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kathyjane(z6VA)September 18, 2012

And the leaf, having been sunburned

and whipped by summer storms, was tired

of hanging on for dear life and

finally let go and drifted

to the ground near the fish pond.

The other leaves laughed

in the rising wind; there were

so many of them, they feared no demise

and felt no loss in one small leaf.

But, the tree knew, only as a mother would,

and said nothing, only bowing her head

and sighing in the wind.


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Beautiful for fall days ahead.

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KJ, what a gift both you and Lilo have for putting words together. That is really lovely! Thanks so much.

We're finally having a REALLY rainy day which started during the wee hours. It and the stiff breeze will bring down many of those little "sunburned" leaves.

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Beautiful, KJ - poignant and whimsical

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Thank you, my friends; you are always so sweet and fair to everyone on the GP and set an example for all.
KJ tries to follow in her sporatic way....
(being a Yankee is tough at times; no lie!)

----the tree is an old, old Crabapple about 25' from where I sit at the computer and she is very real. I feel so sorry for her it hurts me when I trim the sprouts from
her aging limbs.

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Nice poem. Especially since it comes from your own experience and you share it with others.

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That is beautiful.

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Thank you very much for helping me give the Crabapple recognition.
She has endured many trimmings over the 15 years I've lived here and she has two of my sweet deceased cats buried under her boughs.
She watches over them day and night and shelters me also, when once in awhile I can find time to sit on the
lichen-encrusted wooden bench waiting in her shadow.

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Make that 'sporadic'!!!!!! ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!
Can't STAND misspelling something!!!!!
I KNEW something wasn't right somewhere----needed more coffee, that's what!

mwheel---we had your gale winds and sideways rain starting around 9AM this morning! Hope you didn't have any damage!

Tonight I got out the Cub and sweet little trailer and started picking up more downed Oak limbs again!

My SIL and I took a HUGE load of brush, limbs, etc., to the brush area (they grind it up for mulch) at our local landfill a few months ago----he has an open car-trailer, which he loads with the scoop on his tractor. We throw a huge tarp over the top and strap it all down and off we go!
Well, he was hoping it would be at least 4 months before the next trip!
HA!!!! You oughta SEE the brush piles I've made in the past couple months since the REALLY big storm! ( I just keep working out from the middle in a big circle) The huge fallen Oak limbs and trunk pieces I have in a separate pile for easier loading----have it down to a fine art.....best part is, coming back, we always stop for a cup of coffee and a doughnut to enjoy on the way home in the trusty F350! Nirvanna!

Life can be so good!

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I know just how you feel about spelling mistakes, but, I swear, until I read your correction, I never even noticed it!!

We didn't have much damage in our immediate vicinity, but points east, especially D.C. and surrounding areas, got hit hard, again. Trees on houses, cars, power lines, streets flooding--they've really had a rough summer!!

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The storm went through here on Monday with very little disturbance. I was not here but when I checked a bit ago I just found the usual oak litter, half of it from the young squirrels who still try to figure out how to make nests which stay put.

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