Grass seed type for full sun no-water area

jlm41October 8, 2012

I have about 700 sq ft area behind my fence adjacent to road which gets full sun. Also, It is not possible to water that area because of the location. It is behind my tall fence.

Can you please recommend seeds which I can spread during winter for dormant seeding and hopefully next spring the area will look half decent. Currently that area is very ugly with bunch of weeds.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Look at the family of grasses called wheatgrass. It is normally found in pastures but when seeded heavily and mowed, it can look like this...

That is bpgreen's lawn in Salt Lake City. He waters it only in the hottest part of summer and mows monthly. It is a mixture of wheatgrasses, blue grama, and strawberry clover. No fertilizer used.

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kidhorn(7a MD)

Tall fescue it what's typically recommended for drought resistance. I can tell from personal experience that it's drought resistant but not drought proof. If you have a couple of weeks with no rain with temps near 100, it will start to die off.

Zoysia is another possibility. I'm not sure if you can grow it where you live, but it can take summer heat and drought.

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Most any grass next to a road without irrigation is going to dry out and die in times of drought due to the extreme heat from the pavement, tall fescue included. Not sure why you can't water an area, and if you are establishing grass, it will need watering at some point.

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Hi jlm41,

I will suggest you to use Green Lawn Turf for your Lawn because they can Easily survive in full sun no-water area and they are cheaper in cost,for more information go through press release....

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