Quote, 09/11/11

anneliese_32(6)September 11, 2011

Grief can awaken us to new values and new and deeper appreciations. Grief can cause us to reprioritize things in our lives, to recognize what's really important and put it first. Grief can heighten our gratitude as we cease taking the gifts life bestows on us for granted. Grief can give us the wisdom of being with death. Grief can make death the companion on our left who guides us and gives us advice. None of this growth makes the loss good and worthwhile, but it is the good which comes out of the bad.

Roger Bertschausen

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Thank you, Anneliese, this is a proper and peaceful remembrance of this date

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husky004_(z5 NY)

Anneliese, a moving quote for today and everyday.

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Good one. Steve in Stevens County.

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