gandle(4 NE)August 5, 2014

Just finished watching Ken Burm;s 2nd installment of Mark Ywsin. Oh to be ablr to wxpress yourself like that man. Going to the library tomorrow to see if there atr sny large print editiomd of his works abailavle. Read most of them, noe eant to read them again. Going to hit sibmit, Leone is not availvor proofreafing.

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I have not seen any of his shows but remember the discussion here when the National parks one was running. Sounds like a very good writer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ken Burns

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Watched it too and am waiting for the Roosevelt one. Saw his others on PBS also.

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Glad you enjoyed him! I had to look him up. His titles didn't really grab my attention, but then I thought, I bet if I read some, I'd probably be surprised at how enjoyable they are. I bet, they'd remind me of George's posts. Judging by his titles. He sounds like a midwest kind of guy. Twain, the dustbowl, etc. Very midwest.


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Everything I've seen that was written and/or produced by Ken Burns has been enjoyable and worthwhile. Imagine that? Being entertained and learning something at the same time; that's pretty cool.

I didn't know anything about Mark Twain's younger years, so was a little surprised to learn he was sort of a "rake". Of course, in his later life, his wit and wisdom--plus the twinkle in his eyes--entertained and educated anyone who came into contact with him.

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