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tisha_(z7 OKC)September 13, 2010

I want to be able to keep my bouquet, so I decided to use fake flowers for the bouquets and the boutonnieres. The centerpeices will be real though (and I think I'm going to have my cousin make up 2 large bouquets of them, and deliver them to a nursing home, the day after the wedding)

Anyway, my mom, me, my cousin (bridesmaid), and my aunt worked on the bouquets and boutonnieres this weekend. We got all of the bouquets done and 2 boutonnieres and 2 corsages.

The rest will have to wait until the flowers for them come in. They will be like the large purple ones in my bouquet, except they are smaller "picks". They are supposed to be in today. I hope they are!

(the clear plastic things in the centers are just to help them keep their shape while they are being stored until the wedding)

My Bouquet:

It took bolt cutters to cut the stems down to the right length!

Maid of Honor Bouquet

Bridesmaids Bouquets (they are 7 stems and MOH's is 11)

Boutonniere's for Keith's grandpa and my uncle (all of the other bouts will be the dark purple.)

Corsages for my aunts (My momÂs and KeithÂs mom's will both be the dark purple callas, and there will be 3 of them on theirs.)

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Tisha, your bouquets are lovely; very creative and original.

Nowadays, most "fake flowers" are so well made that, until they're touched, -- or smelled! -- one isn't aware that they're not "real". I had a special arrangement for our 50th anniversary made of artificial flowers and it sits on the coffee table, where we can see it, everyday. It gets moved only when the great-grandsons come to visit!

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Tish, you did a beautiful job and they're lovely......especially your bridal bouquet. I just took a big sigh of relief when I saw those pictures, because fussing with fresh flowers immediately before your own wedding would be one of the most stressful things you can tie into and there is absolutely no room for error.

You have orchestrated this event well, but when the big day comes you want to go into it without a bunch of last minute details and just ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY. Won't be long now, will it?

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Well, I'd still take fresh flowers over artificial but I do agree that your bouquets are very beautiful and your creativity is a delight. Enjoy the day! Whatever makes you happy goes a long way to making everyone around you happy as well.

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tisha_(z7 OKC)

Thanks, y'all! I'm very pleased with how they turned out.

Tonight we'll be finishing them up, so I'm really excited to get them ALL done! :-D

The reason I did fake flowers, is because I wanted to be able to keep my bouquet, to display it in a case. :-)

The centerpieces will be real flowers though (bought from Sam's Whole Club!).

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Stalks of calla for centerpieces will be easier than trying to do bouquets, buttonholes and corsages. And you won't have to worry about traying and cooling them and how well they're able to keep. You don't have a very large window of time to make them up. I used to do wedding flowers as part of my business and was always up to the last hours before the service finishing them up. It was very, very stressful and since the cuts had to be ordered in, no room for error. I have also had some nasty surprises in very expensive cuts I ordered in from mainline cut flower wholesalers. One time I had to wire together roses petal by petal when I opened the boxes and found them disintegrated upon shipment. You don't want to be an amateur when faced with challenges like that. Weddings are not a good time for surprises!

The centerpieces shall be the only flowers your guests would be up front and personal with, so the money is well spent making them fresh. I'll bet nobody will even really know the ones you are carrying aren't. And BTW......good silk hand-tied flowers aren't cheaper than fresh. And they can even be carefully washed!

So, even if you had another motive for doing silks (oh gosh don't call them fakes, lol) it's prolly going to turn out better for you in more ways than one in the long run. Good choice. And BTW, being in the flower business as a grower, I am very biased toward fresh as a rule. ;-)

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