will string algae in pond over winter kill fish?

lovfishNovember 2, 2011

I have a small 300 gal pond with fish that has alot of string algae in it this year Since the weather is getting colder I'm worried if left in the pond during the winter it will kill the fish. I've tried adding Algae Control as directed on the bottle but it didn't help. Will the algae contaminate the water during winter?

Does anyone have any advice?


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I would not use chemicals to control algae. I do not know if your algae control has copper in the ingredients like some do, but if it does, you must be very careful, because copper can be very toxic to fish. Just use a rake to pull out string algae. String algae itself is not harmful to fish, it is a good springtime food for them in fact. I have heard of algae being toxic to the pond is when your kh (buffering) is low and when plants give off carbon dioxide at night it can turn into carbonic acid, if there is not enough buffering in the pond, this causes large PH swings when the sun comes out and the plants start giving off oxygen which raises the PH. Swings in PH are bad, stable PH is good. Algae products, make me nervous, so if you see sickness occur in the fish, it could be from the algae treatment, it so a large water change would be needed. Hope this helps.

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