A fitting memorial

lilosophieAugust 2, 2012

It has been a hard while, but Ron, Joann's partner, died June 28 after a long and painful bout with multiple myeloma.

He was cremated and Joann (acorn) decided to put his ashes with her horse, Ralph, who had died in 2010, right after Ron was diagnosed with his cancer. Ralph was 32 years old, so he had a long and loving life.

Anyway, Joann decided to put up a little memorial, and this is what she has chosen - whimsical, maybe, but it really fits with Ron's sense of humor or irony.

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I think some truth to that.

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Let's hope Ron and Ralph are together, again, enjoying each other's company.

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I love it! All of it. The way it looks, the sentiment behind it... all of it.

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That is such a nice memorial. I especially like the sun flower.

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Unconvential, but fitting and much more personal. I like it.

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Thank you Lilo for showing this, perfect.

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That is a lovely tribute and seems perfect to me.

So much treasured history........and they are in a very special and private spot where you and Joan can visit....
How comforting to be able to go any time and just be there, whenever you want.

When we had a memorial service for My Mom (died 1984) and my sister, (died 1996) some years back, all family members made a big circle out in the pasture and each of us took some of their ashes and we swirled them together over the grave of Margie's favorite horse, Cricket. For sure, a little breeze happened by and really mixed them together as they fell through the air, just as they would've wanted.
It was so peaceful and felt right to all of us.
They were soul mates from some other time before Mom or Margie were ever even born........

Thank you for sharing your story, Lilo and letting us remember ours, also......bittersweet mixed with acceptance and gratitude...... (hugs to you and Joan)

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