Unknown Perennial

plantomaniac08(8)June 27, 2014

I found this at a BBS this morning on clearance for $3. Sadly, it's not in bloom so that may make it more difficult to ID. It is a Costa Farms plant. Most of their pictures depict flowers and not foliage, so despite my efforts, I had a hard time finding anything on their website.

It looks like something from the Lily family (just a guess).


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It does look like a lily of some sort. Hopefully, someone would be able to identify it for you.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Almost looks like agapanthus foliage.

Guess you'll find out when it blooms.

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I had to look up "agapanthus," as that was not a name I'm familiar with. I'm familiar with the common name, 'Lily of the Nile' though.

You're right, it does resemble one. The only thing I notice that may be different is that the leaves are thinner than I'm used to seeing on a 'Lily of the Nile.' They're resemble the thickness of a Dwarf Daylily than the 'Lily of the Nile' I used to have.

Sorry, the leaves do look rather wide in the picture, but they're really not. Are there 'Lily of the Nile' plants that have narrow leaves? Maybe the one I used to have was just a monster lol.

I guess I should have waited for a bloom to ask, eh?


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gmatx_gw zone 6

Agapanthus grows from a bulb. I don't believe that is what you have. You could bump the plant out of the pot and remove some of the soil to see if there is a bulb or not, then repot it. It does look more like a daylily. The second picture shows the lower part of the foliage as rather "fleshy" which daylilies are not unless they have been in an extremely crowded or sun deprived area. If it is not a daylily, I believe it is something in the liliaceae family.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

'Agapanthus grows from a bulb.' Actually it has thick fleshy roots but no bulb.

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Unfortunately, I don't have any soil on hand or a pot to repot roday. I looked from underneath the pot and there are roots of varying thicknesses (digging into the pot just made a mess). That being said, I did found some "thick fleshy roots." It is leaning more in the direction of a Agapanthus. Thanks for the comments everyone. A bloom would seal the deal (or even a bloom stalk I'd imagine).


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Looks very daylily-like

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The roots seem too thick for a daylily (I once had one of those). I think due to the small foliage and the thick roots, this could be a dwarf 'Lily of the Nile.' A bloom would be the best determination, one way or the other. Thanks for your input everyone, it did lead me in the right direction.


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Looks like Chlorophytum .

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