adidas(6/7)June 9, 2014

Pretty sure this is a goldenrod and I know it is tricky to def. ID goldenrods but could someone tell me which slender leaf goldenrods might be in my area...Appalachians VA? The only one I see is S. tenuifolia but I don't think it's this because I don't see branching.


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My question would be one of the small flowered white asters.

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No, I'm 99% sure this is goldenrod. It has the goldenrod flowers and though not visible in this pic it did have the long woody sticks from last season. I cannot get a good pic of what the small clumps (def. a clumper) look like because there are none left...the rabbits have eaten them all!

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Ok, I didn't realize that you'd seen the flowers.

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