Robert Bigfoot is finally a graduate!

bigfoot_liz(9B FL)August 8, 2010

whoohooo he just got his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Central FL (3rd largest college in the US) yesterday! he got honors from Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi (highest mech eng society) and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Eng) and was in the top 11% of his class. he ended up missing the cum laude designation by only 0.03 GPA :-/ he is 1/2 way done w/ his MS degree too :-) UCF does a 5yr BS w/ 1 additional yr to the MS. it's been a long 8 yrs but it was well worth it lol ;-)

i have pics but can't remember how to post them it's been so long lol and almost as long since i logged into my flickr lol ~ liz

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Wow! What an achievement. Way to go, Robert.


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Congrats Big!!!!

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Congratulations, that's great news.

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Oh that's terrific news!!! What a great achievement - congratulations Bigfoot (and Liz).

does this mean he'll have time to drop in here now and then? :)

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Congratulations on a wonderful achievement.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

That's terrific -- Congratulations, Robert!

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tibs(5/6 OH)

Wahoo and Yahoo!

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bigfoot_liz(9B FL)

i will send him your way but he still has about 1 yr=3 semesters=8 classses of MS courses no he still doesn't have much time :-/ but in 1 yr he will! then it's off to find a job! ~ liz

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I was just thinking about BF and you a day or two ago when one of the other old members came back after a ten year hiatus.

I also remember his copper twirling sprinklers, aeolian harps,and hyperfuffa experiments. Let's just say I suspected there was an engineer latent under there just waiting to emerge. Glad to hear he is in is last instar. You still in the hort field?

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Awesome! I too was thinking about you both, Liz and Bigfoot, last week when people started showing up. Good to know all is more than all right!

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Tell Robert I'm proud of him! He will bring his imagination and engineering skills to a world that needs both - the best is yet to come.

You two have been married what now? Ten years? More?

I hold you both with great affection.

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Hey Liz! Waves. Wow Big... Major Congratulations! So glad to hear this news and a great jump on the Masters. Dude, you'll be on the market before you know it. Kudos Big! How's the gator scars.. lol..

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instar8(Z 5 N.IN)

Way to go, Squatch!!!

Tho I'm seriously jealous of the little brother I never wanted ;~) You'll prolly invent something awesome and retire at 45...better hurry ;~)

Ugh! Even thinking about going back to finish my BS makes me bleed internally!! Perfectly happy being a degreed ass til my back gives out and i gotta teach or deny insurance claims or sumpthin til i'm 70...;~(

Don't forget to come visit Thistledew sometime...I'm like 2 miles from exit 107.


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