Who needs a grocery store?

gandle(4 NE)August 2, 2012

Oh yeah, I guess we do. We had sweet corn just picked before dinner, beets the size of ping pong balls, cucumbers and sliced tomatoes. Guess we had to buy the butter and salt,,Leone said it was too warm to bake cookies so she came home with a package of chocolate Oreos and a pack of Chips Ahoy white chocolate fudge. I read the back of the packs and the Oreos were made in Canada the Chips Ahoy made in Mexico. You don't want to read the ingredients, sounds like a chem lab to me. Will grate a fresh beet in a green salad tomorrow adds color ,texture and a bit of sweetness. Planted turnips the other day but it is too darn hot, they didn't germinate. Try again later.

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Sounds good to me.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Having our own gardens does help with the grocery bill.

I've often wondered whether sales of [cookies, premade dinners, etc] would be affected if the companies were required to have the ingredients written in font no smaller than the company and item names. Maybe if they had to also explain just what each ingredient was supposed to do... a while ago, I read the label on a bag of ginger snaps DH bought: flour, 3 types of sugars, several preservatives (no wonder they had a one-year use-date), cayenne pepper and more ingredients that my lack of chemical knowledge left for a mystery. No ginger.

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George, your dinner sounded healthy and delicious, too.

Speaking of grocery bills, I've just increased the monthly amount I allot for them. For some time I've realized that each week's grocery money wasn't buying as much as before. What I'm grateful for is that even tho we're on a fixed income, there's a little expansion room; just hope it doesn't continue to need "expansion"!

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Sounds good to me, If you chicken sit a couple of times a year, you may not have to buy eggs. If you can find a way to "cow sit" you may not need to buy milk. Re the salt, there are salt flats all over the bay area, free for the taking. Hmm, I don't think they have salt flats in Nebraska, So you may have to buy that in a store. You can experiment in making sugar from beets.

There is no substitute for home made cookies.

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George, Neil and I were talking just the other day about
this subject.
I grew up in the country and although we were probably considered poor,
we sure had PLENTY of food to eat.
We always had a huge garden and we always had chickens and eggs.
We also had hogs to butcher and my mother canned enough
food to feed us and our extended family.
The trips to the grocery store were few and far between.

I fried some okra,green tomatoes and squash the other day.
It was so good! I had forgotten how much grease there is in
fried foods so we can't have many meals like that. I also
ate a tomato sandwich so juicy it dripped off my elbows.
Heaven, heaven, heaven!
Neil was a city boy so he missed out on all the good food.

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