Idyll #389 The Hundred Acre Woods

saucydog(z5MA)July 11, 2008

Brenda, I love Pooh. My kids roll their eyes :)

My favorite story is the one of Pooh who gorges on too much honey at Rabbits house and can't get out of the hole because his middle is too round.

Sarah and I lifted the cover off of the hive this morning and watched the bees. We observed the thick scent of honey! I may have a Pooh Bear of my own soon.....

Carry on....

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Yesterday everything at my fav seasonal nursery was 60% off. I couldnt help but load the cart. I scored on another 4 pack of ornamental kale which I need to replace the ones the rabbits eradicated  10 cents! All herbs and veggies were 10 cents. In jumped some hot peppers that already had fruit on them and a lavender. Since they had some nice ivy, I grabbed it for MartieÂs topiary project. I figure if I start a few, maybe one will turn out presentable. Staying with this threads hydrangea theme I picked up h. ÂTardivaÂ.

Âbug, nice to hear that Skylar is past the surgery. Too bad that children have to go through things like that. I remember having my tonsils out at age 5 and the most vivid part for me was the humiliation of having to sleep in a crib at the hospital.

Saucy, I love the water garden. IÂm wondering, do you change the water or does it get scummy like birdbaths do. Please enlighten me, IÂd love to do one sometime. Nice to hear that your kids are enjoying their summer and learning new skills as well. Ooo, fresh honey sounds yummy!

Kathy, please tell your DS what a great shot he got  National Geographic quality for sure.

Marian, the peruvian daffodil is splendid and worth the wait. Did you say that it was a rebloom?

Brenda, speaking of dirty little legs, you should have seen Kenzie after I applied sunscreen and then she decided to play in the fine dirt in grampaÂs machine shed. I asked her if she had ever been so dirty  her thoughtful reply was "no"

Deanne, IÂm glad you like my pink combo. I just moved those lilies there last fall because they were being smothered in their last spot. I noticed the other day that I missed one. The rose was a bargain bin 95 cents and the babyÂs breath is from seed. I feel your pain in having to work on a nice gardening day. I like the kale combo. I havenÂt seen kale with that kind of leaf. I like it. The lilies, astible and Nora Leigh are a wonderful grouping  I really like white in the garden. I have a small area that I am trying to keep white & green, but IÂm not a very disciplined gardener.

Eden, its great to hear from you. I bet your garden looks great with the Bella touch :o) I knew you wouldnÂt be able to "contain" yourself when it came to containers LOL

I agree that Arabella is a wonderful clematis. I bought on DeanneÂs recommendation.

Anita, how nice that the farm is still in the family and that your uncles can still garden at their ages. I certainly hope IÂm still gardening in my 80Âs.

Have a fabulous Friday all


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Hi all. I just returned from a few days in Panama City, Florida. The ocean was so beautiful and clear. One of my favorite things to do is play in the," natural habitat of them sharks," as my Dad used to say. I can swim for hours in the ocean, if the conditions are right. What a treat to have two days of gorgeous, clear water and weather! Only saw one jellyfish (Ive been stung twice before and they HURT, I keep a close watch-out for them). Anyway, DD kept my containers watered for me. Hopefully I can get the grass cut so the garden will look pretty. Right now our lawnmower is not working - bummer! I grouped many of the containers together so watering would be easier on her and when I looked out at them this morning I thought they looked so pretty. Might turn in to another Deanne-esque area!

Much reading to catch up on here. I did a quick scan just to see what everyone is up to. Ill try to get some comments in as I do a more thorough reading.

Pm2 - The golf cart community is just a unique little city. You can get anywhere in the city on golf cart paths. Even children are allowed to drive - I think they have to be 14. Of course, the paths are also used for bikes and runners. Its terrific! Re: scents in the evening garden - can you grow Moon Vine? I dont have any this year because I forgot to get the seeds, but it has a 6 inch, pure white bloom and smells like roses. They dont open until evening. Hope that dizziness and sleeplessness isnt anything serious.

Deanne - a happy belated birthday to Doug. That dinner looks wonderful - you guys sure know how to do it up right! I love that Double Delight Echinacea, and I have long admired the Jolyene Nicole in your garden. Do you grow that daylily in the back where you get less sun? Im looking for a good performer in my part shady garden. Some do well, others - not so much.

Also, would you look at this photo of my Sedona coleus and advise me about pinching? Should I pinch the larger middle leaves, or the tiny ones just coming on. Im trying to figure out how big you let the leaves get before you pinch.

Woody oak - Some of the plants I have in my garden were divisions from my Mothers. Also, I have Money Penny in the spring and those seeds were from her mothers garden. Some of the things from Moms garden are a few if the iris. I would love to replace them with some of the newer, better blooming cultivars, but I just cant let go of them. Love that picture of Jasper, what a handsome dog! My daughter does pet sitting on the side and makes quite a nice living at it. She and her husband will actually go and stay at someones home for them to keep their animals company. She loves it so much. Re: yellow in the garden. I used to be the same way, not liking yellow. Ive never been real crazy about the hot colors, but now I find just a touch or two of yellow are to my liking. I go for the coreopsis. - planted next to the light pink begonia its really nice - not too bright and garish!

Gardenbug -Your DGS is so adorable! Loved the photo collection, lots to enjoy there. I really appreciate all your pictures because they are a great reference for me. I just bought an HF Young from HD. Is it a good one?

Martie - Yes indeed, that shade helps to keep the plants living I think. Most of the garden goes into the shade by 2:00pm, so that hot afternoon sun doesnt burn the plants. Even with the shade though, I try to be back inside by 11:00. Today the humidity is really high - all my windows have fogged up! BTW, those squash blossoms are so pretty - they look like an exotic flower.

Michelle - those urns are fantastic -Wish I could keep mine looking beautiful all summer.

Kathy - Isnt it funny how dogs are all over you when you get home from a trip, but cats pretend like they didnt notice and completely ignore you for a few days. I swear they are trying to punish you for leaving them. Loved the pictures of your hydrangeas, I have the variegated lacecap hydrangea and have rooted several. I gave mine a good clipping this year, even foregoing the blooms, because it was growing in such a terrible shape. Im so glad I did because it is looking much fuller now.

Saucy - Sorry about the throat thing going on. When my BF has something like that she always makes a concoction of vinegar and honey. I absolutely cannot stand the smell of vinegar so have never been able to try it, but she swears by it! Love the pots you shared, especially the little water garden.

Jerri - Those Zero Gravity chairs look wonderful. Its a sad state of affair when the seat in my fathers car is more comfortable than anything I have in my house. Dad insisted DH and I use his car for our trip because ours has been giving us trouble; He was worried about us being on the road in our clunker. 5 hours on the road and no back pain - 10 minutes at home and my back is killing me. Wonder if I can get a Buick Regal seat from a junkyard! It even had a seat warmer and an adjustable lower back portion.

V - Such an entertaining post! I was lol at many of your comments. Im so glad you found out about the camera battery. We should probably all learn a lesson about reading the manual!

Cindy, that is a gorgeous lily. It looks so pretty with the hydrangea in the background.

Mary - sounds like youve got quite a lot on your platter! Thanks for taking the time to wish me such a warm welcome!

Marian - All you pics were great, but that last one really popped with that coleus!

Eden - A Happy Birthday to you and thanks for the welcome!

Okay, here are some pictures taken recently. We actually have had some rain. Sure wish we could get our lawnmower fixed. Trying to have tunnel vision here.

Good nite all, this took me all day to write! Hopefully I'll get better!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Today I learned once again that when in a fury, plant shopping can help. If I had thousands I would have spent it all. DSIL's ex is trying (in vain) to undermine the 9 year old's trip to visit us in Ontario. So much time needed on damage control with her. Anyway, I planted some new lupines tonight (yellow too!). I also bought a dark poppy, burgundy gooseneck loosestrife (not beaujolais), a lily, 2 hostas, etc. Oh, also a small obelisk.

Then I bought a small ficus for the topiary event on Martie's new thread. I should take some photos, but still too humid and buggy for that.

Tomorrow I must work off steam at exercise class! Then shop for a new dishwasher (black or stainless?) and go to the dump. Somewhere in the scheme of things there's a fair to go to where I entered a photo competition, so I should drop in there as well.

I'm hoping to see photos from Eden's and her DDs' gardens soon!

Marian's deck and garden are in competition with Deanne's! How many pots there Marian? Some nice color going on there too!

Hard to believe Sue is already thinking of ski season, but I guess you have to plan these things!

Off I go, hoping for a better mood next time around.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

My new camera batteries arrived today. Of course, they're not charged. But perhaps I can sneak in a hydrangea pic before this idyll ends!

Eden, good to hear from you. My banana is a Musa 'Zebrina'. It's doing quite well, but it seemed to appreciate the shelter of the screened porch during the winds last night.

Unfortunately, new Echinaceas followed me home tonight. I have E. Key Lime Pie and E. Virgin. Virgin is blooming already, so perhaps when my batteries charge... I also got a hardy bamboo plant and a caladium, which will go in my new pot. I was going to plant them tonight, but it's so hot this evening, you break into a sweat just stepping outside.

Hey! I dithered around long enough on this post that the batteries have charged. This is a beautiful thing, and I have to thank Kathy again for pointing me in the right direction to solve my problem.

Here's Echinacea 'Virgin':

And tried-and-true H. Annabelle is having a great year:

Here's one bloom from the Oakleaf Hydrangea. The heat is starting to take its toll on the blooms.

And here's a little evidence of how strong the winds were yesterday. Fortunately, there was no serious damage here, just a tiny bit of spilled dirt.

Deanne, I'll get some shots of the containers tomorrow. I got one crummy shot, but the skeeters were getting the better of me.

Have a good weekend, all.


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Friday evening greetings Idylls- Ive already been at my weekend deadheading projectdo others bother to deadhead your Spireas? I just cant bear all those brown flower heads. Hedge shears would be fast but make it look too tortured so I hand snip selectively with my felcos. Takes forever. At least its pleasant out this evening.

DS was very gratified by all the nice comments many of you made on his pic at the tidepool. Maybe Ill put up a little slideshow this weekend for those who would like to peruse more photos. Cindy, any time youd like to toddle on out here Id be happy to escort you an in-person tidepool viewing!

What great sales all of you eastern folk seem to have late in the season at your garden centers ! I read with awe some of the prices that are being paid for stuff. 10cents ??? I had planned to get my topiary form and some ficus repens when I was up at our garden center this Wednesday, but it ended up being one of those days where I move from meeting to meeting and never got the chance to shop.

Leslie, welcome back from your journey-I also love swimming in the ocean, but after moving to NorCal 20+ years ago, that became a vacation only occurance. The water up here is way too cold and way to rough ,and the shore is often rocky. I love the cheesecloth-ish moody nature of your pics !

Thats all for me tonight, Im going to pour some wine and watch the Dodgers..

Later !

Kathy in Napa

P.S. V, lookin like your Cubbies are the real deal this year ! Our local sports talk radio dudes were broadcasting from Harry Carys this morning as the Giants are in Chicagoland . I never fail to dine at HC's when in Chicago.

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Hi all Idylls from Triple Creeks half a hundred acre woods.
Sorry I've been so long gone. I'm having phone line issues and since I'm on dial up the computer is just frustrating me. I've been going strong in the gardens and just don't want to deal with the problem right now. Half the time I can't get the pages to load. Then I couldn't even connect to the internet. Now I can but at half the speed.
Happy Birthday Eden and any others I may have missed.
We are still getting good rains and just turned the ac on a few days ago. I love having the house open and probably wouldn't have turned it on myself. DH did.
The gardens are looking pretty good except for a few areas that need reworked. I haven't taken many pictures and the last few times I tried to upload pictures it wouldn't work at all.
I'm still working on getting things planted especially the containers. And I just bought ten new daylilys so I've been tilling up some spots for them.
Sounds like Arabella might be the clematis I need, and I have blooms on my Endless Summer for the first time since I bought it four years ago. I planted a goldish yellow daylily near it and really like the combination.
I spoke to soon when Sue asked about bugs on my Knockouts. I have been hit with J B's this year. They have been working on my Japanese Maples too. Never a dull moment in the garden. But I have been really enjoying mine this year. We don't get this kind of weather very often. And my back is holding up well this year. Knock on Wood.
So, I better post this while I can ! Carry on until I get back. Norma

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Norma, do you ever watch YouTube short movies? Our provider cuts off our computer to half speed for 24 hours after viewing only a few things there. They give no notice or I never watch them. I try to get DH to watch at work, but it doesn't always work!

Kathy, we saw magnif tidal pools when we visited the Queen Charlotte Islands back in the 80s. A highlight of the trip for me. All the colours!

V, that Virgin walked home with me too! She really gets around!

Leslie, I've never grown HF Young so have no thoughts on it I'm afraid. Try below.

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Here is my slideshow, unfortunately including a baby..the really good ones are DS's ..

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

I surely wish I could transport you all here for a brunch in the gardens. July is so pretty when the daylilies begin opening. The clematis are all having a good year as well and Betty Corning is marvelous! I just love her exuberance!

Kathy, when I go to the link for the pics I get a message that there are no images there??? I dont have a single Spirea but if I did I know Id be deadheading it in exactly the same manner as you do.

Norma, so great to hear from you.

V. is that a JM in the blue pot! Love the look of that. I almost bought that Echinacea the other day. Ill say that the Razzmatazz I planted last year is absolutely fabulous and I plan to get more of that. The flower head are huge and full. Id not heard of E. Key Lime Pie, what does that one look like? ~~ Glad to hear youve resolved the camera battery issues.

Leslie, great job on pinching the Sedona. Id let those new stems get a couple inches long before pinching again. ~~ I have Jolyene Nichole in the front in full sun and also in the back terrace gardens where they get a half day. It gets more flowers in the front but blooms well enough in the terrace garden to justify its space there. ~~ Lovely grouping of containers!

Michelle, what a score on those plants! Ten cent plants?! Got to love it.

OK off to water and deadhead Have a great day!

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Kathy's slide show is lost in the woods.

I chuckled over Michelle with her 10 cent plants being included as 'eastern folks', then realized that when you're in California or Oregon everything is east!

Who was knocking at my front door at 7AM? A jogger with a found wallet of course. My house is the furthest from the road on this street, but joggers whose dogs have gone lame, cars stuck in snow in winter, or travelers picking up lost dogs or wallets always target MY house for aid. I've looked for a hobo's mark that indicates 'safe house' and came up empty, so I have to assume it's the 'always on' porch light at night, and enthusiastic gardens by day, that signal 'she won't answer the door with gun or knife poised to attack.' No, I answer in scary slippers,robe and hair. Wallet belonged to a teenager down the street. I called his dad at 8AM and now thinking of tossing it back in the street as I'm desperate to get in the shower and Dannie wants a walk before it's too hot. (Can't walk over their with Dannie because I don't trust their dogs.)

The dogs and cats and I all survived our 'disruption to routine' this week. Cats fared the best since they got to stay at home with room service from the neighbor. Dogs didn't even wake up Wednesday morning. I'm used to three happy faces in mine at 'up time' but they were all recharging in peace. Back to their usual selves by that evening. There was a mix up at Monty's vet and they fed him kennel food instead of the food I brought. Result was even more stress for Mr.Anxiety :-( Seems all they need to do is put some kind of a colored flag on the front of runs with doggies who brought take out, you know? I'll be sending that suggestion along.

Happy Birthday to Eden!

Later, Cynthia

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

OK the heat is building up outside so am in for a break. I thought you might enjoy some photos from NH.

These white Asiatic lilies will probably be done in another day or two. The heat makes them drop petals at light speed.

The last of the iris in the pond.

The trumpet vine is smothered this year!

OK back out to finish the watering.

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Very happy and belated birthday, Eden!!

Have caught up with everyone and won't even begin to try and tell everybody individually how wonderful your gardens are!

After food shopping today, I'll be deadheading and generally making ready for four weeks of No Lifting anything heavier than a gallon of milk (so of course I went out and got a gallon-sized watering can with low angled spout). Kyle and my friend V. will be taking care of maintenance and I think they're secretly psyched as V. has a huge pot ghetto and I'm sure some will end up here despite my protests that she's done enough, already:-)

Prep for surgery is Wednesday and I'll be unable to leave the house, for sure. Surgery is Thursday. Home Friday. That's the plan. My doc and Rich schemed to avoid letting me know that technically, I might be able to leave the hospital Thursday night. A good friend nurse in the office enlightened me, but also said that if I were her sister, she'd want me to stay.

These folks know me too well :-)

Anyhoo, I'll probably be "away" for a while and just wanted to say that I can already feel everyone's good vibes.

Since I probably won't be able to read through my narcotic-induced euphoria, keep the pics coming!!


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Cynthia, they always feed Zeus the house blend, too! I am the one who writes on the tag that goes outside his that didn't help in my situation.

Good to have you back. I went to my pot haunt and thought of you as I picked up 3 more...."hmm....I wonder if Cynthia has these?" I was told that the reason that they're cheap is because of the thick walls and heaviness of the terracotta....perfectly fine for my use, but will never be a masterpiece. Somewhere in Vietnam (the pots are labeled product of Vietnam) there is a pottery class that ships all the misfits for me to gobble up :)

Sarah and I have the house to ourselves this morning: Nick and Jake are working together. Jake began his summer internship with Dad, and it seems they work good together. Sarah and I are going to do our Saturday morning clean up (read: dog hair removal) and then we're going to work on her room some more. Did I tell you we're upgrading it to a "big girl" room? We've added pink polka dots and a monkey named "Bobby Jack." Fun.

My room needs a spruce, too. Time to put all the pillows on the bed and give it a fluff, I think :)

Leslie, I love Panama City Beach....fond memories. My dad liked to take us to Florida around Christmastime. The Gulf is just beautiful.

I would love to see Kathy's pictures, but they are lost in the woods!

Cynthia, do you remember the name of the clematis I brought home last year and you said you wanted it, too?'s blooming and I don't have a clue about it's name. I thought it was Arabella, but it only has 4 petals. It looks horrible as it's foliage starting at ground level is fried and brown, but up around the flowers is green/healthy.

It's good to hear from the 50 acre woods! So sorry about computer woes!

I hope to go camera shopping this evening...Sarah wanted to know why I couldn't just take one of those drug store cameras that I always give her? I didn't really have an answer :) She sat here with me this morning and pointed out all of her favorite flowers in your gardens....funny, we don't pick the same things, and I often miss what she sees....

I've had too much coffee.


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Ok, I'll try this again !If this doesn't work I'll try it on Photobucket later this evening...more coffee

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I knew that Mr. Baby was logging on and reading our comments, LOL!

You've added a new place to visit to my list! What a fun place to explore. The pictures are very good....I like the starfish and fireworks - a close second to the most charming Mr. Baby :)

Someone crack the whip....I need to get back to work!


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I've been having such a good time with all the weather reports, in all honesty, a subject of not much interest before, whereas Marty is a Weather Channel junkie, so I read V's bizarro storm report out loud to him, a phenom he hadn't heard of. Since we're either in the rainy season or not (and mostly not), I've never paid much attention. Now I plug in idyllers' zip codes in to and get 10-day forecasts, 30-day forecasts...and I've realized that our humidity here near the coast rivals many of the Back Easties. We're at 81% this morning. And I've always assumed it was more of a dry heat! Temps here have been perfect, 70s/low 80s, and the June gloom is extending well into July.

The photos have been so enjoyable, and reports of swimming off of Florida, pets and travelers safely back home, gorgeous clems from she who never has to choose which three she has room for, Norma checking in, home-made bee swamp coolers...Martie, I'll be thinking of you this week and know you'll be well taken care of by friends and family.

So nice to have Eden take a birthday bow, best wishes to you.

V's deleted post of a hellacious workweek could well have been mine. I've never had such cut-throat deposition sessions, having to hold my hands in the air and shout "I'm off the record. This is unreportable!" over the arguing matches between attorneys. Possibly the poor economy has them behaving this way, like each case has to be their rainmaker, dogs fighting over fewer bones. Who can say...And yesterday the witness committed the most unbelievable ethnic slur on the record against the questioning atty, I nearly fell out of my chair. Criminies, enough I say! Ein & I have been crawling into bed 9:30ish every night.

I wonder if any idyllers over, say, 45 read the Diaries of Anais Nin in their 20s...I was reading an interesting piece about her on the train yesterday one of Mitch's friends gave me. The ride home I'm always too tired to read, just zone out with an Ipod. Wonder what Cindy does on her commutes...

Echinaceas. So the new varieties are being planted by idyllers, with Razzmatazz a thumb's up. My Green Envy has been lightly blooming and I like it, fearing it might have had that evil florist St. Patty Day green quality. All the eucomis I planted are throwing out great leaves which, amazingly, the snails and slugs leave alone, but don't know if I'll get flwrs this year. Might go camera shopping this weekend. The little glads are blooming, now the red/white-edged Atom, and lilies budding up, so nice to have the excitement of bulbs to come at mid-summer. I planted some lavatera again this year. The Barnsley lav was planted 19 yrs ago on moving in here, the grass being cleared out for mainly garden beds. Anything planted where grass grew previously gets the most amazing first-year growth. I'm trying 'Baby Barnsley' this yr and a dark-flwrd 'Red Rum,' a name which unfortunately conjures The Shining, I wonder if on purpose...

Kathy, the photos of Mr. B's vacation are fabulous. Makes me pine for Oregon, where I always want to be in August now.

Weekend wave to all.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Quick hi to everyone between visitors. An old friend of the family was here for most of the day. His father is in the hospital and he came to sit on the porch and zone out for a few hours. DD and her BF are coming for supper. Jim will do his famous fish fry..mostly bluegill, and there will be coconut cream pie for dessert and fireworks after. It's just too hot to do any real cooking, the pie's from the freezer section at the store.
I just wanted to make sure to tell Martie "Good luck with your surgery, I'm sending good vibes your way, stay and rest until Friday....Idylls orders" ;)
Later, all!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OK, why do I need to sign in here??? Hope it doesn't keep happening.

This morning I began with exercise at Curves followed by grocery shopping where the white cherries arrived. They are larger than ever and so good! They bring back the past when Dad bought 2 kilos of them for a train ride with him and my sister while we were in France. While they napped, I ate them ALL- and never got sick.

Next we had to take loads of junk to the dump and then we went to the town art fair with Ms Phoebe in tow. Everyone was enchanted and she enjoyed everyone telling her she is beautiful.

Home for lunch and then I ran out to plant 2 hostas and mow. After about 15 minutes the skies opened up and I was chased back indoors. So no photos from my neck of the woods yet Martie, just good wishes so far.

Off to check out Mr Baby.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Here's my only real accomplishment today. I found the variegated geranium and the coleus at two different garden centers today. The Caladium and the Pleioblastus followed me home yesterday. The pot was on clearance for $10 at the grocery store last week.

Tonight I'm going to a barbecue at Rich's, which we visited during IU3.

Can't wait for next week!


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Happy evening everyone. What a complete uneventful day I've had. Guess those are nice on ocassion! I go out and look at the garden, trying to get some ideas about what I want to move/get rid of for next year. So hard for me to be able to get that picture in my head. I'd love to know how the rest of you plan. I think I just need to not worry about having to move a plant.

Some tenacious weeds start growing now in my garden and I have to really be diligent - which I'm not. One in particular has similar leaves to the monardo and suddenly I realize what it is and it's a foot tall with about a thousand seeds on it! Yikes!

Deanne - that is a gorgeous trumpet vine - is it a deep rose color? I've only seen it wild around here and it's orange.

V. - loved all your lovely whites, and your new pot looks fantastic.

I have been disappointed in the coleus I ordered this year (first time ever). Their coloring is no where near what the picture on the online catalog shows. I'm not sure if it's too much sun/too much shade/too much fertilizer...I've written to the company to ask for advice and hopefully will hear back on Monday. I'm sure I will, they quickly replaced one of the coleus that didn't make it and have been very nice and helpful.

Hope everyone is idylling in low gear on this lovely Saturday evening.


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My agenda to spend half day on garden , half day on house didnt quite happen. All day outside. Broke for lunch and dusted one room . It was yukky out today too..humid and smoky, but a breeze came up late afternoon and cooled things down. Hoping it will blow the smoke away. Ill have to hunker down in the morning to clean up for the open house-fortunately it isnt til one.

Deanne, I really enjoyed your lily photos. This was the first year in many that I didnt purchase any new bulbs-not much point in that at the moment-but it would have been a good year since we had such a dry year and my biggest issue is with them rotting out over winter . I love how they unfold over such a long season. My Asiatics are done now and the Orientals are opening.

Denise , believe it or not I also put several Idyll locales weather on my home page. I figured I need to mentally prepare for weather conditions out east..

Hi Norma !

Thats all for me tonightbig wave to all !

Kathy in Napa

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I worked on my potting area today. Too much junk had collected there, including some of Rick's. I planted out 3 shrubs which took care of the pot ghetto other than cuttings.

Saucy, I think its really sweet some of the things you and Sarah do together.

Kathy, I love, love, love your vacation spot.

Funny, we think we live out west because we are west of the Mississippi.

Deanne, I love that white lily with the purple centers. Do know the name?

V, your container turned out great! I would love to have access to more nurserys.

I have collected a few variegated geraniums over the years. One of my finds this year that I'm really liking is 'Crocodile'

Martie, I hope all goes well for you and wish you a speedy recovery.

An update on the succlent sink, which is in the potting area. I'm pleased with the progress.

Saturday seems like a good day to make an arrangement.

Night all


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I woke up early and although it is cool out, the house is still warm inside. The air is not moving, it is still humid outdoors and the skies are dark gray.

Last evening I took some photos so I'll share a few.
Daisies from Woody:

The cutting garden:

A favorite combination of clematis, Fairy Dust with Mary Rose:

Lilies with clematis

A new white rose, Morden Snowbeauty. (zone 2)

The baby gorilla runs to DH.

Here DH is laughing...

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Ok...I give up, what is 'The Hundred Acre Woods'?

I know this is a long about pretending it is two posts from two people. [g]

Gardenbug...I bet Skyler is happy to have his procedure behind him. I'm a little confused about whether he actually had the surgery on his valve, or if this was just the procedure to determine the necessary surgery? I am so impressed that at nine, he is emailing you as soon as he could. When is his visit planned for? I can still remember having tonsils out in a chair with an ether mask. The resulting dream was the strangest I ever had. An alligator had my foot and we were spinning around in a red and white bullseye. lol How did you break your arm? It must have been a bad break.

Gardenbug....just saw your new photos. What variety of Rudbeckia are those in the second photo? Very pretty. Look great for cutting too! The Lilies with clematis are amazingly colorful! Baby gorilla indeed! Shhh! She might hear you. :-)

Chelone...I am amazed that you have never had surgery of any kind. Wow! So fortunate! Enjoying your stories as usual. Bet you are looking forward to the weekend. Nice of you to volunteer to drive for Sue. :-)

Norma! Nice to see you again! Happy news that your back is well and you are enjoying your garden this year. Sorry to hear of your dial up problems. Hope that works out soon, would love to see photos of your garden when they do.

Martie! Big week coming up for you. Sounds like you have everything under control. Hope everyone is giving you lots of support and that the week goes by fast! Enforced rest, doesn't sound like an entirely bad thing for Looking forward to news that surgery is behind you and you are on the mend. :-) :-)

Another field of Lavender for you Martie...

Eden...can't wait to see pics of DD's garden. I remember that cute little house she has. I would also love a peek at your Agave collection when you find some time. Your summer sounds like a very happy one!

Anita...nice to see you. :-) Thanks for your well wishes at the doctor appt. We are still trying to figure out what the dizziness is about, but our current theory is that I am having a problem with hydration. I drink plenty of water, so that is not the issue, but rather something is not keeping the sodium/potassium balanced, so waiting for test results to see if anything supports this theory. I hope your DD is completely done with her vertigo now. I had a friend who developed vertigo after a trip to an amusement park and it took 3 months to work itself out with medication etc. Hard to function if it gets bad enough. Mine has been mild, thankfully. I enjoyed photos of your Garden and hydrangea photos. I see you like to use rock too and have some fairly new parts of your garden. I am impressed that you give your new shrubs plenty of room to grow. I inevitably plant too close together and cause myself more work. Any chance we might see photos of the farm?

Sue...sorry you were dealing with dizziness too. Hope that has completely cleared up for you now. I think it is great that you are planning on going to the Reunion despite your need for crutches. It would have been a shame to miss it because of that. Impressed with your plans to get back to skiing. Nothing like a winter sport to make the winter go by faster. Hope you find a great rental!

Saucy....I enjoyed hearing about your 'night vision' foray. What fun that sounded like. I enjoy being in the garden at night too. Glad you are enjoying the bees and that Sarah seems as interested in the garden as you do. That is such a blessing! Saucy, where are you finding six packs of annuals for $.99?? Your pots are looking very lush and happy! I would love to hear more about your water feature. What will you do with the water plants over the winter? Mosquitoes? Thanks for that tip on the melatonin. I have been using that for about six years now. It was actually the only thing that has made any significant difference. I even tried the Ambien route for about a year, which worked fine in the beginning, but required an increasing dose and eventually I had to stop taking it. Never again with the meds route. I enjoyed hearing about Sarah and friend in the yard and their planned classes for the summer. Your summer reminds me of Mary's. :-)

Michelle...we are also finding the weeding a little more necessary this year for some reason. Even in areas we have mulched. I am starting to wonder what was the point of laying down all that mulch. How lucky you are to see owls there. I don't think I have ever seen one in the wild. I have always enjoyed them since they seemed to be a part of childhood stories so often. Would enjoy seeing a photo of how you have used your Limelight when it starts blooming. Loved the photo of the clematis in the tree. Is that a white pine it is climbing in? Did you have to do something to get it to grow like that? Your Succulent Sink Garden is So Scintillating! Sorry, I couldn't resist. [g] Great bouquet...such a neat clean DR table...mine is covered with paraphenelia.

I have blackspot on the new David Austin Rose this year already. Your Morden Centennial looks wonderful. Is that blooming now? How long a bloom period does it have? Is that a garden shed that the rose is in front of? Very pretty! I remember you posting a photo of Sharifa Asma last year and I just love it. Tell me, how do you like having it? on that BD photo to Eden!! Like Cindy, I thought it was a professional photo you found and posted. Your son took a fabulous photo and I am amazed at the size of those star fish and what colors! They don't look like any tide pools I have I took a look at more of your DS's photos and then went through them again. My favorites were the green anemones? Is that what they were? The rock with the seaweed on it? And my very favorite, the last photo of Aiden. What a happy boy! He is getting big very fast.

You have a great imagination...wondering about the WalMart around the corner of that Scotland Bay. I would think that is probably not far from the reality of it, unfortunately. was your vacation? Are you feeling revived? How did the garden look when you got back? Good luck with your Open House today. How are you enjoying your renovated house, btw? I think it has been great that you have been able to enjoy the gardening season without having to start packing up the house for a move. About time for a nibble on the house though, yes? I don't deadhead the spirea, but because it is an area I am rarely in and so I am not bothered by the browning heads. I do find it reseeds a lot since I don't though, so I really should. Have you tried a combination of hedge shears and hand pruning? Sometimes I will do the hedge shears, then hand cut off the parts that are not looking the way I want them. Faster.

V...interesting story of your storm. The weather here has been very stormy this year too, but that one sounded like a doozy. Sorry work is so stressful for you. Time for some vacation time! LOVE that Echinacea 'Virgin'! Your photos look wonderful...clear and crisp! That last photo on your deck...I didn't realize you lived in a log home!! I have always loved log homes and now they seem to making them better and better too. Pretty pot collection. What do you do with the Japanese Maple over the winter? Very pretty new pot!

Deanne....your garden photos continue to be inspirational. I don't know how you are keeping everything looking so great with all the heat we have had. Loved the white combo with the Nora Leigh, one of my favs too. I would love to take a trip to 'The Mixed Border' with you sometime. Sounds like a great nursery. What kind of butterfly is that on your lily? Your trumpetvine surprised me with the two tone color. The blooms look almost red. Pretty! Would love a view of the whole vine. No hummers yet?

Marian...I don't think I have ever seen a Peruvian Daffodil before. Fascinating! Love all your Caladiums too! What is new at your house? Is the weather still comfortable there?

Leslie....Your trip to Panama City sounded like fun. I also love to swim, but I grew up in pools more than the ocean. I can still remember vividly, a winter vacation in Fort Lauderdale when I was a kid, when I was stung by one of their jelly fish. Hurt in capital letters for sure. I do enjoy swimming in the ocean, but here in the Northeast, swimming for hours...not so much. The water is too cold. Brrr! Your containers look very full! Is that a Browallia on the left? The golf cart community sounds like so much I bet the kids love it! The Moon Flower Vine was a good suggestion. I think I have two seedlings in one of my pots, although I planted MGlory at the same time and the foliage looks more like MG than MFVine. I will have to wait and see. I have not had much luck with it in the past. It takes so long to bloom...all summer waiting and then not very long before frost gets it. But I keep trying it, it is a welcome fragrance at night. Leslie, I would love to hear more about your DD's experience pet sitting. I am surprised to hear she can actually make a living at it. I find it amazing that people would have someone come and stay in their home like that. Loved your coneflower combo!

Cindy...pretty pink lilies with your hydrangea! Really sympathize with your having Vertigo for so long. That is awful! now that they understand it is connected to allergies, have you found any relief?

Cynthia...Had a good laugh at your description of your role as neighborhood 'Traveler's Aid' More amazing to me, since I've never had someone come to the door needing anything like that. Wow!

Nice to hear from Mary....sounds like despite the ongoing bathroom project, you are having a wonderful summer. So great to have your mother with you. Gardening together and breakfast on the patio sounds like heaven. :-) Glad to hear husband is giving proper appreciation of your bathroom efforts [g] and can't wait to see the after photos. Completely understand and sympathize with every repair project turning out to be more work than you think it will be. It will be worth it when it is done, I am certain!

Woody...enjoyed reading about the stranded bees. I am following along intently, your research about a disease resistant rose to choose. I did mention my David Austin alread is showing blackspot? Also have considered getting Blushing Bride, but I already have so many whites, not sure I need another. Will enjoy hearing how you like yours. Hope you are staying out of the heat!

Denise...gosh...your attorney stories sound like something out of LA Law. I am sure create a lot of stress for you. Have you had a vacation this summer yet? I notice you read some of the Idyll chatter to DH. It made me curious, how many Idylls share with DHs? I will often share photos and occassionally a funny story. DD has enjoyed looking over the Pet Thread all the while saying...'Oh, I want a puppy!' :-)

Brenda....interesting to hear the ins and outs of your farming day. Your Raspberries and DD's jam making sounds also like a wonderful summer activity. Actually, you house sounds like a very busy place! lol

Very impressed with everyone's account of their summer so far. Really, so many sound well....Idyllic!

I will save news from our house for another post later...Have a great Summer Sunday!

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Good Morning,

What a nice long post from PM. Waiting to here what you're up to too though. There's a lavender festival that a friend and I are thinking of checking out next weedend. Love your lav pic!

I had to drop in and tell Michelle how much I like the sink! That is so neat! I think you should turn the horseshoe the other way though. All the luck's running out the way you have it :) Your bouquet is beautiful. You're such a good flower arranger.

Marie, wow, I didn't realize how big Phoebe has gotten. And I really like that clem combo. I have fairydust and it's one of my favs.

Norma, glad you checked in. Great that your back's holding up and you're having a good gardening season.

My new plant scores yesterday: black scallop ajuga, a big pot for $5. Black Magic and Illustris elephant ears. A few cool succulents, a sans. moonshine, and a couple of herbs, sages mostly.

Martie, my thoughts will be with you this week!

There's a blood drive for my mom today that we're attending. We'll be there all day thanking people for donating. She's still in Houston going through treatment and is hanging in there. So I have to run now. I hope you all have a great day...


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For PM...

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GB, now that you mention it, Phoebe does look like a baby gorilla! I'll have to trust you that Mary Rose is there, I can't see her. (PM, I think those are Irish eyes Rudbeckia.)

Deanne, love the lily pics. Asiatics and LAs have been gone by for a month now here and orientals are starting to pop. Is that 'Centerfold' with the purple markings?

V, that bamboo looks like Dwarf 'Greenstripe' maybe? I have a hunk of it in a 4 foot long tomato trough and it's full to bursting.

Gorgeous arrangement Michelle! And the succulent sink is indeed looking great.

Kathy, I have to withdraw my offer on your current home. You've convinced me to move to Oregon instead. What a peaceful and beautiful place!

Saucy, post that clem so I can say 'I want it' again. GB can ID it I'll bet.

Denise, I think you're right about the economy affecting the way people are behaving. And we have a ways to go before we're out of this. I'm actually looking forward to the change in US leadership as that could trigger a shakeup. But more important! The Crocosmia 'Solfatere' you sent me last year has bronzed it's leaves and is all budded up. I'm not sure I have it in the best spot for winter, and may dig a few to be safe.

Martie, hope your surgery goes well next week and you're back at it soon. Good planning on the 1 gallon watering can :)

An Eden visit! If you have time, would love to see what your daughter's garden looks like in its second year. (And make sure Bella is in posing in it :)

I watched the last 15 minutes of Greatest American Dog at the neighbors last night, and was disappointed not to see Wrecks and Chelone there representing dogs over 20 pounds. Mostly ankle biters. Anita, please promise you won't walk that adorable little bundle of fluff on a 25 foot flexilead and terrorize the larger dogs on walks. It's the owners who are the problem, shrieking 'but he lovvvvesss big dogs' as they push the button on the plastic box and fluffy runs directly into big dogs mouth like a stuffy on a string. Flexileads should be illegal or require the owner to get a license to carry. Grumph.

I'm teaching Katie to play the piano. Problem is when she hits the low notes, Dannie thinks storm coming and heads for the tub.

My humidified hair and I are heading outdoors to play now.

Hi to all! Cynthia

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Martie good luck with your surgery! I hope you have an easy and speedy recovery.

gb- watch out for those daisies! Have they spread a lot yet? I love them and have kept a few clumps but will keep tighter control on them in the future. I like that Snow Beauty rose Hortico lists it as disease resistant too. If I was looking for a white rose, that one might be on my list. I think I need a rose with a stronger color since I already have the BDC white rose. The baby gorilla looks like shes enjoying herself! Dexter, Randys brothers Airedale puppy, has now had all his shots as of yesterday so well be introducing him to Misty soon. Hopefully she will respond positively to him as quickly as she did to Phoebe.

Kathy your vacation spot looked lovely. Is that the area youre planning to move to? I really liked the photos with the colorful skies. Mr. Baby with the laptop was pretty cute!

Michelle I like the succulent sink will you be filling the entire sink? Is that a horse shoe in the sink? If so, better turn it the other way up so your luck doesnt fall out :- )

PM2 which Austin rose do you have that has the blackspot? Of course disease resistant doesnt mean immune, but Im looking for as near to immune as I can find! Actually, yesterday I was assessing the area where I had removed the daisies and though I had room for a rose. The rest of the perennials in that area have obviously appreciated the extra elbow room and have relaxed into the extra space. I now no longer think I have room for a rose there! I think Im going to just rearrange a few things around the sundial and leave a very narrow clear area to allow better access to the front half of the bed for maintenance purposes. I still want a rose but I think it may have to go into the herb bed once Randy harvests his garlic which means of course that Randys garlic will appear in more places in the flower beds next year if he gets evicted from the herb bed :- )

I think the summer doldrums are here - I'm finding it hard to get motivated to get out there and do necessary work! I'd better get off my butt and go plant the Persicaria polymorpha I bought yesterday at the farmer's market for planting by the shed... After the inch of rain we got Thurs. night-Friday morning, the mosquitoes are outin full force! I was hoping for more rain last night but we only got a measly 1.5mm.

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Phoebe in the Mist! and more clems and lots of news. I'm so excited this morning since I've now moved up to the level of frustration that revolves around supporting C. durandii instead of getting it to flourish. The beautiful buds weave through and stay mostly underneath a variegated abelia. Any advice appreciated. I'm feeling slightly more optimistic about the five clems arriving in Sept.

Inventions I would like to see in my lifetime: iron inverted V's with a thingy/clasp on top to support a watering nozzle intended for border use rather than grass, with all manner of subtle settings; a setting for wispy plants, for lilies, dense shrubs, etc. The iron V's could be lifted and moved among plants to address differing water needs. I often play the imaginary invention game puttering in the garden.

So very glad to hear your mom is hanging in there in Houston, Eden. Good luck with the drive.

I might have mentioned Mitch was housesitting Bella, the German shepherd across the street. I've purposely been avoiding checking things out, it's his gig, but have been slightly annoying him with constant questions on Bella's well-being. Couldn't stand it any longer and went over last night while he was out photographing flamenco dancers. Bella is great and shares a chain-link fence with neighbors dogs so they kibitz all day, but I wonder if watering potted plants was on the to-do list. Oh, my...I just tossed the dead stuff out, mostly annuals like petunias w/artemisia, picked up Bella's business, which he was going to get to any all fairness, he's busy with the internship, trying to land another photo event assignment, and the many requisite hot tub parties at night on her massive deck jacuzzi. This is a neighbor that repeatedly asks me to make a garden like mine for her...with Bella, lawn, and a massive deck. And she goes away most of every summer. I think it's perfect as it is for her and tell her so all the time.

PM, that post deserves an idyll award for best coverage. You are so gracious. The lav fields are stunning. I kept wondering why the terraced grape fields in some small towns I saw in Italy recently weren't converted to grow lav. Keeping the terraces and the grapes going was intense labor that the young people would prefer to forego, so the towns were dying...but lav would seem to be a bit less labor intensive and would relish the same sun and soil...

The succulent sink is too cool, Michelle.

I think Cynthia should write books a la Tasha Tudor, substituting greyhounds for the corgies, of course. Tell Katie practice makes perfect!

Woody, your daisies really get around! What a nice farmer's mkt to have a Persicaria polymorpha.

Wave to all.

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Forgot to tell Cynthia that's great news on the Solfatarre and was just noting how congested a clump of mine is, with the bloom not showing as well from all the leaves, so I'll probably be splitting it in fall. I love the way Lucifer gets that incredible geometry of bloom, something the crocosmias I grow never do. Might have to invite Lucifer into the garden.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi all,

Well today I had a minor/major disaster in the garden. WE are getting some pretty stiff wind gusts and it blew over one container on a pedestal onto another that was next to it. The bottom one is smashed to smithereens. A lovely two foot tall Strobilanthes it toast. There are only a few leaves and a stump left and the huge Peter Wonder and Black Lace coleus next to it are also gone. I dont know if theyll pick up enough regrowth to make it worth saving. Makes me crazy when a wind gust ruins months of work. Doug is digging the trench for the electrics for the fountain but that is going really slow as well. As usual this project is requiring moving a few largish and quite a few smaller rocks. Nothing is ever easy is it? Also the horrible lily beetles are making their reappearance and driving me nuts. Im going to have to spray with something or I wont have any Orientals left by the time I get home from IU.

OK rant over.

V. great container! Is that a hardy bamboo? If so, where are you going to plant it after the season? Also, that is one cool geranium. Great variegation on that one.

Leslie and PM the trumpet vine only looks that color because of the end of day light I took the photo in. Its just your normal garden variety, orange, trumpet vine that was a sucker from my brothers plant that he got from my memers house.

Kathy, best of luck with the open house. ~~ Im lucky in that those terraces drain really fast so the lilies love that spot. Ive never lost any to anything but rodents.

Michelle, LOVE the sink and flower arrangement. Beautiful! ~~ Cynthia nailed the variety of that lily with the burgundy markings in the centers. Thats Centerfold.

Beautiful pics Bug. Is that Arabella in that photo with the Aphrodite lilies?

PM neat that youd like to come up and go to The Mixed Border. How about beginning of August?? ~~ Sorry, I dont know what that butterfly is in the lily pic.

Eden, great to hear from you! Glad to hear your Mom is hanging in there. ~~ Ive got that Sans. Moonshine and really love it. I know you will too. Great scores.

Denise, LOL about the neighbor wanting a garden like yours and being gone most of the summer. Jeesh. Also LOL about the dried up plants. Whoops!

All righty, Ive been procrastinating long enough, time to get downstairs and pick up my paint brushes.


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Oh, Deanne, that's awful. Is it normal to get wind like that in summer? Predictably, we get the Santa Anas in fall and March is windy, but summer weather here has little variety, just up and down the thermometer.

I think PM mentioned she liked the red aeoniums, so here's a closer photo of a green aeonium taken before the memory card tanked. Snails are merciless with the dark red type but leave this one alone. They're the rosette-ish succulents in the tall green pot:

And the wacko manihot with a glimpse of the white Sweet Sultan flower. This pot is all compound leaves, with a Powis Castle artemisia at the base, very fidgety-looking!

Since so many mentioned agave collections, here's
Mr. Ripple:

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just a few bits & pieces before I head out to weeding again-

Cynthia, Mary Rose is the dark purple/gray clematis in the photo with C.Fairy Dust. Perhaps you were thinking of the Rose by the same name?

PM, yes Skyler's procedure was to test blood flow through various valves to determine how urgent his heart surgery is. Turns out everything is OK even though there is leakage. So he is to return every 6 months until a replacement mitral valve is needed for sure. The psychological games his Mom and BF play are more serious at the moment than the physical problems. I suspect he'll enjoy his time here in early August, away from all the drama.

Woody, the daisies have nowhere to spread to! They are surrounded by Japanese Anemones which really do spread terribly. The problem is their name is 'Charlotte', so I can't get rid of them! Woody, would you be OK with Phoebe from the 8th-17th? Let me know.

I LOL at Phoebe in the Mist! DD met Jane Goodall and has great admiration for her. As to Durandii, mine took a while to take off but now leans against an angled bamboo stake into a white peony. This is about its 3-4th year and it is doing well with more stems.

My invention would be an attractive cage to protect roses and shrubs and vines from critters over the winter...or perhaps even year round. NOT burlap, not hardware cloth, but pretty and adjustable in size. It must also have height, say 4-5 feet, due to snow drifts.

Deanne, so very sorry about nature's whims and your garden! I too am concerned about V's bamboo. A friend of mine in Europe is spending thousands of euros to eradicate it from her garden and the land beyond her property as well. It is a major problem. In the lily photo Deanne, the clematis is Juuli, but not that different from Arabella. Both are beauties.

Eden, I want to see photos of both of your daughters' gardens. Just wanted to make that clear. It is all about where I put that apostrophe!

Yes, time to eradicate more weeds...They are calling me.

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Cleaning break, progress being made so I have awarded myself a 15 minute respite .

I really think I need a succulent sink and a vacation home in Santa Barbra landscaped with cuttings from all of Denises plants. I also need to learn to type as fast as PM does -assuming speed here as it would take me about 3 hours to do a post that size and another half hour to correct my typos, lol ! A very enjoyable read .

Denise , the pot that your Aeonium is in looks just like my green Bauer pillow vase, and I am trying to determine the scale on the photo. I have not a single Aeonium and almost bought one this summer but stopped myself (a rare occurance) repeating the oft mumbled mantra that I cant buy any more plants.

Woody, the house we stayed in is about an hour and a half drive or so from the town I will be moving to in Oregon. Though I love the coast , the weather is really not very good there and there are way too many things you cant grow . If I were in Southern Cal just the opposite would be true-no way would I want to live more than about 2 miles from the beach.

Deanne, what a bad deal for you ! Sounds like you need to develop an anchoring system !

Hi Eden ! I wish you all the best for your Moms blood drive.

OK, time to get back to worksee yall later

Kathy in Napa

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Denise - that's a fine collection of unusual foliage!

gb - There's nothing on our calendar from the 8-17th of August but Phoebe-sitting.... (as long as she arrives in late aftenoon - 3:00ish or after - on the 8th). I'm glad Skyler's procedure went well and I hope to meet him maybe when Phoebe arrives...?

Deanne - your poor pots/plants!

I hadn't been down to check out the 'wet corner' lately and was happy to see the Indian Pinks in bloom when I wandered past today after we planted the Persicaria by the shed. Some of the pictures of them that I've seen on-line show them as a denser clump - I suspect those ones get a bit more sun than mine. The leaves, though, were wilting a bit in the noon sun - they only get an hour or two of sun around noon when it's directly overhead. At other times of day, they are shaded by various trees. I gather they also bloom earlier further south. I like the shot of rather exotic-looking color in my otherwise mellow woodland:

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm pretty sure Woody will be meeting Skyler on the 8th, late in the day. And then maybe we'll head OUT to a child type dinner. Have to spoil grandkids after all, before returning them. ;) There's a Chinese serve yourself place in Guelph he'd probably like. I know I can stand a few items there and he'll probably fill up on the jello for dessert! LOL.

I think the added shot of RED against the whites will look perfect in your garden Woody! I just bought another white astilbe today...

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Cynthia, you id'd the bamboo correctly. Deanne and 'bug, the bamboo is never to leave the pot. If it doesn't overwinter in the pot, c'est la vie, but I'm never going to plant that one in the ground.

And yes, that is a Japanese maple in the blue pot. The pot itself was quite a bargain; if I recall I think I paid $12 for it when someone didn't want to haul it home from a trade show. The maple lost a major branch over the winter, but I'm thinking that it is bouncing back.

Brief post today. Later!


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Not much action today at the open house, but at least I am in a very clean environment this evening ! And here it is already Sunday pm..this weekend went by way too fast.

PM, that was a great suggestion re: deadheading the Spireas ! Im going to try it on my two Gold Mounds, they are such a pain to deadhead because the flower clusters are way smaller than on my others. Ill let you know how it turns out. Those are sea anemones and they are different colors in different areas of the coast. Sometimes they are purple, or white, even orange. That was actually moss on those rocks.

I own 4 Bamboos, all live in pots. My favorite is my Black Bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra) which I got a great deal on with my employee discount , I think the retail on it was over 75$ in a 2 gal. I also have a Greenstripe, but I need to move the pot to more of a morning sun position. It has suffered from some sunburn this summer.

V, I meant to comment on your Virgin white Echinacea, I have White Swan which tends to more of a creamy tone. Ill have to look for yours (some day) I like the brighter white.

Okay off to peruse the Sunday paper which I never got around to this morning..

Here are some pics from yesterday too..

Eye in the Sky

Ajania pacifica..I love this plant with the white edging on the leaves.

A view down the fence line

Pleasant evening to one and all..Kathy in Napa

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We spent a relaxing day. I was so tired from yesterday that I even took a nap.

Im not sure that the horseshoe would standup the other way, but its worth a try, I need all the luck in the garden that I can get ;o) Its going along on our family camping trip since the theme meal is a chuckwagon supper. My mom and I are hosting. Ive got some old cowboy boots that I thought would look good with sunflowers in them for the tables.

Thanks for the nice comments on the sink and the arrangement.

Deanne, what a bummer about the pot and the plants. I had a similar incident a couple of years ago. Not the wind, but the dog. Actually, since Rick is home all day now Jaden gets the run of the place and I am seeing several areas in the garden where she has decided to nap grrr. It was very windy, humid and 91 on Friday which fried the edges of certain plants. Not a lot but a few.

bug, if you come up with that perfect cage please let me know. Im thinking Phoebe looks like a black bear when shes on her hind legs. The daisys look great in front of the cotinus. I have several blue oat grass in front of mine, which threw out a few blooms for the first time this year.

Denise, your aeonium sure puts mine to shame. Have you had it for a few years?

Eden, add me to the list of those who want to see your daughters garden. Do both of your daughters garden?

Kathy, your "fenceline" sure is pretty. Around here when people talk fencelines its nothing interesting.

PM, the tree is a spruce that is limbed up and I have some mesh on the trunk for it to start the climb. This is the first year it really gives the impression that it is climbing. The lavender field is amazing, imagine the scent. Heres a picture of Limelight last year. I rather liked this combo, but didnt get around to planting the EE this year.

A few of the containers.

Pelargonium 'Crocodile'

Have a lovely evening

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well Doug finished digging the trench and laid the power cord for the fountain pump yesterday. WE got the sods put back in place so now he just has to connect the outlet box then wire it into the house. Then we need to get the footings settled in and level and we can put the fountain in place. I cant wait to get it off the driveway. LOL

The weather people say we were only getting 23 mph gusts yesterday but I beg to differ with them. I had several pots go over, one canna lily had the new leaves ripped right off of it and one pot that was on a roll cart got blown about eight inches off the front walk. There are things throughout the garden that are broken and frazzled. Oh well!

Denise, Wow! Your succulent collection continues to amaze! I just love that manihot. What a beautiful plant. Not to mention the photographs are beautiful and I love the bokeh in the first and third shots! ~~Interesting that we dont normally get a day of hot gusty winds like that in July. September its pretty common but unusual this time of the year.

Kathy, I thought I had everything anchored down sufficiently but apparently not! Back to the drawing board. ~~ The pics are stunning! I just love the view down your fence line and what a treat to see lilies without the telltale damage from the drasty lily beetles. Gorgeous! What are those lilies in the foreground? Almost looks like Orienpet Scheherazade although the yellow margin is wider than on that one as I recall. Beautiful!

Michelle, thanks for the photos! Beautiful all! I love that geranium with the purple/white blossoms. And what fabu coleus is that in with the Gartenmeister also what is that plant in the last photo? Is that a variegated geranium or an ivy? I LOVE the leaves on that plant.

OK must get to work here have a great day all,

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Good Morning All. A soggy hello from the South. We had two inches of rain yesterday. It will probably have to do until fall. Often we have nice showers in July then nothing for the rest of the summer. As mentioned before, our lawnmower is ka-putz so you can imagine my grass at the moment - feel like Im deep in the jungle here!

I noticed one of my hanging baskets laying down this morning when I took a walk around. Ive got to get out there and fix it. The ground gets so soft after a heavy rain that Im constantly having to go pick it up. Thankfully, no stems were broken. It always looks like it just decided to take a nap and lays gently down. Unfortunately, all the chains get whacked out and I have to try to figure out what goes where (its kind of a homemade hanging thingy).

Michelle - Some really lovely photos there. I love the large bouquet of lilies, and that sink is adorable - I love all the different textures going on there.

GB - So many pretty areas in your garden. I just love the clematis and lilies. Those lilies are such a wonderful color of pink. I would love to see a pulled -back shot of that area to get a feel for it.

PM2 - Ouch! Hate those jellyfish! Re: the "plant on the left", Im not sure what Browilla is, but I know I dont have it. In the pot grouping, the purple plant on the left is just a simple petunia. I love that color. Have you ever tried starting the Moon Vine in February? I usually start my seeds in a window in February. When I plant them out they have a good 2 - 3 feet growth. DDs pet sitting is kind of a sideline job. She works part time at a local Pizza place so it doesnt interfere. Summertime is her busiest time, so she cant really depend on it for full time work. She is leaving next week to sit for 2 weeks for her favorite customer. While she is there she will have other jobs where she just goes and walks the dogs and checks their food/water. One customer just hired her to go by every morning and give her cat a pill, she didnt even have to feed it. She has another customer that rescues big, sick dogs. One is blind, one has terrible arthritis. She is so crazy about these animals (shes had up to six at a time), that when she has to work late she get DD to go and spend a hour or two with them just so they wont be so lonely. Mostly word of mouth has gotten her new customers. She would love to do it full time. Maybe someday it will be possible!

Eden - Cant wait to see what you have in store for all your new plant finds, some great sounding plants there.

Denise - love your "iron V" idea. Ive tried in the past to rig something up just like that, but ended up getting soaked when everything twisted and turned back on me! What a sight! I love that second photo of your plants - looks like fireworks!

Deanne - One thing for sure, Im learning a lot about the weather around the country since I joined here! You sure have some massive storms push through. Such a sad loss on those plants, but I know you will either be able to "nurse" them back to health, or replace with some fantastic new idea.

Kathy - that last shot of the fence border is to die for! So much going on there, makes me look at my garden and sigh!

Michelle - thats such a pretty grouping with the EE and hydrangea and artemesia. Fantastic looking containers, too. Hard to pick a favorite, but that first container with the dark colors is wonderful. I see a big leaved, dark plant kind of in the rear, what is it? When I see your plant combinations I start thinking, "next year"!

Hope everyone has a great day. Ive got to get something done..not sure what but something!


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Deanne, that is an Orienpet, called Sweetheart, available from B&D Lilies in Port Townsend Wa. They always have a booth at the SF garden show which is where I made my purchase, but they do mail order as well....and I'm hereby seconding the request for ID on that plant in Michelles photo--sure looks like an Ivy G to me too-but what a great pattern...
Kathy in Napa

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Deanne, your use of the word "bokeh" which I googled made me realize I did NOT take those photos, just pulled them off my photobucket site, so Mitch must have given me those. Anything without bokeh is mine, lol, which leaves the manihot. Nice progress on the fountain.

Michelle dutifully provided the name -- it's Pelargonium 'Crocodile," which I also googled as soon as she posted. What a beaut. The aeoniums grow fast here, Michelle. There's lots of really big Zwarztkof's growing in front yards. I tip my potted elephant ears and taros on their sides over the winter, up against the back wall under Grace, which has worked really well (duh! zone 10). Even the Lime Zinger comes back strong treated this way. I've got a couple winter bloomers tipped on their sides now, little pelargoniums. It just amazes me how this abuse brings such good results.

Kathy, is this your second flush going on with the roses? I bought my eucomis from B&D lilies at a local garden show this year, very nice people.

Leslie, I've been learning at lot about idyller's weathers and my own! When I make a comment that our weather doesn't change much, it sounds so ridiculous that I have to google it. Then I'm reminded it's the constant high pressure system in place, the Coast Range, etc, etc.

PM, regarding your comment re stress, I just had a 3-wk vaca in May. And I usually take August and December off but will work Aug this yr. Now you know why I was in hiding the week of the 4th! And they do fight like on LA Law. (Amazing how people love that show. I don't!) I'm not involved in criminal law, just civil -- disputes over contracts, medical malpractice. I don't work in courts but freelance.

Wish I could see V's blue pot again or the succulent sink...any explanation for why some photos "stay" and others don't?

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And while we're on the subject of questions for Michelle, about those Purple Sensation alliums, are you growing them in your best soil, worst, middling? All the advice says dryish, lean soil, but to me, intuitively, onions want a fairly good soil, right? They don't want to rot, but I doubt they want what I consider my dry, lean soil, which is where they've been planted and failed time after time.

Probably best to start the workweek at some point and stop dreaming of alliums surrounding the big blue agave pot next summer. With some slim tapers of Linaria purpurea too...

Strange how the real Christopher Robin hated being the fictional Christopher Robin...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)



Phoebe had issues with the bathtub and the hair dryer. We are asked to feed her in the bathtub with the sink tap running as an exercise for a while before her next experience with the groomer, who feels lucky that Phoebes didn't hang herself or that Sharon did not injure her back while trying to control the "greased pig".
In the meantime, once again I have dizziness problems and cannot do a thing. It is a perfect gardening day at last and I can't do a thing except throw up. DH had to come home and help out. I shouldn't be looking at the screen. Soooo, later friends!

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Quickly here are the plant IDs:

large dark leaves: castor bean 'Carmencita'
coleus: Witch Doctor
Pelargonium: 'Crocodile'

As for the alliums, we have a fairly rich soil here that drains quite well. The picture I showed is actually my xeriscape garden (meaning too far from the water source) The drumstick alliums are just getting started.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - get better soon! It sounds like you had a rough day!

We have enough trouble bathing and clipping Misty who is fairly resigned to the process. I can't imagine tackling a beastie the size of Phoebe for her first experience with the clippers. Groomers must be strong and brave people :- )

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Monday is my Wednesday, Tuesday is Thursday, Wednesday is Friday it ? Final load of laundry being done tonight, serious packing tomorrow. Deadheading daily. After all these months were almost ready for liftoff.

Michelle, lots are so small here that the fenceline is the main landscaping area for most people, especially if one has a lawn. As you can see, the actual fence has been totally consumed by climbing roses(mostly Reine des Violettes )its back there somewhere ! Your containers are looking fabu, I really like the pot in the 2nd pic , that shape and the smooth finish really appeals to me. Is it a concrete urn or the like ? If faux its really well done. I didnt notice that you had posted the name of the P. Crocodile, clever you ! You knew full well that you would have numerous requests for naming on that one ! Did you mail order it or buy it locally ?

Leslie, a couple of years ago I converted to an old fashioned reel push mower- my lawn is extremely small, though I probably had twice as much at the time as I do now. I love it ! No gas, no tune upsand you get a little exercise to boot. I just cant imagine two inches of rain in July we are always high and dry all summer here. We got a bit of drizzle on the coast when we were up in Oregon for the 4th.

Denise, yes, 2nd flush it is, and after the 3rd I will do an x-treme deadhead and will get a really nice flush in late Sept. So did B&D hand you a shopping basket when you entered their booth ? No fools are they ! I can still see Michelles sink and Vs pot, but I cant always see all the photos if I open the thread at work- a firewall issue there. I cannot, simply cannot grow Alliums. Do you see them in OPGs (that would be Other Peoples Gardens) down there ?? They are sold here, but I never see them blooming. Do you suppose we are the victims of a cruel hoax by the bulb industry?

bug, Phoebe looks stunning in her new coiffure ..hopefully she quickly bounced back from the trauma of the salon !

No photo du jour from PM today ?

Ok time to gobut look ! I have an Agave too !

Kathy in Napa

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

A Tuesday hello to everyone....

Already made a tour of the garden with a flashlight and not seeing any night life out there and I am wondering why that is. It has been an odd year, bees, butterflies, spiders, are all in short supply this year. Even mosquitoes are few. It really surprised me how cool it is out there tonight, too. Nice sleeping weather, but who knew....our air conditioning was on all night.

I'm feeling a little better. A few days ago, the dizziness I've been dealing with was an all day long, no matter what I did, presence. The worst it's been. I normally have a fairly low protein, low fat, low sodium diet but unusual for me, I had a half of a corned beef sandwich for dinner. I noticed that for the rest of the night, the dizziness was improving and the next morning, it continued to be better. I made the connection between the salt and the improvement and my doctor agreed, the salt may have been the reason. Makes a lot of sense in the summer, when you are sweating a lot. I am still waiting for test results, but so far, I am having a lot less dizziness. So, for all you dizzy people, you may want to increase your salt intake, especially if you are weeding for hours and sweating a lot. Celery is a major source of natural sodium btw. I realize there are lots of reasons for dizziness, but that one is the most obvious I guess and the easiest to try.

Well, we finally made a trip to Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire over the weekend. It had to be about 15 years since we had been last. The first time I ever visited there was when my sixth grade class had a field trip there at the end of the year. Such an odd feeling to visit there, all these years later. We took our kids when they were small and a few more visits over the years. It is a small family park not like Six Flags at all. Lots of big old trees, on a lake. We had a nice day. We had a funny thing happen. I was taking a lot of photos and my DD took the camera to get a few with me in them. We were all in place for the pic when a boy about 9 yrs old, wandered in front of the camera and was looking up and not noticing, just standing there. My DD started laughing and kidding him, said 'Do you want to get in the photo?' just to let him know she was waiting to take it...and he looked at her and said 'Sure' and proceeded to come over to our group, and sit down next to my DH and put his arm around him and pose for the shot. LOL So, she took two photos. They were two of the best we took all day. Some of us were laughing so hard and others had this look on their face, like they were trying to figure out what just happened. As soon as the photos were taken he walked off and if we weren't so startled and laughing so hard, I would have thought to ask him where his parents were.

I've been meaning to ask, what do all of you do, to store your photos? I mean the originals? I have been keeping mine on the memory card and keep buying new ones. I just bought two more, because Office Depot had a sale on the Sandisk 2GB for $15. which I thought was cheap.

Gardenbug...I didn't realize you were having dizziness too, wow, that is a lot of people with dizziness here. Not sure if I missed an explanation. Is it the bug that is going around? Hope you start feeling better very soon. Phoebe looks great with her new haircut. I hadn't heard of feeding in the bathtub to overcome their reluctance. Let us know how that works out. I never had a dog that enjoyed the bathtub or the hair dryer. [g]

So, Skyler is not needing the valve replacement at this time, that must have been great news for all. He must be counting the days to visit you. Such a fun trip to look forward to over the summer at his age. So how was your visit with your DS? Did you feel you had a good chance to catch up?

Eden....thanks for the link to 'The Hundred Acre Woods'. I am sure we read Winnie the Pooh when the kids were small...evidently not often Hope the blood drive went well and glad to hear that your Mom is tolerating her treatments.

Woody...the David Austin with blackspot here, is Golden Celebration. Hope you find the perfect place and the perfect rose to put in it. I am going to reassess in the fall whether to pull out that Golden Celebration or not. How fun that you are going to get to meet Skyler!

Denise...I've been enjoying everyone's conversations and photos so much, I can't help but respond to so many interesting and witty posts. Such gorgeous gardens...every day there is something wonderful happening in someone's garden. I'm having a great time is all. :-)

Denise...I hated LA Law too! Civil Law sounds like it is stressful enough, I can't even imagine doing criminal law! Freelance must be nice, so you can make your own schedule.

Glad you all enjoyed the lavender fields too. Denise, sad to hear the grape fields are not being valued. Does anyone remember a TV series years ago, about a family dynasty that owned a vineyard? I could have sworn it was set in California. Here is a NG photo I enjoyed awhile back...

Neat vineyards stripe Edna Valley in San Luis Obispo, California. Growers here say the valley's east-west orientation allows coastal fogs to roll in at night, cooling the grapes so that they mature slowly while keeping sufficient acidity. Photograph by Michael S. Lewis

So that was what was in your photo of the plant that looked like roses on a aeoniums. The green is nice too. They get so large. They remind me of hens and chicks...what is the difference between them I wonder? Mr. Ripple is different with the curve and waviness of the leaves. I LOVE that pot! I am a sucker for really good clay pots. sad about your pot disaster! I hope you will be able to salvage the coleus at least. Happy news that the trench for the fountain is done! Early August sounds great to me.

Kathy....I keep an open WordPad on my desktop and when I stop by Idylls and read a little, I just jot down my thoughts a little at a time. Then when I am ready to post, I don't have a whole Idyll to read and respond to. As far as typing fast...I do type faster than my DH, who is of the hunt and peck variety [g]...and almost as fast as my twenty something DD. I am completely no good with the small buttons on the new phones and no one could pay me to text message! Will be interested to hear how it works out with the 'Gold Mounds'. I am surprised that was Moss on those rocks! You really do get a lot of rain in Love your view down your fence ...roses and Lilies together...aaahhh! Love, love that Agave!!

Michelle....your Limelight reminds me of Annabelle and that is a pretty combo. Too bad EEars have to be planted each year. Very pretty pot combos and love the backgrounds behind them. That black pot is striking!'s great that your DD has a job that pays her to do something she really loves. One of my sons still hasn't found his niche and he loves animals, that was why I asked. It sounds like a great second job. Speaking of sick pets...there was an article in the Boston Globe Magazine section this week all about Pets and how expensive it is to treat them now and the decisions people find themselves facing. One man had spent $20,000 to give cancer treatment to his pet goose!

Ok...another long post...well...all these Idyllers getting ready for the Reunion...two days left!

Sun is out this morning...

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Good morning all! Busy happenings in the Saucy house: Yesterday DH and I finally sat down and worked on a budget together :) He went over each bill (remember, I've been handling the whole thing, business and home) and we came up with a prelimenary budget to try. He is going to get us set up with auto bill pay on alot of things so that we can point and click to pay.

I appreciate all your advice on the subject.

Jake and Sarah are all excited about their classes. Jake came home from woodshop class excited that he could build anything he'd like: he's working on a shelf for his room that has a secret compartment and will hold things that are dear to him :) Sarah is in a jewelry class (working with semi precious stones) and is making a key chain today - she boasted that they let her use pliers yesterday :)

In other news: I bought myself a camera! I have been looking and just decided to do it after a round of photos in the old camera all came out with the distorted blocks of color again. I will share:

The "banana pot" was the ugling duckling when it started out, but now I'm starting to like it:

This whole color scheme is not peaceful at all to me....but I sort of like it:

The four petaled clematis....

....sometimes has 5 petals:

And a daylily that Deanne gave me the first time we met in person:

All about me this morning.....thanks for listening :)


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well its a perfectly gorgeous day outside today. The temp was 62 when we got up at 6:00AM and the air is beautiful and perfect. I dont know why the gardens are at their prettiest when they wake up in the morning.

The exciting news is that I get to pick up Jerri at the airport tonight! Woohoo! I cant wait to meet her in person.

Im a bit concerned about the predicted heat wave that will be occurring during our IU trip. MJs son is going to be over here doing the watering and Im hoping it works out. He did a great job last year so Im crossing my fingers. Ill have to move some things completely out of the sun to ensure their continued good health. Why couldnt we have at least one day of rain predicted.

The large fuchsias that I overwintered are finally budding and starting to open their flowers and they are going to be amazing this year. I wont complain about their taking so long to get going as they are going to be well worth the wait.

PM glad to hear you are feeling better. What on earth is going on with this vertigo thing this year. It seems as if a whole lot of people are dealing with that including Doug and I and now GB is suffering from vertigo too. I was at a party on Sunday and one of the guests got up from his chair and had to sit down again quickly because he was dizzy. Whats going on with that.

Kathy just love your agave. Is that a small variety? Thanks for the ID on that Orienpet lily. Its lovely.

Bug, Phoebe looks lovely in her new do. Hope you feel better soon.

Michelle, thanks so much for those IDs. I MUST find that Crocodile! I just love that plant.

Leslie, great that you got some rain. Too bad it came in a 2" package and not a quarter of an inch over four days. LOL

I hope Martie is doing OK. Has anyone heard from her?

Well Im getting excited because Doug went out this AM and put the rest of the gravel for the footings for the fountain and I think well be able to put it in place later on today! Woohoo! I absolutely cant wait to get that up and running.

All righty, Ive got to get to the gym and climb the stairs.

Have a great day all

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hey Saucy, you were posting when I was and what a great surprise when I clicked back to the forum to see your photos. Lovely!!!! Your containers are looking AWESOME! I love the banana one. Neat that you still have that daylily. It looks happy in its new digs.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Love that first photo, Saucy! All your plants look nice and healthy. Are those taken with the new camera?

Deanne...Quite a whirlwind week you have coming up! Can't wait to see your new fountain up and running too.

Martie...Hope you enjoy the day today...and that time goes by very fast between now and when you are past your surgery and feeling better!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Don't tell DH that I've been reading here...
Saucy, what camera did you decide on?
Dizzy bug

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

O, no, should we call this the dizzy idyll? Sorry so many folks are having such problems -- I hope PM, w/ yours they are watching your potassium -- deficiencies can be fatal - some medications one takes can make that occur, I recall my mother having a problem w/ it; I think it was her BP meds?. Interesting in your case, the added salt helped your dizziness -- for me w/ the allergies and someone who retains water easily, salt is an enemy - especially in the summer and when I have the fluid in the ear problem - so for me the opposite is important - gotta stay away from salt. Isnt it interesting how dizziness could come from opposite issues - guess it goes to show we should be sure to consult experts...

I sure hope both 'bug and PM feel better soon!

Michelle, I picked up the P. Crocodile and P. sidoides on my outing w/ Cynthia earlier in the Spring & have loved both -- the Croc. hasnt really put out much bloom (maybe if I fertilized it more it would help, LOL), but that foliage speaks for itself - you've got some gorgeous combos there.

Only a minute to post here, totally swamped and stressed -- longing to have arrived at the IU destination, LOL... it's probably about a 5 hr drive for me, if no bad turns of traffic tie-ups on the NJ turnpike - guess we'll all say our prayers/mantras, for easy traveling for us all -- ground and air. I predict Jerri swoons at the sight of Deanne's fantastic gardens!

Like you, Deanne, I a wee bit worried about the prolonged sunshine & high temps -- and maybe my DD will stop by on Sat to check out; but I couldnt ask the dogsitter to spend time watering my obsessions... I hope we hit some nurseries at IU so I can bring something home in case everything is toast... how's that for perverse logic?

I love the photos -- everyone's containers & gardens look so lush, creative and marvey.

Ok, gotta think about packing my desk, stuff, getting some deadlines & court filings done, etc....


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GB, I'm not supposed to be here, either :) Too much to do besides Idyll....

I got the Nikon D60....give it a google.

(who has only ventured into the realm of point and shoot with the auto settings and is very happy....can't wait to take a class and get creative)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

So I came home from the gym and what did I see.... The divine 'Joylene Nichole' has outdone herself this year. I finally diagnosed the thrips I'd had a problem with in the last couple years and this daylily is spectacular this year.

Sorry but I had to share at least four of the forty or so photographs I took of this this morning. The pics don't do it justice though. Wish you could all see it in person.

Cindy, "marvey" !!???? I LOL when I read your post. I haven't heard that in years. Excitement is building here. Can't wait to pick up Jerri and can't wait to see everyone!

OK later, time to inspect and de-catify the guest room.


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Hello Idylls! Happy day to you all. A lovely day here, started off with my coffee and a visit to the garden. Next thing I knew I was knee deep in garden and the coffee wasted away to. Then I was too hot and sweaty to be able to sit back and enjoy a fresh cup so I went straight to my cola. Weeds, weeds, weeds!! Why, oh why, cant plants in the garden that I pay good money for and coddle and baby and speak sweet nothings to do as well as a seed thats come from bird poop or dropped haphazardly by the wind. ! Its just disheartening!

Went to see Journey to the Center of the Earth yesterday in 3D. By some fluke, we got to see it for free! What a deal! The tickets for the 3D showing were about $12.00 a piece and there were 4 of us and we were springing for the tickets. I thought the movie was really cute - I like Brendan Frasier. It was not just a remake of the old classic, it was a modern day tale. Very fun.

Im thinking of taking the "Flylady" approach to my garden. Set a timer for 15 minutes and GO! Stop when it bings. Decide what is my hot-spot and spend 15 minutes fixing it up, etcthe 15 item "Fling Boogie" (or something like that) - It could be "flinging" weeds, or getting rid of things in a certain area. I work much better when everything gets broken down into small portions. People swear by the Flylady house cleaning method, I think it could work in the garden, too.

Phoebe is so adorable in her summer cut!

Kathy - I have been toying with the idea of one of those old mowers. I saw them for sale in Wal-Mart not too long ago. Do you have to have the blades sharpened? How difficult are they to push? Youth has escaped me!

PM2 - I just cant help but laugh when I picture you out with your flashlight trying to look at the garden. What must the neighbors think????? Its strange about the night creatures being absent - hope theyre just kind of hiding from the cooler temps. Our mosquitoes didnt appear at their normal time because we stayed cool in the evenings for so long this year - what a treat! Glad youre feeling a little better. Hope its something as simple as salt. Re: the kid in the picture story - too funny. Future generations will be trying to figure out if thats Dear Ol Crazy Uncle Joe that theyve heard so many stories about! By the time your great, great, great grandchildren look at the photo the kid will have a whole history invented by their ancestors !

RE: storing photos, I upload them all to my computer and have folders for months and areas. Then, periodically I put them on a CD. I lost many of my 2006 photos because my computer crashed and I hadnt saved my photos to disc, so now Im careful to save them.

Saucy - those are such great pots! I love the little wooden chair as a resting place for some well placed plants - what a cute idea. That one little pot on the chair looks so aged - its great!

Deanne - Im so envious of the reunion, hopefully one day I can make the trip. I can actually fly for free, and have the summer off, the problem is getting an airline seat now - they are a rare find for pass riders. DH says maybe we can plan a trip up one year and see the sights along the way. I swear I would come and work like a dog if you would just let me observe some of your abilities in person!! Thats one fantastic daylily there. What a spectacular set of blooms.

I love the people who are posting in secret. Too funny. I, too, should be doing other things.

Okay, gotta run. Sometimes I actually do do things other than think and speak about the garden (not often, I admit, but enough to keep the fam happy!


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So with all the dizzy Idyllers do you suppose Jeri will become dizzy and swoon/faint when she gets her first in-person glimpse of Deannes garden ??

And will Deannes be at the airport like a tour group greeter holding up a little sign that says "Welcome , IU5 Straight ahead"

From another sneaky poster...good thing I'm the boss.

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Leslie, that's one of my 'tufa pots....and I had the Canna pot sitting on the chair, but it has a rotten seat and I got fearful....when I get back from Idyllunion, I have to rearrange pots so Nick can do some work on the deck.

LOL....sneaking in again....


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Since we're being sneaky...I'll sneak one in, too :) Pictures are awesome as always!

Deanne, I HAVE to ask...did you prop that daylily up to bunch all the flowers together? I've never seen a daylily so absolutely LOADED with gorgeousness!

I finally made it to the link for the 100 Acre Wood. I knew that Christopher Robin was named for Milne's son, but never knew he resented it. I have spent many happy hours with many small children reading Pooh stories and watching Pooh movies, and I ADORE the story where he gets stuck in Rabbit's hole.

Michelle, the succulent sink is wonderful! Very clever of you!

Eden, I'll add my name to the list of people who want to see updated shots of your DD's garden. And it's BELLA that's missing! I knew there was a youngster I was missing seeing.

Sorry to hear the "dizzy-bug" is getting so many!

Bug, Phoebe is spectacular, before and after! What a face :)

I'll be waiting in envious anticipation of pictures from the of these years, I'm gonna make it to one of them! Hope everyone has a wonderful time!

Big news here! My little girl was proposed to yesterday and she said yes!!! I just adore the guy she's engaged to-he's a keeper for sure. Very responsible, level headed, hard worker and a great sense of humor. One step closer to GRANDBABIES, WOO HOO!!!
Today I had an eye appointment. Was hoping to get fitted for bifocal contacts. I have a REALLY hard time doing things like tweezing my eyebrows. I'm very nearsighted in general, and have to sit in the morning light with a magnifying mirror to do it. Turns out that with the combination of my nearsightedness and astigmatism, they don't make bifocal contacts for me. I'm going to try monovision (?) contacts. One contact is for long vision, one for reading and see how that goes. I don't think it's going to help with the tweezing, though. By the time any of you meets me in person, I may very well be the one with the giant UNIBROW, because I'm not sure it's worth the aggravation.
Oh, brother, I'm busted! DH heard the keyboard rattling, so right now is the time for me to decide where he needs to put a dump-truck load of mulch :( He's in the doghouse a bit about it, anyway. I asked for it in February. My hope was to take my time and get a layer of mulch on things before we started farming, and not have so much to play catch-up on after the crops were planted. Of course, he delayed. After the crops were planted and I got my back straightened out, I started weeding in earnest, all the while mentioning we needed the mulch. Then, wheat got ready to harvest. He chose to get the mulch yesterday afternoon. The last couple of days have been cooler and low humidity but, again, no mulch. The truck arrived 3 hours before we had to go to MIL's for dinner. Today, it's blazing hot and plans to stay that way for a while, and of course, I have a whole new crop of weeds growing. SIGH..if he would only do what I ask, when I ask, the world would be a better place, lol! Okay, I told him I'd be there in a second, and I've kept him waiting for a good five minutes, so I'd better go tell him where to put it [G]. I'm a bit passive-aggressive, but I figured since I waited nearly 6 months for the mulch, might as well finish my post ;)
Have a grand afternoon/evening all, and hope all the dizzy idylls get their bearings!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Wow wee on those daylilies Deanne!! should try heading out to the garden next time you can't sleep. It is addictive. [g] Neighbors...all asleep. I hadn't thought of how the stories will spin about the boy in our photos, but they should be interesting, considering he was definitely very dark complexioned and we are all slathered with sunscreen to shield our fair and delicate skin. [g]

Sneaky interesting.

Brenda, what excellent news!! Oh what a wonderful description of DD's intended! Does he have a brother for my DD? :-) :-)

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Very warm weather here. We have been enjoying lots of lightning bugs at night. Last night I was salating by the butterfly garden at twilight and I got the nicest light show. One night when Kenzie was with us she had so much fun "catching" them. She also tries very hard to catch butterflies.

Brenda, Im doing the monovision. My goal is to not get bifocals until I hit 50.

Saucy, great tufa! I like the moss on the edges way cool! And the banana pot is far from an ugly duckling. It is a great combination.

Leslie, Im jealous of your 2" of rain. July and August are typically pretty dry here. Theres a few chances in the next couple of days, so my fingers are crossed.

PM, your trip sounds like a nice getaway. It reminds me of our Great Lakes area here in Iowa and Arnolds Park amusement park. Its a very historic and fun place. I believe its the oldest amusement park west of the Mississippi River.

Deanne, 'Joylene Nichole' is truly divine. When I saw Crocodile last summer at a public garden I knew it had to be in my collection. I think I need to send some cuttings to you this fall. I think I promised you a coleus and some columbine seeds. Im sure you need more things to overwinter LOL I actually found it and the coleus at the little farm nursery near me. The same place that has the animals that I took Kenzie to see.

I remember our neighbors having reel mowers when I was a kid. I was a puny kid and could never get them to go. I wonder if the new types push easier? Not that it would even be a possibility for us.

Stay cool


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Afternoon all,

Im avoiding picking up the vacuum cleaner today for some reason and I REALLY have to get to it soon. The daylilies are all popping out here and Im enjoying the changing scenery here each morning.

Leslie, LOL about the coffee. Ill do that all the time. Fix a cup then decide to just deadhead one thing and pouff, three hours have gone by and I never had the coffee. ~~ I really hope you can attend an IU sometime too. We really do have a fabu time. ~~~ So, you get free airplane tickets and youd like work in the gardens? When are you coming? I have a great B&B here that Id love to trade for garden help. LOL

Kathy, you are too funny. Maybe I should just carry a pot around with me instead of a sign. It will be dark by the time Jerri gets in tonight but Im thinking well have to have breakfast on the patio tomorrow AM.

Brenda, no staking or arranging any of those stems to get those daylily pictures. Its funny that I didnt notice it driving out this morning but when I came back from the gym I think my jaw dropped to the ground when I saw how many blossoms were open at once. Ive had that plant for a long time and this is the best showing of blooms ever. Too bad theyll all be gone in the morning so Jerri wont see it. It probably wont have but a few open tomorrow after this. Maybe Ill get a flashlight out. LOL ~~ So congratulations on the engagement. Thats so neat. ~~ I chuckled over the bark mulch story. Sounds familiar. I was supposed to get a full view storm door for my birthday three years ago now but it still hasnt happened. Doug says its one of those Time Projects. Hell get to it when he has the time. Hysterical isnt he?

PM LOL about the extra in your family photographs. That is too funny. Kids can be so fun sometimes.

Michelle, yes PLEASE! Id love to have some cuttings of that geranium. Its really gorgeous and Id love to have it in my collection. Ill trade you a fan of that Jolyene Nichole daylily.

Okie Dokie, must run and get some stuff done. Break is over for now,


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I guess I'll sneak in too while Bella's having an after-nap snack.

Deanne, those daylilies are unbelieveable. If I could get mine to look like THAT I'd have more than the very few I've kept. Sorry that you had the wind damage. I know firsthand how discouraging that is. But it's really amazing how fast most plants recover I've learned.

Saucy, your container gardens are great this year. I really like the chair too. Since you now have a new camera we'll be expecting lots of IU photos OK?

Brenda, congratulations on your daughter's engagement. Most definitely a step closer to grandbabies.

Michelle, such neat plants in your container gardens! They're beautiful! We've had lots of fireflies here too this year. I love sitting and watching them too.

Marie, please take care of yourself. Hope you're feeling much better today.

PM, glad to hear you're feeling better. Love the story about the little boy getting in your picture.

Kathy, we purchased a reel mower last summer since we have so little lawn. Brad mows the lawn and seems to like it other that he says he has to go over it a few times to get it all evenly cut.

Leslie, I seldom finish a cup of coffee in the garden either. There's always something that I notice and jump up to do. This year it's the millions of maple seedlings that I see everywhere and need to pull.

The blood drive on Sunday was a success. We had over 100 donors and ended up with 77 pints of blood. Enough to replace what my mom's used. She's had lots of transfusions, especially platelets.

Yesterday I redid a small section of my back garden. Still haven't gotten to the area in back that I want to work on but there's still time right?

I deleted lots of pictures from my picturetrail account this morning so maybe now it will let me add some I hope. I need to take some recent ones of Jen's garden though. The ones I took before were from the beginning of June and are now outdated. Someone asked if both my girls garden. Only Jen for now. Meg and Bella are in a condo so no garden space there.

Idyll time's up. Time to go play in the sandbox with Bella. Have a good evening.


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Yes Deanne, meet Jerri holding a pot of coleus. That'll identify you, lol! Forgot to say that I can't wait to see the fountain all set up and running!

Here's a link to what all husbands need :) Actually I could use one too...

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Here's Bella potting up some herbs last weekend...

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

The Green Mountains glow as a rose-colored sunset descends on a far corner of Vermont known as the Northeast Kingdom. This region, known simply as "the Kingdom" by Vermonters, is famous for its maple syrup, covered bridges, ski slopes, and the riot of fall colors that blankets its woodlands each September.

(Photo shot on assignment for, but not published in, "Vermont: Suite of Seasons," September 1998, National Geographic magazine)


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

So much to read today! Deanne, that daylily is stunning! Saucy, your pots look wonderful also. And Eden!!! Bella looks so very grown up in those photos. She's quite the doll and she looks like she is really enjoying gardening.

Brenda, I've been doing monovision for several years and have had goo results with it. Last year I thought I was going to have to give in to bifocals, but they came out with a new soft lens for astigmatism that really improved my vision overall. Hope it works for you!

Last year at IU4, I saw a brick path at a private garden that really caught my eye. Here's the original:

Right after we left there, I got a call from my DH who was helping his mother clean out her garage. Would I be interested in a pile of leftover bricks? SCORE! Of course I would be.

I often have to let an idea "ferment" for a while. I had one plan for the bricks but wasn't quite convinced that was what I wanted to do. Last month, I realized I wanted the path to take a slightly different course. So tonight I started laying out the path. Now this is just laid on the existing grass; it's not been leveled in any way so it's rather lumpy-bumpy. But the vision is starting to coalesce:

The stone in the center has oak leaf impressions on it. I had to quit gathering the field stone for the outer circle because the mozzies were hanging out at the stone pile.

I leave in two days!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Forgot to include this close up. I think that absolutely everyone should have Stachys 'Densiflorus' in their garden, especially when it cavorts with Echinacea 'Pink Double Delight'.

Deanne, last week I said that I got Echinacea 'Key Lime Pie'. Must be the diet gone to my brain - it's supposed to be E. 'Coconut Lime'.


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Packing is in full swing this evening, but must break to Idyll and catch a couple of innings of the Allstar game.

Saucy, hooray for you and your new camera ! I confess that I bought myself a second camera, a Nikon Coolpix , re-conditioned. It will no doubt be waiting for me when I return from IU. In the meantime, I will bring my Canon with numerous extra batteries and memory cards ! Your D60 is way fancier than either of mine..Love how your container display is coming along

Deanne, that is just a plain ol Agave Parryi , one of my faves. I think it only get a couple of feet in diameter if grown in the ground. That Joylene Nicole is spectacular !

PM, a little wine country insight re the beautiful pic you posted of the central coast wine country this morning.That pic was taken in winter-probably Jan or Feb, as the vines are not leafed out and the rows are planted in cover crops. The yellow is mustard and the green could be red clover of maybe even fava beans. Our hillsides here are only green like that in winter.

Leslie, My mower is not difficult at all to push, but my lawn does not grow very lush either-I would certainly spent the extra$$ to get a good one though , and you can usually get blades sharpened at a mower shop. Mine is a Great States . My only regret is that I did not get one that had an easy height adjustment procedure for the blades. LOL your Flylady Fling Boogie. It does conjur up quite a vision !

Photos: I have an external hard drive where DS and I store all our photos. I am going to spend some time backing them up on CDs later his summer.

Ok, I really have to get going on the rest of my packingHi to Eden, Cindy, Michelle and Brendaa wave to those absent

Kathy in Napa

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Ok, I should not be here ! I should be packing...but V. posted that Stachys densiflorus..very nice !I remember that path, and then seeing a pic of it in FG.

And I was out watering and saw that my 'Aprila' lily has opened. I had to hold the camera above my head to get this pic; the plant is as tall as me , and the color is not quite right, but I had to post it for y'all...


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Woohoo! Jerri has arrived safely although her luggage didn't. We were assured that her suitcase will arrive sometime tonight. Jeesh, would have been nice had it arrived with her. I guess its too much to ask to have your suitcase arrive with you now. I'm surprised that they didn't charge us for delivering it.

Anyway, we are currently sipping a lovely chilled glass of Pinot Grigio and toasting to the start of IU5.

Have a great evening all

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Wouldn't it be fun for Bella the gardener to come garden with Kenzie the gardener in the Secret Garden? Bella really looks like she knows what she's doing.

Brenda, congrats to your DD. Funny but I wasn't a bit excited to become a grandma, I think it made me feel old, but Kenzie changed all that.

I have an external hard drive that I back up all my pictures on. I made sure to get a big one.

V, the path is looking good. I wasn't even at IU last year but everyone posted enough pictures of it that I did something similar in Kenzie's garden. I didn't have enough bricks and so I lined the path with bricks and have stone in the middle.

Waaaa - I want to have breakfast on Deanne's patio and go to IU.

Kathy, be sure to wave as you fly over Iowa ;o)


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c'mon Michelle, tell DH you have some errands to run and you'll be back in a couple of days...hop a plane ! I'll pick you up on my way over !

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I'm so excited I can't sleep....thoughts of what not to forget and all.

That and hunger pains....sheesh....I'm never a midnight fridge raider, but I'm feeling Rumbly in the Tumbly tonight....or this morning as it may be.

Jerri's made it to the East Coast, yippee! I hate it when the airlines lose your luggage. Happened to me in the Navy - they lost my suitcase which at the time contained all my worldly possessions. The Navy wouldn't let me check onto the base without my uniforms. I had to stay in a motel on the beach for a week :) I have very fond memories of that week :)

I can't find anyone to water my plants while I'm gone, so I moved them to the shadier areas and put them in buckets and such and soaked them good. I guess the only thing left to do is cross my fingers and toes.

Someone asked about my water garden....I think it was Michelle. Since the heron keeps eating all the sushi that I keep adding, I've been without fish for a while. As the water evaporates, I just add more, and sometimes I add it to "wash" the pollen off the water's surface. I don't see mosquito larva, but I think I would buy a BT dunk if I did.

I love the brick path, V. I've got big plans for some granite slabs that came with this house. I can't wait to see what inspires us this year!

Bella and Kenzie would have a blast running in and out of the butterfly gate :)

I'm starting to feel like I could get to sleep now. Wish me luck :)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It has begun! I hope we get lots of updates...but I'll do my best to keep things rolling if the IU5-ers are too busy to post.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bella photos! I wonder if I can get Skyler near a plant? Yesterday we had fun choosing books for us to read at bedtime when he comes.

V, that is one impressive Stachys 'Densiflorus'! Wonder if I'll see it anywhere to bring home... The double echinaceas don't speak to me for some reason, but the yellows and oranges and now the whites DO.

The forecast is full of thunderstorm talk. Maybe this causes dizziness?

University friends have lost one of their daughters, age 32, to breast cancer. I can't imagine the grief. I must contemplate my response to her parents.

Time to begin my Wednesday!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

OK, so where are the pictures of Jerri savoring coffee on Deanne's patio in her jammies? Oh, that's right, she's got no jammies, or maybe by now she Jeez, no luggage, no suprises there. Commercial airlines these days...pft, pft, pft, phooey.

Good morning!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Best wishes for a special day Michelle!

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Happy Birthday Michelle!!!

(birthday cards are more fun now!)

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Oh my goodness, the sights this morning amongst the Idyllers are fantastic!

Theres no picture of Jerri enjoying her morning coffee on the patio because everyone is scrambling to find the smelling salts to revive her after her first glimpse of Deannes garden in the morning light (I should be so lucky!) : )

Brenda - Big congrats on the engagement! Now the real fun begins : )

PM2 - Refreshing the flashlight batteries for future adventure of a sleepless night: )

Eden - would love to see before and after pictures of your refreshed garden area! I need some inspiration!
Bella is too adorable! Kids can be a great help in the garden. I had one of the grandkids roll rocks to a new bed I was making one year - he still remembers it and thinks of it as his garden - he was only 4.

V. - That Stachys 'Densiflorus' is wonderful, I dont think Ive ever seen it before. So many plants not available at our local garden shop. I think your brick path is going to be fantastic, cant wait to see the finished product!

Kathy - What is an "external" hard drive? Ive never heard of this (Im pretty computer illiterate). Do you just hook it to your computer and download you photos? That lily is really gorgeous, such saturated color!

GB - You have some of the prettiest plant combinations, that photo of the clematis and lupine is just wonderful.

Michelle - Double Waaaaah, I want to be there too!

A few pretty pictures from the garden:

I love this white caladium with the white impatience. There is also a Euphorbia, Diamond Frost in there but it's
kind of been elbowed out.

A pretty Phlox:

And a little beggar named Juri:

Have a great day!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Happy Birthday, Michelle!


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Happy birthday, Michelle!

bon voyage, travellin' idyllers.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Hello from NH! I can't believe I'm here in person. For those who haven't been to Deanne's garden, all I can say is OMG! And to top it off I have clothes now. LOL

We have a wonderful day planned. Heading to the coast and then to a rose garden Deanne knows about. I can't wait to meet the rest of you. :)


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Happy birthday Michelle. Hope you have a great one!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

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I received a "dispensation" permitting me to flee the shop at 11:30 this morning. July is a busy month for us; involving "cleaning up" June details and tackling the newest round of "emergencies" that invariably crop up when the shake down cruise takes place. July is the vacation month for those who want to "cruise". Everyone has an "emergency" (usually something that could have been addressed last fall and those who whine are reminded of that quickly). And the crises are nearly always "blow boaters" (sailboats) because they are about as "cheap" as they come. I hightailed it out of the shop BEFORE the guy with the blown seam on his mainsail came in!!! (The mainsail for a 34' boat is really BIG, you guys and I'm the slob who gets to deal with the repairs). But not today.

I have done no reading for over a week, but saw a reference to Bella and where there's Bella there's Eden. Good that you've posted, I've missed you and thought of you often.

As for the "restayas", accept my good wishes (birthdays 'n' all) and I'll try to be a better correspondent very soon.

The Salon is a bit of a sore subject. Ditto the deck surface. The Compound looks like hell and I don't really care because I have windowboxes with boring, idiot-proof plants in them. FINALLY. Anyone want to lay odds as to whether or not the trellises will be put up when I get home?

"A fool and his money are soon parted." :)

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

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Well, it looks like it could rain..can't decide if I should lower the umbrellas and bring in the chair cushions? It was hot here today, not too humid though so not too bad. Bella spent most of the day playing in the water in her pool. Her favorite thing right now is Cats. She ran across my T.S. Elliot book which I read to her and then I played the music cd for her and then the dvd of the show and she now she wants to read and see it every day. I'm tiring of it but she's not. I've been trying to teach her to write her name but she's having a bit of trouble with the S in Isabella. Not much accomplished here today, dishes, a little laundry and some pot watering.

Hope Deanne and Jerri are having a ball. I know they are.

Chelone, glad you have those windowboxes planted. The rest will get done in time. You'll have it looking good for next year which will be here before we know it.

Denise, love the teapot topiaries in your card to Michelle.

Leslie, the after doesn't look that great at the moment. Wilted plants, BUT they're all just where I want them now and should look so much better once they perk up. Maybe some pictures then?

V, your version of the brick path is very cool! Love it!

Marie, how long will Skyler be visiting? Nice that you have books ready and waiting for him. Hope you're feeling much better.

Michelle, it would be great if Bella and Kenzie could meet one day wouldn't it? Or if they could be internet penpals when they got older. Kind of like passing on the Idyll torch to another generation. Hope your bd was a good one!

Hi Cindy, wish I could grow lots of poppies. I have just one. They don't seem to like my clay soil. Yours is a beauty!

It's getting windier and darker out so I suppose I should take care of things in case of a storm. We could use a good rain. Have a good evening everybody.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Happy Birthday, Michelle!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I'll sneak in a last post before I go into full panic mode.

Thanks for all the nice comments on the path in progress. I emailed the two photos to DH since he is out of town and won't be home before I leave. While I was at the farm store to buy screening for the path, DH called and told me it looked great. I was slightly shocked as the usual response is more like Mary's DH and the bathroom renovation response. But I am encouraged that he was pleased.

Too much to do at work and not enough time to do it. I can't wait to be sitting on the plane tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing everyone and missing those who will not be there.


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Happy Birthday Michelle !!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Eden, for names with "s" in them, here's the trick. Write the letter "c" first, then the reverse tail below that. Seems to work well!

Skyler will be here for about a week, then we take him back home for a few days. He's off to Disneyland with a friend but we get to play with Reed and his parents! Yay! Then it is back here and friend Lynn's daughter's wedding, then off to Woody's to get Phoebe again. Busy busy....

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Well what a fabu-fabu day weve had! Doug and I finished getting the fountain in its permanent location and everything works. Now we just need a finial for it and it will be done. Woohoo! Jerri was here to share in starting up the pump for the first time. What fun.

After the fountain start up (and watering the pots of course) we mounted the Suburban and headed over to the coast for some lunch, and a fabulous lunch it was! A lovely, delectable lobster stew served in a crusty, warm French bread boule. Then we almost declined dessert until the waitress suggested fresh strawberry shortcake served with ice cream along with a generous dollop of whipped cream. Yum! After lunch we drove down the coast a few miles to the Fuller Rose Gardens in North Hampton, NH. OMG! Ive not been there for years and the place was amazing. They have 1,700 rose bushes and not a pick of black spot on a one. Nor did we see but two or three bug holes and one Japanese Beetle in the whole garden. Everything was PRISTINE! It made my gardens look messy by comparison. The growth on the shrubs was amazing. I want to know what they use to treat for insects and disease as well as what on earth do they feed them! Seriously wonderful. Ill have to post a link to the gallery that is currently uploading as soon as its done. Anyone in this neck of the woods really needs to get over there and see the gardens.

OK Im going to sign off for now and be back later when the photos are ready.

Nite all,

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Thanks for the lovely birthday cards. I will save them all in a folder. Unfortunately I'm sick today. Not horribly sick, but upset stomach and achy. I did work for part of the day and then bailed out. I had some nice phone calls from the kids and my mom and a super sweet message on the answering machine with Kenzie singing "Happy Birthday" and then a wail at the end that "Gramma didn't hear me" LOL


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I've printed my boarding passes ! How about you V. ??

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Have a great time at the Idyll's Reunion everyone. Can't wait to see the great pictures and tales of times well spent.

Hope Martie is doing well.

Brenda...I LOL regarding the mulch story. I'm still waiting for mine, too. Congrats to your daughter on her engagement. Exciting times ahead for all of you.

Love seeing Bella...she's so adorable. She looks right at home with that pot in front of her. A budding gardener...
I like Michelle's thoughts on Bella and Kendzi being the future Idyllers.

Glad jerri arrived safely at deanne's and I just know she's going to be in a state of awe for the next couple of days. What a treat! Love the crisp and clean. A beauty for sure.

Been busy working, keeping up with watering, housebreaking the puppy, babysitting for DGC (my DS is in Finland for work) and keeping cool. We are in a humid heat wave for the next few days. Sticky.

Hi to all.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning....

Short post today....sorry to say I continue not to feel well. I made a real effort to go out on Sunday and by Tuesday, I was starting up with a revival of symptoms I hadn't had for awhile. Who is it who started that saying 'Le sigh...' Gardenbug would be my guess? :-) Anyway, I finally slept 6 hrs last night with only one brief interruption and after back and forth calls to doctors yesterday, I seem to have settled on a strategy that is showing improvement today but still feel wiped out. We had made a reservation for IU5, and waited until today to decide that trip is not going to be possible. DH and I are both disappointed. :-( It would have been great to get to meet everyone. So, I guess I will be here over the weekend with all of you who are equally disappointed not to be able to go. Looking forward to LOTS of photos!! I am sure it will be a blast!

Eden those pics of Bella are precious...what a lovely garden scene amidst the pots and she has on a lovely 'green' top.

Thinking of Martie today! I am sure she is not reading the Idylls this morning....but hope we will hear good news later today.

Happy Birthday wishes to Michelle!

Thanks for that info on that Wine Country photo Kathy...really interesting. Gorgeous lilies, add those to the list! [g]

Have more to say, but out of have a great day everyone!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Another beautiful day here and it looks like we'll have a great day for driving to NY. I wanted to finish up this thread so I could put Jerri's BDay card on a new Idyll.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

My boarding pass is printed, the bag is packed, last minute pleas for watering have been made. I'll head to work soon and leave for the airport from there.

Sorry to hear that Michelle and pm are under the weather. And I hope Martie is doing well.



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