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gandle(4 NE)August 5, 2012

Yesterday and today the temp highs were in the low 80's, last night low in the 50's. Tomorow supposed to be 10 degrees higher. Spent several hours cutting puncture vine out of our alley space. Some call it Mexican sandbur, bulls head, goat head and a lot of unprintable names. Don't like to use chemicals so a sharp hoe is quite effective. Burs have set on but not ripened yet so they didn't shatter when I hoed them off. Forgot to put on sunscreen and I got a pretty severe sunburn on forehead and neck. It will heal.Can't keep up with the tomatoes and cucumbers, we've been canning and making pickles, really don't need any more put up. Freezing corn and eating about every evening meal. We did have some meat last week sometime. Going to a council meeting Tuesday evening, the powers that be want to cut our in city 100 acre lake down to about 35 acres and fill in the old with mud dredged from the bottom. Mainly because geese have been such a problem. They want to string cables across the smaller portion so the geese won't land there. I have a number of questions for the council, used to serve on it and dealt at that time with citizens with doubts and questions. Be cheaper to string cables across a smaller lake I guess. Yes I know what a paragraph is but wasn't thinking in paragraphs.. Enough.

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Pretty good size lake. We have one across the main blvd. that is the smaller of your two sizes. It was refurbished a few years ago, drained and clean the sludge out then much work done to make it easier to take care of. Displaced lot of critters, wild and some tame ducks taken to another larger lake a few miles away. The community is now used to the way it is with some trees gone and it is almost working properly as far as algae buildup and the fish population. Not as many ducks and other water fowl as before but the white duck population is growing due to pets being dropped off. Hope yours works out for the best.

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Was born on the river, and aside from a few months of my life, have been around access to bodies of water. It's a noble feature. It soothes the soul. You didn't really say how you felt about it, but am I detecting a twinge?

I grieve for the water features our nearby town once had. Long been removed for 'growth' and probably economic reasons, and perhaps for liability reasons, since the village started raising the children. One was in a city operated cemetery. It looks funny to see a grave locator say the Oak Pond area, when there is no pond. The other pond was a large, old one and I do remember that one well. It had a hand hewn and lain stone wall around it, just high enough for a kid to be sat on for a pretty picture. Then there was another small pond at one of the old fire stations. I also remember that one.

I presume that there are no migratory waterfowl those wires will prevent from landing on the lake? Are Canada geese the problem?

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We (the city) built a man made lake on the bayside with brackish water. The mallards and coots moved in and made it their own. Neither are native to the bay. So the city decided to transform the area to "native" habitat. They removed nesting sites for the coots and mallards, planted reeds to attr
act "natives". Brought in a ton of alge eating snails and for a while all was good. Then the Canadian Geese discovered the place, now it's a nasty mess and the snails are gone.
When you are dealing with nature, nothing is for sure.
Good luck.

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