Fish Tower Pics

annedickinsonJune 15, 2008

I remembered a small plastic octagon fish tank I had and dug it out, cleaned it and put it in the small fish pond. Unfortunately I stirred up the dirt on the bottom that seeped out of the lily when I put it in, so the water is a bit brownish, but you can see the tower in action!!!

Amazingly, I put the tower in, propped it up on bricks, and before I had taken two steps back, 4 of the 5 fish were up in it looking around!!! The 5th fish never did swim up into it. The flash from the camera scared them and they swam out, but they stayed up in there a long time before I took the picture.

Here's a long shot of it:

Here's a little closer:

Here's a close-up:

If I catch them in it today I'll take clearer pictures. I just checked and the water isn't as brown.

Does anyone know if I should replace the water every day? Does it get "stale" or depleted of oxygen?


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Hey, that's nifty, Anne! A LOT of room for them to view humans from there, too. :D

Can't wait to see the action unfold...


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Interesting Fish Tower info. I was telling my Uncle Charlie about the fish tower and he told me in his normal "engineering explaining way" why it works. It is air pressure on the water that keeps the water up in the tower. He said that if the fish tower were over 32' high the highest the water would ever be would be 32' because that's as much pressure as the air can exert. There.. now you too know how the fish tower works. :-)

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Joyce(Zone 7b LI, NY)

That is cool!
I have one of the life sized hollow glass human heads that are used for hat stands, etc....and have always wanted to make a 'head fish tower' from that.
Maybe I will do it around Halloween and put my fogger on too so the fog swirls around the head. The fogger also has lights, so maybe I'll used the eerie green and/or orange lights.
We just moved into a very kid populated area (much to my 12 yo daughters delight) so we'll have a busy time around Halloween here!

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Wow, 32' is the cutoff point then, Anne? Very interesting!

Joyce, that sounds like a GREAT idea! Can't WAIT to see pics of that!


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prairie_bogger(6a (KS))

Very cool! and lol on the "engineering explaining way". They just have a different way of thinking then the rest of us, don't they? Of course, that's a good thing or we'd all still be living in the dark ages without their brilliant minds and innovations. :-D

Speaking of brilliant minds-- Joyce, that idea has got to be one of the most creative ideas I've heard in a long time-- I love it. You will definitely be the coolest mom on the block!!


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HAHA that sounds like such a good idea. Don't wait for Halloween though!! Do it now. That would be so funny with fishies swimming around in a glass head.


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