west_gardenerSeptember 25, 2010

* Happiness is something that comes into our lives through doors we don't even remember leaving open.

Rose Lane

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A good one! In a whole string of good quotes - Thanks, West Gardener

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Often, for me, a feeling of happiness can be the absence of problems. It doesn't have to be momentous or life-changing; ordinary day-to-day living is memorable and special--if we just realize it.

Thanks, West Gardener, for a week of good quotes.

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It was a great week. Thank you!

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The title of the sermon in church, this morning, was "My Happy Place". This isn't the forum to tell you about it, but it sure gave me *food for thought*

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I know that one happy place for me is where there are flowers. There is something about them that lift my spirits. Since I know that I seek out flowers when I need a lift. It could be a small wild flower or a commercial nursery full of flower. There is always something blooming here in CA. I'm lucky.

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