best east tn grass seed to...

joe_schmoeOctober 4, 2012

overseed with? I have just core aerated my yard and now need to figure out what the best seed to apply to my lawn. I have looked at Rebels, Scott's and Falcon III so far.

When I did my yard after the contractors attempt to get grass growing failed miserably, I used Rebel II grass seed and in the back of the house the stand of grass is BEAUTIFUL. The front is so so...Does anyone have any suggestions for the East TN area of which is the best suited grass seed for the area???

Most of the back yard is 8 to 10 hours of full sun...The front is more like 4 to 6 hours of full sun...With several areas of heavy shade..

Any help would be appreciated....

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If you have areas of "heavy shade" I'd go with a turf type tall fescue (TTTF).

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Yes, TTTF would be the best choice for TN and for shadier areas. It will do fine with 4-6 hours of sun, and it tolerate the hot humid summers better than rye, and KBG. Use the NTEP trials to decide which cultivars you should select, and stay away from ones that do poorly in shade, as there are a few that aren't that shade tolerant:

You could mix in some KBG, but if you do you will also want to select cultivars that do better in the transition zone. The Hogan Company, in Springfield TN, carries a lot of the better TTTF cultivars.

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