Guess we will probably stay

gandle(4 NE)August 27, 2011

As of today we have lived in this house 40 years. Doing some remodeling in the kitchen. New floor being laid next week. I wanted cork but Leone has her eye on a bamboo. Kind of an odd color but the sample did look right when he tryed it out for us. Called toasted or something like that. Wish I could get up and down without so much trouble. I would sure put the floor down myself. Still like the feel of a cork floor but give in to her wishes.She's afraid that the cork wouldn't be sealed enough if cooking oil were spilled on it. Don't know how often that would happen but the bamboo sounds weird but really looked O.K.

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As one who's never stayed in one house longer than ten years, and counting my moves tops 50 at least, I envy you. Home-y, comfy, familiar; yours in the bones of the house. I have these dreams of a house to grow old in.........yeah, I'd guess you will probably stay, and how lovely! Maybe the grass seems always greener - those with roots get wanderlust, and visa versa.
Women can sure come up with a case of the what-ifs, can't we?

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tibs(5/6 OH)

Recently got to tour a local wood manufactoring place. They have a gorgeous display area, a floor the size of a ballroom with all the wood they have laid in a squares, each square the size of a conventional room. All so beautiful. The bamboo was good looking. Exotic wood I had never heard of. Then I looked at their displays of kitchen cabinets. Wow. Can't believe I can even cook in my outmoded kitchen.

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We've been in our house about 37 years. During that time we have done up grades, new roof, new pipes, new electrical panel,paint the exterior, etc...and I think of all of this as "keeping up the house". We agree on the upgrades, but when it comes to the up dates, there is another story because in our minds, it is what we want instead of what we need, so we have some fun.

Getting back to the issue of kitchen floors, I want tile, one neighbor wants hardwood floors, another wants to keep her original parquet kitchen floors, and yes, sone have cork and other's have bamboo.
It's all over the place here in the valley.

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I would also love cork for the comfort and noise factor. However, that being said bamboo is great and a wonderfully 'green' material. Our son gave us and installed a floor for our living room some years ago and it's a very light one for a very dark room in a very old house. It's not bamboo but looks like a bamboo floor and it really 'works' for that area.

Ah........I've been in this house now for 25 years. A quarter of a century and after a life of traipsing all over, you bet it feels good to put down some roots and thankfully it's in a home I never tire of. (probably because in a house this old you never get finished working on it.)

Like West gardener, we make it how it pleases us with no regard to whether the next owners would also enjoy it. That's why I never flinched putting a pitcher pump in my kitchen. I use it and that's all that matters and I have nice spring water when the power goes out.

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"Wish I could get up and down without so much trouble. I would sure put the floor down myself".

Gandle, that's my DH sentiments also. He's a true do it yourself kind of guy.
I'm the one who says, enough is enough. No more climbing on the roof, cleaning gutters, crawling around in the crawl space under the house etc.......He finally got the message and we "hire" out some jobs. Whew.
DH is now using his head and considerable DYI talents to build a beautiful "second" gate to our back gate. I'm sure it will be the most level hanging gate and beautiful gate ever built.

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