What does ironite do?

kevingalaxyOctober 6, 2009

Ive seen ironite in stores and was wondering what exactly is this for and when/how do you apply it? Thanks.

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The main reason people use ironite is to add iron to their lawns. If your soil is deficient in iron your grass may turn yellow as a result. In some cases, there may be enough iron, but the soil pH is out of whack and the grass can't use the iron.

Ironite is disliked by some people because it has a lot of other metals (including heavy metals) in addition to the iron. I used it many years ago but would probably not use it now.

If you've had a soil test that shows that your soil is low in iron, adding iron will help turn the lawn green. If your soil has enough iron, adding iron is unlikely to help (if your pH is bad, adding iron can provide a short-lived boost).

There are other alternatives to Ironite that don't have the heavy metals in them.

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Thanks Bpgreen, you should run for president!

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From the EPA's website:

Ironite®, once available at many lawn and garden stores, was a common fertilizer made from mine tailings. The presence of heavy metals in Ironite® lead to its banning in Canada, and lawsuits in the United States due to the potential release of heavy metals notably arsenic and lead.

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metal, are you a heavy metal or something like aluminum or titanium? Anyway here's a ;link to that EPA site.

Here is a link that might be useful: epa

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garycinchicago(Z5 Chicago IL.)

>"Thanks Bpgreen, you should run for president!"

Saint - lasts longer :-)

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LOL Saint Bpgreen has a ring to it...

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shortlid(Derry, NH)

Unfortunely I applied about a 3/4 of a 20 lb bag maybe 13 lbs worth mixwed with Green Moutain fertilizer 10-10-10 to get the green back in my ryegrass lawn. I have yet to water it in and I have a two year old and 3 month old. Shoudl I try to sweep or rake it up from the side of teh lawn near the well?

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Please see my post that my large mix-breed dog was diagnosed and died of cancer after I used Ironite in my yard for two summers preceding his diagnosis. He was only 6 years old when he died of cancer. Ironite has arsenic that is known to cause cancer. Government studies show its arsenic and lead levels exceed government safety standards but somehow it's still on the market. Don't use it or other chemical herbicides/pesticides. Protect your family, children, pets. Medical studies on these chemicals make the link clear to cancer. Go organic before it's too late. I lost a beloved member of my family in my quest for the beautiful American lawn. Never again. Live green with organics.

Here is a link that might be useful: one of many evaluations on Ironite showing hazards

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texasgardener_2010, Sorry for the loss of your dog. Nothing I say can make that better. I do think that blaming yourself and the Ironite is a serious stretch of the imagination. The causes of cancer are some of the most inconsistent and elusive subjects of modern times. Stating that Ironite caused your dog's cancer is unsubstantiated. Trying to put facts together randomly to find the answer we want is not science It is a way for humans to put an answer to an otherwise unanswerable predicament. A similar story goes like this. Wisconsin is the largest dairy producing state. Wisconsin has the highest rate of breast cancer among women. Therefore milk causes cancer. Absurd assumption for sure but it makes a point. Another point that needs to be mentioned is that an arsenic based treatment is what they would give a dog if it had heart worms. (Arsenic is the trace chemical found in Ironite.) Bad? Good? Depends on a particular point of view. My belief lies somewhere in the middle of it all and essentially pivots around the following train of thought. We live in a chemical world. Our modern society has flourished because of chemicals. Our clothing, our medicines, our everything is based on modern sophisticated chemicals. Without the use of the thousands of chemicals most of us would not be here today. Our population would have died from Malaria without DDT or we would have starved without modern fertilizers and pesticides. Ask someone that has had a major bacterial infection how they feel about modern antibiotics. It is easy to just get angry and throw away everything and say I'm going organic but it doesn't make sense. Use of chemicals, (I'm using the word chemicals as a very broad term to include everything "organic" promoters don't like)is something that can promote the good of everyone and with knowledgeable use can be beneficial.As for the ironite. After about 20 years the EPA hasn't banned it. Use it or don't use it. Makes no difference to me. Just don't beat yourself up over the unfortunate death of your beloved pet. More times than not things like that happen with no apparent explanation available. I work in the medical field and I have been around a lot of cancer of all types. In my opinion there is very little rock solid proof of the causes. That doesn't mean I recommend smoking either. You have to find a middle ground to base your actions. I don't smoke but I might use some Ironite. Heck if I didn't use all the things that have a California cancer warning on it my garage and workshop would be empty of everything and I would be left with nothing but my manual push reel mower.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)


Easy explanation for high rate of breast cancer in Wisconsin...

Chronic vitamin D deficiency.


Not only that, it's responsible for many things like autism, heart disease, diabetes type one, high blood pressure, cold ,flu, and it goes on. Vitamin D deficiency is wide spread. Doctors don't know much about it so we are rarely ever tested for it. Sun scare made it significantly worse which ironically is responsible for raising rate of malignant type of skin cancer.

All that information is in the literature... Doctors don't even bother reading them.

Best website for vitamin D is Vitamin D council. So much information there, it'd take a long time to understand the true reasoning for vitamin D in the first place. It is much more important than anyone realizes and that the daily recommended amount is extremely too low. maybe by as much as 10-20 times too low....

It is possibly the TRUE underlying cause to many illnesses...

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)


Maybe this will get your attention about vitamin D...


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Lou, I agree with your excitement and emphasis on vitamin D. My physician told my wife and I about it, had our vitamin D levels tested, and recommended we start taking it daily. I probably get quite a bit from Sun exposure in the months when I'm working in the yard. In the winter I get little Sun exposure so I'll be taking Vitamin D regularly.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)


Glad you have a doctor that actually does something about it. Not very many out there from what I see on the internet.

I do make sure to take 5000 IU a day during the winter or I get cold followed by sinus infection followed by stuffed up nose that makes sleeping impossible followed by never ending dry cough every single winter. You'd think I'd get enough in Texas but obviously not. Then again, I don't really spend time outside when it's so hot outside. Maybe that's why. My brother who went to University of Wisconsin a few years ago said the weather was very nice there during the summer compared to Texas... Winter... not so much.

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You are so right about Vitamin D. I am on dialysis and they give me D3 with most of my treatments. I was so depleted, I had to take 10,000 units in a prescription pill a day for at least 6 months. It helped stabilize my Calcium levels, and frankly stopped my aches and pains in my bones. I have recommended it to friends and one stopped the joints in her fingers from swelling from arthritis. The other still has knee pain, but feels better.

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so, should be used in addition to fertilizer?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Should what be used? Ironite or vitamin D?

If you have a recent soil test that indicates a shortage of available iron, then Ironite might work. It sort of depends on whether you live on calcium soil (most of Texas) or elsewhere.

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Ironite should be used in addition to fertilizer?

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I live in New Mexico -- desert

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Why not use milorganite.....greens my lawn nice.

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