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mike_jw(London. UK)June 22, 2014

A woman gave me a cutting from a plant that she found discarded in the street. She has had it for some time, but is curious to know what it is. It is currently growing outdoors in a tub.

Photos are below, and information is as follows after I questioned her about it.

Current height about 5 foot.
Hardy, deciduous, with leaves that turn bright red in Autumn.
Has tiny, insignificant, white flowers, but no subsequent berries.
Forms bushy, but not dense growth, you can 'look' through the shrub.
The stems grow out at all angles and, as the last two photos show, have elongated 'growths' at the base.

Click on the image to see a larger view.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Euonymous sp. perhaps E alatus. Don't be concerned if anyone on GW tells you it's invasive - it is in the US but not here.

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mike_jw(London. UK)

It certainly appears to be Euonymous Elatus, except that the person told me that the flowers didn't give way to berries. It may be that she just didn't notice them. But the elongated 'growths' are described as "corky wings", which is spot on.

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If it's anything like the way the plant performs here in the PNW (where it also NOT invasive), the flowers seldom give way to berries simply because our summers are not hot enough to encourage fruit development and ripening.

And that is also the reason why a good number of other plants that are very invasive in many other, hot summer parts of the country are NOT here in the cool summer regions of the PNW.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

I agree totally gardengal48. I think we've been over this one with Ailanthus too. We just don't get the summer heat to ripen the fruit.

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