Another plant/Weed question

Miss.FernandezJune 20, 2014

I have these growing out of the side of the garage. I dont remember them from last year. Is this a weed? Should I leave it where it is? I d need something to cover the area back there. It looks like it will grow tall. They're about 2 feet tall now. Thanks!

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bubbleoffplumb(z6 NY)

poke weed

eta: welcome in the wildlife garden - the birds /insects love them. large and dramatic plant.
I wouldn't recommend in a smaller garden where they will most likely overwhelm other plants
also worth noting - the berries are poisonous. not good for curious little ones.

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Thanks Bubble!!! LOL. Is this something that grows tall? Should I just pull it out?

I'm about to post another ID question again. Hoping you can help me again. LOL

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bubbleoffplumb(z6 NY)

i think they can grow to about 8 feet or so.
pulling it out depends what type of garden you have.
if you garden for the birds and wildlife, this is not a bad plant to have. it's native.
if nothing else is growing where it is, you could leave it.
the cons:
getting rid of them (when mature) is not an easy task, but it is do-able. not as easy as pulling them up.- requires getting the entire taproot.
they can be very assertive plants.
I have these around my wildlife garden - but they are mostly on the outer edges. if any grow where I have some more desirable plants, i pull them. but they are welcome where the japanese knotweed and garlic mustard ( invasive plants where i live) would otherwise take over.

hope this helps

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