Yellow Jackets - nasty bites

lilod(NoCal/8)August 8, 2011

Joann got attacked by them, had more than 50 bites - ambulance took her to the hospital in Willits - she got treated and medicated and is on her way home, Ron picked her up.

Lucky he is in a holding pattern right now, so he's pretty steady and can drive well and without pain killers.

She's got Prednisone and shall itch and be in a bad mood for a few days, she's quite swollen, they got her legs mostly.

I was going to ask for Sunflowers, but things happened so fast, so please send some anyway, I'm sure she needs them.

I never had more than one bite at the time and I suffered.

It was a quiet day until then.

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I can't even imagine the pain she must be experiencing, not to mention the systemic effects of that many stings. I'm so sorry and it must have been very frightening to her and also your family. They can sting repeatedly. How on earth did she get away from them? Was anyone nearby when it happened to help?

Of course she'll be in our thoughts and prayers. Ohhh. Just let out a sigh. wow.

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That's horrible Lilo, and I'll certainly send sunflowers. She'll sure need them for the next couple of days. That happened to my youngest brother. Think he was only about six at the time. He was sitting on a fence post and they were in there. Think he got about twenty or thirty bites. They got under his tshirt. I sure feel for her. Yes, just one hurts so much. Shaking head. Poor gal. Glad though that Ron was in good enough shape to get her and such. I'm with Suzy... Wow..

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Thoughts and good wishes to Joann, You and Ron.

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She is home and I talked to her, she was trying to pull
out a roll of wire fence that had been sitting a couple of years and was pretty well dug in and the wasps erupted in attack mode. I can't see the barn from my house, too much greenery between our places, that also dampens sound. She said she was yelling, running to the pond, stripping off her clothing as she went and dove into the muddy waters to save her hide. Pond is not a desirable swimming hole this time of the year, but better than that angry swarm.
I had been relying on her to put chickens up in the evening, feed the goats and put Gussie to bed, she is here for wine and visit anyway, but I said I'd do it -Ron sort of volunteered, but I figured he's more help taking care of her animals and helping around her house, so I cowboyed up and took care of the chores, had no trouble. That means I can do my own stuff, getting lazy when not challenged.
Having a glass of wine as reward now, all is well.
Joann will need sunflowers for a couple of days, I'm sure.

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I was once bitten by one Yellow Jacket and the pain was horrible. To think of the number your daughter had is awful.I hope she soon feels better.Sunflowers for sure.

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Oh my. Many many sunflowers coming her way!

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

I am very sorry! I'm grateful she isn't allergic, but imagine the pain must be unbearable, and can't imagine the terror. Jumping into water to avoid an angry swarm is often a temporary solution as best, as they'll often just hover and wait.

Forget the wine, here's a recipe for a yellow jacket cocktail. Would that I were there to mix one for the both of you. (In light of recent threads, I feel I must explain that this recipe does NOT contain ACTUAL yellow jackets! ;o)

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Pleasee give her a whole bouquet from me.

A number of years ago I ran over a nest while mowing the lawn, trimming beside a wood-log-sided raised bed. No pond nearby, I had to run to the back of the house and turn a hose on. So many bites the doc couldn't count them all, but he got to 30+ on one leg and the other was just an overlapping mass from ankle to hip. The pain is unreal, I moaned and cried all night and the next day and most of the following night. It was quite a few days before the swelling went down enough to put on my jeans. Altogether, a very bad experience. That winter, I removed the wood logs from all the raised beds; nowadays the sides are stone or brick or even plastic. Never ever again will there be wood logs used.

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What a miserable experience. A giant armfull of sunflowers for Joann. One sting is enough already. Hope that she has some pain medication.

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Joann, I know exactly what you are going through.
I was moving a bag of peat that had been in the yard for sometime.
The Yellow Jackets swarmed out and started stinging.
Like you, I was running and stripping so that by the time I hit the swimming pool I was stark naked. It felt so good to get away from the jackets. It must have felt the same to you
when you got in the pond.

Neil gave me shots and I was still sick for several days.
I hate YELLOW JACKETS. I even ran a fever.

Take care of yourself and please be careful of those
Y J devils.
Loads of sunflowers for you!!!!!

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Hope she is improving. Those stings hurt for a few days then itch. Some anti itch stuff would hopefully help. Sending good thoughts.

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Lilo, bunches of sunflowers and prayers for her healing are being sent to Joann. Her situation is awful; I can't begin to imagine the discomfort she must be enduring. I'd ask you to hug her for us, but that might not be a good idea for a while!

Michelle, I LOL'd when I read your post about the recipe for yellow-jacket cocktail. Think I'd better find out just what it contains. Glad to hear no live yellow-jackets have been abused! :>)


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gmatx zone 6

Ouch! It's hard to imagine the amount of pain Joann must be enduring. Huge armfuls of sunflowers to her.

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Joann is doing amazingly well - sunflowers and good thought are a contributor to that, I'm sure.
The ETM crew on the ambulance immediately started an IV with a big dose of liquid Benadryl, that did a lot to get things started, I think.
She is still a bit swollen and itchy, but otherwise fine.

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Thanks for the update and all the best for Joann.

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That's very good to hear. Great that the emt's started her with the Benadryl. I'm sure that helped a lot.. along with sunflowers of course. Here's to quick and continued improvement.

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