Disease of the month

Janis_G(z7GA)August 11, 2013

I call it that because this diagnosis seems to be that way.
Sleep Apnea is the disease or malady of the month.
Seems like everybody has it, including me.

The machine is quiet and small but the mask is a little much.
I never liked for my nose and mouth to be covered, now it is.
I'm sure I look like an alien, however, I intend to give this contraption a chance to work.

I think it's a shame Neil is missing out on all the fun. I'm sure he
would get a kick out of my new look in the bedroom.

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Join the club! Half the folks I know over 50 have them. They save lives, and keep your body well enough to notice all the other 'age' related thingies. The mask is intimidating, but
you have options there if you talk to your provider.

I urge everyone to get the sleep test, and the machine. It
is a matter of life and breath.

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At least you get to wear your own underpants (not his!). Kidding! But I sure do miss your stories. That one was a doozy.

So many say they love it once they get used to it. I go undiagnosed, but know that it's highly likely I have it for several reasons. I may try it someday. Good luck getting used to it!

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Hi Jan - was just thinking about you and your daughter this weekend and wondering how you were doing. Sorry you have to deal with the dreaded CPAP machine, but as shilty says, it can be a live saver. Our oldest DIL has to use one. She says you do get use to wearing it at night. I can just see me if I had to wear one - someone would have to unwind me every morning before I could get out of bed!

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Edited to remove double post.

This post was edited by gmatx46 on Mon, Aug 12, 13 at 17:06

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I'm doing okay with the mask.
It sure isn't my favorite night time accessory but I'll deal with it.

Rob, you know, i still can't remember what happened that night.
It was the sleeping pill. It was funny .

Gmatx, Katrina is confined to a wheelchair now and is being seen
by home health nurses to tend to the ulcers on her feet. The doctor cut a big chunk out of the bottom of her right foot today and
now she has one of those pumps.
It is one of the hardest things to watch her go through.
She is in constant pain.

My sweet precious daughter.
Would that I could protect her from all this.

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My brother has one and it helps him. Good to hear from you, sorry Katrina is having problems. Sending hugs.

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HI janis, nice to see you posting here at the GP.
Our neighbor down the street has lived with the mask for several years and he is doing well. He and his dear wife sleep in different rooms because that works for them, at this time.
They live a very full life. They even travel in their RV with him using the mask. I have no idea how they rigged that up.
Sorry to see that Katrina is having such a difficult time.

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I found the key for sleeping and resting well quite by accident. While I was visting my granson,he invited me to lie on his new memory foam mattress. I knew instantly I wanted one. Paid less than $500 at Wal-Mart and sleep better than I have in years.

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Janis, I'm sorry your daughter is having problems. I hope she will be better soon.

My sister and her husband each have a CPAP machine and think it of benefit. It took care of his snoring problem.

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