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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)August 24, 2011

My girls make me laugh hard several times a day each, but I managed to get quick videos of both dogs being silly today and thought I'd share.

Tallulah (who's over a year now) has been obsessed with the wasps out back for the last several days. In spite of my corrections (and theirs, I'm sure), she cannot be dissuaded from barking at them and biting them out of the air. Exasperated, I let her do what she wanted today, thinking natural consequences may cure her. Apparently, she wanted to knock down their nest and eat their larvae. No dogs were harmed in the making of the video. Can't say the same for the wasps, but then I guess we've established that I'm an insecticidal maniac. ;o)

A friend I shared this with earlier today pointed out that she bears a striking resemblance to a Honey Badger. WARNING: Honey Badger video is very funny, but also contains salty (rated PG-13/R-ish) language.

Later, while enjoying a lemonade on the front patio with a good friend, I discovered what's been happening to all my low-hanging tomatoes. (Izzy!)

Dorph, how are things at your house? As crazy as things are here, I bet they're 10x more so at your place (though, technically, you "only" have 6x more dogs than I at the moment)! Feel free to share any video documentation of the insanity. (That goes for all of you.) :o)

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Um, currently I have 12. Angel, the chorkie, Beauregard the bold, Mercy and Truth, rescued from Christians, hence the names, and the 8 puppies of Truth. They are the Tuxedo boy, three of them; The Blonde Bunch, three again, and two who aren't currently classified. These two are solid shades of brown.

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Could hardly watch the video because it brought back some hairy memories from earlier this summer. I was walking my little lurcher when he came upon a stack of concrete blocks and stuck his nose in to investigate. He immediately did the Teaberry shuffle five feet backward through the air and ropes of thick mucous and froth flew from his mouth. He was stung on his upper lip and we flew to the vet as fast as my little red toaster car would move for emergency treatment. Iv steroids and two weeks on prednisone and a little bit of scorch on the plastic card. Found a hornet nest nearby and just one sting was enough to set off a really severe reaction.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

I completely understand why you'd feel that way! I've been checking Toolie's face since she developed this compulsion, and haven't found any swelling or tenderness. I can't imagine she hasn't been stung, it just doesn't seem to bother her. I'd be terrified if she stumbled on a big population though!

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Knock on wood, have not had any problems with my critters and wasps, etc., but my last dog loved tomatoes. They had to be homegrown though, NO store tomatoes. It did not matter if the tomatoes were still on the plant or if I brought some home from a friend, they were his.
Dorph, it must be bedlam at your house.

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Susprisingly, it's not. It's been an easy 10 days or so.

I'm sure that will change in the coming days.

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jazmynsmom, you have hunting dogs, they do what comes naturally or what they are trained to do. They just want to "hunt" something.

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Cute! I love her snitching tomatoes. Undoubtedly, you've been thinking, "whole tomatoes"? Now you know! Send her my way to get the wasps. I'm severely allergic. I am not scared of them, but if I get stung, it won't be good. I get them every year right over my front door. UGH!

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