Idyll # 448 Ruby Contentment

prairiemoon2 z6 MAJuly 8, 2009

At least here in New England, Blue Skies seem to be hard to come by, having enough to be content will have to suffice. The Ruby is the gemstone for July and it is supposed to represent Contentment....a few 'ruby sunsets' would give me a lot more contentment. :-)

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Not sure where I got this one, but it is titled...
Triglav Dom Pink

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Happy Birthday Eden ! From Ruth Bancroft Garden May 2009

Enjoy your day !

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just came indoors after weeding the perimeter of a large island bed. I hope I'll have the energy to complete it once the shade covers the area. Although it is by no means hot out there, direct sun while I'm working is a bit much. A hummingbird zoomed around me and chipmunks complained as I dug out twitch grass and weeds.

Last night I had to set up the sprinkler near the barn area as it was drying out. This morning I began watering the vegetable garden until about 10:30 when it was getting hot there. I guess I'll water the cleaned up island bed this evening.

I've been enjoying Eden's birthday photos! Lots of variety to look at. Is that a double daylily Marian? Nice and bright (while it lasted)! Michelle, you are quite the pink girl with your lilies and roses. Then as I recall, there was a hydrangea from Deanne, a clematis from Cindy and Denise & Kathy proved that gardening is not all about flowers. Woody's cornus is lovely all smothered in blooms!

I bet Chelone's lunch is far better than mine and with well chosen companions. :)

I hope Julie is sitting on her porch sipping lemonade with Adrian and that the dogs are annoying the next door neighbour....;) Well, not really. Maybe the garden is perking up already?

I'll leave you with this, clematis Mikelite.

Later gators,

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Happy Belated Birthday Julie

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*Happy Birthday Eden*

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Aren't birthdays here the best?!

Here are a few pictures of the chickens - the little peeps now almost full grown. Here are Red Betty, Henny Penny, Amelia, Big Bertha and Chicken Little peeking into the quail gazebo. They often make noises to each other.

As the chicks grew in size so did their run. They have a nice large area including a garden bed and shady area under the trees to range in, enclosed by electric poultry netting. They love it! You can see Red Betty scampering across the grass.

There are three more little ones in a separate pen. They are Aracuanas and will lay pale blue eggs and have tufts on their faces.

The quail seem very happy outside in their net covered gazebo which I planted with evergreens and holly. They are very friendly, rushing forward to greet us when we come by. They are also totally captivating. Very sadly the temp dropped to 50F while I was gone and several did not make it through the cold night despite having a wooden shelter to protect them. I need Deanne here to photograph them but this will give you an idea of how much they have grown.

In case anyone was wondering how many egss we are getting the answer is none. Betty has been molting and appears to have forgotten to go back to laying. DH jokes she is really 15 instead of being a year old as the farmer promised. However, she is the friendliest hen of all and makes a lovely gentle clucking sound whenever she sees us. Henny Penny should start laying any time soon, and the others in another month or so, the quail sometime in September. But even without eggs they are the most fun pets.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - I wish! re the dogwood - that picture was taken when we visited RBG a short while ago. Maybe someday my Cornus kousa will look like that but the cursed thing has not bloomed once here yet!

Mary - the chickies look happy and fun to have around. The stable where I kept my horse years ago had chickens running about. When I was a little kid, my sister and I were assigned the chore of collecting eggs, feeding the chickens and cleaning their room in the barn. On the whole, I'd rather admire your chickens than have them here (I don't think that's allowed anyway...:-) The quail are very cute - I bet you'll end up sticking to just quail's eggs instead of quail for dinner!

Ei - I forgot to mention - re Brookside... This year I forgot to do what I usually do. Usually in late spring I put a tall tomato cage over it and train the flower stems up through the cage. That way, when it flowers the flowers don't smother everything nearby and make a cascade/blue fountain that is quite attractive. It also makes it easier to cut it down when the flowering starts to slow down!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Yes Marie, the birthday pic is double daylilies. I got them from a friend years ago. I think they are a very old variety.

Mary, I love the chicken pics. Sorry about the quail and the cold weather. I wouldn't have thought 50F would be fatal to them.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Waving to all!


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Who wass that Sue person? ;) The clematis is beautiful, as are all the other shots. I particularly liked "Stainless Steel" Aconitum.

Good morning and another happy birthday greeting to Eden. Again, too slothful to dig up mismanaged photo. Maybe later, but I don't think holding your breath for one would be advisable. I do, though, hope you'll report back in with the type of birthday cake! ;)

I have a busy day ahead of me and awakened in the very wee hours with my head full of thoughts about the project we're working on at work. I hate it when those thoughts take over because getting back to sleep is difficult.

I'll be glad to get home this aftrnoon, but I THINK I see what may be some clear sky to the east... too bad I won't be able to work on my tan.

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What great birthday pictures for Eden! I really liked that aconitum, too, Chelone :)

Today is the grand opening of the first annual farmer's market on our town common....and you guessed it, it's raining. I don't see how I'll find a veggie that survived the floods, but I'm going to go look. My neighbor will be selling cut flowers, annuals and herbs, and honey. I will be her lovely assistant in setting things up.

I met up with Chelone and Wendy yesterday - what fun friends! Not one day goes by that I don't think of each and everyone of my Idyll friends. One day after Denise had mentioned it, I was in my garden playing Six Degrees of Seperation from an's really easy to do!'re all out there growing with each plant, tree, or shrub right in the garden :)

I'd better go start this day. The kids are going to Maine this weekend with Nick and I'm going to stay and work on some things I've been needing to get done - mostly office junk, but I have some fun ideas planned too.

So have a great day, rainy or not!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Mary, is that tamarisk I see in frothy pink? That gives me an idea for a special tricky spot!....;)

... with the speed of light, a cloud of dust..."The Lone Ranger! "Hi Yo Silver!" No, this time it was SUE! Hi there SUE!!!
(Does anyone but me remember the radio programs? Jay Silverheels? The masked rider? Tonto?)

Later friends...I must get Phoebe ready for the beauty parlor. (Yes, she'll be practically scalped I suspect)


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Good Morning all!

It has been so long since I posted that I don't remember what I've

First of all, thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes and photos! The family spent the day helping to finalize the backyard mess into a more civilised space, and DS stayed with TCS while DH and I went out to dinner and some much needed time alone.

Happy Birthday to you, Eden. I guess we are Contented Rubies *LOL*! Are there other July babies here?

Some of you might recall this photo of my front door as part of a discussion of what we have our clems growing on. See the little trellis on the left?

This is what it looks like now!

I hear my family stirring upstairs so I gotta run - for once we seem to be having good weather. TCS has swimming at 10:20, we are hoping to go to the Purdon Conservation area after (16,000 Ladyslipper orchids - I will take the camera), then TCS and DS are golfing at 3, and, if anybody has any energy left, TCS has soccer at 6. Maybe you'll see me later today but if not, have a good one everybody!

BTW, managed to get a look at the IU 6 agenda! Amazing!



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Absent Idyller checking in here to thank you all so much for the beautiful birthday cards! You guys outdid yourselves on them and I love them all! Since Brad went back to work a couple of weeks ago I've got limited computer use in the mornings only which is one reason I'm so behind here. He's off for two weeks again starting next week so hopefully I'll have time to catch up but then we start having Kate a couple of days a week next week too so things stay busy. Family breakfast is this morning so I have to go but I miss hearing what's going on with you all and promise to jump in with a post over the weekend. The weather's beautiful here today, perfect for gardening. I hope that's the case for all of you too!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all!

Well the sun is finally making an appearance and it should get into the 80s sometime today. That will be nice. I canÂt believe we wound up with another three days of heavy clouds and rain. This is going to go down as the summer that didnÂt happen. Thank goodness we didnÂt get the storm that plastered Hopkinton, MA yesterday. They had a few inches of hail! The news showed photos of a golf course an hour after the storm and it was still covered with ice. Incredible! That same storm produced a waterspout off the coast of RI. Some summers we hardly get any storms and this summer itÂs just one after another.

IÂm loving all the birthday photos! What a treat.

Julie, your clematis is incredible! What a beauty!

And Sue! Great to see a post from you, is that ÂPerle dÂAzureÂ?

Mary, your gardens are absolutely lovely! Is that a big patch of H. ÂLemon Queen in the back of that first shot? YouÂve got some fabulous color and texture going on there. Beautifully composed plantings!

Bug, IÂm loving hearing all about your gardens this year. Would love to see more photos when you get a chance. This seems to be a great year for clematis.

OK the sunlight is calling me and IÂve got to fill an order and get to the post office before I can work outside.

Have a great day

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

For you Deanne: below

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Julie - wonderful clematis! And the first thing that struck me about the picture is... look at all the concrete around it! I am becoming convinced that they really do better in soil that must be reasonably alkaline.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Belated Happy Birthday wishes Eden...sorry I'm late with mine...I hope you had a Wonderful Birthday.

Wow...what a bunch of fab photographers and gardeners here! The birthday pics are so pretty! I am green with envy of Julie's. Sue's & Bug's clematis. None of my clematis have ever looked so floriferious.

Marian...that daylily is *really* special. I had heard there was a double form of the ditch lily (Hermocallis fulva) and that it was very pretty. But, I never have seen one. Could your daylily be the elusive "double form"? The flowers look *huge* and I love the red paintbrush nice of your friend to share that with you. BTW, yes, I do remember Alvin & the Chipmunks...actually that's who my Alvin was named after. I had two other kois named Theodore & Simon. :-) Glad Mr. Toad gave you a lift Marian...

Mary's chickens did the same thing for me. I think I was grinning from ear to ear, especially when I got a gander of Ms. Red Betty running across the yard...LOL! Are you going to get a Foghorn Leghorn for all the ladies?

Foghorn Leghorn: "Well, you're going about it the wrong way, sister. You don't bat 'em on the bean with a rolling pin. That comes later..."

I *love* the baby quail too, Mary, they are adorable. Will they get that little top-knot on their heads like the wild ones do that I saw at in Arizona. Or are there different types of quail? I'm afraid they would definitely be pets not dinner here...I wish I could have chickens and quail and a rooster too! :-) Your garden pics are *beautiful*! I love that misty cottage look and the colors would make Christopher proud. :-) I don't think I've seen many pics of your should post them more often. any chance are you using photobucket? That's the new service I'm using and I am having the hardest time figuring out what size is right for my pics. I have the same problem. Even if I choose the same size for all my pics - some of them seem to come out really huge and some come out too small? Anyway, it a pretty BD card! :-)

Glad to be thought of in the same company as New Dawn. Isn't it funny how certain things remind us of our Idyll friends? I can never look at anything to do with honey or honeybees without immediately thinking of Saucy. :-) BTW, Saucy, have you harvested any honey yet?

Kathy...I'd *love* to hop on a plane & see all the Idylls and would love to meet you and some of the other Idylls that I haven't had a chance to me yet either. From what I'm gathering it's going to be at Deanne's this year? I have *always* wanted to see Deanne's gorgeous gardens in person...what a treat! But, if I remember from past IU's; they're usually in late July? Unfortunately, we host my husband's family reunion just about that same time every year. This year will be on the 17th and then hubby's parents stay here usually for a couple of weeks to escape the heat of Florida. In fact, I might not be able to do much Idyll chattering either during that time, though I won't let so much time slip away this time...promise.

Thanks Chelone for saying such a nice thing about my gardens...I *try*! They're not perfect, but they're mine. :-) I always feel like I'm fooling people when I post pictures of my garden...LOL...there are always areas that I'm really happy with at certain times and overall I love my gardens, but feel like if I showed the whole landscape at one time, it would be a little disappointing to the viewer! ;-)

Woody...thanks for the suggestion about the tomato cage. It sounds like a great idea and I can see you are a contemplative gardener and problem solver...great suggestions! to get some work done around here.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good Afternoon :-)

No rain today for a change. Good thing, the ground is sopping wet. I even saw the sun a few times, imagine that, which allowed me to get out in the garden long enough to get a few things done. It's a mess out there! Between the weather and my digestive problems, I've done nothing for a month and it looks it. It was good to start chipping away at it. We've been busy with one small crisis after another around here. Today's crisis, was the showerhead leaking and had to be replaced. Fine by me, I wanted to get a shower filter and now we have one! :-) I've been sleeping horribly lately and then napping during the day. Hoping to get back on track at some point.

What a great batch of BD photos. I enjoyed all of them too. It's nice that we seem to have BDs spread out through the year.

Ei.....I've only gone white water rafting once and it was fun and uneventful, but I'd feel the same way had I experienced what you have. [g] I also loved that gardening show with Barbara Damrosch. She and husband Eliott Coleman live the kind of gardening life, that I think I would have enjoyed in different circumstances. That PVC trellis does look very easy. I wonder if you used some kind of glue to secure the joints? I also find myself wondering whether it would be strong enough to hold the New Dawn, without the house, behind it. .....Nice to hear that Scout is doing so well. Any recent photos? I like the food you serve him. .... Very entertaining story about Alvin. [g] The water in your pond is SO clear! The wood trellises on the side of your house are so attractive. Are they custom? Will you be growing something on them? Is that an Oakleaf Hydrangea on the right? .....No, I'm not using Photobucket, Ei. I started using Google Photo after seeing Kathy's photos using that software. Sorry I can't be of any help. glad you were able to pick up where you left off with your friend of years ago. It's nice to hear you sounding so happy. You certainly have been making good use of Facebook. :-) ....How is Nolan feeling these days?

Nice to see a post from Eden. Not fair no Kate photos though. [g] Let alone, garden photos. Grandbabies will do that to you, I guess. No time. :-)

Saucy is another one, who is busy as a bee these days. :-) Yes, it is funny how often Idylls come to mind, especially in the garden.

Marie....Skyler and DSIL are both looking happy to be spending time together. Thanks for the info on the ASL, Woody! I have seen people do that before and didn't know what it meant. ....Thanks for the clematis link, 'bug, you must be really enjoying them this year! You have so many gorgeous colors! .....I'm afraid I don't remember 'radio'. [g] I do remember when TV did not exist at our house. I was very small when we got our first set. I loved the Lone Ranger and Tonto on TV! 'Who was that masked man?' [g]

And your clematis is doing amazingly well, Julie. Quite a before/after photo! What variety is that?

Glad you didn't get any hail Deanne. None here either. Are you getting close to ready for all your company?

Mary, I like the black chickens. Their feathers look so velvety!

Kathy....How exciting that DD & Co. have actually moved and settling in right 'down the street'. :-) Although you must be shaking your head in disbelief at how different things have worked out then the way you were planning them a year ago. But as they say, 'The best laid plans of mice and men.....' I'm looking forward to seeing an Aiden photo marathon once they are secured on your computer. [g] I'm in love with your Amaranth! I am waiting to see how much you love it after it drops seed, before actually considering trying it myself. [g] Has the Tithonia been attracting any butterflies?

Chelone, I also struggle with the over the top response to Michael Jackson's death. I can understand people's interest in the story, what I find hard to fathom is how so many people are willing to overlook so much about his life that is disturbing to hold him in such high regard. I do feel sorry for him but I would feel better if more people were expressing seeing his life as a 'cautionary tale'. His story would make a good modern day Aesop's fable.

Woody, I love your Cornus kousa photo. I wonder why yours has not bloomed. Is it still very young? I am so pleased with my cornus rutgers this year. It still has blooms on it and it started mid May. It is also putting on some height and I can't wait to see how large it will be next year.

Well, that's it from here. Have not been able to do one thing about the camera this week, so NG photos will be filling in for awhile longer.

Norma, where are you this week? Cindy, love your lilies and clematis!

Imagine, tomorrow is Friday again!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

Well, it looks like we will see a sunset which is an extraordinary event considering the recent weather. Im pretty amazed overall with how well things have adapted to the cooler temps and wet, wet weather. If it werent for the slugs things here would be the best ever, but unfortunately the slugs and earwigs have chowed down on lots of stuff.

PM Ive finally gotten most of the front gardens and containers "polished up" and now have the daunting task of getting the back gardens cleaned and ready for the IU. Are you going to be joining us on Thursday evening????? Would love to see you and I know everyone would love to meet you in person. You can email me for driving directions.

Kathy, I just love that amaranth! What a beauty and Im hoping my Tithonia is blooming for you when you get here. Its just beginning to set buds now so Im crossing my fingers.

Michelle, I really love that lily/rose combination. I think I have those same lilies and I have them with a gypsophila and clematis.

Marian, love that double daylily. My mom used to have one just like that.

Cindy, what are those lilies? They are fabulous!

OK Ive got to get off this computer and get ready for some shut-eye.

Nite all

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Here is today's Before & After:


After:(DON'T LAUGH!)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

This defintely seems to be a good year for clematis! On the iron arbour a few years ago I had planted what was intended to be a red and white combination. The white (first the Duchess of Edinburgh and later Miss Bateman) both disappeared without a trace. A wimpy purple one that I never planted appeared in their place and I haven't been able to get rid of it! The red was supposed to be Niobe but two different reds appeared, one of which repeatedly got wilt. We tried to dig that out too but it kept coming back. This spring it briefly appeared, succumbed to wilt and disappeared. But the other red - which I think might be Niobe although it doesn't quite look like the COTW picture so I'm not sure - is doing very well and doesn't seem to get wilt at all. In one of those 'happy accident' pairings, the center of the clematis is exactly the same color as the yellow honeysuckle that is blooming with it now. I don't know what the honeysuckle is although I suspect it is Hall's. We started it from a cutting. It is extremly vigorous so I'm treating it like a wisteria and pruning it heavily. It seems very happy with that. The color in this picture isn't quite right - the red should be darker - but this will give you some idea of the color combination:

The Chinese wisteria is starting its summer bloom now - so we're definitely on the down side of summer :-(

I was wishing today that Chelone lived down the street! I've been looking for a nice summer skirt but can't find what I want so decided to make one. And I am rediscovering why I stopped trying to make clothes for myself! The salon workspace, lighting and tables would all have come in handy but what I'm really missing is talent!

PM - I suspect the main reason my C. kousa has not bloomed is that it is not getting enough light - the ash shades it a bit too much. The dogwood is one of the smaller trees that I have planted in case emerald ash borer claims the ash someday.

It's still incredibly cool here - I can't remember the last July that we had the windows open all day long for days on end!

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Just a quick zoom in and out tonight.. homework, chores and tending the cursed FB farm sucked up time this evening though I did spend substantial quality time with Jerri harvesting her potatoes.

Mary, your gardens are lovely and I would echo the sentiments of others here that we would love to see more of them !

PM, what Deanne said, it would be lovely if you could join us for a even a brief time at IU. You are right, my life is not at all what I expected it to be at the moment, but if I reflect I think that has been the case for a few years- sure has been a series of changes for me. My policy is to roll with it.

Beautiful Clem Sue, and Julie too.

Wonder how much weight Ms Phoebe dropped ?

Waves to all, more tomorrow..

Kathy in Napa

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Sorry for the delay Eden, but hoping you had the best day ever.

Very fast cyber drive by here. I've been trying to read along, but not enough time to comment to all the news and great photos. Glad to hear some Idyll meetings have taken place. Hope you had a great time.

Full bloom...I grew up in the Bellwood/Melrose area. Very close to OP. Love those houses there.

'bug...You have done an amazing job on the flats. The photo captures a lovely dose of speaks to me somehow.

Wave to all,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm pretty sure Julie's clematis is Etoile Violette. That is one of the most prolific bloomers on the market and loved by most everyone. (Just thought you'd like to know!)

Company comes on Friday (Hey, that's today!) and I also see my naturopath and have some garden chores to complete. Still working on the bridge area.

DS is back in Boston and once again must devote time to selecting all new room mates. That's what happens in a college community when September rolls around.

DD & DSIL have purchased a camping top for their pickup truck and will get to test it this weekend when they go to a friend's cabin for the annual Bocci Ball Tournament for family and friends.

Here at the ranch a sweet clematis is at last in bloom. Meet Tentel!

Back to bed for another try at sleep...

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

It's been so busy lately it's hard to find a time for any sort of post... so quick comments that I've been meaning to say:

Ei -- loved that Alvin story and so sweet to hear he's now the King at Trudy Temple's pond -- what a wonderful ending. She's such a lovely person and I bet she looks at all the fish in a different fashion now that one is named, LOL. I love the re-do of the pond area (which I though was mag before) -- the ornaments are lovely and garage trellis neat -- you always have such unusual decor - I echo the question - are you thinking of growing anything on them? They are indeed unique and I would understand if you dont plan to add vines of any sort. I looked at my old pic of that area from the IU visit and you've done major work there. Wow...

Terrific to see Mary's garden shots too - saw them last nite at home. Gorgeous.

'bug - Chloe got something of a haircut like Miss Phoebe's as well and it took me some time to get used to it - especially the ears being so much shorter - now I think it's efficient and "cute" but it made me think I had a different dawg!

My heart stops to see your photos, Deanne - I cant wait --- I would wish you could freeze stop those lilies so we could all see them in 2 weeks, but I suspect they'll be farther along - still it is magnificient - maybe I'll just camp out overnite in the garden to get a close-up inspection, LOL...

Love that Tentel, 'bug - I ordered one in the spring but it didnt show its face -- hoping it looks like yours next year. I really like that Mikelite too every time I see it. It has been a good year for clems, altho it's dried out considerably in my area now and I was slinging hoses again last nite....

Okay too much to do so gotta go.

Happy Friday.


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It's been mild so far here too, Woody, barely into the 80s most days. I'm sure I've written before that I finally took the plunge and brought some sewing projects to a local seamstress and have been thrilled with the results. I usually bring clothes I've literally worn out from use along with the new fabric, and Nina uses the old clothes as a pattern without even taking them apart. I've got some gorgeous new wool crepe to bring in to her for some more pants for work.

Oh, Ms. Phoebe! I don't know which version of you is more huggable. Last night's movie, the French thriller Tell No One had a Briard as an important plot point. Looks a bit like a brown Bouvier. Nathalie Baye from the excellent Return of Martin Guerre playing an attorney proves again that French actresses don't age, they just grow more chic.

We walked Ein 2 miles along the beach yesterday. We've been derelict in getting him out for long walks lately, so it was nice to see the old corgi gusto. There's a garden on the walk that has a big stand of the native romneya in bloom, Matilija poppies, flowers like huge fried eggs.

I'm absolutely gobsmacked by the clem photos. I'll say it's a good year!

Ei, loved the photos of the well room. I do remember your affinity for arts and crafts architecture. The "treillage" near your pond is beautiful. All the creatures in your stories have such happy endings, including lucky Alvin, due to the timely interference of a diligent fairy godmother.

Very good news that there's a bit of respite from the rain. Deanne, you sound positively upbeat and the garden looks beautiful.

PM, I hope July & August are better months for you and your garden. How nice if you could pop over for a portion of the IU.

Mary, what a treat to see your menagerie and lush gardens. All look to be thriving.

Mitch is causing a stir on Facebook with a status update announcing his recent marriage while in San Francisco last week. East Coast relatives are calling my mom, who hadn't a clue. Real story is Mitch and friends were chatting in a bar with an attorney who, as the evening progressed and inhibitions relaxed, disclosed that she also happened to be a Universal Church of Life can see where this is going. Leighann and Mitch exchange vows in the bar, pledging to love each other more than chocolate, exchange foil rings, etc. Mitch in his defense says, But everyone knows Facebook isn't real! Oy...I tell him the opposite, that FB is taken very seriously, then learn that Kathy & Jerri are harvesting potatoes on FB!

The news broke yesterday that Smith & Hawken is no more, end-of-business sale starting immediately, so with no job assignment I hopped over to the closest one, since I'm in the market for a big outdoor table. 30% off everything but no tables really tempting...except their store display tables. I inquired about them and was told that they will be sold but a price hasn't been set yet on store fixtures, so they'll call when they do set a price. We'll see if they're ready to bargain.

Re the Jackson hoopla, I've found it easy enough to live in a selective news blackout, then bob up occasionally to check on the state of things, so I've seen or heard very little of the saga. I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that in my short lifetime there will most likely be very few topics which I will thoroughly understand, soup to nuts, and celebrity will have to be one of those topics that remain a mystery.

I should be getting in the mail any day my prize for posting a photo in gardenrant's color-clash contest, the new Lauren Springer book. Makes me smile when I think of Michelle's award last year for her gorgeous potted display, but a prize is a prize! (hi, Cindy)

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

(Hi Denise, LOL!) - ah, there's another idyller I forgot to comment on the glorious progress of that fantsy bathhouse.... neat that you won and never told us! I just saw the promo for that new book by Sabato and wondered if it was worthwhile picking up.... Poor Mitch and thinking FB isnt real... if that's the case, how come so many folks spend so much time "over there"??? I bet he's gonna have a hard time living this antic down.... Heck, when Kathy cant show up here 'cause her FB-FT tomatoes needed harvesting, ya know FB is taking over the world as they predicted....

That sounds so lovely to think of taking a daily walk along the beach... I dont think Chloe's ever been to the beach in her little sad is that? Every one and every animal in the world needs to have walked along a beach once in their life...altho Im not sure cats would enjoy that as much??

Ok, lunch calls.... Im hoping for good weather for everyone -- particularly those folks in New England and people who have gardens for Open Days...


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Just so Chloe isn't too jealous, I have to make a correction. Ein is not allowed to set paws on the local beach, the actual sand, but is confined to a a park on a bluff that runs alongside the beach. A couple beaches have now designated "dog beaches" on certain days, between certain times, and a couple cities have small stretches of beach devoted just to dogs. It is quite a sight to see the dogs and their owners cavorting on their little beaches, but the play can get a little rough for a corgi with a Napoleon complex. We have a "secret" beach we take Ein to, and when his toes get a taste of sand, he goes nuts, runs in circles. Maybe we'll take him there later today.

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I seem to have the run of the idylls to myself today. In that case...

Straight outta Hampton Court Palace Garden Show, some ideas to bring that much-needed "lift" to summer gardens:

And a topiary of Henry VIII's doomed flagship Mary Rose. This is the 500 yr anniversary of his ascension to the throne in 1509.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Too hilarious, Denise!!! is that first A Brit's take on "garden p*rn"?? Does that classify as "airing one's dirty laundry" or is it clean? Tooo hilarious... (by the way, my first comment to you re the bathhouse was supposed to be "fantasy" but i think it ended up fancy/fantasy combo...) those undies would look great on the side of your completed bathhouse! Of course, perhaps a version in lime green would be more befitting an idyll garden.

It is always amazing how the human mind can be so creative in gardening...

Cheerio & ta-ta...

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Oh my Denise! That clothesline is just tooooo much! ROTFL! Love it, especially the fuchsias. Of course. Te he. ~~ And I just cant wait to see the finished bathhouse. Its looking fantastic. ~~ So congratulations are in order. How neat!

Cindy, "garden porn"? LOL ~~ I wish I could save the Asiatic lilies for you too but they will all be finished in two weeks. Bummer But, the Orientals will be starting their yearly show so all will be well.

Bug, just love Tentel! ~~ Love the before and after Phoebe shots. She looks so svelte in her summer do.

Woody, just love that clematis and honeysuckle combination! Gorgeous

My arch with the clematis is wonderful this year and the Arrabella and Polish Spirit have just about joined hands. It seriously is the best year Ive ever had with my clems.

The divine Arrabella

And Polish Spirit is just fabulous!

Im crashing after a very busy day in the gardens. Have a great evening all!

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Happy Friday Idylls, and a shorter awfice day for me; my water heater sprung a leak and I had to come home early for the plumbers visit. My W heater turned out to be under warranty and so the financial hit was less than I expected. So I have a brand new water heater and got a couple of hours of extra free time in as well.

Its really crazy how nice our weather has been the last couple of weeks, though it may not be the best for the wine grapes that like heat- Cabs and Zinfandels in particular. I realized today that I only have two weekends left in the garden before IU, so I brought home 4 more bales of compost today to spread about , and will continue the summer cleanup.

Deanne., you just torment me with your pics of Arabella ! I hope she still has some action going on for IU. Though that will lead to evermore envy. Such an unattractive emotion. I think your two pics today were the last straw, and since Im going to be around here for awhile I think I need a couple more Clems. Where is Chalk Hill when you need it ?

LOL Denise, lingerie garden. I expect that your lack of in-depth knowledge of celebrity culture will not reduce the enrichment of your life one iota ..Im sure you agree. I find the whole thing mystifying. I hear co-workers and folks on the radio discussing various fame-folk and for the most part I have no clue what they do or who they are. Few of them seem to appear in any films I watch or music I listen to.

The garden center I am associated with is going to have a concrete leaf making workshop in August ! I told them to sign me up.

Ok , all for me wave to all..

Kathy in Napa

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Kathy..... Bwwwaaaaa ha ha ha ha ha..... Who me, who says I'm an enabler? tehe....

The beauty of the lovely Arrabella is that she blooms until frost. The most floriferous and long lasting of my clems. I have four of them.


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Good morning!

I accomplished a lot yesterday, and I plan to do the same, today.

I had 5 yards of mulch delivered. I spread a lot. There is still a big pile.

I scrubbed the deck furniture and then assembled it on the newly finished deck - I installed the new umbrella! I finished the stretch of railing that still needed staining.

I looked out when I woke up this morning to make sure it was all still "done".

Denise, the clothesline is a hoot. I can't imagine that boat being in my garden! I avoid the news much like you, except that I never plan a quick update, so I always look like a shut in when trying to make small talk at parties. I did enjoy the MJ marathon music on the radio stations. That was memorial enough for me :)

Deanne is an enabler indeed. Hey, a little flower never hurt anyone...."psst, come over here - I gotta little something I wanna show ya"

Julie, that clematis is beautiful. I have many wimpy varieties here. I'm not doing something right.

I'm not much good at recalling what I read this morning. I'm sorry. I guess I'm going to make myself a nice breakfast and enjoy it on the deck. The birds are irritating me a little because they keep perching on my freshly painted railing before hopping to the bird feeder (I coppiced their favorite perch) - and birds don't mind pooping where breakfast is served....I've got to find a solution to this problem.



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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Wow Saucy! Sounds like you had a wonderfully productive day. Don't you just love it when the 'to do' list gets pared down by a lot? I know I do.

I was so pleased yesterday, our nephew needed some work as they'd cut his hours at his retail job and he's saving for college in the fall, anyway, I had him come here to work for me and he's terrific. In five hours he edged and pulled the sods off four of my garden areas. That amount of work would have taken me a couple days. I don't have the stamina of an 18 year old apparently. LOL Anyway, he'll be working for me for another few weeks and I'm lining up all the tasks for him. I'd decided that I just wasn't going to get it all done before IU6 because of the rain in June and it appears that I might just have things where I want them for our get together. Woohoo!

So Saucy, I'm intrigued? I'm going to have to toodle my way over to your gardens one day next week. Let me know what day works for you and email me driving directions?

OK Doug and I are going to go out for a little bike ride then its a day in the garden for me.

Have a terrific day everyone

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

They threaten us with talk of thunderstorms today so, even though I have company, I've been up early (In spite of going to bed at 12:30) to move rocks to the bridge area. WOW! It sure takes way more rocks than I imagined to cover a small area. I made about 4 wheelbarrow trips and did perhaps a 10th of the job. I'm dripping sweat.....I need to search out more stones later this week when DH is at work. ;) He's not enamored with my plan...but I think it solves lots of the problem there.

Last night we ate at the Mongolian Grill which was fun. During the day my friend and I managed to do the grandmother thing and buy adorable clothes for the little ones. I bought a few books, one of course being Peter Rabbit. It worked for me, so why not for Ivy?

I really think Saucy needs to include a deck photo. Visuals are important friend!

Denise, I know no "stars" at all, but The Return of Martin Guerre is a memorable film. (Depardieu, sigh!!!!) Love the clothesline of course! Bringing a lift to summer indeed.

Arabella is certainly a star Deanne! I think Juuli is as well. My Polish Spirit is just beginning with its first bloom today. It lives on the bridge.
On July 6, 2009 Brother Stefan Franczak passed away. Blekitny Aniol, Emilia Plater, Warszawska Nike, Westerplatte, Kardynal Wyszynski, Jan Pawel II, Polish Spirit and many many more clematis are his creations. It was several years ago that I shared his story on this forum. His monastery was proposing an expansion of the parking lot and was about to demolish his years of work to do so. There was a letter writing campaign to try to help the director understand the work this modest man had achieved and his fame around the world. Some of you did write and the effort was partially successful. In March 2009 Brother Stefan Franczak got official recognition from the Polish government and was awarded the Commander's Cross Polonia Restituta by the president of Poland.

I cannot deal with a model ship in my garden, so just for fun, here's the story of clematis Mary Rose:
"This cultivar is believed to be very old, known as C. peregrina purpurea flore pleno in 1623 and the 'double purple virgin's bower' when described in 1629. Reintroduced and renamed in 1981 by Barry Fretwell after one of Henry VIII's warships which sunk in 1545 and was eventually raised again in 1982."

Clematis Huldine with C.Mary Rose

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Very quick "drive by" to say hello and comment that all the photos have been great. I love the shorn Phoebe, personally. Dog with "beards" sort of gross me out to be quite honest and aesthetically I've always found a closely clipped coat (say, the Sporting Clip on Poodles) very pleasing. I think the sparkley eyed hens are priceless and they must be a blast to watch on a daily basis. Lingerie gardens and topiary warships remind me that there is so much fun to had with vegetative material.

I'm very behind with respect to alteration work and it's been keeping me up nights. I have a full day today and probably tomorrow and Monday, too... and in between I will have to help with the bathroom when asked.

If you had asked me how long it would take to move my machinery and supplies to the Salon I'd never have suspected it would take so long. There are still 4 machines left to move and a lot of tools that don't see everyday use. The process has left me with precious little time to organize the alteration work and begin getting it done.

Right now I have to sprint to the grocery store for some staples and then to the bank and the post office. Rex will remain here... waiting for his "uncle" to arrive for more fun with sheetrock and mud.


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Good morning Idylls

Industry abounds here no one can accuse us of being lazy ! Today I am going to move my Clem Armandii- an unscheduled task as its location is perfect for Arabella . Joy Creek has then available mail order , though I will also check Digging Dog. You dont get royalties on that do you Deanne ??? And by the way, after the young man finishes his clean up you can rent him a tux and he can mingle amongst us with a tray of champagne and hors douvres . Ill be sitting next to Arabella.

Chelone, I dont mind dogs with beards but I draw the line at drool !

Saucy, yes a pic of the deck would be splendid- and maybe some newly mulched beds ? Speaking of which, I better get to it .

Hi to all !

Kathy in Napa

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Good morning

Today began with my market run. No company this morning as friends are travelling which was possibly just as well as I was plant shopping for the continuation of gardens at the big house from last year. I scored some excellent perennials in great shape and I'm almost as excieted about planting them as I would be if they were for me.

I've worked at the house a couple of times this summer and must admit to really enjoy not having to deal with the macho builders/tradesmen from last season. I am very pleased with how the beds came through the winter - the driveway garden has a mass planting of Endless Summer is stunning right now. Next week I'll be filling in the beds around the swimming pool. The owner likes simple, old fashioned flowers so I'm putting in rock solid performers with a much more disciplined eye for design and color than I've ever used in my own yard. It's hard to believe I'm getting paid for something that is this much fun:0)

Denise - those clothsline photos are awesome and my mind is buzzing with ideas LOL!!

The clems are all fantastic as is Phonebe's new "do"!


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Hi again

I think the Idylls are all busy in their gardens today - you must be ahving better weather than here. We had yet another thunder storm - a total deluge. I now have fungus growing on the arms of my Adirondack chair. Seriously. I made use of the day with some much needed cleaning in the family room and counted 9 spiders as I vacuumed our powder room. But I'd much rather have been gardening.

Annie is waiting anxiously by the phone to schedule a job interview at a local cafe. The owner is supposed to be calling back and she is on tenterhooks. Keep your fingers crossed:0) She has also lined up a whole slew of courses (CPR, lifesaving) and volunteer work. We'll have to see how things shake out.

Supper was some excellent chicken sausage from the market, roasted fingerling potatoes with rosemary and locally grown tomato and onion salad with our favourite olive oil. I've found a store that imports the most amazing oil that I have to ration from the kids it is so delicious. As a friend put it - you could bathe in it (well, not really LOL). There has been a call for Tapioca pudding and I'm just on my way to whip up a batch for our Saturday night movie - Eagle Eye.


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It has been a long productive (back breaking, but I'll survive) day :)

It's time for ice cream and bed time. I'm thinking I'll go to Monique's open garden tomorrow for a treat before I dive into the mulch pile again.

I will try to take pictures, though things still are not just so :)


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Hi Idylls, Drive by post here. All the pictures are just fantastic. I'm still not able to post any here, so happy belated birthdays to Eden and Julie. I hope you enjoyed your day.

Not much going on here, but I am staying real busy in the garden, weeding deadheading and watering. I could easily do without the weeding. LOL

Wyatt spent a few days earlier in the week and he and Jake will be back after vacation Bible school next week.

Niki had her first vet visit. She had ear mites and they wormed her and gave her first shots. He said she had a little virus going on but didn't give her any meds. He thought her imunne system would kick in after the worming.
She was fine traveling in the car, but she panicked at the highway noise next to the parking lot. Bad memories I'm sure. She used up a second of her nine lives the other day when she shot up a tree and then tried to come down. She fell about fifteen feet and knocked the wind out of herself. She was stunned and busted her bottom lip. Other wise she is growing and fine.

Sounds like everyone is busy and enjoying the summer, and Idyll union is coming up soon. Anticipating the pictures and stories. Norma

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

We had a thunderstorm this morning but it's been fine the rest of the day as all the other thunderstorms passing through missed us completely. We got 12 mm (~1/2") of much-needed rain. I watered some of the front garden yesterday so that guaranteed some rain at least :-)

For your amusement, here are Randy's reports to Liam's owners for the past two days (his owners are travelling in Ireland and we are e-mailing reports on their baby to their i-pod.)

Yesterday: 'Liam has been 99% good dog. Getting daily workouts at the school yard with his frisbee. Seems to have exceedingly hair-triggered ears - with any little sounds he goes charging off to the front window with Misty in tow: no doubt anticipating your return. He besotted the young female collie up the street this morning. They were about 100 yards up from us when Tess looked around & saw Liam; she just lay down & refused to budge until we caught up to them. Very cute.
Just came back after running him on a 5 km forced march to burn off some energy. That got his tongue hanging out!'

Today: 'Liam got downgraded to 97% good dog.... ;-) Strange incident in the middle of the night. Was awoken at 2:15 am by a clamour, sounding like someone digging at the floor. For unknown reasons, Liam had wormed his way under the bed and was now trying to get out again & got stuck! Don't think there was any thunder to send him seeking cover, so that will remain a mystery.'

We had friends over for dinner and bridge tonight. Their two girls (aged ~ 6 and 9) came too and Liam charmed them all with his 'party tricks'.

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I was awakened by a large, cool nose in the wee hours of the night, too Woody. A thunderstorm rolled through and Rex decided he'd better check on Mummy before returning to his place on the rug. I like the reports on Liam. :)

Insulation was cut and put in the new wall (I have a new skill) after the electrical outlet was installed and wired, wall board hung, and more mudding accomplished. The can light for the ceiling is ready to go in when the final coat of mud is applied (Monday). Then it will be ready for primer and paint. Tile is due on Wednesday and then the fun will begin. I'm actually looking forward to it.

I got nothing done with respect to the backlog of alteration and today is "do or die". My own damn fault but not a plesant feeling. I'd rather be at Monique's today. ;)

It's almost time to get to work. I hope the call came for Annie; there have been lots of stories on the news about no work for teenagers in our area. It must be very discouraging for those that wish to work.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Company is still here this morning. :)

We had the same storm as Woody at the crack of dawn yesterday but then it turned into a lovely hot day. Today seems to be a perfect crisp summer's day. I'd love to be at Monique's!

Phoebe was a 75% yesterday. She's a sweetie, but was just full of beans, licking faces, play nipping hands, challenging commands. Perhaps it was the company, that added third party.

It was yet another shopping day, a trip to Ikea (in Burlington, Woody) where I finally located some picture frames for the photos I want to display. I also picked up a Christmas gift for Ivy, a tunnel to crawl through. We discovered a new restaurant near the Royal Botanical Gardens for lunch. Later my friend bought knit things at my little shop in town and also wine glasses at the local little French shop that she likes.

When we returned home, there was DH in the midst of cleaning out his study's closet! In 1997 we moved here and now for the first time he was opening the boxes he had stored there! Amazing. He hopes to get 1-2 new filing cabinets to put there.

Not sure what the day will bring, but it looks like a beauty. The lawn needs mowing though, so that is on the agenda!

Breakfast time.
Enjoy your garden!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Ahhhh, a lovely shower this morning. Now I can relax, and not worry about the outside plants for another day.....

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No call came in for Annie last night despite being told the manager would call her back after his lunch break. At 9 PM she placed another call and was told the interviews would be set up Monday and to wait till then. It IS discouraging for someone who wants so badly to work. Thank goodness Annie is resilient. She announced she is determined to find something even if it takes 300 tries.

When I was a teenager jobs could be had for the asking. By the time I left for college I had served in a tea shop, waitressed in a French restaurant, worked in a fuschia nursery, picked fruit, soldered micro-processors, found paying work playing for local musical productions and babysat almost every weekend. I'd love Annie to have any one of those opportunities.

I too wish I were visiting Moniques gardens but today looks beautiful so I will be very content here. We are celebrating DH's birthday belatedly and I willmake his favorite Moussaka.

Enjoy your company (GB), time indoors (Marian), garden tour (Saucy), alterations (Chelone), gardening (Norma) and whatever else the day holds.


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My first job (other than baby or pet sitting) was working the library at the university I attended. I was 18. I then worked in a factory that manufactured injection molded shoe soles. It was a thoroughly bogus job, but it paid for my first car and when I quit to take another job I had money in the bank. There were no jobs for a teen in the mid-70s in a very tiny, rural town, esp. when transportation was an issue and I will never forget how really humiliating it was to always have to ask my parents for money. I hated that and vowed I'd never be broke again. So far, so good!

I have spent the better part of the morning moving some more needed equipment to the Salon and then cleaning my overlock machine which was really very dirty... . I've been dutifully noting the little "thises and thats" I'd like to see addressed with respect to the smooth operation of the machines and I have quite a list now! Nothing major, but little annoyances and the sorts of things a visit from the mechanic can address in very little time when one doesn't for get to ask him to do them. I've run stitch samples for all the machines and noted particular items of annoyance and will drop that in the mail this week or next so he'll have time to prepare and ask more questions if need be. Now it's time for me to collect the alteration and start working. Good to know it's still pre-noon! ;)

No company here, YET. :)

Enjoy your peaceful day, Marian. I'm glad you don't have to water. (Neither do I!).

Good to know Niki survived the plunge, bet she'll be more careful next time... they learn fast. Vera had a cold when we adopted her and she infected everyone else, but aside from runny eyes and some lethargy everyone was fine. She must be adorable, Norma. What does Rebel think of her? and how about the other way around? Vera was absolutely fine with Rex from the moment we brought him home. She rubbed her face against his muzzle bold as brass and he just stood there looking stunned. They have a special relationship.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Company has departed and DH and I are in the middle of a project! I'll show you all later.

My first job was the BEST. I was 12 and ran errands between buildings for the China Institute in Upper Montclair New Jersey. My grandmother set it up and I worked for about 2-3 weeks as I recall. I loved being around adults in a school setting and I was paid by being allowed to participate in a Chinese painting course which I loved! And the Chinese artist enjoyed me as a student as well. The final banquet was delicious, my first Chinese food and I had a crash course that evening in using chop sticks. The shrimp were the biggest I have ever seen.

Jobs went downhill after that. Baby sitting, nanny, a bit of tutoring French and geometry, volunteer work in a cancer research hospital. In university it was card catalog filing at the library mostly, with a bit of receptionist work during lunch hour (for a neat guy.) After that I taught in the Peace Corps. After that it was being a forms analyst at an Insurance Company...Really Bad! Then back to various interesting teaching jobs mixed with motherhood and homemaker.

Be back later

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Voila! The new rogue's gallery over the hide-a-bed in my study. ("Sue's room")

Now for the mowing....

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Envying Marian's summer rain...aaah. I'm about ready to hunt for our old audiocassette tape of a burbling alpine stream. Last night's movie was The English Patient with the remarkable Cave of The Swimmers. I bet the idyll book clubbers have had this book included in their discussions.

First job at 15 was fast food. nuff said. Then medical records dept in a psych hospital. Fascinating. Circa 1975-77, Freud was still top dog.

I worked too hard for too long in the full afternoon sun yesterday, and my head feels it today, similar to a hangover. It was only high 80s, but the UV index is nothing to fool with. I should know better, and I do, but always one last thing to accomplish. Indoor work on transcripts today (and googling László Almásy and Libyan desert explorers to keep the tedium at bay.)

Tour de France is on which gives Marty and Dune such a thrill. "Come quick and watch this bend of the road!" Seeya, I'll be outside getting heatstroke.

On the job front, Mitch is very busy but gets lots of requests for prints of his work gratis. Very frustrating. He finally put his foot down with a nonprofit he's worked with and adores. They asked to use some of his photos for their website and other promotional stuff, promising to publish his name with the work, but he declined the offer and asked to be paid for his work. No call back yet, and the decision may adversely affect the other paid reportage work he does with them.

Good luck to Annie!

Kathy, I checked Digging Dog for you ;) Arabella but they do carry Emilia Plater. See 'bug's photos -- not the nice new gallery but the clemmies!

On the horticultural front, a bittersweet moment. My Agave potatorum is in bloom, which being monocarpic means the last hurrah. Bloom stalk now over 6 feet but still unopened. The cars are parked inches away from it, and I'm anticipating a mishap any day.

Don't work too hard and take a cue from cats on a hot day. Lay low!

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Yeah Denise..I know exactly what you are talking about-two Saturdays ago a co-worker and I worked an event in the parking lot,it was nearing a c-note temp wise and even though we were under a canopy we both felt like we had pulled an all-nighter involving Spanada when we got home.

Like the photo arrangement bug ..I like horizontal rows like that. I have my orange crate labels like that , though I have two rows in each grouping.

Nice to see Norma pop in with the vet report on Niki , and Randys assessment of Liams guest etiquette was enjoyable too-

Here are a few coleus shots from this morning ..please disregard all snail holes From Garden 2009 From Garden 2009 From Garden 2009 From Garden 2009

Back later ...

Kathy in Napa

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The excellent new camera does a great job picking up the snail damage, doesn't it? Your second-to-last coleus is one I brought home too, called Gay's something -- Pride or Joy -- lol, can never remember which.

I potted up this Mystic dahlia in the tulip urns. Can't have 'em languishing empty, you know...Ordered my tulips yesterday too.

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Good looking gallery Bug. From what I can make out those are special pictures of Reed? The frames look really nice with the sofa cover.

I weeded the vegie garden this morning just before a storm rolled in. I'ts still raining so I guess I'm done for the day. I want to be at Monique's too. I hope someone has pictures to show.

I've done the dishes and played guitar a little. I've been neglected that lately. I guess I'll just get a shower and call it a day.

Chelone, Rebel tries to stay out of Niki's way as she wants to pounce on his wagging tail for play. He did bark at her last time but then just got up and left. She is being a bit sassy and only wants me to pick her up when she is good and ready to be picked up. then again she was all over me while I sat in the garden and weeded. She had a big beetle on the back porch this morning and spent a great deal of time tossing, chasing and killing it. I thought it was dead but it was moving around when she left it.
Rebel is a filthy mess from laying in the dirt under the front porch. Can't even give him a good hug. He will get a bath just before he goes to the vet when Niki goes back. That should be fun.

Ei, I enjoyed Alvin's story. So nice to think of him at Trudy's. Good to have you posting again. My condolences for losing your mom.

My first job was weeding in a large strawberry patch. Then waitress in a nice resturant and banquets. Briefly
Shoe and Jacket factory. Then final and longest job in advertising photography. (office products).

Deniese, take it easy out there in the sun. Good for Mitch to expect to get paid for his work.

Woody, how fun for Liams owners to get reports. Modern technology is good in many respects. Grandson Jake was able to keep family informed via cell phone when he was traveling with a friend and they had truck troubles on the way home.

I will have to mow the grass as soon as it dries out again. It was all but burning up before we got the first rain several days ago.

Well I better go get that shower. Norma

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

The lovely shower ended up only depositing about 2/10 of an, I have just put the hose on the front yard bed.
My afternoon nap left me feeling like a wrung out dishrag!!! Hopefully, this too shall pass.

Great pics Kathy, and my plants have numerous holes from various causes. :-(
Most of them I chose to ignore.

It is 92F at 3 PM, and expected to be similar highs until Thurs, then a cool down into the 80s. I can take that!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - great photo gallery! I like the red (?) trim under it - was that there before or did you add it for the gallery? I want to put a photo gallery of some of Randy's plant pictures from the garden along the hall to the living room this winter so your gallery is is giving me ideas.... :-)

As a kid, we lived in 'the boonies' so there weren't any close neighbours - or none with kids - so I have never baby-sat anything but dogs! My first job was as a waitress in a local restaurant. I lasted 11 days - with no days off - and quit! My next job was working weekends at a local vet's. That was lots of fun! Cleaning kennels and cat cages, receptionist and providing assistance to restrain problem animals during examinations during Saturday morning office hours, taking and developing x-rays (!) - but best of all - getting to help out during weekend emergency surgeries! When I started university, it was with the intention of becoming a vet. However in chemisty labs in my first year at agricultural college, I had the distressing tendency to somehow cause the Bunsen Burners to explode everytime I lit one! I decided it was a sign I needed to switch to a safer educational stream so moved into economics instead.

My summer job after first year of university was working on a blueberry breeding project at the horticultural researce center for the Department of Agriuclture in my home province. Summer jobs in subsequent summer holidays at university were with government or academic employers.

It was definitely easier getting summer jobs 'back then'. I hope Annie's in luck and gets that call.

Today's message to Liam's owners:
'Liam is almost becoming a social butterfly! Last night friends were here for supper. Pam used to do obedience training with her N.S. Duck Tolling Retriever many years ago, so she put Liam through some paces, at which he excelled. Pam was quite taken with him & he with her as he then lay on the floor beside her when we played a few hands of bridge.' (Liam is friendly but can be aloof with strangers - he's just not interested in most people but he seems to becoming more sociable as he ages - he's 7).

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Wonder how things went at the Monique garden today ? Sue posted a pic on FB of Deanne manning the check-in table. She was not being rained on (good sign) and her table sported an urn of Gerberas..only fitting I say !

Im not exactly sure what I accomplished this weekend A WALAT may be needed later to confirm that I was in fact productive. I did achieve level 24 on FarmTown , and now have a house in my tropical area, have planted my white garden in the Plum Alee and have started a cutting garden. I might need a Farm Sitter for IU.

I got out my D60 field guide this afternoon too, I have been relying on auto settings and want to master a couple of the semi-manual settings that are available on the camera before I find myself in New England.

First job here, picking strawberries in Oregon, back in the day when students could find summer work harvesting crops. We had to get up really early , and were paid by how much we picked. I got a great tan (It was still ok to get a tan in the early 70s) and made enough $$ to fly home to LA.

That would be Gays Delight Denise lol, -I still have the tag for a change ! I am duly impressed that you have already ordered tulips, way in front of the pact we all made to nag each other to buy and plant more bulbs this fall. If that Dahlia is Mystic Illusion" I bought two of them this spring and planted them in the garden- talk about dark foliage ! And that bright yellow flower- its definitely va-voom. Looks like it will be Joy Creek for Arabella- I also looked at Cottage Gardens in Petaluma-they usually have quite a selection, but no dice .

Well Marian, thats too bad that you didnt get enough rain to irrigate things. Dusted things off though , yes ?

Mary, I hope Annie doesnt take the possible poor results of the job search too hard. It seems there are many many applicants for even the most hum-drum jobs right now. Even people who have substantial experience and are highly employable have tough going right now. There are a lot of desperate people out there.

The container area is filling in nicely .

From Garden 2009

This is a combo I'm enjoying ... From Garden 2009

Waves to all ..wonder where PM is this weekend..and Julie ?

Kathy in Napa

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I was in a rush to do too many things today (and so feel like I finished none!) so I don't have many pictures, but this will get you started:

This combo makes me happy (Wendy's lobelia is mingling with Michelle's geranium and Deanne's coleus!):

Here's the deck - there are still plants to move and arrange, plus my "pond" to assemble...I need a better picture, but I didn't catch one this go around - this is what I see from my office window:

And here's the freshly mulched bee garden. They finally got their honey supers put on today! I should be ready for harvest in September (there's no honey in any of the hives because of all the rain):

I've got to get to bed. More from me tomorrow :)

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I've enjoyed the pictures of nicely groomed gardens. Mine, sadly, have fallen to the bottom of the priority list with alterations occupying the number one slot, the bathroom the next one, and so it goes... . A few bright spots I noticed this morning while escorting the Huge One for his pre-prandial pee were the "Rhineland" Astilbe arendsii and their deep red cousins, whose tag has been long lost. Orange daylilies are beginning to reveal themselves and are being dutifully tagged for ID. Lots of slug holes here, too, Kathy. So your plants looked perfectly normal. :)

One batch of alterations down and another big one to go. I have calls to make this morning There is a a message of some sort on the machine that evidently arrived after I'd boarded the Winken, Blinken, and Nod boat last night. The Salon receives rave reviews as a pleasant work space. Yesterday was really the first time I've actually done real work there. It's bright, cheerful, and with the windows open it's rather like a treehouse which is as good as it gets when you have to be stuck indoors. Another day of the same thing today with the helpmeet assisting my brother as required. I'll be glad when today is over.

Maybe later on a break.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Good morning all!

I too have enjoyed the colorful photos from Kathy and Denise. Good to have California keeping up with its reputation for warm and sunny gardens. Saucy, no wonder you were tired last night! Spreading mulch, spiffing up the wonderful deck, etc. It looks like the perfect spot to unwind, but I'm not sure you actually sit there often enough! Lovely colored banana too!

DH dug out some ragweed for me last night as I weeded around the propane tank. Good to have more chores completed. Of course there are a million or so left to deal with...One day just is not enough to do so either. I need to gather more rocks for the bridge area, remove giant thistles and burdocks, weed several island beds, and then there is still more weeding in the flats to do that was halted last week because of a ground nest with baby birds in it. Then too there is the barn which needs a major sweeping before Skyler comes there to play. The raccoons have left telltale signs of their stay there over the winter. This is a job which requires wearing a mask too. Somewhere along the way I still have plants from the ghetto to get planted.

The English Patient. Was that you Denise who watched that recently? That's a film I actually enjoyed as much as the book. The beginning was hard on my sensitive soul, but I loved many parts of it. What comes to mind right away is the scene in the bell tower, the candles lit along the path, I guess all the romantic parts. The desert photography as well as the Italian scenery too of course. Have you ever enjoyed Cinema Paradiso? I would think that might be one for you! I have not seen the new version yet.

On my mind these days is packing for a trip to NH and ME. There are preparations needed including easy food for DH while I'm away. I need to write out charts for pet care too. For some reason I am the one who is usually in charge of their care.

Life is full!


PS: Still enjoying Corydalis elata.

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My corydalis elata and c. lutea are still in their pots waiting to go into the Goddess Garden, gb! Maybe I'll move them to the top of my list today.

I am a bit sore this morning from jumping and wrenching my back. I needed to get some extra bee equipment that I keep in the front garden (all assembled, just for looks) and when I opened the extra hive it was FULL OF SNAKES! I just about killed myself trying to get away from them, and they stood their ground. I think it was mating season :) They're just garters, but the sight of them causes a gut reaction to GET AWAY! Luckily I lived to tell the story, lol!

I have to find this link of gb's that everyone's mentioned - how did I miss it?

Chelone, you are one busy woman! I'm so happy for you enjoying your work space. You put a lot of thought and effort into making it a great place.

Um, Kathy, maybe you can give me some camera lessons, lol. I have given up learning anything new right now and my photos show it. I really need to sign up for a class this fall/winter.

Mary, we need eggs at our local farmer's market! I think of you everytime I think we need eggs :) Did DH have a happy day ending in mousakka?

I'm making a list of all the things I need to do and it's growing by the minute....I'd better go get started. Have a great day friends!


Where is this

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Lol, Saucy. The "squeal and dance"... I do it, too. But then I force myself to go back and look and sometimes even pick one up...

(Michelle would keel over).


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

A rainy morning, with lots of T&L. We now have enough rain to help, and more on the way. Yey! I was not looking forward to watering.

Nice pics Saucy. I see the geraniums and coleus, but cannot detect the lobelia. Are the flowers in the foreground lantana?

Kathy, your flowers are lovely, too. And Denise, I like that dahlia, they are another that do not do well for me here.

Marie, I like your corydalis. I have not tried them.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Corydalis elata is a wonderful blue plant. I've had bad luck with all the other blue varieties. Corydalis lutea is pretty, but it is almost invasive, so you'd better love it if you plant it because it will be everywhere for a long time!

Tomatoes are roasting in the oven, the plants have been watered with Miracle Gro, breakfast is over and the dishes are washing themselves, the pets are fed, the wheelbarrow is emptied, a note sent to Julie, and now it is time for me to get moving.

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Saucy, I've read in NE garden blogs that it's a bumper year for snakes, and now proof from you too! The blog Awaytogarden has pix of them lounging on garden walls. I'll do a link. Second row of photos, the last two on the right.

I do love Cinema Paradiso, one of the best. Yesterday I did slack off from work and googled lots on Amasy, the "English" (Hungarian) patient. Amazing how Ondaatjie wove fiction with nonfiction and the selections of each he made. Most everything in the book is true about Amasy except for the central love affair (he was homosexual) and the horrible burns. The scene you mention is a stunner. Amasy did work with the Germans in the war, with Rommel in Egypt, but as a uniformed soldier, not a spy. At heart, he was always a Hungarian royalist, and he played all sides in WWII, considering them all interchangeable colonialists. The Libyan desert in the 20th century was one of the last unexplored regions on earth, apart from the polar regions...

I think I revert to my adolescent state in summer...summer days are for reading, obviously!

Corydalis on the brain. I'm looking at finding a source for Corydalis solida, which may or may not be summer dormant in my zone. Not a blue flowerer tho.

Enjoying the Liam reports, the Niki reports, first job accounts, and Chelone "breaking ground" and working in the Salon. Napa is looking good, Kathy.

And the tub went in yesterday and may be read for a soak any day now. Preparations underway here for the family vaca in Oregon, arriving right about when you're all gathered on Deanne's terrace sipping G&T's.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I have not posted my 'first job' experiences. I think milking cows, herding cows along the railroad track, and pitching hay, on my dad's farm, would qualify. He paid us each an allowance each month...and a pretty good one for that time period. I was 5 years old when I first started. :-)

As an early teen I worked in neighbor's farm crops, thinning beets, weeding beans, and sacking up potatoes. The later was a back breaking job! One year a group of Mexicans were hired, and they sang a lot as they worked. Pretty interesting. :-) One neighbor was Catholic. He had cold beer for the workers, including the teens! Can you imagine how that would have gone over today??
I think it was the same neighbor who made us go over the beet field again because we did not cut deeply enough, and the beets regrew!

Then, when I was a teen, I ran away from home and stayed with a farm family...helping the wife with the feeding of the harvest crew. Following that, I went to work for a family in town, taking care of their 2 children while they both worked. They were very skimpy with the food that they left for us to eat, so I bought some with my own money! The man decided to 'come-on to me' so naturally I quit and left! He was not going to give my the pay I had coming, but I went to the authorities, and got it.
Those were the first jobs, but several others followed over my young years, including waitressing, cashiering, cooking.

Marie, I can almost quarantee the yellow corydalis would not be invasive on our place. :-( I would be fortunate if it even survived!


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Hi everybody! I'm still alive and kicking - just barely. Family crisis this week-end kept me out of the garden and out of the house - everything is under control again, for now. Sheesh, I must have been bad in my former life - I am SO good now *LOL*
The gardens are sort of coming together - I think things will look great - next summer. I feel like we aren't having summer this year - still cold enough to wear fleece and sox, along with other things....and windy too, so I have to water everyday - all the pots plus the grass seed, which is sprouting. I sympathise will all of you who have to tote buckets and drag hoses.

Chelone - the salon sounds wonderful, and I can't wait to see it. Don't worry about the state of your house or gardens - we will love being there, all together, sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly! (and the Bloody Mary's, don;t forget that!).

Ewwww snakes. I'm o.k. with them if I know they are there, but I would also surely do the squeal and dance just like everyone else. The photos, BTW Saucy, look gorgeous! As do all the others that I've browsed through this afternoon.

I am a reader too, every day. They know me well. at the library. DD is the same, often has three or four books going at the same time. Her job can be boring so she always has a book at work (she's a 9-1-1- responder and sometimes there aren't many calls...) DS is not a reader at all. DH is reading the Harry Potter series to TCS every night, and they are enjoying it immensley. TCS is an A+ reader also.

No luck with corydalis here I'm afraid.

Anyway, I am thinking about you all and looking forward to meeting some of you in person.BTW, DH thinks the "helpmeet" must be a saint, referring to the influx of female guests soon to come.

Off to move the hose - that grass seed is surely soaked enough by now!



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

To change the subject a bit, this is what I found while weeding this afternoon. It was so bright a yellow that I was astonished!

Very tiny spider in Mason jar:

This tiny spider may be a crab spider, but I cannot find a bright yellow one like it on Google so far. The one I found has red bars on each side, but this photo (below)of a pale yellow spider does not.

Time to prepare some chicken.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Is this your spider, Marie?

It is definitely a crab spider. This one looks fatter than yours, and I did not look farther, but think there are more with the red stripe.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Once again I am horribly behind! It was another full weekend that left little time for the garden or for visiting with on-line friends.

My first job was helping my uncle, who had a card and record store. I helped out on a couple of Valentine's Days that fell on a weekend, when there was a never-ending stream of men who would go to the candy store across the street (the original Dove Candies) and then come to buy a card. Since my uncle's cash register had stopped working years before, we had to do all the math in our heads. He never accepted credit cards and rarely took checks.

I worked briefly at Sears Roebuck as a cashier, but left there for better pay at the enormous Johnson & Johnson plant near Midway Airport. I spent one summer delivering mail through the plant (three trips a day, and I lost a lot of weight that summer!) and spent the second summer as a floater in the Gauze Mill, where they made a variety of surgical dressings. The summer after that, recession was threatening and they did not hire any summer help, so I worked as a hostess in a restaurant in the giant Carson Pirie Scott store on State Street in the Chicago Loop.

In college, I worked part time as a cashier in the dorm store, worked in food service for a brief stint and did bookkeeping for an othropedic surgeon. I always had good luck finding a job when I needed one, and the only one I despised was the food service job. Mostly because I had mono and they didn't want to give me time off. Really? a contagious disease and you want me to keep handling food? I quit the job AND quit eating there!

My DD is among the many college kids that could not find a job this summer. She is working a couple of hours a week for the City Band, and we are paying her and her cousin to do some yard work instead of paying an outsider to do it. She's making good use of her time by learning to sew, learning how to cook her grandmother's recipes and reading. It's not a profitable summer but I don't see it as a lost summer.

DH and wife decided it was time to add some landscaping to their new home. I gave them permission to dig up a baptisia "seedling" that had located itself too close to my front sidewalk, as well as some daylilies that were in an old field. I was quite impressed with their results! (need to get a photo) The baptisia turned out ot be enormous when it was dug up, and looks more like a medium-sized shrub than a perennial. They were very pleased with their efforts and are ready to do more.

We're off to dinner tonight to celebrate DH's birthday a day early; he'll be gone on business tomorrow night.

Work lately is just that - work. Grumblings from on high about cutting vacation time. Then grumblings in my direction as I am covering for other employees on vacation which slows down some of my other duties. Since almost none of my work is covered when I am gone, this all puts me in a mood to whine. I keep dropping giant hints in the direction of DH that perhaps my income isn't so necessary, but he begs to disagree. Given the state of the economy, finding a new job seems all but impossible at the moment. I shall "grin and bear it" until they come after my vacation time!

Enough whining from me!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Thanks for the lead Marian! Misumena vatia it is. I found tons of photos on Google eventually.

Someone (PM?) asked about the photo display in my study. They are all favorite family pictures: DH with Skyler, DS hiking in the mountains, DSIL with Reed, DD's & DSIL's wedding, DD with Ivy, Reed with Indy dog and Skyler with Reed. Woody, the board beneath the frames goes all the way around the room and has been there for over 100 years! Really! It isn't supposed to be red, but was likely re-stained the wrong colour at some point.

Tonight DH and I tied up 2 Vernonia plants which tend to flop to the ground. Also a rose bush. The sprinkler is busy watering the vegetable garden still, since before dinner time. Accomplished lots of small tasks but wish I'd had energy for more. Tomorrow is another day though... At least Phoebe had a wild run about. :)

V, I think you intended to write DS and wife rather than DH & wife....In any case, I hope the Baptisia is well watered as they don't much care for transplanting. Is it a blue, yellow or white one?

I suspect Chelone's DH is a saint too. Anyone who can deal with the general public day after day, rainy and snowy days at that, must have been nominated for sainthood. Then too, he helps move industrial sewing machines, grows vegetables and cooks too!And does he have a swelled head now? ;)

Lots of mosquitoes out tonight, so maybe the bats are out as well.

The cats are telling me that their dinner is late.
Waving gnite to all.

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A pleasant day today after a good rain yesterday. Cool enough to make working outside a pleasure. The plants are looking refreshed and the grass freshly mowed. I have managed to tame a few of the weeds. I cut a pink knockout back severely and will dig it out soon. May or may not replant it. The spot it was in is viewed from the windows daily and since the Japanese beetles have found me it is ugly more than it is pretty and in winter is not attractive so will be replaced with something evergreen. I need to revamp that whole area as there are some under performers (daylillies) there too. I have nicer ones. It also needs a path for better access. I looked at some software for home and landscape design but was afraid it didn't have enough landscape features. I want something that will do retaining walls and such too. Probably want to much huh? Anyway it would be nice to have.

Saucy, I came across a small brown snake this morning. So glad I didn't have the surprise you did though.

Julie, you do have your trying times but you seem pretty resilent. I know it is tough though. Good to hear the grass is sprouting. I need to do some reseeding but it needs to wait another month here,

V, hang in there at work. I know how unpleasant it is though. I worked a long time with someone very much like Chelones employer. Some days were enjoyable but many drove me nuts.
Cutting yor vacation time would suck.

Waving to all. Gotta go throw some clothes in the dryer. Norma

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Finding lots of June Bug corpses in discarded glasses of wine, on the floor, in the sink, beneath the lamps. They seem late this year (July Bugs in fact) but I suppose they are better than cuke beetles and snails. They are always more interested in what is going on in the house than in the garden. I watch a baseball game while they buzz around crashing into the walls. Ted and Doobie are unimpressed. They would rather sleep.

It got unexpectedly into the upper 90s today, and that is also on the agenda for tomorrow. Fuchsias are not on board . Happily,it looks like Wednesday things return to the 80s.

No snakes here, have not seen one in maybe 5 years ? I am close to the river so perhaps they would rather hang out there. The rattlers are in our hills.

I had a blue Corydalis that I managed to keep going for about 3 years I think. They dislike out hot, dry, rainless summers. I have an area where it might be nice to pop a couple in, Im happy with a plant that lasts 3 years, particularly if its blue !

Hi to everyone, its past my bedtime , and hope to post more tomorrow while I hide in the A/C d house and watch the Allstar game.

Waves !

Kathy in Napa

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Hello to all, from the chilly northeast. :-) Like Julie, I'm back into flannel pjs and using hot socks as we speak. I'm not complaining just continue to be surprised by this odd weather. The past two days have been perfect weatherwise for a change. Comfortable temps, sunshine most of the day, and great sleeping weather. This is the first time I would say we've had even close to summer weather, but more like spring. I'm sure by IU6, we will be having 90 degree temps and high humidity though. [g]

Continue to have distractions on the home front. If it isn't one thing, it's another. Some medical testing, DD discovered a mice problem in her apartment and DH and I are in the benefits enrollment period at his new job. It would have been so easy if they offered the same health insurance options that we had before, but they don't. So we are trying to figure out which health plan is going to cost us the least out of pocket and give us the most choices.

In the garden, sunshine has provided a shot in the arm. Managed to start fertilizing and will be working at that the rest of the week. Surprises this week.....I dug out Casa Blanca Lily last year and tossed it because the red lily leaf beetle was so out of control and I was fed up. This year, lo and behold I had a whole new stand of them. I am guessing there were side bulbs? I moved two shrubs around in front in the spring and the Lilies are budding behind them and really looking nice, so I am on a mission to eradicate the red buggers. I've developed a new technique. The problem in the past has been when I try to hand pick, they drop to the ground, upside down and you can't see them. They are not easy to squish with your hands and stepping on them on soft ground doesn't help at all. So I have been carrying a 5 gallon bucket with water in the bottom and I hold it under the leaves and flick them in. When I get them all, I pour them out on the patio and put them out of their misery. It has been working very well, but every day I find more. Also seeing evidence of earwig damage, big surprise with all the wet weather. [g]

Second surprise was an unhappy one, working in the garden, head down, I heard what sounded like someone crashing through bushes, I looked up in time to see a hawk with a bird in it's talons, flying across the yard about 5 feet over the tops of the tomato stakes. It must have pounced through the tree branches. Not a happy morning. I struggle with whether I am providing a buffet for the hawks, with my feeder.

Mr Chipmunk showed up with Mrs Chipmunk making themselves at home, chasing each other around the patio, the other day. We stopped filling that particular feeder that had black sunflower seed and went back to filling another one across the yard with safflower. So far, I've not seen them at that feeder, but I am sure they already have enough sunflower for a family of 12 for the rest of the year. [g] Yesterday, I had a pair of gold finches flitting from flower to flower looking for seed. I love that!

Deanne, yay for DN! Smart thinking to enlist his help. Nothing I would enjoy more than spending the whole weekend with all of you, but very unlikely. Thanks for asking. :-) Ditto, Kathy and Denise. :-) Everyone must be getting excited, yes? We have been resigning ourselves to the fact we won't be able to make IU6, but I keep holding out hope that we will suddenly find ourselves in a position to at least come to meet everyone. I will definitely email you for directions just in case.

Poor Phoebe! Marie, your photo gallery looks terrific!

Love your clematis and honeysuckle, Woody! Enjoyed Randy's report on Liam. :-)

Denise, I love Mitch's sense of humor. [g] Congrats on the prize, where is the photo you submitted?!

Kathy, you must be about ready for another flush of roses, no?

Great to see photos of Saucy's garden. I love that bee garden but don't envy you the snakes. Hope your back is feeling better today.

Kathy is correct, a lot of industry around here lately! I imagine Chelone will be straight out from now until IU6.

I have to stop there and wish I could comment on more. Very enthusiastic hellos to all I've missed! :-) :-)

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

The beauty of a Tassajara, California, sunset is enhanced by towering cumulonimbus clouds�but they will likely spoil the serene scene. These tallest of all clouds often produce violent storms of rain, thunder, lightning, hail, and high winds.
Photograph by Gary Crabbe/Alamy

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A bright, cheery good morning to my virtual friends. A few sunny days in a row can have a measurable impact on one's attitude even if I did have to spend two of them inside working. One very pleased customer is busily packing for her trip, another is coming tomorrow afternoon for a fitting on a completely altered summer suit and will be heading out for vacation next week. Whew! I was again reminded how much I really do enjoy alteration work. It IS fiddly and it does require precision but it is fun to take things apart, nipping and tucker as required and then reassembling. I've always like seeing happy faces when something they like looks "just right". And I really like the Salon, you guys! it was a joy to work there.

The helpmeet is indeed a saint. Even when he drives me nuts. I liked him the moment I met him (a quiet, droll sense of humor is definitely an attractant) but only the passage of years has revealed the unplumbed depth of his generosity and character. I don't believe there is a mean bone in his body and he's always up for a good time (rather like Rex, actually). :)

I spoke with the plumber last night who wanted to know when he'd be needed for the final hook up. He has a hankerin' to go fishing and I told him to go and enjoy himself. I'll let him know as soon as I've done what needs to be done. He told me I am his priority. Didn't see my brother yesterday but I figured he had something to do nearer his home and what's left here isn't all that pressing. He really reminds me of Dad; looks so much like him and has the same sense of humor and instintive willingness to touch any animal within easy reach. I frequently see him talking to a cat or that fool dog ("... well I know but we can't leave the wall in bare studs just so you can walk through it, you know...", that sort of nonsense).

I have a later start today, a harried boss called and asked me to delay arrival this morning which is OK. I need to run to the fabric store for an unusual shade of greenish thread to finish the topstitching on the suit and I have 2 cocealed zippers to reset this afternoon. That could be a challenge as I've not had to do it some years and my needle feed Juki does not have the proper foot for the job, so I'll have to haul out my trusty Kenmore zigzag. The one I haven't used for anything save buttonholing for nearly 20 yrs.!

Love all the first job remembrances... I've never milked a cow before, Marian. ;)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh what a beautiful morning! The cool weather (46F) actually allowed me a good sleep last night with only a few interruptions. I hope to get many small tasks accomplished. Showers predicted for Wednesday.

I was eight years old when I milked cows.(In France) I was not very good at it, but with practice got better. I enjoyed the baby calves but not seeing them sold for veal. That was a life altering time!

PM, it sure would be fun if we could visit. I hope things work out if only for a meet & greet. I'm hoping for cool & dry IU6 weather...but I know...

Enjoy today!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Heat lightning all night long, then it really got down to business at our place around 6 AM. We got another very nice rain, and it moved on out in about 1/2 hour. It is still rumbling in the distance....
Now my main outside need is to get the old garden spot mowed. I didn't get to it whan I did the mowing last week. The black locust seedlings are beginning to make it look like a young forest. :-(
BTW, I moved the cucumbers to the corner of the deck across from the large elephant ear's tub. It has improved greatly.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

It's blueberry pickin time...

mmm...yum! Aren't they beautiful?!

What a *perfect* morning! My neighbor and I went blueberry pickin at 7 traffic...sun shining...a comfortably cool 75 degrees...does it get any better than that? :-) Can you tell I'm in a good mood...LOL!

Anyway I picked 11 lbs. of blueberries...that cost me under $20.00. I have to pay $2.99 a *pint* at our grocery store.

Our weather has been perfect for the blueberries this year (actually it's been a perfect year for my garden too...and the weeds; of course)...LOL! I still have to pick my blueberries over, but I'd be surprised if I found more than just a few bad ones. The bushes were full of big juicy, perfect blueberries, ripe for picking. You just rest a bunch in your hand, tickle with your fingers and watch them drop into your bucket. :-) I think I smiled the whole time...singing "Anticipation" in my head and imagining all the yummies I'll be making! First thing I'm going to try is a recipe for Blueberry Ricotta Squares.

My first greedy instinct when I poured my "loot" into the bowl was to wrap my arms around the bowl and say "mine... mine...all mine"! I *do* love blueberries...LOL! But after I clean them up, I *will* share them with my friend Dot and my sis...they both love blueberries too.


Anita...we lived very fact my first love was from Bellwood. Wasn't River Forest beautiful too? Did you ever go into the "warming station" in downtown Oak Park to wait for the bus? I loved that little nook. I remember it was on the corner and a stone building that was very Arts & Crafts, with cool old lights and beautiful wood on the inside. And they had great old wood benches you could sit on as you waited for the bus and underneath the benches...*radiators"! What a welcome respite...especially on those cold, slushy winter days. :-)
Great memories for me! Funny, I can remember nearly *everything* from my childhood and see it as vividly as if it was just happening...but ask me where I just laid down my pen or what the name of the person I've just been chatting with is...and forget it...I have no clue. I have the worst short term memory and feel very badly that I can't remember people's names....plants, yes, people no. I hope it's not a bad reflection on me as a person...LOL! hubby and son were be big white water rafters...Colorado was there favorite place to go. I've only been white water rafting once in Wyoming and it was a pretty mild ride, which was A okay with me, but kind of disappointing for my hubby...LOL! As for myself, I enjoyed the lazy ride and was able to take in the view of a mama eagle feeding her babies in the nest...what a thrill that was! I'll take that over getting dumped out of a boat anytime! :-) I haven't decided yet if I will put any vines on the trellises in the pond area yet. I *do* like seeing the trellis. I did plant horsetail below the trellises with hopes that they would fill out and hide the trellises feet...but apparently the bunnies love horsetail...they've chewed them all down to stubs! :-(

Denise "your" clothesline is a hoot and I love the ship! I can't imagine the work it took to put that together.

Deanne...your Arabella is breathtaking! I'm definitely putting that one on my list...though I don't think I've ever seen it available here...I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.

Marian...glad you're getting the rain...we'll be getting some this afternoon and it's just in time. Some of my newly transplanted are looking a little peaked.

Kathy your coleus are gorgeous! I especially love that burgundy and wine one in your container picture...the container area sure is filling out nicely. Like Marian, my coleus seem to be taking a beating with earwigs this year...though much appreciated by me - they've been leaving my basil alone. probably don't recognize it cause it's not blooming yet, but the geranium in the center front is the one you sent to me a few years ago. I was upset when I thought I may have lost it this winter. It's taken awhile to get going, but now at least looks healthy again and has buds getting ready to bloom. I *love* the color of those flowers and thank you again for sending of my favorite pass along plants! :-) I'll have to share another pic when it's blooming.

Thanks Cindy for noticing the pond redo! :-) I am pretty happy with how things are shaping up. I know the large fish may look a little I'm kind of tickled with it. It's a figurine "Maxx" find along with the pedestal it sits on (which was actually a pottery seat that we turned upside down). Anyway, Paul and I turned it into a fountain with an old pump I had lying around. I'm not sure what if anything I'll put on the would have to be something that loves shade and I haven't figured out what vine would work...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

First jobs...well, my first job will probably gross you all does me when I think about it. I was about 12 years old. The carnival was coming to our town and me and my BF wanted to go in the worst way...but we had no money. What to do? We decided to offer our services to the local ma and pa gas stations in our area....we cleaned their *bathrooms*! I can't believe we did it, but we earned enough money to go to the carnival and neither of us came up with hydrophobia or even a sniffle for that matter. :-)

My second and "most fun" job was when I was 18 years old. I worked in the city and delivered medical records to was so much fun! I credit that job to knowing the downtown area like the back of my hand and I *love* walking and there was always so many wonderful sights and sounds and sometimes I'd stop and dip my feet in the fountain and listen to a little live music (if I was ahead in my deliveries). Wonderful times and my favorite job ever! to go prepare the blueberries...

Have a great day all!


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I had the same first job as many around here, bean walking, detasseling and babysitting. Later in college I worked at the city library.

Last night Jaden and I had the most wonderful walk at dusk. The air was warm with a slight breeze and the fireflies twinkled brightly over the fields as we walked down our country road. Ahhh, the simple things in life.

The pressure is on here these days. We left for camping on Thursday night after work and returned Sunday. After the week in FL and then a couple of rainy nights after we returned and then camping and lots of rain during that time, the garden is quite weedy. I have about a dozen ladies coming Thurs. night for a garden tour - yikes! We have had tons of rain in July after a dry June which is really the opposite of usual for us.

A few things Im enjoying in my garden lately is the 2 Arabella cuttings that I rooted last year putting out blooms. Im letting both sprawl on the ground. The Asiatic lilies are putting on quite a show, most of mine have formed very large clumps. This year my hostas have really bulked up and are looking quite impressive.

'bug, nice gallery - how nice to have all your favorite pictures grouped together. I like your corydalis/hosta combo. Is that one plant? Have you had reseeding? I have one corydalis elata in its 2nd year and its quite small. Now Butterfly Blue delphinium is a true cobalt blue that is very eye catching in my garden.

Saucy, how fun to be mingling with Wendy and Deanne.

Kathy, is that an oregano? I havent tried growing any but Kents Beauty has caught my eye at several botanical gardens.

Denise, that dahlia looks perfect in that container.

Mary, I enjoy seeing pictures of your garden and the birds. I thought of you the other day as a group of quail crossed the road in front of me. I was curious when I typed this so check and its not a group, a group of quail is called a covey, bevy, or drift per Wikipedia.

PM, I encourage you to meet up with the Idylls if at all possible - they are the sweetest and most fun people you could ever meet.

Ei, great container! I wondered when I first saw the picture. I thought it would be perfect with the other colors. I dont know if I have that one any more or not, Im waiting on one to bloom to know for sure. The ivy leaved ones arent nearly as vigorous for me. The blueberries look yummy. DH was at the market recently and they had a huge overstock of blueberries and were selling them for 7 cents a pint. He bought a bunch and froze them. We like them in smoothies. I also made blueberry muffins for the family when we were camping last weekend and really loaded them with the berries.

Chelone, you are right I'd be freaked, but Kenzie wouldn't. Here is the latest picture from DD. Kenzie caught one of the fast moving lizards and she looks pretty happy about it.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

In the category of "the more things change...", DD and her cousin went to Crate & Barrel today and they decided it would be very cool to buy a large piece of Marimekko print fabric and mount it on wooden stretcher bars. I took her down to the storage room to show her the one I had mounted back in 1977. It's still beautiful but I don't have any appropriate place to hang it in this house.

On the topic of early jobs, I forgot to mention that I never really did any babysitting to speak of. I grew up in a real baby boomer neighborhood and we were all about the same age. No opportunity for baby sitting!

Not much else to share tonight.


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More travel arrangements were made this evening; Ill drive to the city the evening before my very early morning flight and stay in an airport hotel, and parking for the duration is included in the package. Tapping my footare we there yet ?

Helpmeets virtues will be tested as he finds himself faced with a full court press of Idylls. I believe he may be up to the challenge the droll humor will help. Cleverly designed spaces such as the Salon pay off a pleasant workspace certainly makes work less so.

Eileen, that Coleus is Mariposa and I mail ordered it from Rosy Dawn. The leaves are very large , by far the largest on any of the coleus I have this year. Blueberry-ricotta squares sounds very tasty indeed ! Love your container combo with Michelles geranium- and nice to see your cool table again with the berries displayed so nicely !

I believe that Michelle is the only person I know who was employed as a de-tasseler . it would be a mystifying entry on the resume I think ! Though perhaps not in Iowa, lol. That is in fact Kents Beauty Michelle, I love the ornamental Oreganos and have several different cultivars. I use regular culinary oregano as filler in bouquets as well. Oreganos really thrive in our climate.

PM, the 2nd flush is almost over for many of the roses, but things get more staggered as summer progresses. Some are putting on a third batch of blooms, others never really stop. Hoping you can stop by and see us for a while during IU ! I used to feel bad about luring the birds into my garden and then seeing them stalked by cats, but Ted and Doobie have gotten so lazy that a bird can pretty much hop around on the ground 10 feet away and they just blink lazily and doze off again. They have become "Patio Potatoes" lol.

OK , time to decide whether to open up the house now or wait another ½ hour. A/C is still blowing but cool off is happening outside.
Upstairs is always an issue

Nite all !

Where is Martie ?

Kathy in Napa

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I am running late this morning and feeling the pressure. I have to make the cover for a big awning this morning (while the shop is empty and the phone isn't ringing) and I have a late afternoon alterations app't. that involves a final fitting. After that, it should be no work until after Camp.

I believe one of the cats pulled an "all nighter" and that makes me terribly nervous. I don't believe in tempting the night shift but the helpmeet does not take that as seriously as I do. What will be, will be. But I'd like to see her before leaving for work.

Brother is coming today, too for more mudding and a few other things. Will the tile arrive today as promised?

Only time will tell.

MIchelle, Kenzie does look quite pleased with herself and reminds me very much of myself at that age... better what out! ;)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I see pink clouds forming on the horizon. "Sailors take warning!"

Very much enjoying Ei's blueberry post! It brings back memories from - oh my!- 58 years ago! I was in Alsace on family holidays and our neighbor Madame Karl made enormous blueberry tarts for us with the berries my Dad, sister and I picked in the Vosges mountains. Poor Daddy had to haul the containers, giant metal milk jugs, back down the mountains to the village. But even he felt it was worth it! YUM! It was at about this time that I collected a small "pet" snake and gave older ladies heart failure with it, unintentionally. Kenzie's photo is a reminder of those times too!

Ah YES! Marimekko! When my parents came to West Africa to join me for a short holiday back in 1966, my Mom brought me a bright red dress with a pretty design in the fabric, and yes it was Merimekko. Later, in Ithaca New York, I bought a pattern in green that I used to decorate the kitchen and later resurrected it for use in our family home in Toronto. Somewhere along the way there was also a navy and white Merimekko pattern, but I can't place the decade any longer.

I fully understand needing to see kitty before heading off to "the shoe factory" (as DH puts it). It sounds like a busy day full of heavy work and excitement as well. ..The kind of day I'll enjoy reading about later on!

I have high hopes for weeding, planting, rock gathering and burning at the fire pit before the rains fall.

Enjoy your Wednesday activities!

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That's an exciting Wednesday, gb! Chelone will be wrestling with an wrestles rocks.

I'm headed to the wholesaler again this morning - I love these trips with my neighbor. I don't think I've been this late in the season, so it will be fun to see what's there.

Ei, your blueberries bring up memories of blackberries for me. Once we went to a farm and did the "pick your own" and I remember that as being hard work, even for a kid. Seems it was very hot that day (when isn't it hot in the south?) and I remember lots of scatches on my arms. My grandpa would eat the berries like a bowl of cereal: berries covered over with cream. I ate them while I picked and then no longer had a craving for blackberries once they were in the kitchen :)

My first job was the best! I worked at Baskin-Robbins - 31 flavors! Funny, I don't remember any of us being over high school aged. The owners just gave us all keys and put us in charge.

I have to say that my wrists were always tired at the end of a long hot day - scooping is hard work!

I had fun jobs before joining the Navy - I worked at the video store (watched all the latest movies), and the car wash (drove all the cool cars). I always quit the ones that weren't good for one reason or another (I am NOT a good waitress!).

I couldn't wait to get out of the Navy while I was in it, but I loved working in the Outside Machine Shop in San Diego. The weather was always nice and I was always outside, and the guys in my shop treated me like one of the guys (I had come from a shop where I felt unwelcomed - and harassed). They even watched my soaps with me at lunch time. It was nice to have tools and fix things, too. Something I've carried with me (I can fix things!). They called me "String Bean". On recollection, I broke a lot of things in that shop during the learning process - that really helped me bond with the other guys - I was always asking for help in fixing something.

Okay, I'd better get a move on! Have a great day.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Oh...I didn't realize you would all be seeing Chelone's garden too...what a treat! I would *love* to see the compound, Chelone's garden & home and would really love to meet that most handsome Rex in person! Chelone, don't worry...they will have so much fun and you will too! I admit when everyone was here it was a bit of a blur to me. I had never met any of the Idylls and I was worrying about mom & sis issues and just didn't *relax*! The Idylls were wonderful and appreciative and only regret is I didn't soak it all in as much as I could have and really lived in the moment. But it still was a great time for me and a special memory. I definitely want to come to another Idyllunion and just enjoy everybody.

So, if the Idyllunion will be making a trip to Deanne's and Chelone's does that mean you'll also get to see Sue's and Monique's...and possibly Mary's too?! Wish I could be there.

Saucy...ouch...I can imagine the pain of picking blackberries...raspberries too! I love them both, but don't think I'd enjoy picking them either. Can you imagine doing that for a living? That must be hard, painful work...makes me appreciate those little pints of them I see in the store and now I'll look at the cost with a little more appreciation.

Kenzie must be such a joy for you grandma! She makes me smile. 7 cents a that's a deal!

Loved your story Bug. What a wonderful memory and I can just imagine how delicious *wild* mountain blueberries must be.

So V...did your DD take your Marimeeko? I would! :-)

Gotta get moving on the house cleanup today...even though I'd rather be in the gardens. The hubby's family descends in just a couple of days! :-)

Have a great day all!


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Had to google Marimekko and bean walking, the latter apparently being weeding amongst the beans. Kenzie is an adorable water sprite. Hope she practices catch and release with the little guy in her fist.

Came across a snippet of video from a Nova special "First Flower." Anyone catch it when it aired? The clip shows Dan Hinkley in China going ape over the diversity of genera in a roadside verge. Really remarkable.

Ei, nice pot with the setacrease. Snails made away with mine. What a bounty of blueberries! My first semester of college in Sonoma I rented a house that had a blackberry hedgerow. I must've turned violet that year from all the tarts and pies (as in Wonka's "You're turning violet, Violet!") Picking and eating fresh berries makes indelible stains on the fingers and the memory, judging from the reminiscences.

Knock wood Chelone's night owl is sleeping it off in some cozy corner. Joseph the male cat has been religiously dragged in before sunset by Duncan since the last bite injury nearly lamed Joe, but the girls occasionally pull all-nighters. And all these odd habits will have to be conveyed to the house-sitter. And the tomatoes kept alive til we return...aagh! Usually either Dune or Mitch or both are home to watch things, but this trip everyone goes.

Ei's comments re hosting an IU has me wondering if there is an idyll historian who remembers who's attended each of the IUs, who hosted, etc. Just a nosebag inquiry ;)

One more transcript to go on my brand-new 23-inch monitor on which you can read text at 100 feet (yesterday the old one went dark and is now E-waste), then some window shade shopping for the bath house, start grouping plants into watering zones, rigging some sort of automated sprinkler. I really hate leaving for 10 days in July!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

It's been a hectic week and Im working on gearing towards the vacation too -- heading off to Vermont for a couple days with my SIL before driving over the the IU meet-up in New England....

Love that bowl of blueberries, Ei - Major yum; I love berries of almost every variety - and have picked blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries - used to have own raspberry canes which were terrific fun and made it hard for me to understand their horribly high prices in the stores - I have wonderful memories of handmade sorbets with them over the years....

Denise -- I totally "get" the emotions now of why gardeners sooo hate to go on vacation of more than 2 days at a time in spring and summer! Worrying about pets and gardens and their mutual survival is a test of one's ability to throw off the inability to control everything... and hope for the best....

Hastening thru here... but wanted to see what's up - my foot is tapping too with the anticipated fun, games and exciting gardens...


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

DD and DSIL are going camping for 2 weeks. I am annoyed that Skyler misses out on that, but at least he will come here in August. They have bought a truck from DSIL's brother and just bought a camper top for it which is quite luxurious.They'll have a good time!

Did you know that babies are born with their adult sized eyes? Here is Miss Ivy. I can't wait until they arrive here, but first, IU6 is calling my name!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Oh my goodness! Ivy is sooo precious!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Darling photo of Ivy! We had a visit from a week old babe at the office today, the new daughter of two employees, and it's always amazing to see those little fingers and toes. She wouldn't share her eyes with us, though. They were shut tight as she peacefully dozed the entire time.

Denise, at the risk of leaving someone out, I think that Sue, Les & Monique and I have been to all of the IU's so far. It would be fun to compile a history of the IU's. I know various people have the attendee lists and itineraries. I think this is something that should be discussed in the salon and a plan fomented for the winter months.

Chelone, DD is almost done with her first skirt and is hoping to have another pattern done before we leave next week. It's an "Easy 1 hour" pattern so she hopes to be able to finish it in three days. :) I think she'll enjoy seeing your equipment and the Salon.

I pledged to myself that I would make this a productive evening. The enormous mess in the kitchen is 80% gone, the laundry is underway and I have a few odd tasks to wrap up. So I think I shall get to it!


ps - our black raspberries are ready for picking but the mozzies are just awful this year. I may try to get some picked on Sunday.

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Looks like Ivy's hair is lightening up. I didn't know that about babies having adult sized eyes. Or if I did I had forgotten. I love the fresh look of babies.

It rained again this morning and our humidty is back. I worked on containers today. Nothing exciting.

I feel Idyllunion excitment building. N

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL) took the words right out of my mouth...what a precious baby! there a trick to picking raspberries and blackberries without getting chewed up by the thorns?

V's got my head spinning...what is a mozzie?

Does anybody know the particular variety of blackberry that is always so monstrous when you see it in the grocery store? Is it something that would be hardy in Zone 5? All of Cindy's talk about the berries she use to grow has me thinking that maybe I need to find a spot for them somewhere in my yard; possibly behind the shed? Are they a lot of work to maintain? The area behind the shed is nice and sunny now because we cut down the old silver maple that use to grow there and so I need to move all the hostas, ferns, etc. that are growing there now. We did replace the silver maple with an oak tree that just tickles me. I think oaks are so pretty. It's not terribly huge and I'll probably be long gone before it gives really good shade, but I'm enjoying it's charm anyway.

My dear sweet neighbor that moved away use to grow gooseberries. I *loved* her gooseberry pie. Unfortunately the people who bought her house tore the plants out...such a shame. If I had known they were going to do that, I would have rescued one or two for my own garden.

Oh well, I'm pooped from cleaning the kitchen all day...I think I dislike cleaning kitchens even more than cleaning bathrooms. There's too many things to clean in a kitchen!

Well, I won't think about that unfun job, instead I'll dream tonight about what else I can make from all my blueberries. I separated them all into 2 cup measures in baggies and then froze them. I didn't wash them because washing them before you freeze them tends to make them mushy. Oh well, I'm just babbling with scattered thoughts, so I think it's off to bed for me.

Have a wonderful evening all.

Oh, I think I've just realized what a mozzie is...mosquito; right?

Anyway, good night!


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Im unmolested by mozzies, and wonder if the NE version will find me more appetizing than the western bugs do.

My journey to NE is an all day affair , but I am rewarded by visiting with Idyll friends both before and after IU. Picnic preparation parties, airport greetingsall on the agenda. Denise, if you go back on some old threads in late July you might find pics from past IUs. I am only a sophomore but would not willingly miss another.

Ivy has reached the stage of ultimate cuteness, and I hail your DD for the camping gig;my DH and I had an agreement to never take anyone younger than 2 camping, and we kept the pact. Once they both hit the right age we were off and away several times a year.

Not much else to report, have watering to do, and I think our heat wave finally broke tonight. One more hotel booking needs to be taken care ofwave to all

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Fly-by ...

Ei, I feel a need to warn you about blackberries. The ones I planted took years to eradicate. They spread terribly, uncontrollably. I have tons of work controlling my raspberries. I started with 6 plants and have thousands now suckering about. I cut them back to the ground each year and need to tie string around them so that they don't hang to the ground from the weight of the berries. If I didn't have an addiction to them, no way would I put up with the nuisance they present.

Yesterday a sweet friend came by to enjoy the clematis here. We talked about magazine garden photos, the death of her maple, insects, local drama, a friends illness, and lovely names of plants and plant stories. She sent me a kind thank you note and among other things said:
you are right
i need baptisia
i had a lovely evening with my eyes closed remembering names and floods of blossoms
thankyou for a memorial celebration
gardens are silent magic
this am i had a fire of the fallen maple..the fragrance was a surprise
hope you saw the pinkdawn

I liked that, "silent magic".

Tomorrow is sale day of office furniture at the university. I'm afraid we will be joining the mobs at lunchtime to locate filing cabinets and possibly a chair for my computer desk. I have no idea how we will transport any of it in a tiny Honda Fit.

We accomplished much that was on my list today: some mowing, some weeding, some planting, some rock collecting. DH had a huge bonfire to burn rose canes etc... It was very HOT and dramatic!

A few shots from today:
The area where I'm putting rocks.

White baptisia and clematis

Grass and Astilbe

Sweet dreams!

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Even I have to grudgingly admit that Ivy is pretty cute. Wouldn't we all kill for skin with such clarity??

The tile is sitting on the hearth and it glistens. I'll like it even more when it's on the shower surround. ;) But next few days around here with lots to do and plenty of "sanitizing" in the future.

More thises and thats have appeared on my list at work. My present assignment is a "life sentance" and I had a very frustrating day yesterday. I might have lost it had the tile not arrived, lol.

OK, I have to get rollin' here.

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Good morning! It seems as if today is Michelle's birthday!

Today is the farmer's market. I'm going to work with my friend again. I am meeting another gardener there and he is going to give me a gunnera leaf and an astiliboides leaf for me to cast!



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For Michelle...Hope you have a great birthday!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

And a happy day to all! I hope there's a little gardening for everyone!

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Good Morning all! Guess What??? Yesterday we had SUN for nearly the whole day! After TCS's swimming lesson and a short shoppoing trip, then off to get the two flat tires on the car repaired (road construction can be a nuisance!), we went for a drive to see a house for sale which apparently has huge and beautiful gardens. Unfortunately from the road we could only see about a dozen large hydrangeas, but to me that's indicative of a gardner-in-residence. We then actually sat on the wine deck, with wine even, disucssing weighty matters and being serious. What a waste of wine deck time *LOL* I finally got into my relocated back garden where the soil has compacted to concrete and the weeds have managed to sprount anyway. Got that all cleaned up before dinner. A sort of productive day I guess.

Today I am going to finish painting the baseboards in TCS's room. I am going room by room here, decluttering, making minor repairs, putting small annoyances to rights. After IU VI I intend to try to do a room a week in this way. Just little stuff. Julie Jobs.

I have done all my shopping for IU VI, and now am starting to pack. DH has told me that I won't exctly be a fashion plate, (he especially dislikes the Crocs) but he thinks I will have fun. I don't like my IUVI haircut so I'm getting another one today.

Oh goodness that Ivy is sweet! Oh to be young and adventurous and go camping with a little one! Marie your DD and family seem like such an energetic and fun bunch!

And another Ruby Birthday! Hope you have a happy day Michelle!

Blackberries and Raspberries - I love them, and Raspberries are DH's favourite. Everytime I've gone to a "pick your own" place to pick my own, I have ended up with poison ivy. I just need to know that there's some nearby and I get it. So I do go to the roadside stands or farmer's markets to buy them already in the basket. Raspberry pie is heaven to DH but my pastry skills aren't the best so I buy the frozen pie shell and cook em up for him.

Today if the weather is any good I will take photos of my gardens, being selective so I don't get the rotten parts on film (or whatever it is we get them on now!), and upload to a Photobucket album that we can look at if we have five minutes of down time at IU. Ha! As if!

I still have one very messy area to put to rights after the fence construction but as it is on the nasty neighbour side I haven't hurried up. Not very kind of me and it's starting to bother me, so I will maybe at least get started there today. I hate being mean.

Also, Tucker distinguished himself by eating the living room windowsill, so I have work to do there. And Ajax came prancing in yesterday with blood streaming from his paw, where he had caught a nail and ripped up his toe. He isn't putting that foot on the floor today, so maybe I will try to gently soak it and figure out what I can put it to promote healing without making him sick. It may mean another trip to the vet. They love me there, they see me so often it seems.

Anyway, off to do battle with the elements for yet another day!



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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hope you have a lovely day!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Happy Birthday, Michelle -- many happy returns for the day!! Hope it's lovely for you.


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Good evening Friends, temps have cooled off here, but three days of above 90 temps did not do the garden any favors. Things are just growing like mad, but so dry the best feature is the Dahlias which continue to pump out flowers in spite of the heat. And the lilies ! The Asiatics and trumpets are done, and now the Orientals are opening- So beautiful ! I am taking photos and will post this weekend. I really need to plant more, I enjoy them so much. Its a crap-shoot though, I always get some that just dont do well here.

bug, I love your Tydll and the sentiments behind it. It made me think about how I cherish the early AM in the garden. When you have close neighbors the mornings are the quiet time; I seem to be the earliest riser in the neighborhood. Being out in the garden with the birds and Ted and Doobie while the neighborhood sleeps is just the best.

Woody, your garden just looks beautiful ! The new bed is really filling in nicely and I think you really hit the spot on the design . You must get a tremendous amount of satisfaction out of it.

V, you have got the camera down pat I think- we are going to be expecting some pretty nice contributions form you on the IU threads. Ive decided to take my laptop along so I can post here from the road.

Lol Julie, hopefully Tucker did not escape after eating the windowsill and head over to Woodys to challenge Liam to a duel !

All for me tonight, Im going to watch the baseball game and do WALATs during the commercials.

Check in Martie ?
Wheres Anita ?

6 Days to IU6
Kathy in Napa

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