Recommendations for pump and Venturis?

rovenorth(Western WA)January 15, 2014

Greetings ...

I am new to the Pond Forum and have enjoyed reading various posts.

In Spring 2013 I excavated a 50' diameter by 5.5' deep pond on the low side of my property. Its unlined, and fed by groundwater and roof downspouts. Its currently holding water nearly to its brim (approximately 80,000 gallons), and migratory birds (mostly ducks) land on it a lot, much to my delight.

Come Spring I know phase two of creating and maintaining this pond will involve attending to its ecology. I do not intend to have fish in it, nor do I intend to install a decorative sort of waterfall.

For energy efficiency and ease of maintenance, I've tentatively decided on an external pump. I would like to keep the purchase under $500, and am thinking something on the order of 3500 to 5000 gph will be sufficient for starters. The array of pumps on the market is pretty dizzying! I would appreciate hearing recommendations on reliable pumps.

I am aware a 3500 to 5000 gph pump likely will be insufficient to maintain healthy oxygen levels. To increase oxygenation, I will install one (or more) venturi units. On venturis, that's basically my question. If one is good, would splitting the pipe such that I could install two or three be a good idea?? I've seen multiple rave reviews of venturis, but have yet to encounter any for installing more than one on the same pump.

Many thanks, and happy ponding! Is "ponding" a word? If not, it should be ...

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joe_09(z7 ny)

look into the performance pro.the 1/4 hp will pump 4900 gal/hr 9 ft high.uses 300 watts.been running mine for 12 yrs.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

So you intend to maintain it for birds?? Will your water supply keep it filled or will there be periods of low water
Ducks and geese as you probably know .produce a lot of waste and are ver destructive to vegetation. I take it these are wild ducks ?? Since you're in Australia are they covered under migratory bird laws?
I think it's lage enough to support some flocks particularly if they migrate.
If it were mine I'd skip the pumps and concentrate on water supply and runoff. Plantings are important obviously and have no idea what to suggest
A duck pond is VERY different than a fish pond so needs much different management
Sounds like a fun project . Hope you keep us informed on its progress?? Good luck gary.

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rovenorth(Western WA)

Apologies to you both for the delay in saying thanks for your replies! Computer trouble on my end made for the delay.

Joe, if it isn't a pain for you, could you tell me the model of your Performance Pro pump? I did take your advice and looked at a website, but there's a heck of a lot of pumps!

(The website I was looking at

Gary, I'm not sure how in the world I gave you the bad info: I'm in Western Washington, USA, not Australia ... though a trip to Australia sounds great! The ducks and herons have not stuck around. They stay briefly, and it seems the visits are getting fewer. I am not doing anything to keep them from moving along, and move along they do.

I think I've got a frog or two, though ... something's blipping around in the water lately.

As for the water source, there's a maybe 50' drop from the front of the property to the bottom of the pond at the back of the property. It seems to get a whole lot of groundwater filling it. I imagine I'll have at least two issues. One, I know it will drop come Summer, but I don't know how much (max depth now is 5.5'). Two, these wet months, I will have to trench some kind of overflow for it. So far it's gotten just inches for the top, but still hasn't gone over the top.

I'm a serious newbie on this, as must be obvious, but certainly am enjoying having the pond and learning about its care. Yes, thanks for the invite, I will keep you posted and put up a pic or two as things move along.

I'm still puzzling over: are two Venturis better than one? Will get it figgered out by the time Spring rolls around.

Best wishes ...

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always use to pumps one goes out you have back up .I have koi and pond is 11 years old and I have not lost a fish

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

I'm in western Wa. also and have several ponds I dug with a bulldozer. I'm wondering why you need a pump and a venturi?
Some of my 12 ponds have fish in them and some do not. I buy feeder goldfish @ ten cents a piece to eat mosquito larvae. As the ponds go low in the late summer I watch the Herons and Kingfishers feed. Koi are too expensive to feed to the wildlife. None of my ponds have a pump. I haven't seen the need.
I have found that the native Cattail and a yellow Iris are too vigorous, even in a large pond.
Mike....near Maple Valley, Wa.

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rovenorth(Western WA)

Hi Mike ...

Okay, let me think really hard, I'm sure I can come up with the right reply. How about this? WOW. Or maybe HOLY SMOKES.

Kudos, Mike, you are one heck of an artiste! Artiste, as you may know, is even better than plain old artist cuz it's got that extra "e.". And you're also clearly one heck of a hard worker too. I took the liberty of looking at your Photo Bucket pics. I don't know whether I've ever seen more beautiful work.

My ambitions on this 2/3 acre near Bellingham are not nearly so splendid as yours, for sure, but I do intend to have some fun.

On the pump issue ... I am proceeding on the assumption that come Spring for the sake of water quality in a 50' diameter and 5.5' deep pond (approx 80K gals), a pump will at least help to keep the skeeters down (I'd prefer not to acquire fish) and the algae too.

As must be clear, by gum, I am new to ponds. I dug mine with a small excavator, and pushed the excavated material to a low spot on the lot. Seems to have worked out fine. I am noticing rises and falls with the weather this Winter, and will be curious to see how low it goes come Summer. I don't want to spend the money on a liner, but will if I must.

Anyway, Mike, point well taken. Who knows? Maybe I won't need a pump at all ... though I don't mind the relatively minor expense, and erring on the side of good water.

Best wishes ...

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