If there is a next life..,

anneliese_32(6)September 2, 2012

If there is a next life, I wish I could leave a reminder to myself to go to a trade school before doing anything else after highschool.

So fare this morning: trod to Walmart to get a valve for the upstairs toilet and repair. Husband needs it about once an hour and can't negotiate the stairs to use the one downstairs. While at it, install a new flap. Plumbing course.

Due to the drought, the back screen door don't want to close again. Slammed it shut, broke the lock, so off I go again to get a new doorlock at above Walmart. Does that fall under a locksmith major?

Friday I had to re-wire a lamp. Need to become an electrician, can't count the many times I had to repair electrical stuff.

And somebody needs to repair the shed door, fallen out knots weakend the edge of it and it needs to be cut out and a new corner put in. Have not figured out yet how to do this, a course in joinery is needed.

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There is a next life. Hang in there.

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I have often thought that I would go to Barber School. With three boys and a husband, I would save a bundle.

On second thought, would I really want to go that husband/three boys route again?

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You are WOMAN Hang Tough!!

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Anneliese, good for you!

My DH is unable to do lots of things he used to do, so I'm trying to learn to do them. I know it's not hard, but I have replaced a toilet seat--the hardest part was lying on the floor on my side in a 10" wide space between the toilet and wall and peering up to unloose the old screws, then align the new ones and tighten them without overdoing it and stripping them. I also managed to reset the plate into which our storm door locks and tighten the screws; over time with constant use, it gets out of line and the door won't lock or even close, properly. I still haven't figured the proper way to hang the towel bar in the bathroom! There's a little screw--only about 1/3" long--which goes into the bottom of it and is supposed to hold the metal plate tight. Every time I try to do it, it looks O.K., but as soon as I hang a towel on the bar--the whole d - - - thing falls off!! I'm sure it's not supposed to be that hard to do!

Anneliese, wish I lived closer, maybe I could come to you for some instructions!! :>)

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In the next life, I'm coming back as my dog.
Talk about the GOOD LIFE !!!
No lamps to repair, no toilet to fix.

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Bob's been gone a little over a year. I'm paying to have about 3 acres surrounding house and barns mowed; new roof, had the house rehabbed for handicap when they told me he would be coming home, new furnace, and today I'm not sure the sewer aeration system is working, a phone call tomorrow.

I dread winter, when its likely to be more than rewiring a lamp...

it just takes all your time, and from where I'm sitting, people who are slated to be primary care givers need to be in condos or apartment buildings where they can only wear the 2-3 hats required to take care of the patient, communicate with Drs. study what the diagnosis is, and change diet and routines accordingly...

No way you can keep up with it all, and in time, your property gradually sinks into disrepair.

A lot to be said for keeping folks in their own homes..

A lot to be said for making it easier for caregivers to concentrate on them.


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mwheel, it sounds to me like the mounting hardware is loose. Behind the metal plate with the screw is mounting hardware which fastens the whole thing to the wall.
I would unscrew the outer plate (watch out, that little screw is hard to find once it falls on the floor)and check the gizmo behind it.
If not sure, put "fastening towel bar" or similar term in your search engine, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart and a bunch of other sites have instructions so you can see what I try to explain. Know what you mean when it comes to toilet seats, easy to do if you have room, getting to it is the problem.
Janis, said since years I would come back as a cat or dog and find myself a dummy like me to live with.

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Shilty, I looked at condos and almost bought one untill
I realized that it was too small to accomodate Neil, myself and my daughter.
I bought a house that used to be a duplex. It gives us
the room we need with Katrina having a living room, two
bedrooms a re-modeled bathroom that will accomodate her handicap.
We have a living room, master bedroom and remodeled bath and a sitting room or computer room plus a
big upstaris area that has a bath, bedroom and living room plus a kitchenette.

I was used to having someone clean for me but living here
is much more costly so I opted to drop the cleaning lady
and keep the lawn service. I now have a messy house but my
yard looks great.

So if anyone plans on visiting me, call me first so I can shove everything in a closet and swiffer the floor. :0)

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Bless your heart - I know their comfort is primary for you. Keep looking for someone who can 'spell' you, take care of her if you're at the hospital with him, and some way for you to have an outing now and then. I'm privileged to have a handyman, and to be able to pay him. Cleaning is not such a problem. If I don't wear my glasses it looks done. But when I hear someone is coming, I have to give it more than the lick and promise that I normally do.

I am one of about 15 women my age or close in our circle of friends that are trying to hang onto their homes as best they can, and take care of partners, or get used to not having them. But I'm looking for smaller and more user friendly.

A special place in heaven for them all.

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Anneliese, thanks for your suggestions. The mouting plate is rock solid against the wall. That's why I can't figure out why the end of the towel bar won't stay tight once I've got that little screw in! I'm going right now and type in "fastening towel bar"! Thaks again.

P.S. The towel bar is the least of our worries right now. DH is in the midst of prepping for a colonscopy, tomorrow. The bathroom is being occupied pretty much non-stop! But as my sister emailed me, "This, too, shall pass"! :>)

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In my next life, I don't want any earthly bounds. I'll just float from cloud to cloud, flower to flower, spreading angel dust.
mwheel, my hubby had a
colonscopy, some time ago and all went well, here's hoping you all get great news. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

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If there is next life, you definitely do not want to live in New Orleans again!

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WG, many thanks for your "good thoughts"; all did go well and the news is good, too. And hopefully, at age 82, DH won't need to have another colonoscopy. The procedure itself was a snap--just a lovely 35 minute rest in "la-la land". It was the late night/early morning trips to the bathroom, which nearly did both of us in. But it's behind us now, and we're both glad he had it done.

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mwheel, glad the the outcome was good news. DH says it will be a cold day in h@ll before he'll do that again, We'll see, he's 73 years old and I expect him to live past my lifetime, so if it takes another colonscopy, so be it. My dh should have eaten his veggies and grains.

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