ID of volunteers looking like strawberries

denispk(6)June 2, 2014

Attached pic showing a 3 leaf ragged edged oblong leaf. Growing on a vertical stem with these 3 leaf shoots unfurling from it.
Volunteers are on the corner of a 3' high raised bed and additional volunteers are on the ground below this raised bed.
Looks like a Indian mock strawberry, but not sure. Just found it as I started to weed the raised bed.
The green shoots are pink tinged as they age.
The leaves are 3" long x 1" wide.

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Probably rather some Potentilla, not Duchesnea/ mock strawberry

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Iinaria - Thank you so much for your suggestion to look at the Potentilla. Never heard of this species and there are hundreds of variations. Including many 3 leaf varieties. Hopefully, my plants will have many colored flowers, as I love portulaca and nasturtiums for their different colored flowers.

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