the garden. Only the one broken kousa tree and some perennials that I'll have to cut back. Now I don't know if that will still be the case when they're finished tromping around getting the fallen tree out, lol. I can't believe it missed my birdfeeder, birdhouses, one which is full of baby bird and even my grandma's birdbath that was under it. It also didn't do any damage to the privacy fence. I'm already planning the changes to the shed area too. If I could just get that darn electric company out here...

Cynthia, your right on about who's responsible for the tree. Sometimes I have a day like you described where I feel like I got nothing accomplished but I think sometimes we all just NEED one of those downtime days. Hope Katie's feeling better today. You are so good to those pups!

Hope to see pics from Doug's birthday bash. I know it was a smashing party with great food.

Brad and Randy, Jen's guy, are golfing this morning so I'm going to go help her garden. She was on her own yesterday but got a lot done. She's tackling that ivy. I stayed home waiting on the electric company but I know they're just waiting around the corner and won't come until I leave and I don't think there's much chance of them showing up today. Brad's taking me out to dinner later too so that will be my day. Hope you all have a good one too!


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*Happy Birthday Eden*

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Happy Birthday, Eden!!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

To you from Alberta...

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Eden, here's your namesake clematis for your birthday.

I hope you have a lovely day!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

happy birthday, Eden!

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Hi everyone

Eden - I hope your birthday was a bright spot in a difficult week. If I were there I'd bake you a sour cherry pie like the one we had yesterday - it was delicious. David and a friend pitted all the cherries and for once my gluten-free pastry was as good as the real thing. We invited neighbors to join us and combined with ice-cream, a glass of wine it made for a perfect summer evening on the patio.

Deanne - hope the birthday bash was fun. It is DH's birthday today but as he is out of town we'll celebrate next week. He always downplays his birthday telling us not to do anything special, and one year we unfortunatley did just that. Everyone forgot the day and the only card DH recieved was from Marriott. Did I ever feel rotten:0( Fortunately DH was the least bothered and we've had many a laugh over it since. Needless to say I've never forgotten his bday again.

Yesterday I came across something way cool. One of my fondest childhood memories is watching the french TV series "Belle and Sebastian" with my brother and older sister. We saw very little TV but this was so special we never missed an episode. It was set in the Alps and told the story of a young orphan boy and his big white dog Belle. The song at the end was particularly haunting and has stayed in my mind all these years. When I say that I loved the show, I mean I REALLY loved it, and wanted a big dog like Belle more than anything else in childhood.

The show was never rerun so my only memories of it are from before I was 10. Nostalgia drove me to Google up the title and I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see a clip of it on Youtube. All of a sudden I was 8 years old, transfixed on the settee at home - the characters just as familiar as if I'd seen it last week. I've just sent my older sister the link and can't wait for her to open it up - Ruth I think was too young to remember. Incase anyone wants to share my unearthed treasure the link is below. It's worth listening to the little boy singing the theme at the end - it STILL makes me cry.


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Thank you all for the BEAUTIFUL birthday cards. I love each and every one! I think I see a Eden rose and a Laura clematis too? You've all outdone yourselves!

Mary, sour cherry pie and ice cream sounds so good. My grandma used to make a sour cherry cobbler that I loved. Thanks for the link, it made me wish I could see more of the series. The music was beautiful. I remember that your dh and I share a birthday too.

Marie, I'm wondering how your gardens survived? Hope everything was in better shape than you were thinking??? I also was wondering what is the building in my bd card? It looks like maybe a church?

Also wondering how Rex and Katie are feeling today.

We had a nice day. I even got in a nap. Working on the ivy at Jen's was quite an experience. I'll post a couple of pictures over on that thread.

We're off to get an ice cream. Have a good evening!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Eden, the gardens are very discouraging and I know not where to begin. Friends come tomorrow to help so perhaps we'll make a dent in the mess. Everything is parched with six foot tall thistles and burdocks growing just fine. Depressing...

The church in the photo could be Russian Orthodox, Ukranian, Doukhaboor...not sure which. I liked it no matter which.

Very humid and sticky here. Friends a short distance from us had baseball sized hail which broke several windows at dinnertime. :(

Another photo to share:

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Sorry, it's a bit out of season. I have taken very few pictures of the garden this year. Maybe I'll do better next week. Hope you enjoyed the day!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

DH made a special detour so that I could capture this sign for you ladies. :) It is not far from the church photo in Eden's card.

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Deanne: For lily beetles: Bayer Tree & Shrub. It's a systemic, and you pick off all of the beetles you can see, then apply and you should be good for the season. We don't have lily beetles in Maryland (yet), so I couldn't test this, but my sister who has an entire garden of oriental lilies with stems like tree trunks tried it this year and it worked! She is very very happy. Give it a try. It might have been better to apply earlier in the season, as it will take a while for the systemic to work it's way up. If you don't try it this year, please use it next year! You only have to apply it annually.

Bug, you read my mind :) I was hoping for a photo of you with Reed. This must be so exciting for you. Sorry your gardens need work now, but I expect you'll have them shaped up in no time. Gardens come every year, grandchildren may be once in a lifetime. (Unless you're T, who seems to have a subscription :)

Katie needs help getting up on her feet today and is wobbly and not speaking to me. I have been trying to distract myself with work all day, so even vacuumed the cellar. I gave her one of Monty's Tramadol pills around 10AM or she probably wouldn't have been able to even rest comfortably. Calling neurologist first thing in the morning. He wanted all of the steroids out of her system before starting testing, (she had had an injection good for 120 days), but the option was to start anyway if she had another crisis. This one is the worst. I had to feed her Monty's kibble (Evo) because she didn't have the strength and flexibility to pick up a chicken quarter this morning without pain and there was no ground food thawed. So unfair,this is my spinning wiggling girl who would eat paper if I offered it as a treat. Monty is in the Barney room watching her sleep.

I just finished reading 'The Memory Keepers Daughter.' It was ok. Decent summer read but not a 'must' read. Kim Edwards is a lovely easy to read writer though.

Ok, I need to ice my poison ivy and figure out the game plan for tomorrow. Glad to hear that Eden had a nice birthday! Maybe the real 'present' will be the power company showing up on Monday and not doing more damage.

'gnight, Cynthia

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

You had to say that didn't you Cynthia.;-) I just started the Memory Keeper's Daughter on the way to Banff. I am a great starter of books....finishing is another story though.

Best thoughts for your spinning wiggling girl!

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GB - just love the "two of you" photo. Sorry to hear about the sorry state of your garden. I bet a couple of days work will make a huge difference.

Cynthia - poor, poor Katie. Give her a special hug, and one for you too for all the worry. I'll be thinking about her tomorrow as she makes the rounds at the vets. I wasn't wowed by the Memory Keepers Daughter either which was a shame as I'd waited ages for it from the library.

Time to turn in

Goodnight everyone


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Happy Birthday Eden...I'm so sorry I'm so late in getting here...I hope you had a lovely day! Wishes for all the best and a music video for you too...hope you like the song... Ei & Scout

I hope to get back and catch up with all of you soon... Life has been crazy, but in a moment of catching my breath yesterday, I caught this image of my baby and remembered for a moment the beauty of life and the things I truly treasure....

"We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have."
~Frederick Keonig~

"Gratitude is something of which none of us can give too much. For on the smiles, the thanks we give, our little gestures of appreciation, our neighbors build their philosophy of life."
~A. J. Cronin~

Here's a little goodnight sleeping song for all the Idylls (I don't know why, but I've just always loved this song and wanted to share it with you and tonight I can, cause it's a "Good Night" song! :-)

You'll have to copy and paste this one cause the GW only allows for one link box:

Good Night & Sweet Dreams Always...Ei

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Just popped in to check my post and caught Cynthia's post. Cynthia...I'm so sorry to read about poor Katie...I hope things go well at the vet tomorrow and that the visit will bring some relief and better days for Katie and for you. I'll be thinking of you both...


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Happy Birthday Eden!!

I'm behind on reading and only popped in to wish you an almost belated birthday....I'll catch up with how things are going with you (and everyone else) in the morning.

I hope you had a wonderful day!


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A belated, but nonetheless fond birthday greeting!

Something pretty (Iris ensata)

And a smile for your special day:

(Spencer is a cheerful fellow)

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The framer arrived this morning with his trailer (conveniently parked to block the driveway). He dropped the staging and sawhorses off on Saturday. Rex is going out of his pea brain; trying to protect his territory with 3 good legs... lol.

We had a lovely visit with some friends yesterday afternoon, one of whom is nearly finished with his chemotherapy. Aside from no hair he looks good and seems to be prospering. He will go in for a CAT scan and that will determine if there will more chemo. or possibly some radiation. Or nothing. They're a very amusing couple.

Rex will be staying with his uncle on Thursday and Friday. It will be quieter for him here than it will be in the shop. His uncle has been over a couple of times every day to visit and commiserate with our convalescent. Rex sends his best wishes to the Twirlgirl for a speedy recovery. I'm not sure if he will have his bandage removed today or tomorrow... they used staples to close the incision. Using staples ensures the dog comes back for at least one "follow up" visit; personally, I can't even feature not going back , but I guess there are a lot of owners who skip that step. Go figure! Me? I'm way too cheap to not follow the aftercare instructions and make the follow up app'ts.; gotta guard my "investment" 'n' all. ;)

I noticed the arrival of the second wave of lily leaf beetles yesterday; there'd been none as off Friday afternoon following an initial spray. I smashed the honeymooners between my fingers, sprayed each plant, and this morning I wiped the corpses off the undersides of the leaves. What a loathesome pest. I will try the systemic next season, but for now it's too late.

I have an alteration to do this morning (easy) in preparation for a 10AM appointment. After that I'm not sure what... depends on the weather. Pull weeds, swat mosquitos, fuss over windowboxes?

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDEN!!!! From your fellow June turned-50 baby. Hope you enjoyed your day!!!


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What a wonderful morning to wake up to Marie and Reed, to look out the window and see two little rabbits popping around and knowing that the Liquid Fence is working, and to HAVE THE WEEK OFF!!! except for Tuesday Night, Wednesday morning and part of Friday. WAHOOOOOOO!

Hit the Ladd's sale with gusto and came home with a spiral birdbath I've been coveting for several years. Also found some interesting Coleus and gawked at the Buddleia in bloom that must be 10' tall without exaggeration. I've never seen one so big. Sale ends on the 12th, BTW.

We're starting to collect things for DS's England semester as the exchange rates are anything but favorable. We plan to pack some boxes to ship in addition to suitcases and the requisite messenger bag. Any experienced world travelers have any good hints???

It's hot here -- well into the 90's -- so today is curl up with the latest June Green, "Swapping Lives," and some leisurely reading. Have decided to re-read "The Source" and that should take up the rest of the week.

My walking irises aren't walking after two years. Suggestions?

So sorry for those with garden/plant damage of any kind. Wish I could morph myself out to help this week!! Glad that your grandma's birdbath was spared, Eden. In my heart that would've been tough to take.

Love the sign pic, Marie. Hope you've got some good thick gloves for weeding out the intruders.

Also am really enjoying the pics from around the continent. In the scheme of things such a small place, but so diverse!! We're heading to real mountains in a few weeks and will share New Hampshire in all it's glory.

(((Katie))) and (((good vets))).

Okay, Mary, you did it. I remember my grandmother humming this tune though I don't remember the show itself. Was it just in Europe? She would've seen it there often given her travels.

Pics from the party, please?



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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

We are having a cloudy start and are supposed to get some T storms in a bit. I need to go to the gym but think Ill wait until after the storms pass so Im not halfway through my workout and the gym loses power. That happened a couple of times and I couldnt complete my workout so Ill just putter outside and go later.

Dougs party was a huge success! We had such a good time. This was one of the few times when almost everyone we invited showed up. The only down side was that some of the teen age boys decided to play Frisbee in the front yard and broke several of the plants in the containers. What really ticked me off is that they didnt tell me and I had to discover the damage for myself yesterday when I watered. They were well aware of the damage theyd done because on one of the plants, half the broken branches had been removed and disposed of. I didnt find them so Im assuming they went in the trash with the rest of the party debris. Wish Id have gotten them as its a coleus Im quite fond of and Id have rooted the cuttings. Oh well, Im still on the fence as to whether or not to speak to the boys involved and tell them what I think of their tactics. Breaking one plant is an accident, breaking five of them is just plain disrespectful. I must be old fashioned but kids should fess up and apologize. Anyway, other than that the day was a huge success, Monique, Les, Sue and Tom joined us to celebrate Dougs birthday along with lots of other friends and family. The best thing was Doug was like a little kid at Christmas and kept saying "This is such a great party! Im so glad we did this!". So another decade begins for my beloved. I hope it is as auspicious as the perfect summer day we enjoyed for the party. It was a lovely 83 degree day with a bit of a breeze, no bugs, no rain. I couldnt have ordered better weather. RE pics so sorry but I never got my camera out! I was too busy dealing with food and company, sorry!

The gardens are just bursting with color right now and I so wish you all could come for a visit. I just love it when the daylilies get going along with the Asiatic Lilies.

Cynthia, thanks for the heads up about the Bayer systemic. Id heard about that and will definitely give it a try for next year. Im sick to death of the horrible pests. They really do ruin things. Like Chelone Im dealing with the second wave of them after not seeing any for a couple weeks. Ive got to do something or the Orientals will be ruined. ~~ Sorry about Katie. I sure hope she is well soon.

Chelone, it sounds like Rex is doing great and will recover perfectly. ~~ I agree with you that these beetles are just horrible. Those larvae with the black gunk (which I understand to be their waste products) are just disgusting.

Bug, welcome home! I know youll have your gardens ship-shape in no time. ~~ I just love the photograph of you and Reed. Beautiful!

Eden so glad to hear you had a great B Day and topped it off with ice cream. Let us know how you get on with the tree removal. Im crossing my fingers that there is less damage than there appears to be.

Mary, for some reason I cant run that link, it keeps crashing my explorer so Ill have to try again later. How wonderful though that you found that. I know what you mean about a piece of music that you remembered from your childhood. I saw Darby OGill and the Little People when I was seven years old and there was a lovely little song in that movie that I can still sing. Actually I think Sean Conery sang it in the movie. It is so strange that I can remember a song that I heard once at such a young age. ~~ Happy Birthday to your DH! Lots of July birthdays, DDs is today. ~~ Doug is out in Rochester this week. Shall I have him give you a call?

Cindy, what hydrangea is behind those lovely lilies? It looks like that new Blushing Bride.

Kathy, welcome home from vacation. Glad you had a great time.

Michelle, bummer about the heat, LOL about going in the sprinkler. Ive been known to do that a time or two myself.

Martie, yep, goldfish just keep on growing! LOL. My Big Bertha fish is now about a foot long which is a good sized goldfish. ~~ So glad to hear your daylily is doing well. I hope to see a photo of it in your garden. ~~ RE bicycling, I never bring my camera when bicycling. Im too busy keeping my average speeds up to stop, LOL.

V, the pond looks terrific! Love it. I would guess that dragonflies do eat baby leaches and any other larvae they can get. RE fish, they eat mosquito larvae and their waste products break down into nitrites, then nitrates which feed the pond plants. We have a bio filter on our pump which keeps the pond water sparkling clean even with seven large fish in such a small pond.

Drema, great to hear from you. I so know what you mean about not having as much energy as you used to. Even though Im fitter than Ive ever been in my life I dont have the stamina I did in my 20s. Im looking forward to seeing pics of your containers and lilies. You should see my Regale trumpet lilies this year. They are about seven feet tall with lots of enormous buds this year. Ill have to get some pics for you. I remember that you really loved them when you visited.

RE lilies, has anyone ever had Orientals throw stems that appear flattened and then sprout three plus dozen flower buds? It almost looks like two or three stems morphed into one. Im wondering if theyve caught some kind of disease. I cant imagine that all those buds are going to open. It should be interesting.

Well Ive finally gotten the hang of putting together a batch of hot compost. The first large bin we did last weekend is cooking beautifully. (I had to give Sue and Monique the compost tour of the gardens, LOL) Yesterday Doug and I emptied the second huge bin of shredded leaves and mixed it up with grass clippings, watered it well and put it back in the bin. We added a few shovels full of the already cooking compost and turned it all back into the bin. It has already started cooking as of this morning. I cant wait until that is all finished. Im thinking it is only going to be a few weeks based on the first bin which is already black and lovely. It really is so funny that only another gardener can get excited about a beautiful batch of cooking compost! LOL

OK the thunder has started here so I guess Id better sign off for now.

Have a great day everyone,

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

What a sweet, treasured shot of G-ma and Reed -- I just love that - one of the best, truly!!

I hope the electric company shows up as a birthday present to you, Eden - what a pain in the neck; hard to believe they force you to live w/ live wires in your backyard for days on end.... if no show today, maybe it's time to start making some loud noise. Im glad the damage beside your shed was somewhat minimal in truth -- maybe you'll get a wonderful new shed out of the disaster -- lemonade as someone suggested?

I know there was lots I should be commenting about - I seem to have been struck w/ vegetative malaise -- I watched some DVDs, became a couch potato and managed to upload some garden photos - that was the sum of weekend accomplishments. I am still somewhat inhibited trying to use the new laptop & finding its keyboard extremely annoying and inhibiting - I think it took me 10 minutes to remember how to copy & paste a photo for you, Eden -LOL... I dont know if my brain is wasted or just sleeping....

I did manage to get & spray that Liquid Deer Fence stuff too, Martie -- I hope it works for me as well. Altho they've managed to have a few feasts on my front yard, Im hoping I've managed not to late to deter them. Guess we'll see --

Hey, Cynthia - re that Bayer -- one of the concerns I had w/ it was I'd read it kills worthworms in its wake - do you know if that's true? I havent been able to decide whether that would be worth it or not.... decisions, decisons -- what to kill, uh? But it apparently is good for a number of systemic problems for roses and other plants....

Im sorry to hear Katie is doing poorly -- glad to hear Rex is well and will have a proper sitter so the parents wont have to worry about him -- I'll be thinking of Katie and hoping you find some relief for her...

'Bug - re your gardens -- just think of all the wonderful times you had w/ your family and the opportunities that you'd never be able to have had again -- your plants and gardens will get better or you can replant... and conquer weeds.... in the meantime, you celebrated a once in a lifetime event.... take heart and redouble the efforts....


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I forgot to mention & you reminded me, Michelle -- that in mentioning trees/plants I've been so happy w/ this year, the Sambucus Black Lace - where it kind of languished last year at about 18 inches --- this year it really took off -- this is a photo about a month ago of it (for Deanne) & it's now at the top of the arch & even wider... not the best shot - but really a great plant, IMO:

Also, Mary, good to hear you're liking your Red Majestic - I was just telling my brother about that a couple weeks ago; he's started buying, besides conifers, Japanese Maples, and some other woodies -- he'd just gotten Harry's Walking and I was trying to remember the name (Red Majestic) of the red one Sue had said was so nice....

I guess I keep thinking of plants to keep myself motivated and feeling positive -- there's always next year for things to look up. Gardeners must essentially be optimists.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls! Well, Im not even close to caught up with my reading, but I figured if I waited until I was, Id never be able to post.

I am enjoying all the beautiful pics....Deanne your gardens and pots are just the most beautiful things! Re your post of today...I can just imagine how beautiful your garden is right now...of course it is *always* beautiful. I smiled when you talked about the lilies...yes they really are stars right now; arent they? I love to hand water at night so I can immerse myself in the heavenly fragrance of all the lilies...sure makes for a magical & relaxing night for me. :-) Anyway Deanne, you are always an inspiration to me and I enjoy hearing whats going on in your garden.

Of course *all* the Idylls are an inspiration to me...when I look in my garden I see many an Idyll influence and/or gifts. I love it! Its so nice to be reminded of you all! :-) You are *all* amazing gardeners and photographers! I will have to spend some time at a later date, perusing all the separate pic posts.

First off, I wanted to say to Chelone how sorry I was to read that poor Rex had to go through such a tough surgery...glad hes home and trying to do his duty! :-) Hope he has a speedy and uneventful recovery!

Eden...I was so sorry to read and then see the pictures of the damage in your garden! :-( It was especially sad to see the clouds and the moon down on the ground! :-( Ive never seen your garden in person, but I can just imagine how charming it is from the photos I've have such an enchanting garden. Good attitude about looking at the opportunities...I have no doubt that soon your Eden will be every bit as beautiful and charming as it always has been. nearly made me cry with leaving on a jet plane. I can only imagine how you will miss your baby (babies daughter included)! But Im sure there will be many visits back and forth. Reed is a beautiful baby and I love that pic of you holding him too! Im sure your garden & Charlotte are very happy to see you home though.

Hi Drema! It was great to hear from you! :-) Also wanted to mention to you *&* Cindy, that I did not forget you. Unfortunately the damage I suffered this spring with the heat wave followed by freezing temps. took a toll on my daylilies among other things. They were looking very sad and ugly this spring. I thought I would lose them, but most of my plants are bouncing back. The Swirling Waters daylily is just about back to her old self, with fresh leaves and blooming. I would love to send you both some whenever you want; now or in fall...whichever you prefer.

Speaking of my crazy spring and the devastation... Thanks T for the sympathy. I know its just a plant. I wasnt really so sad for myself, as I was for Ms. New Dawn. Its so painful to see any living thing of such strength, beauty, and grace, taken down to its knees.

Heres a pic of Ms. Dawn as she looked only one year ago:

And here is how she looks today:

My plan had been that the trailing geraniums would help fill in the gap and keep the wall from looking so naked, unfortunately it hasnt worked and instead just emphasizes the loss. :-(

Michelle...I *love* your potager and yes, I *was* very taken with you in your beautiful dress! :-)

Oh and Michelle & Drema...I have to thank you both *so* much! Drema Im just in love with the worked out perfectly for the planting and I love the geraniums too Michelle, such a regal color and the combination pretty much turned out just as I hoped it would. Well, except next year I will replace the ornamental cabbage with something else; possibly dark purple heliotrope? The cabbages have grown like gangbusters and swallowed up all my pretty purple pansies that were in the arrangement. They really are too big for the planting...I had no idea they would be so greedy...its all I can do to keep them from choking out everybody. Maybe I should remove them now?

Sorry the pics are so dark. I guess its kind of dark combination anyway (maybe too gloomy for some?) but I love it and it really *is* much more beautiful in person! :-)

Heres a close up of the Drema/Michelle color combo! :-)

Mary :-) That Annie is such a sweet & beautiful young lady....I love her smile! Her lovely and sweet persona come out in that pic. I can imagine she brings you much joy and pride Mary, as well she should! :-) What a memorable day that must have been for her. Im sure its a memory shell smile and look back on for years to come.

V the "swimming hole" is fantastic! Such a lot of hard work, I can imagine, but you guys did a wonderful job! Love seeing all the froggie visitors!

Well, I will close for now, as there is no way I can say all the things I want to say, but just want to say "Hi" to all the Idylls! Even if I havent included everybody, you know that Ive enjoyed reading and sharing with all of you.

P.S. Thanks Babs! :-) Glad you enjoyed the link! Thought you and the rest of the Idylls might enjoy these too.... I posted the driftwood horses one in the link box below, but the other I guess you'll have to cut & paste:

"The Birth of a Panda"...don't forget to use the bar to scroll down and see all the pics!

P.S. Cindy! I love your color/texture combo. Love the contrast of the bright wine colored Monarda with the big coarse textured leaves against the darkness of the Sambucus and its finely textured leaves... Very pretty!

Well, I better get going now....
Have a great day all! Ei

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They're cutting the tree off the lines and they're tromping through my garden. I asked the man to please do his best not to knock over the birdhouse under the section they're cutting since it's full of baby birds. He said 'Well what about my safety?' and I just about lost it. Of course a person's safety comes first, that goes without saying, but it's his job and I surely hope he knows what he's doing and what safety precautions to follow. So I shut my mouth, went inside and got them some bottles of water. It' very hot here today. I'll just be glad when they finish and go. I keep telling myself it's just plants but it's still just heartbreaking :(


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Morning everyone! Just a pop in to see what everyone is up to...all the pictures are just amazing!

Poor Katie! I hope there is good news for her at the vet, and she's back to spinning and wiggling soon.

Deanne, sorry to hear of the plant damage at the party! I'd have been a better sport about it if they had fessed up, too. WHAT?? YOU didn't get your camera out?? ;) I'm sure you had your hands full, and I'm glad to hear you had perfect weather and that Doug enjoyed himself.
Seems I read something about what is going on with your orientals last year. I think it's called "fascination". It just happens sometimes. There were pictures in the post that I read (I think in the lilies forum, but I've been asleep since then, so....) and there was an amazing amount of buds opened.

Bug, what a sweet shot of you and Reed. I know how discouraging your gardens must look. Makes it hard to get started, but once you do, it will clip right along, I'm sure. If I was closer, I'd be happy to lend a hand. For once, I DON'T have 3-4' tall weeds to contend with.

Hi, Ei :) So, so sorry to see the devastation of New Dawn..that is tough to take.

Another hot day..into the 90s, but with chances of rain the next three days, and the chances are getting better. 40% chance tomorrow. Lol, I figure every day you have a 50-50's either going to rain, or it isn't ;) It's just about to the point where it isn't even amusing anymore, but what can ya do? Actually, I'm amazed that the fields look as good as they do. Good tillage practices make the difference in a year like this. Fields that were worked wet look TERRIBLE! Most of our stuff is clay, so it's best to stay off of it until it's fit. We did, and stuff is looking pretty decent, all things considered. Corn will be starting to tassel this week, and now would be a great time to get a rain.
It's been pretty quiet around here, too hot to do much. Both of the kids came over yesterday, and commented on how glad they are that they work/live/drive in air conditioning. The only cool room in the house is the bedroom, and I see a good book and a nap in my future this afternoon. Jim is trucking, hauling corn to sell. I had to run to town this morning, and got home and saw that he left his cell phone. I've been working on him for three years now, trying to get him to keep it with him. Hope he doesn't have any problems. I'm always nervous when he's driving semi. A lot of people don't realize how much room it takes to get one of those things stopped. He enjoys doing it, though, and he doesn't have to go very far. Guess I'm just a worry-wart :)
Gotta go feed the dogs-they're complaining. I've got some blocks of ice in the freezer for them, so maybe they'll forgive me for running a bit behind. Actually, Jim usually feeds them, but he must have been in a hurry when he left, and I just heard their food dish go scooting across the porch. They're not at all subtle!
PS..Chelone, glad that Rex can go stay with his Uncle instead of going to work. I'm sure he'll enjoy that much more!
Take care, all!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oy! The heat & humidity!!!! The laundry! I'm overwhelmed.

Thinking of Eden & the tree guys :(
Rex ;)
Spinning girl and Cynthia...
Hi Brenda and Ei! Good to catch up with you!

I watched the clip of Belle & Sebastien. :) Hope your music is coming along Mary!

Glad that Doug was delighted by his party. There was a surprise birthday party for Sarah 2 days following Reed's birth. She of course was dressed in PJs! It was very sweet with cousins and close friends all wanting to hold the baby. Good food too as is always the case with DSIL around. Must have gained at least 10 pounds. UGH.
Here's a shot of cousin Cody who amazed me with his absorption with the baby. I guess there IS such a thing as a super teenager!

And of course ladies young and old all gaga over him:

Back to laundry and maybe some lunch.
pant pant pant pant pant

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They finished and it's not too bad. Smashed perennials from their walking around but they didn't drop anything in the garden. They originally just wanted to cut the tree on each side of the power lines and let it fall but I convinced them to start at the end and work their way back to the line. The guy actually became attached to the birds in the nest by the time they were finished and told me all about how the mom kept flying in and out feeding them. So all is well! Now I just need to get the rest of the tree taken off the shed roof.


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Good to learn that things are looking up for Eden! I can only imagine your nervousness about the "tromping". But I love the part about the guy keeping an eye on Mama bird and the babies.

The framers took off for a couple of hours; it's overcast and rather humid here, and when the rain picked up and was steady for a bit they left. And now they're back. It must be difficult to know when to call it quits or when to just "sit it out". The "I" joists arrived this morning. They're 28' long, will span the entire width of the building, running over the carrying stick. I spoke with the frame this morning while he was waiting for the guys to come back, he gave me a good lesson in the basics of framing. Nice guy.

Deanne, I have to tell you I'm disappointed. I was looking forward to pictures of Doug's paHty, and the food. :) I'd've been a pit peeved at broken plants, too. Only because they didn't TELL you... just pretended it didn't happen. :/

Rex is back from the post op. visit and his bandage is off. Now I get to see the incision site and the STAPLES. Not too bad... . The word is that it's OK if it oozes pink or red. White or yellow is bad and we should call and clean it up appropriately. It's find for Rex to lick it, but chewing at it isn't OK. Rex is like a tiger, his skin is striped, too. And he's a lot happier now that the foolish bandage is gone.

Spencer (my doodlekin boy-boy) has learned how to open the screen door on the slider. Two mornings running we noticed it was open about 4-5"... we KNEW we'd closed it the night before and all the cats were inside (it leads out to the deck and the screens kept the bugs out). Sure enough, yesterday morning we waited and listened. And peeked around the corner to watch Spencer deftly hook the mohair strip and pull it open. He's the one who broke the door on the cat carrier, little rascal!

I found a baby Star Nosed Mole yesterday. It was about 3" long with the softest black fur and the characteristic nose. I was fascinated by its feet. Shoulda taken a picture of it before hurling it into the ferns for posterity, huh?

I've so enjoyed the many photographs in the past few days; talk about variety. Plant material, babies, boats, beasts... really runs the gamot, huh?

I have to go to the post office and do a few errands. See you later.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Deanne re the lily stem distortion I think youve got a "fasciated lily". Google that phrase or see this link:

its temporary and will revert the following season (usually) I had it last year & can attest that the same lily bulb is blooming normally & has the usual thickness of stem this year. . . . . interesting deviation they sure look weird dont they?

Re the hydrangea behind the lilies (Samur, I think) )at least INSIDE my fence most of my lilies were safe (except from overwaterin) that is H. serrata Preziosa... Ive had it about 7 years it just gets better and better its the one that eventually turns dark red as it ages, but it starts out mostly white w/ a pinkish tint. Heres another pic of w/ the lilies & Etoile Violette still blooming thru it...

heres last week:

O how, cool some posts from Ei!!!!!! How neat. Im so sorry to see what happened to your New Dawn; but its intrepid isnt it? I bet it will be all better by fall; if you havent sold your house you might be meant to stay there to see it bloom next Spring. I love, love your containers on the deck gorgeous foliage combos you are a definite master of that.

And a long note from Drema, Norma, Brenda great to hear from everyone.

Im so glad to hear all is well re the tree & the birds, Eden -- you probably charmed them into submission!

Well, I better eat some lunch; Ive been "devouring" posts and pics here instead... better feed the body now too, LOL.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi all. When we got home from vacation Sat. pm, it was apparent that Bullet was failing. Everyone did their best to keep him going, but he was tired. So this am, our loyal friend and companion went to kitty heaven to once again play with his pal, Patches. And we're heartbroken.

Bullet - 12/18/92 - 7/9/07

DH and I have cried buckets since. He was the sweetest animal and so very special.

Later friends,

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Awww... this is a very sad day for you, Honey. :(

I'm sorry to read your sad news, but it was time to make that awful choice. 15 years is a long life, especially when it was lived entirely in a loving home. Remind yourself of that every so often.


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(((Honey & Tom)))


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh Honey, what crummy news. You have lots of fun memories to recall though. What a spoiled guy- :) Every kitty should be so lucky!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

((((Honey)))) - I am so sorry; you had such delightful tales of him; I will be thinking and hurting for you.

Take care.


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Honey, I know how much you loved him. He did have the best home and life a kitty could hope for with you and Tom. I feel so badly for you both. I know you're really going to miss him.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Honey, I am so very sorry....

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I'm so sorry Honey. Bullet had a long and wonderful life and brought much joy. I know you will both miss him terribly.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

(((Honey))) Oh, Honey..I'm so sorry :(

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Oh no Honey... Such very sad news. I'm so very sorry. I know how much he was loved. Hugs to you and Tom.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Honey, so sorry to hear the news. Bullet lived a well-loved life. Hugs to you and Tom.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Our hot summer nights are on a brief hiatus after the deluge we had today. DD had an appointment to get four wisdom teeth removed this afternoon, but the oral surgeon reported that there was only one. While I was in the examining room getting that happy news (I don't know that an oral surgeon's office ever saw a smile as big as DD's when she heard the good news) the sky turned black. Pretty soon, the rain came - and came and came and came. My first clue that it was getting bad was when a fire truck went down the street and left a wake. I wish I had had my camera, though, to get a shot of the two horse-drawn carriages that huddled for shelter beneath the bank drive-through. (We were in Lake Geneva, a resort town, which is why there where horse-drawn carriages about.)

The drive home, which should have been a pleasant summer drive, instead took forever through the torrential rain. But we made it home safely. Of course, at home the power had gone out, the dogs had gotten separated by a blown-closed bedroom door, and the neurotic older dog spent most of the storm out on the screened porch. Since the wind was blowing into the porch, she was sopping wet. It seems she now prefers to be "in the thick of it" rather than in the house where things beep and flash over and over as the power blinks on and off. It obviously was not a dog who decided that electronic things should be when they regain power!

All is under control now and it's about time to clean up and go to bed.

G'nite all!


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

UNREAL!! A beautiful blob of rain got close enough we could SMELL it, see lightning and hear thunder....then split and went around us without a drop :( I think I'm gonna take a couple Tylenol PM and call it a day. Lol, V I guess we represent the two extremes in weather today, eh?
g'night kids...after all tomorrow IS another day ;)

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Sorry to hear the sad news Honey. He lived a loved and pampered life, he was one lucky cat. (((Honey & Tom)))


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Just popped in and read the sad news...Bullet was a beautiful, much loved boy. I can only imagine how sad you are and how much it hurts....but I know through all your words about him that Bullet led a happy, joyful life with you & Tom. He was a lucky boy to have found you and I'm sure he knew how much he was loved too. (((Honey))) I'm *so* sorry!


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Honey, how hard it is to loose a beautiful friend like your Bullet. Best wishes to you and hopes that another feline friend comes into your life some day.

Cynthia, I hope Katie is doing better are such a good pet Mom. All your talk of lily beetles sure makes me feel extra fortunate to live where I do-yet another critter we dont have out here thank goodness. My biggest beetle problem this year are the cucumber beetles-they are just loving the Dahlias -.Since I dont use chemicals I am just using the tolerate and squish when able method

Ei thanks for the Green Day moment , not to mention the beautiful photos of your garden about some more of those ? Im rooting for a full recovery for New Dawn

Cindy, what a sweet romantic garden you have !

kay , hi to those unmentioned; its getting close to bedtime here.

Best to all

Kathy in Napa

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi all,

Well we had a humid, overcast, low 70s day yesterday followed by some huge thunder storms. Fortunately no excessive wind or hail. Phew! It was one of those days were I ran at 90 miles an hour and at the end of the day I dont know what I got accomplished. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

Cindy, thanks for the photographs! I just love that hydrangea! What a beauty but was bummed out when I googled it and found its a zone 6. Id love to grow something like that. I really love those dark stems. Your gardens are just lovely. Ive thought about getting that S. Black Lace a few times but have avoided it because of the dying off problem I get with the Sutherland Gold. ~~ Thanks for the information about the fasciated lilies. You are 100% correct and that is exactly what is going on with my lilies. I was really pleased to find out that they should be fine next year. I found one web site that said that the problem was partly good culture. LOL It is only the lilies that are large enough to split into two bulbs that it happens to. Did yours ever bloom when it had all those buds?

Chelone, LOL about Doodlekin being able to open the screen door. We had a cat once that did that and it drove me nuts. One morning I woke up to a cat fight under my bed. A strange neighborhood cat had availed itself of the open door and my cat took exception to the stranger in its territory.

Eden so glad to hear that "its not too bad". When do you think youll be able to get the rest of the tree off your shed?

Bug, more great pics of the new arrival and family.

Brenda, I sure wish I could take a nap in the afternoons. Ive never been able to sleep in the middle of the day or Im up all night. ~~ I sure hope you get some rain soon.

Eileen, so sorry about your New Dawn. You must have been so sad to see the winter kill this spring. ~~ I just love your containers and how clever of you to plant cabbages in an arrangement! They have such marvelous form and texture. Id have never thought of that. ~~ Those driftwood horses are absolutely amazing. Thanks for that link. I want one!

V. how lucky for DD that she only had one wisdom tooth. I had three and was missing one but would have been so happy to have only one. ~~ Bad thunderstorms here last night as well and more predicted for today.

Anyway, I used the light overcast yesterday to take photographs of the gardens. It really is the best for getting a nice sharp depth of field without over and under exposure problems. July really is the best season here.

The terrace gardens, those Endless Summer flower heads are about a foot in diameter if not bigger. That is one plant that I faithfully top-dress with our home cooked compost in spring and fall and it loves it.

The Clematis Arabella on the arch is fantastic this year.

Im loving the Abutilon in the urn in the driveway garden. I wish it had had a tag. I couldnt get a varietial name from any of the people working at the nursery where I bought it.

Every day the Container Garden fills in a bit more. Both of the large brugs began blooming a couple days ago. The flowers on the Charles Grimaldi are HUGE. I need to measure them. Mary, that peach one is a cutting of the cutting you sent me a few years ago. ~~ That large variegated plant in the urn in the foreground is the Fuchsia Sunray. Its just beginning to bloom. I cant wait to see it in a couple weeks.

Well I took quite a few photos yesterday so Ill post a separate thread so as not to slow this one down.

Have a great day everyone.

Good grief, I just chased the darned Great Blue Heron out of the yard again! Ive GOT to get some netting for the pond or Ill lose my fish.

OK Ill try again, have a great day everyone!


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Good morning

We're heading up to the mid nineties again today and I have 14 members of my book group coming over for a BBQ this evening. Perhaps I should turn it into a pool party rather than a book discussion. I'm making grilled jerk chicken with papaya salsa and the marinade is mighty spicy. I'm not sure that will cool things off but some chilled wine might help. Some serious cleaning of the inside of the house is required too incase we end up in here. I could be busy today ;0(

I've been wondering how Annie is doing on her wilderness treck. David wanted to go to the summer fun program all this week making me the only one in the house - I've really noticed the quiet. Although I've been busy I'm missing everyone. Thank goodness for Clousseau! I think when the kids leave for college I shall get at least 2 more dogs, perhaps a goat, some chickens... hey, I'll be like T!

Deanne - I've enjoyed your gardens many times both by photo and in person, but there is ALWAYS soemthing new to look at and marvel. I'm looking forward to perusing your other thread. David has Karate tomorrow night but we wondered if Doug would like to join us for dinner Thursday? I'll email you.

Does anyone else have any Harry Potter fans at home? David has only read the first four books so wants to finish the 5th before seeing the new movie. Annie is greatly anticipating the release of the last book and is hoping DH will take her at midnight on the 21st to purchase it (I'll be at IU4). Both love the clip below, but be careful, it can stay with you. Snape, Snape, Severus Snape........


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Good morning!! ((Honey))

Deanne's pics are always a hard act to follow, but went outside this morning and and for July, I'm fairly pleased with Year 3 thusfar ....

Taken two weeks ago, Blaze and Shropshire Lad anchor a corner

This morning, particularly for Sue (for the Stella) and Kathy (for the pansies). Doesn't nature do it better than the rest of us combined sometimes???

Deanne's monster daylily -- first blooms came out this morning and the color is perfect with Scabiosa

And ten steps back

Finally took the plunge and got this at Ladd's after looking at it for Three Years!!! I guess no one else sees it's beauty, LOL, but I've not seen anything like it before

My baby prostrate 'Black Lace'. Love the flowering against the foliage -- an added bonus I hadn't expected. This plant is the perfect foil to balance the very large Japanese Maple on the other side of the house

Off for a vacation beauty day with my salon guy. Sounds more luxurious than it is -- color, cut, blowdry, arches, but hey, a girl can dream, right?? LOL

Best to all -


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Ooooh...more pictures! I just came from a stroll through some of Deanne's July garden-very theraputic.

Cindy, what a sweet combination you have with the Hydrangea-just perfect! I feel like I could step right into that second picture. It looks so cool and inviting.
Yeah, FASCIATED-that's the ticket, lol! Of course, it would be fascinating as well:)

Deanne, I'm so glad to hear you didn't get any really rough weather out of the storm. How do you deal with all your containers when a storm pops up?? I'd be freaking out, lol!

Ei, I just checked out the link with the driftwood horses-thanks for posting that. Very cool. I don't know how they look at all those pieces and see a horse!

Mary, I think I'd be awful tempted to go for the pool party! Lol, we ended up with two dogs (actually three for a while) after the kids moved out. The kids and I adore Harry Potter-I can't wait to see the new movie, and I've got the book pre-ordered. Glad to hear that David wants to finish the book before he sees the movie. Phillip "had" to read the Harry Potter books once when he was grounded. I had the first three, and he was complaining that there was nothing to do, so I suggested reading them. "No thanks, I'll wait for the movie" got him sentenced to reading them, and telling me what was going on, so I knew he was actually doing the reading. About halfway into the third book, he asked if I could pick up the fourth when I was in town. I knew I'd get him hooked ;)

Martie, I see it's beauty! I love the base, especially. The pansy in the daylilly is so pretty. I just love when things like that happen. Have a good beauty day!

I need to go find myself a project. I completely lost my "happy thoughts" yesterday, and turned into Jim, lol! Went from the radar to the weather channel and out to watch the sky for most of the afternoon and evening. Better just keep myself busy and try to keep my mind off of it. It's just too nerve-wracking. Today and tonight, we have a better shot at some rain, 50%. So, I'm back to the "it will either rain or it won't, and there's nothing you can do about it" frame of mind today.

Have a good day, everyone!

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Well Deanne & Marty....what a lovely way to wake up in the morning....Such *gorgeous* pics! should be very proud...the garden is really looking great....isnt amazing how quickly it fills in? LOL! I LOVE the pansies popping out of the Stellas...nature sure is amazing; isnt it? I have a Hachonachola aureaola (I *know* the spelling is wrong...but Im too lazy to look it up) thats been in the ground for years and suddenly last year a small campanula portenschlagiana (I *think*) just popped up in the middle of the Hakone grass. I love it...reminds me of a water spray of blue popping out of the middle of a variegated geiser...LOL! :-) Yes, I *do* have a vivid imagination...LOL! But, Ill have to see if I can find the pic and show it to you some time.

Deanne, is that two different blue clematis on the arch or just an illusion? I love the way that looks. In any case Arabella is a beauty and Ill have to put that on my list for the next house. Love the 2 fuschia standards flanking the terrace bed...perfect! That abutilon is a beauty...I didnt know it came in pink. The container garden is are such an amazing caregiver! :-) My containers dont look nearly as mature or full. How often do you fertilize your pots? You could make me cry ya know! Just kidding! Im *always* thrilled to see the beauty youve created and I am always inspired by your artists eye. Your photos and plantings give me the opportunity to see things in a different light than my own; to see the possibilities, to be open to other creative ideas and just, to admire the beauty. For instance...heres a Deannes inspiration (using containers as art objects in the garden, rather than planting them...see I listen, Deanne)! :-)

I have more Deanne inspirations too! ;-) As I say, youre a wonderful muse. :-) Actually have a lot of other Idyll inspirations guys are the greatest!

Deanne...well, if you want one of those driftwood horses, I know *you* could make are so talented! :-) They *are* beautiful; arent they? need one of the ones in the pasture! :-) Did *anybody* look at the panda baby yet? You have to is just *too* adorable!

Thanks all about the New Dawn have more faith in me then I do...LOL! But, maybe I should have more faith in Ms. New Dawn. It all looks pretty bleak to me now, but I think what I really need to do is cut her back where she is still bushy and somewhat full (at about 3-4 feet) and let go of those long stems that are nearly naked and are so weak...I just have to harden my heart and do it. I guess Im afraid I might kill her in her weakened condition, but on thinking about it, if she remains as she is now she will probably die over this winter anyway if I dont do *something*.

Mary...sorry its so quiet at home...I remember the feeling. When my son moved out the house seemed *so* empty. Scout was a comfort for me too. You cracked me up about becoming a "T"...LOL! I want to become a "T" too! :-) Its so funny because all my life Ive said that someday I want to have a nonworking farm! :-) Kind of my own Noahs arc... 2 goats, 2 horses, 2 pigs, 2 sheep, a rooster & a hen, a couple of cows. They would all be my pets! :-) Wouldnt that be fun? T, if its not fun to take care of all those animals...please dont tell me! LOL!

Thinking of Honey & Tom today and Cynthia too....I hope there is some good new on Katie!

Oh well...time to get the bush whacked (my hair) and then off to pick up mom from daycare. TTYL! Ei

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Sorry...just peeking in to make sure my post was there and then I see this advertisement for 1000's of hairstyles at IVillage...LOL! Do you think they were reading my post? :-)

Have a great day all! Ei

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Hello again

What a treat - Martie, your gardens are looking fabulous!! And your lawn is green - ours are in various stages of burning out. Love the Black Lace (mine pooped out and was ejected) and your flowering combos. I'd vote for the bird bath!!

Just came in after mowing, weed wacking and sweeping the patio. It was so hot in the sun I jumped in the pool in just my undies. There was a close call when the Fed Ex man came to deliver a package - fortunately he didn't need a signature. Not because I was topless (which I was) but because I was wearing the most enormous pair of florescent, lime-green underpants. As my kids would say TMI (too much information) LOL!

Off to attack the kitchen


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Hi Ei - we posted at the same time. Your gardens are just beautiful too - so lush and green.

Too funny about the ad for hairstyles. I think the last words or a post might trigger what shows up. When I checked my post there was an advertisment for Kenmore, probably because the last thing I wrote was that I was going to clean the kitchen. (Glad it skipped the part about giant, green underwear!)

Hey, we could have some fun with this! Let me see - I wonder what might show up if I finished talking about a large hairball.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Today is the first day of having a car at my disposal. I ran a few errands, made some Waldorf salad, and donated a zillion empty flower pots to my favourite nursery. Poor Charlotte hates this weather...and so do I.
"A mix of sun and cloud. 70 percent chance of showers or thunderstorms with the risk of a severe thunderstorm. Wind southwest 20 km/h. High 31.(87F) UV index 9 or very high. Humidity 70%"
Good news is that tomorrow's high is expected to be 74F, so perhaps I'll get more weeding done.

Also made an appointment to get my hair cut, something I was supposed to do before leaving for Edmonton, but had to cancel. Think I'll get a pedicure too....A Granny has to take care of herself after all. ;-)

DH is so happy with his new toy. He keeps looking for excuses to drive places. You'd think he was 16 again. With all my flower pots gone, he'll be able to park both vehicles in the shed.(garage)

Today 2 people have invited themselves to come visit, one in July, the other in August. Truly, this is Grand Central Station B&B!

Our dear friend Bruce passed away on July 3rd, so we are adjusting to life without his energetic presence. :(

Here are a few shots from our Canada Day Celebration. (July 1st)

And here is Reed with mommy in his "Bear Naked" outfit"

Enjoy your summer days!

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi everyone. Thanks for all your condolences on the loss of my pretty guy. He was such a special, sweet kitty and a real character. Its amazing how much personality a small animal can have. Were just very sad and blue. DH is on temporary lay-off this week so were leaning on each other.

First of all, Happy Birthday Eden and Doug!

And ((((Eden)))), Im so very sorry to hear about your Mom. I know its a constant worry for you. And how awful about the tree and the damage.

Ei, so sorry about your New Dawn and the frost damage. Ive lost quite a few Heucheras. I really think it was the late frost that got them.

And congratulations again, Marie. I just love the 'hands' pic and the one of you holding your new little guy. So very sweet. All are beautiful keepsake pictures.

Im enjoying all your pix. It really gives me a lift especially since my garden is such a mess. Ive been working on everyone elses stuff, not mine. Right now, I dont have the energy or initiative to work out there. Perhaps later this week.

A neighbor has been holding and watering 3 more Euonymous Harlequin for me while we were away on vacation:


I really love the varigation b/c the white leaves look like its flowering. But Im really confused.about how big it actually will get. The tag from the grower says it will get 4 x 4. Advice online says it will get 12" x 18", which is about what it is now. Hmmmm. Anyone have any ideas on how big it will really get?

Im outta steam here. All I can do for today. Thinking of everyone and hoping all those under the weather are feeling better including furry friends.


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Honey -- If it's like every v. Euonymous I know with that habit it'll cling and climb and keep going. It is really pretty, but so are "dwarf" flowering kiwi. I once topiaryed a cream and yello E. with good results. Take Note, Deanne :-)

Gardening Tip of the Day --- when the plant you're about to buy is already full-grown according to the tag, in the pot, multiply it by 3 :-) We seriously used to tell customers this back in my biz days.

Mary -- LOL the lime green underwear. Thanks to your inspiration, just took a cherry cake out of the oven. I'm a major pie fanatic, but the gentlemen of the house prefer cake. Let them eat it!!

Marie -- I liked your boy teenager as soon as I saw his Cancun shirt. Anyone who likes Cancun is good with me ;-)

Deanne -- [edited for Gardenweb] Your teenage boy thing just irks me. Since the kids obviously don't give a hoot about the plants or your hospitality, talk to the darn parents!! My guess is that they'll be mortified and if they aren't, are they really important?????

Sue -- With your idea, will be topiarying a sand cherry to match the Finally shaped Kousa. What a luxury to hoist perennials, BTW. LOL

Rich is drumming but if I don't get to watering I'll lose stuff.


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Ive been working on the post all day. Its been a crazy one and I havent been at my desk a lot. I ended up at the clinic to find out that I have shingles. Then a run to the pharmacy during lunch. Then an unexpected meeting and then workmen at my desk installing a new overhead light. Boy can I see now!

Brenda, I take it you are quite dry too. Dont you just hate when you think the rain is coming and it skirts you? We had 40% last night but I guess the 60% won out.

Mary, LOL on the skinny dipping experience.

Deanne, seeing your Arabella reminds me that I have taken cuttings from mine. Ive never tried clematis cuttings, but figure its worth a try. I think I need more Arabellas in my garden. Id like to try some as sprawlers. I have quite a few seedlings this year from my Nelly Moser which Ive never had before.
I think I need to add compost to my Endless Summers, yours are doing great. I picked up 2 nice sized Blushing Brides the other day for $6.50 ea.

Ei, those horses are awesome. Some people are so creative. Would you believe I tried to let my pelargonium go dormant and lost it? I do have one small cutting. Im glad to see that yours looks so good. Sorry to see your New Dawn looking less than its splendor self. Mine always die back quite far, but I think that its because they are on a fence and get north winter winds. I havent checked the panda, but will.

Martie, what a cool and unique birdbath. Your gardens are really coming along.

Cindy, your garden looks so English to me. I love it.

V, I remember Lake Geneva, that nursery was my favorite.

bug, you have such a great way of capturing your family with your camera.

Eden, Im happy to hear that your garden survived for the most part.

Im sure Im missing comments, but I best post this before I leave work.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Marty, about the v. Euonymous, that's kinda what I thot. It's supposed to be very slow growing. Think I'll put them in the middle of the bed instead of fronting a bed as was suggested on several info sites.

Interesting you used and E and made a topiary. I used 'Moonshadow' in one of the subdivision's entrance plantings for some interest and color. I'm hoping it'll be tough as nails. We'll see.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Quickie post! We got 6/10 of rain last night. Not nearly enough, but at this point, we'll take what we can get. Was great to sit out on the porch last night and watch the rain move in. It CAN rain!! I was starting to wonder ;)

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning All! Had a wonderful last evening and this morning catching up with all your separate posts! What beautiful pics and so interesting too! Thanks everyone for sharing those!

Honey, sorry can't tell you about the Euonymous. That is a beautiful one though and I see what you mean about the white foliage looking like flowers...very pretty. I had a variegated euonymous (yellow though, not white) a long time ago and its growth pattern sort of reminds me of yours. It didn't get terribly tall (about 2 & 1/2 feet I would say) but spread pretty far (around 5 or 6 feet) if I'm recalling correctly. Unfortunately Euonymous scale runs rampant around here and mine got it. Since I don't spray, I finally just had to get rid of the shrub cause the scale is nearly impossible to control without spraying. I really loved it though and it made a nice, neat groundcover. that Reed...what a cutie patooty! :-) Love his hands...very strong, I think. Looks like Canada Day was a lot fun. So sorry to hear about Bruce. It was nice to read what was said about him in your separate post. What a wonderful man!

Aww Michelle...I'm so sorry to hear you lost your geraniums. They are beautiful and I really love them. Would you like me to try growing you a cutting and send it to you? I'd be happy too. Surprised to hear your New Dawn dies back in winter! I guess, as you say, because it's in the exposed north? I have never had any remarkable dieback on mine in all the years I've had it. Although mine has the "east" exposure which roses are said to love. Or maybe I just have (had?) a super hoo...I hope it's not *had*! Some times I do wonder if it has something to do with the original propagator/propagation (sp.?) There have been times (though I can't think of an example right now) that I have tried a plant that was suppose to be "iron clad" and it ends up being such a weak grower for me and I *think* I've taken care of it properly and have no other explanation and so I wonder if the mother plant was an inferior one or if the propagation techinique wasn't the best? Who knows! This is only my own personal opinion and I could be way off base,but it seems to me that a lot of the plants that are being heavily propagated these days like heucheras, daylilies, and hostas, etc. seem to be weaker growers than their old standby varieties and wonder if there isn't some link there. Okay...I didn't mean to ramble so...Sorry about that! :-)

Glad to hear Brenda got rain! We had some last night too. It's been a pretty good year this year, with regular rains and I can see an improvement in the garden, which makes me hopeful that it is recovering from our last 2 years of drought.

Well, I better be going...lots to do today!

Have a great day all!

P.S. Thanks Mary about the garden. I really do like that container there. It makes a nice focal point I think. The gardens are looking much more lush this year...thanks! We have been having pretty regular rains, which really helps. Anyway, I am purposely ending my post with mention of lime green panties...LOL! I think it will be fun to see what advertisement I get! :-)


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Darn! No green panty adverts! :-) Just checking...LOL!

Have a great day all! Ei

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Michelle ouch the shingles? Poor u gee, I hope it wasnt something "we said" here when talking about Sues problem? Yikes poor you Im glad you got it diagnosed properly though boy, youve had more than your fair share of illness/med problems too this year I sure hope you watch all that stress at the ofc I imagine that doesnt help the immune system any. Pls do feel better soon. And such a lovely compliment re my tatty yard Id love to be reminded of English gardens. . . . .even if its a really wild one, LOL...

Mary loved the TMI I had visions of you gardening in your green undies! . . . count me in as a Harry Potter fan... I dont have any little ones at home, but I still love the books & have seen the movies in fact, my DD (all grown up!) & I started a tradition of going to see the movies together as a mom/daughter outing! Were hoping to do this weekend, LOL... Hope your book club/pool party turned out okay we had some deluges of rain here in DC today unfortunately not so much in my home neighborhood & I was draggin hoses around last nite Im afraid some things are already past "gone"... I should have watered a day ago but have been too durned tired when I get home at nite. . . .

Martie your "park" is doing wonderfully & things are really filling in, arent they? I love the roses in the front so welcoming! Isnt it fun to have Idyll plants to show off?! Enjoy vacation.

Ei what a wonderful treat takes me down "memory lane" to see current shots of your fabulous garden I loved that urn in your yard such drama and it looks fabulous again I saw one in the spring that reminded me of yours, but opted not to buy because I didnt think I could do it justice as you have done. I cant tell you how much inspiration I got from your gardens. . . . from the daylilies (ship to me in the Fall thats probably safer, unless youre coming to IU4????) to the callirhoe, Chamaecyparis nootkatensis Glauca Pendula (you and I chatted about) so many things Ive looked over my photos from your place, time and time again for inspiration. I just love how you combined so many wonderful things together.

Brenda like you, Im watching the skies relentlessly, hoping for rain but while it rained about ¾ inches in DC proper, my yard 30 miles away got less than ¼ inche boo hiss. . . .

LOL... still no green pantie adverts. . . .


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Life has improved! It is about 75F today. I've weeded some, but need weeks to accomplish what needs doing around here....
Here's some clematis that I discovered romping around together after weeding in the veg garden yesterday. Mikelite and Kaiu are their names.

I am having major daughter/baby withdrawal. I haven't held him in ages! Mary, green pants takes on a whole new meaning when thinking of Reed....

Time for some lunch.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi all,

Well, Ive just come in for some lunch and to cool off. It isnt that hot out, only 84, but the humidity is unreal. I got the spins when I stood up too quickly a little while ago and decided it was time to take a break. Ive been working like a demon in the gardens lately and it seems Im never caught up. Now that the daylilies are really getting going there is daily deadheading as well as watering to deal with. I wish you could all see my H. Endless Summer, the flower heads on it are just gigantic and that plant is still throwing pink through purple and blue flowers with some of the flower heads combinations of all the colors. I have no clue as to why that plant is still doing that.

On the other side of the bush there is another flower head that is as pink as the fuchsia Beacon Rosa. I really do love that shrub. I already have three of them and might just find a spot for another.

This morning I cleaned up the driveway garden and smushed a bunch more of the dratted lily beetles. Those insects make me crazy. I used the Bayer on the lilies yesterday and hopefully I wont seen any more damage. At least they havent touched my Regale lilies which started opening on Monday. Ill have to grab a pic of them for you when more of the buds are open. Im hoping to get Doug to stand in the pic so you can see how tall they are. Im thinking they have to be pushing seven feet tall! They are next to the Buddleia Pink Delight which is getting really tall this year as well. It didnt die back as much as normal so I think its going to put on quite a show this year. I also finally got around to staking my Hibiscus Fantasia which has gotten pretty large and is setting buds. Its looking like it will put on as nice a show as it did last year.

Martie, your gardens are looking terrific! Love that daylily with the stokesia. Thats a perfect combination. And that birdbath really is lovely.

Brenda, when we get T storms I sort of cross my fingers and hope for the best. The only plant I routinely move is the large standard fuchsia. The head on that one is so large now that Im afraid that a really strong wind could break the top off and thats taken too long to mature to risk losing it.

Eileen, your gardens are looking fabulous! I just love that container in your garden. What is really cool is thats the exact same one I have in my shed garden in that container grouping. ~~ RE the pic of the Arabella, that is just one plant. The flowers lighten up as they mature so it looks like there are two colors on the plant. ~~ I completely agree with you about some of the newer cultivars being weak. I know several of those lovely new heucheras just died out over the course of a couple seasons and some of those newer echinaceas are the same way. Ive got two Hydrangea Little Honeys that are just lingering about not doing much growing so Im thinking they are another weak plant that will need shovel pruning if they dont perk up soon.

Mary, I ROTFLOL at the picture of you in your lime green undies ducking from the FedEx guy. ~~ BTW did you ever find that purple, double datura this year?

Michelle, Oh no!!!! Shingles? Thats awful. So sorry to hear that. I sure hope they dont last very long. ~~ What a great idea to try getting cuttings from Arabella. I agree that ever garden needs more than one of them. Im up to five now and am always thinking of where I can tuck in another. Where do you think youll use it as a sprawler? Ive thought I might plant one so that it can grow over one of my rock walls.

Great pics NanaMarie!

OK time to get back to work here. Have a great day

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Whoo-hoo! Deanne's gorgeous hydrangea reminded me of something I meant to comment on yesterday...

Thanks Deanne & Cindy! This year has definitely been better than the last two. I was almost ready to give up gardening by the end of last summer...naaa, not really, but it certainly is disheartening when rain becomes so scarce.

I wanted to tell Cindy how absolutely gorgeous her garden is...I agree with *does* remind me of an English garden. Anyway, the reason Deanne reminded me was because I was going to comment on how absolutely gorgeous your hydrangeas are too. The only hydrangeas which do well for me are Hydrangea 'Annabelle' and Hydrangea quercifolia 'Snow Queen'. All the rest of the hydrangeas never get those big beautiful flowers the both of you come? :-( Here's my baby! :-) Please excuse the very distracting "bird cage" over the pond. I have a rascally racoon that just doesn't know when to give up! :-)

BTW, has anyone else noted the exquisite, delicate fragrance of the Hydrangea quercifolias? least mine has it. I was watering one night and this heavenly fragrance kept tickling my nose while I was watering S.Q. I couldn't figure it out at first, I mean I didn't think hydrangeas had fragrance, so I was looking nearby to see what *else* might have a fragrance. Anyway, finally buried my nose in a panicle of Ms. Snow Queen and mmmmm...what a lovely scent, very complex and elegant...wish I could bottle it and make it my personal fragrance!

Well, I better be going I've spent way too much time on the computer today...

Speaking of which, Michelle, I re-posted the invite for you & just cracked me up! :-)

P.S. So sorry to hear about the shingles. I don't know how I missed your posting that yesterday. I've heard how uncomfortable they can step mother-in-law had them last summer and she was just miserable. Hope your bout will be much shorter and milder.


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Ooohhh noo! I'm falling behind... wait for me.

Busy week here (pant) and much I want to comment on, but the perpetual din of construction makes concentration difficult. I'm taking pictures, though.

And drooling over the peaceful shots of your very lovely, QUIET gardens. I've even allowed myself to ponder a very large urn for the space between the garage doors... how's that for "expansive"?

Rex's incision is looking really good, no oozing of any sort and he licks it only occasionally. No bitter apple crap, no "lampshade"... rien! He's really a very good cooperator... even with 3 strange dogs tethered out in his "territory".

Hello to everyone, I'll try to do some reading now. You think?

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Good afternoon

GB - glad to see your clems are blooming despite being left to fend for themselves. Did you loose any? Baby Reed made me smile - what perfect little features.

Ei - I'll have to go smell my quercifolia as I've never noticed any fragrance. I cannot remember now which cultivar it is.

Michelle - hope your case Shingles is not too severe. It can be a rotten experience - take care of yourself.

Chelone - glad Rex is doing well and being such a good patient.

Cynthia - any updates on Katie?

Last night really lived up to Michelle's title for this Idyll - a hot summer's night. Never the less it turned out to be a great evening with the Chicklits (our book group). We had a wonderful selection of food, lots of wine and good book talk. David came and played his guitar to us while we ate - he played so beautifully it almost brought tears to my eyes. A friend of my sister's from New Orleans has just moved to our town and I was able to introduce her to the group. It turns out she moved in 3 doors down from another book club member and both have sons the same age. I love it when you are able to introduce people and feel they will enjoy getting to know each other.

Only one of the group was up for a swim and we floated in the pool under the stars with fire-flies flashing till late in the evening. It felt sooooooooo good. Another friend chatted poolside, entertaining us with stories of her wild youth. We've known each other for over 10 years and I would never have guessed at some of those secrets. We're all rather conventional now, happily engrossed in raising children, PTSA, jobs etc. but sometimes it's fun to remember earlier carefree days.

Today I had a work lunch - it was social more than work, and I had the chance to see a training video I was filmed for earlier in the year. I was mostly pleased with the sections I was in, but thought I looked decidedly "wrinkly" especially on my forehead. Perhaps it's time to splash out on some Oil of Olay Regenerist.

Tonight there are leftovers from last night (an easy supper), then David has Karate class. I think I should probably shoot for any early night too.

Hi to all


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OK, we're near the end of this thread so Gramma will bore you with more pictures from last night. I just love this....Thank heaven for computers!

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Can't you superimpose some of those shots over clematis? or supstitute his head for a blossom?


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Sorry Chelone, clematis are boring these days.....

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

GB - LOL!! the leering wink in the third line is the best one.

Chelone - I'm glad Rex is recovering well. I hope he's back in full fine form soon. He sure sounds like a dog that would appeal to me. Our next doggie guest arrives Saturday for a two week stay. Copper is not as mellow a big, hairy beast as Charlotte is so it's going to be an interesting time.

Michelle - Shingles?! Ouch... I hope it's not a bad case.

Sue - is your problem clearing up now? I missed what the status was lately. It sounded like something you definitely didn't need to round out the summer!

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Okay, I'm gonna give this a whirl, even though I'm feeling overwhelmed at my behind-edness on Idyll :)

I loved seeing the redwoods, Kathy, but was disappointed that you didn't tell us how much you won at poker. I am a closet poker player - wish I had someone to play with!

Eden, I was mortified by your storm story! I hope that you get a wonderful new structure and that all the plants do just as you command them to with your pruners and shovel. I know you will put it all back together (maybe some things will migrate to Jenni's).

GB, I absolutely love seeing itty-bitty's pix....keep um coming! I do think Chelone's on to something....someone needs to doctor a photo with a clem and itty-bitty.

I'm glad I passed over Memory Keeper's Daughter and opted for The Mermaid Chair (author of Secret Life of Bees, which I think would have been perfect if I were 15....but still great!) other pick was "Best Friends" by Martha Moody, only because my best friend is coming here, soon.

Comments, anyone? I'd trade books if someone's willing, I read 'em up pretty quick this time of year.

I know I have more comments, but they're eluding me now. I wish I were a part of I read books I long for someone to talk to about feelings that they bring up or thoughts that they evoke.

Mary, my UPS man is kind of on the creepy side to me (he doesn't look/act creepy, just a feeling) and I think I might've died in the pool if he'd shown up :)

I hope that Michelle's Shingles are short lived, and that Sue's celluitis (I had to look that one up, painful!) clears soon! Relax as much as you both can and try to heal soon!

Chelone, glad to hear Rex doesn't bother his incision....Zeus is sporting a lampshade right now....licked another hot spot! He's killing me (and my summer budget!!!!)

Oh, I pulled something in my "rear end" and I hope I am able to sit/walk during idyllunion. I'm really pun intended!


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Regretably, no time for a lengthy post tonight,and what a great group of photos ! I so enjoyed reading and viewing-hope for more time tommorow..
Martie, I have to mention your birdbath, I love 'barley twist ' stuff- I have at least three antique tables that are barley twist--

Saucy, 11 dollars I think (big bucks ,right ?"

Kathy in Napa

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A beautiful good morning to everyone,

A cold front pushed through last night and we have a gorgeous day on tap here. The air is finally dried up from the horrible humidity of the past week and the temps are currently mid 60s going up to the lower 80s today. Its funny that the temps are in the same range but the drier air mass makes it feel ten degrees cooler. ~~ I dont know whats different this year but all the Arabella clematis are outperforming themselves this year. The Polish Spirit on the arch is also really doing well. Now if I could just get the darned meadow voles out of my shed garden so I could get some lilies growing there again Id be happy. Every time I see Sues Sum and Substance and Frances Williams hostas I get angry about the stupid rodents eating my hosta roots. My hostas are half the size they used to be and just wont get any larger and in fact some years shrink. I guess I should be glad they are still alive. LOL

Eileen I dont remember ever seeing a photo of your pond before. What a pretty spot! Love it. Are those angel wing begonias planted around it? I need to get some kind of netting or cage over mine because the Great Blue Heron is visiting lately. Id be heartbroken to lose my fishies. Ive had some of them for nine years now.

Mary, I sure wish I was closer so I could join your book group. Sound fun and interesting. ~~ LOL about needing wrinkle cream. I cant believe the difference in what I think I look like and what I actually look like. Some mornings I should just walk around with a bag over my head. LOL

Bug, what a cutie patootie! Clematis boring? I cant believe you said that!

Saucy, sorry youre bummed out so to speak. ~~ We had a dog that kept getting hot spots and having to wear the lampshade. What a pain in the neck. Hope Rex heals up soon.

OK time to get my day going here. Have a great day all

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Babies here again today (and yesterday and overnight last night). I've just spent nap time catching up on all of the threads (you guys have been busy!!) now have one awake (and tearing the room apart) so not much time before I have to get off the computer and do damage control. Life is very busy when these two are around.

Yesterday morning, before the twins arrived at my house, I went to James' home and babysat there for 4 hours. Drove the 30 minutes home and the twins' car came up the driveway right behind me---no rest for Grammie T unfortunately. Next week I have the twins 4 days. I'm starting to twitch and have crossed eyes from not getting any 'T' time.

Wel ll, a little one is helping me type so it is time to close.\
nnnnhhnnnnnn (Jake says 'good-bye' too.)

Hello to all and my sympathies to Michelle on the shingles. I've heard they are miserable. Loved Mary's story about her dip in the pool........too much to commentn o fnnnnnnnanh and someone is getting impatient to hav ehhhhhhhhh hist ime on the computer keyboard (I gave him the television remote 0nn 0nn but he'd rather help me wit hthe ke yboard) .


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