Finally, the kitchen floor is finished

Janis_G(z7GA)August 31, 2011

The floor in the kitchen is finished.

The new oven and new microwave complete with trim kit

is sitting in my living room ready to be moved to it's

kitchen location.

The whole house is now covered with dust and today the guys

worked on fixing the ceiling in Katrina's computer room.

That leak appeared at 3 am. When I went to check, the

plaster was sagging and dropping glops of stuff all over

the hardwood floors. It seems the float malfunctioned and

didn't shut down the air conditioner before the pan ran over.

I looked in the bathroom and some of the new tile is down.

Maybe before too long we can move back down stairs.

Wonder why insurance doesn't pay for a clean up crew to

clean the whole house after a mess like the one that is a

result of having to remove old tile and all the sanding

of sheet rock that has been done.

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Sorry you are going through all the problems.I hate it when things like that happen.

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Been there, done that! Clean up and having a microwave in my livingroom. It's no fun. Hugs to you all!

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Rooms not involved in the process causing dust should have been sealed off - tightly, not just a sheet of plastic draped over the doorway/s. By the company doing the job, although I've found that the homeowner needs to be really on top of this! I'm so sorry that your company didn't take this simple precaution, but it's a case of what's done is done and the headache is probably going to be all yours. *Maybe* fussing at the project supervisor or firm's owner will get some help in the cleanup, but I don't have high hopes - a firm that couldn't be bothered to take a bit of time for prevention likely isn't going to care about the mess they leave behind.

For clean-up, do NOT use water or liquid cleaners until all visible dust has been removed. Is this dust from wall/ceiling cavities (that means mostly dirt-dust) or from plaster/spackling finishing? Work from ceiling down, be sure to wipe undersides of shelves & furniture and inside cabinets. Dirt-dust can be easily removed with a HEPA-quality vacuum; do change the bag often. When dust is no longer visible, go over the area with damp-dry cloths [use solution of 1/4 cup white vinegar to 2 gallons water], change to a clean cloth often so that dirt isn't smeared. Plaster dust is a PIA: gather as much as possible with a soft brush/broom - don't forget the ceiling needs to be done first; Swiffer's is often recommended, buy extra packets of the covers. Change the cover often; they can be rinsed until water is clean and then dried for re-use. BTW, do not rinse plaster dust inside - it can clog pipes; use a hose outside! Then vacuum as for dirt-dust being even more careful to change the bag frequently -- the bag may clog long before there is much actual dust collected. Follow with the damp-dry rag over all surfaces.

A really good clean-up is time-consuming and tiring -- imo, worth paying a firm to do the work. Whether you do yourself or hire it done, don't skimp. Dust can aggravate allergies and cause breathing difficulties. Sorry to say, this is the voice of experience talking.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Sheesh! If it's not one thing, it's another! You must be exhausted!

I'll try to look at your silver linings:

  • You finally have an oven!
  • You have an upstairs to go to.
  • Um, that's all I've got!


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Meldy, the dust is from plaster, sheet rock and from having to scrape and sand the stuff that you put on the floor so the tile will stick. I have no idea what it is called. It had to be totally removed before the new tile could be put back down.
There were sheets of thick plastic like stuff on doors and
they vacuumed all the time with a shop vac.

I'm going to get bids from a couple of places on clean up.
Michelle is right, I am exhausted. I haven't slept not one
night that we've been upstairs. Everyone is out of sorts.
Even Sassi has been sleeping on the floor. She usually sleeps on a down pillow between us. I think the Queen sized bed isn't big enough for her.

All of this will be over soon.

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((((Janis, Neil, and Sassy, too)))) - Hugs and hopes that two weeks from now--hopefully, earlier--all of your recent experiences will be just bad memories!

Meldy, your advice is always practical and useful. :>)

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

My advice is often learned the hard way. For plaster dust, you'd think that all the times I worked on drywall in new buildings and all the times I helped friends patch holes and clean up would have come back to my mind during a small remodel... but no, I FORGOT how that d#m dust spreads-floats-multiplies, I FORGOT how hard it is to remove, I FORGOT to dry mop ceilings first, I FORGOT to vac ceilings before the walls, and (this still makes me cringe) I FORGOT and damp-wiped some dusty shelves in the next room. Experienced cleaning crews are worth every penny they charge.

But it's true: once the workcrews are out and the clean-up is done -- you will be so thrilled at the pretty floor and great appliances that you just may forget all the pain and inconvenience you endured getting them! Enjoy them :)

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Hope you are now fixing your favorites and it is easier than before. Good kitchens are like a fine instrument and make the work so much easier. Sweet dreams to You, Neil and Sassy when you get resettled.

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