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annedickinsonJune 1, 2010

Well, we (this means my very patient BF did most of the work while I "helped")finally finished the Skippy Filter. Seemed to take forever (most of the Memorial Day holiday) however a good part of that was all the trips to Lowe's.

Here is the finished Skippy. I am going to wait to see if there are any leaks or other problems before I pondscape it. It's not pretty, but it appears to be working well.

Here's the process we followed:

Drilling holes for outflow to stream and bottom drain:

Making silicone gaskets for above holes:

Gluing elbow to bottom drain:

Leveling tub:

Outflow and bottom drain extensions glued on:

Bottom grate cut to fit with inflow from pump assembled:

Shut-off valve added to bottom drain extension. Filling to test for leaks. I am using a clorine filter:

OOPS! Silicone gaskets didn't totally work, so we are switching to Marine Epoxy, which did work:

Flat A/C filters lying on bottom grate:

Bags of scrubbies. They didn't fill the area so I got one more A/C filter and cut it up into pieces to wedge around the bags:

And that takes us back to the first picture which is the finished Skippy. As you can see from the green water, which I have had for 2 years, I really need the skippy. I am going to take pictures to record the improvement in clarity.


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Great tutorial, Anne.

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You two make it look so easy!!! Good job!

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OMG Calamity.... it was not easy at all! Well, thankfully BF is so very handy... it took 3 days total off and on over Memorial holiday. We still want to make changes. The outflow made sense in my head but is unpractical in reality. We (meaning he) are going to make a lip-type of outflow that won't get clogged!!! Regardless of all the problems I've had, I love the skippy and am looking forward to things settling down. I just fished two tiny WH from the pond to put in there.

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Great tutorial! Thanks for the pics and instructions.

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