Repairing Utility Line Work

AlphaBravo83October 26, 2012

I am happy to be finally posting my first question -- I've been using this forum since I purchased my first home last fall and have been committing a lot of my weekend time towards lawn care with the advice and suggestions I found here. My builder put down bermudagrass sod a few weeks before I bought the house, and I've spent many, many hours this summer babying the lawn into a nice turf. What a great resource this site is!

While I was leaving for work this morning, I noticed that a utility company had come through and marked up the front yard with spraypaint where the gas and power line locations are. My neighbor saw me out there and came out to explain that he was getting AT&T internet installed and they were having to run a line from the box down the block, right through my yard. I understand they have right away through the easement, but certainly it's upsetting as they're about to dig a trench the full width of my front yard to bury the line, right as the lawn is going dormant. So not only will I get to stare at the spray paint for the next 5 months because the grass isn't growing, but I'm also concerned about whether the area that they have to dig up and put back down will survive the winter.

My internet company had to bury a line as well last year, but it was during warmer weather and the grass grew back together pretty quickly. I'm mostly worried about the seasonal temperatures...

So my long story short -- I am wondering if any of you have suggestions about what I can do to care for the grass in this situation to help its recovery. I can't imagine that this kind of trauma is good for the patches they replant, especially now that's going dormant. If any of you have been through something similar, would I have any recourse to compel AT&T to repair any damage?

Thank you so much for your replies.

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Most cable companies plow in the lines and do not trench them in. The ones I watched in the new homes around our house, had a narrow metal plow, that had a hole that they feed the cable into. The cable went down through the plow and came out in the foot. As the plow moved forward the the cable was feed in the top and out the bottom, leaving just a little broken ground in the lawn. In fact when they returned and drove the machine along the plow line. it nearly disappeared

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

If they do trench it in, be sure they put all the soil back into the trench and mound up the extra rather than scattering the "extra" around the yard. It all has to go back where it came from or else in three years you will have a low spot along the entire trench. Mound it up and live with the little mound until it finally settles back to level.

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I appreciate your responses, gentlemen. Thankfully I was home when the crew came to bury the cable, so I met them outside. They showed up with a trenching machine -- but they used a manual edger to bury the line across my yard. Then they promptly used the trencher to bury it in my neighbor's yard. His grass is all kinds of torn up. Makes me wonder if I would've gotten the same treatment if I hadn't gone out there and let them know I was watching.

it seems to have no ill effects on the lawn, especially since I've been giving the area a healthy water treatment. All that worrying for nothing :).

Thank you!

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