Starter/Crabgrass Preventer & Exisiting Grass

dschribsOctober 22, 2010

I want to re-seed a few larger spots on my front lawn in the Spring as it's too late to do it now in CT. There are quite a few spots in the front lawn that are fine and don't need to be reseeded so bascially I want to "selectively re-seed" just the areas that need it. If I use Starter Fertilizer Plus Crabgrass Preventer to help with seed growth, is it ok to put that down on the entire lawn when I do my reseeding.

In other words, is the starter fertilizer ok for the exisiting grass that is there?? I plan on doing two applications of starter with crab grass preventer: the first application around April 15 when I seed and the second application about 6 weeks later (around May 30).

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There is nothing wrong with using the Starter Fertilizer with Crabgrass Preventer on an existing lawn. While the nutrient analysis is best for new seedlings, it will not harm your existing lawn.

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Thanks. I plan on using 12-24-12 Starter Fertilizer + Siduron.

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What kind of grass are you planting? If you're planting perennial rye, spring seeding is fine, but if you're going with KBG or tall fescue, dormant seeding is a better option. To dormant seed, wait until it is too cold for the seed to germinate and spread the seed. I like to do it just before the first good snow storm of the winter.

The snow melting and the freeze/thaw cycles bring the seed into contact with the soil. Once it is warm enough in the spring, the natural moisture from snow melt and spring rains should be enough to get germination. Dormant seeding usually gives you a head start of a couple of weeks on spring seeding.

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