I'm not being rude whem I dom't respomd to posts

gandle(4 NE)August 18, 2014

I juat cam;t see them. We wemt aboit 300 miles drom here to Summerfield Kansas wjkere gramsads blacksmoth museum had the annual 2 say cwlwbration. There were twob;axksmiths worlimg bothe forges and all the related axticitu goimg om Besides therrer was a beoom maker, a rope maked,mpeop;e cjyrming butter,. a huge dulcimer vand and a fellow wirh a bass fiddle playimg with tgem. Hardly sophistixated music but rea;;y very prettu.

I knew when we left there sumdat mortmimg that I would never see the shop or the villiage I grew up in. agaim but I guess Ihave made peace with thaat, Tememories of the shop when I was a child amd seeiimg it preserved so comp;ete;y will stick with me even thoygh I wom;t be able to see it amymore

Oddly. I mever metanyome that Ikmew from growing ip there. I would memtion nam,es an people would say, Oh, they passed away some time ago. Made a lot of new froemds, sat and I suppose bored them with storus of thimgs I remembered about things thar occured in the early days at the shop

Anyway I am pleaseed to have had the last 2 days there.

Leone is at a friemds house, don;t know what king od a party it is so this ism't goinf to proofread/ Probably unreadavle but I;m foing to hit submit anyway.

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Keep on posting, George. The stories and observations you share are priceless. Just like you and Leone.

No response necessary. :o)


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I loved your story. I totally could see and hear it all. Thank you! I would've been glad, not bored, to hear your stories in person. Glad you enjoyed it!

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I enjoyed reading your post, of course it was understandable, the
event is remarkable, wish I could have been there.

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gandle(4 NE)

This is embarrassing, my signature is on these posts too. I made him promise not to post unless I can proofread them first. I knew he wasn't a great typist and spent time proofreading his posts but I didn't realize he was that bad. Oh, I know, poor guy has things he wants to say and he just can't see the posts or what he is posting. From now on the post will be proofread and when I read his post back to him including the typos, he was embarrassed too.

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Oh, Leone! don't you worry one bit. We love him too much to think anything other than admiration and respect for him. And for you. He's in good company here. We don't think one bad thing. And we can read it as far as I can tell. I know I can!

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Yes, we don't mind the typos and can read the story and enjoy it. George, I know how you feel since I have a similar situation at my family home
I am pretty sure the other visitors loved to hear your stories of your experiences, they can see the shell, aka buildings, but you give the place and the time life.

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gmatx zone 6

Leone, please let George know that every word could be a typo and we wouldn't mind at all. Yes, we can read his posts. I hate it that he is embarrassed because of the typos. Sure wish he could be talked into dictating a book on his life from childhood to now and have someone type it up.

George, please know that we love you and Leone so much!

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I enjoy George's posts, typos or not.

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George, I'm late getting to the GP, today, but couldn't let your post go by without responding. Believe me, we can read, and understand what you're telling us, and enjoy every word. Your stories are priceless and worth remembering, typos and all. Please don't be embarrassed that typos slip in.

Leone, thank you for being George's proofreader, but as written earlier, we can figure out what his words are, and we want to hear them, anyway we can!

((((((George and Leone))))))

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George, I always enjoy whatever you have to say. Your trip sounds wonderful, I would love to have heard the dulcimers.

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George when I read your post, I was cheering you on! You had something to say and you were saying it. You go George, so what if some words aren't perfect. You are still hanging in there and you are still sharing with us. That is all that matters to us. You are still here. I could read every word with no trouble at all.

You never have to apologize to us about anything.

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Just a matter of curiosity - an elderly friend has a tv and a 'reader' beneath...everything, even the tiny writing on prescription bottles is huge as it is seen on the tv screen.

Is there anything like that available for folks who have begun to
lose some sight? One that lets them tap responses to things they read?

Thinking it was introduced for those with macular degeneration.

George - we understood every word you typed. Never apologise for living a comfortable old age, able to get out and about, participate, and share with us. You're doing fine!

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jim_1 Zone 5B Illinois(5b)

George, consider this...leave a legacy with your voice. Record thoughts and memories. If you think it through and are organized, it should be good enough to leave with your local historical society/museum. A good story teller would do something like that, leaving a legacy for all to enjoy.


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gandle(4 NE)

He truly can't understand why anyone could possibly be interested. He says "just the ramblings of an old man".

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