Curious Little Wrens

Janis_G(z7GA)September 26, 2010

Have you ever really watched those dear little feathered

bouncing fluffs as they go about their day?

Wren watching is sure to bring a smile to your face or

even a laugh out loud moment which is much needed in our

lives today.

We have been having our backyard fenced and some landscaping

done. From the first day the tractor, backhoe and workers

arrived, the birds have been a source of entertainment for me.

Birds know when things are changing in their environment and

much like people they can rubberneck with the best of us.

The Mockingbirds have been playing tag flying in and out

among the newly planted trees. The Cardinals first sat on

the power lines and watched with fascination as the backhoe

operator dug a deep ditch along the back and sides of the

property. They flew down and inspected the ditch from one

end to the other and you just knew they were wondering what

the heck was going on.

Then came the Wrens! They personally checked out each and

every tree. They discussed at great length whether

the trees were the right distance apart, if they had been

planted the right way. They checked out the backhoe, how the

patio looked, the placement of the stone, the color. Those

nosy little balls of feathers scoured ever inch of the

backyard until they spied the TRACTOR.

"What is this?" Mister says to missus. "It's a recreational

vehicle, of course" says missus. "Here's the key." Let's

take it for a spin, says mister, taking his place on the

very top of the steering wheel. Missus

wasted no time in landing on the gear shift. This has gone

on daily from day one, but today, they discovered that they

could slide down the back of the seat.

My camera was back in the bedroom so getting it in time to

take pictures was out of the question. They flew off to

inspect a paper cup overlooked by the clean up crew.

My friends if you have Wrens in your yard count your

blessings and watch them sometime. I guarantee you will be


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sweet_betsy No AL Z7(7)

What a delightful essay! It is a blessing to be so in tune with nature that you can see and delight in its little
inhabitants. I could just see it all in my mind's eye. I
must go read it again. Thanks

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I love wrens. How on earth with all the big birds flying around like flickers,jays,etc. it's those little wrens that make the most noise.They never stop fussing and sometimes drive me inside with my coffee because it's so annoying. But you know what..if they were to stop I'd start worrying about them. The other day I heard this racket and looked outside to see what it was. It was a wren,with it's little bottom straight up in the air like only they can do,screaming at the hummingbird feeder because I guess it didn't have any seeds in it.

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Janis, what a treat to read your post. I'm very glad the noise and big machinery didn't scare the birds away!

P.S. Please get your camera ready for their next adventure.

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Rain, glorious rain.
It has been raining for the first time in ages and
the Wrens are delighted.

They land on a tree branch causing just enough motion
for the rain drops to shower down on them. They raise their
wings and shake and gyrate and sing. I think I'll put out
some soap, shampoo and towels nearby to make their showers
more enjoyable.

They noticed the new mulch under the trees and there has
been a lot of inspecting and discussion about whether it
was the right kind, if it was deep enough, etc.
Lord, they are picky, picky, picky.

My sis Gail is an artist and one of her first paintings was
a Wren building a nest in an old overturned boot. It was
wonderful. I wish I had bought it from her. A co-worker
wanted it so I missed out.

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