Leone talks to bugs---and they listen.

gandle(4 NE)August 1, 2011

We were sitting at the picnic table under the low hanging yellowwood and talking when a cicada begin it's very loud noise just above our heads. She yelled "quiet". It instantly shut up. Later the cicada began again, I tried, calling "be quiet". No response, it just kept up the racket. She again yelled "quiet". It instantly was quiet.

Guess I don't speak bug.

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Of course it listened. It was a male wasn't it?

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Of course, they listen, they are glad someone takes them seriously :)

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

That's so cute -- I'll have to try that and see if they listen to me or not. Probably not.

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gmatx zone 6

Leone, the full volumne bug whisperer! Love it.....

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I bet she used her Mommy voice......

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

I could convince Steve I could do this, but only because his hearing deficit is such that he can't hear cicadas, tree frogs, or most bird songs in the first place...

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As with cats you have to get their frequency, Leone has a higher voice and harmonics that sound like an answer. Us guy have to use falsetto to accomplish the same. Ain't nature grand?

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Do any of you have those cicada killer hornets in your yard? We have hundreds of cicadas in the woods behind us and in all the trees on our property.It's deafening sometimes. These hornets are huge and dig holes in the yard leaving large mounds of dirt everywhere.Nasty look things but I guess their main interest is cicadas.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

When I lived in Atlanta, I spent the better part of an afternoon in the hammock by my pond, watching one of those cicada killers in action. She killed five or so cicadas (insanely harrowing and aggressive battles to the death) and had the corpses stacked up like firewood. None of them would fit in the space beneath the boulder near my flagstone patio she'd wanted to stash the body. Finally, she managed to drag one of them to her desired location and laid her eggs. 15 minutes later I watched a cow killer ant (aka velvet ant) go into the lair and (I presume) lay her eggs in the same corpse (her eggs develop as parasites in the cicada killers' offspring). Turns out she was watching the battle with the same level of interest as I!

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Gandle, now you know who is boss! I must try that the next time we have cicadas.

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Go Leone! LOL.

Wow Marda, I had no idea about those cicada killer wasps. We got one in the house last week or so and I had never seen/noticed them before. I wondered what it was. I sort of half noticed some larger, what I thought were bees, feeding on the pink wisteria this year. Jazmyns that is so interesting. Nature at work never fails to fascinate me.

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I think don_socal has something there about frequency. I can't talk to bugs or animals, but I can whistle in several ways. I can do shrill, high pitch, low pitch, thrill, etc. and people and animals respond. As a family we have a special whistle. It takes just a couple of notes and the family members know to gather.

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