This Years Pond Netting with Winter in Mind Pics

goodkarma_(5b)October 2, 2008

Hello Ponders,

This year I decided I needed some kind of fencing to keep the dogs from walking on the frozen pond. So I am going to use that plastic orange fencing. I am using the metal posts that you sink in the ground and usually adhere chicken wire to,but you can use the plastic fencing too.

I bought the 5' metal posts for about $5 a piece and I also have a couple 6' ones. So I set them around the perimeter and strung vinyl rope in a criss cross pattern across the pond.

Placed the netting over and it is done. 45 minutes total and that included repairing the netting with savio springflow to sew the holes togheter. In the winter I will put the solar cover on the water and a small pump thru the skimmer and hopefully it will be done. That and putting the plants in the bottom of the pond.

Settling Pond:

Footprint for new Veggie Filter Next Spring:

Cardinal Flower in a strange place to be:

Happy Ponding,


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koijoyii(NE Ohio)

Thanks Lisa for the visual. It sure helps. I couldn't picture what you were talking about when you were trying to describe how you did your netting. Looks like I'll be traveling to Home Depot or Lowe's this weekend. Your ponds are always so beautiful. Wow the WH and WL in your settlement pond really took off. Are those the ones I gave you? I pulled three of each out of my settlement pond last night and it was like pulling an elephant stuck in the mud. I have never had WH and WL get so big in all the years I have been ponding. My frogs stopped croaking about a month ago. Don't know if they hibernated already or left when we had all the rain from Hurricane Ike.

I pulled a few WH and WL out of the pond because I bought three wading pools at Petsmart and was going to try growing them in the basement under a grow light to get a jump start next spring. I am worried about the cats eating them. Forgot what it's like to have youngun's in the house. They seem to get into everything. lol


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Hi Jenny,

Did you get your netting on? I just love how fast this method is. If I had a smaller pond I would place plastic sheeting over the ropes for a winter greenhouse.

Those WH, WL sure are from your pond!!!! What fun it was to watch the WH flower. It was from your pond and the plants you gave me that made me decide on a veggie filter for the pond. I am placing it next to the settling pond and see how it goes. I buried the pitcher plant in the ground that NoSambos gave to me for the winter. Hope it comes back.

Glad to hear the younguns are active. Isn't fun being mommy? Your generous heart is such a wonderful thing and your spoiled kitties have it made. How is Boa doing with the youngsters?

Warm Regards,

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koijoyii(NE Ohio)

Hi Lisa:

No I didn't get the pond netting on yet. It just seems like there aren't enough hours in the day anymore to do everything I need to do. We did have a frost that put an end to my wh and wl. So sad. I haven't fed my koi for almost three weeks now. They went to the bottom of the pond and don't come up for food anymore.

Willow was the missing link with the kittys. She brought both McLovin and Boa together and now they chase each other around the house. McLovin is the only one that meets me at the door when I come home from work. She is my shadow. She has gained some weight too.

Hope to get the net on this weekend before the leaves start to fall. I guess netting the pond is admitting pond season is over. I turned off the aerator, but still have the waterfall running. It's supposed to be in the 70's this weekend so hopefully I can get everything done. I did manage to drag my floating planters down the basement last Friday before the frost hit. McLovin thinks she is living in the jungle now. lol


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koijoyii(NE Ohio)

Hi Lisa:

I worked on the pond all weekend. They were forecasting "killer frost/freeze" Friday night, and I still had plants in the top pond. I dragged them all down the basement. (I should save money next spring on pond plants).

Unfortunately both Lowe's and Home Depot were out of the green snow fencing poles, so I bought a pack of wooden stakes. I drilled holes in the top of the stakes to tie the rope through, and it worked like a charm. Total time to put the net over the pond 20 mins. and I didn't need to worry about falling in. My son thanks you too. We used to struggle with the PVC frame for about 2-3 hours. We would get one side in the ground and the top would come apart when we tried to put the other side in. Then stretching the net over a 7 ft tall frame took another hour. This way is so easy to put up, and I'll bet it's a lot easier to take down. And a lot easier to store. Now I don't mind putting the pond to bed for the winter. As you can see in my pics I still have a lot to do yet: drain the skippy and pull the rest of the wh/wl out, but just knowing the leaves won't be in the bottom of the pond now helps me rest easier.


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