Rejuvenating Old Pond - How to?

orchard_hill_farmJanuary 15, 2013

My fiance inherited a farm from his grandparents that we have been fixing up for the past few years and we are almost ready to move in! We both have grown up on farms but neither one of us had a pond! There is a big pond right outside the back of the house so you get a good view of it from the rear of the house and the master bedroom... so I want it to be pretty!

Right now the pond is home to a turtles, frogs, snakes, and moss. Eventually I'd like that to change over to some fish and make it a safe place for my dogs to swim.

Not sure if this is helpful for anything but the pond is man made...

Any help on how to make my pond what I want it to be would be great!

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LEAVE THE POND AS IT IS!!!!! It sounds like it is in balance and that is a RARE thing to behold!!
Buy your mutts a kiddie pool to play around in.
And the pond may have fish in it already!??

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Excuse me, but I found your comment to be very rude and I do not appreciate my dogs being called mutts.

I will certainly not "LEAVE THE POND AS IT IS!!!!!" because I do not want to be staring at a gross swamp. You can not hardly see the water there is so much moss and algae. You may like that look, I do not.

The pond does not have fish.

Any helpful tips will be appreciated. Thank you.

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sdavis(z7b nc)

A range of tools suitable to rake native plants out will be useful, before they become large clumps that seed prolific.

A few burly stumps and long planks might make chasing the pesky weeds out easier and sliding a plant pot or two in position

Containerising choice plants makes it easier to lift and divide plants compared to wrestling with burly plants lashed into mud

Choice plants, as in they have the best choice, combination of features for that kind of large pond... slow growing, easy to control, prolific blooms, attractive foliage

Planting well behaved attractive aquatic iris and hardy waterlilies suitable for a large pond would establish some choice features

Phasing the bad guys (like cattails) out, and the nice stuff in shouldn't distract you much from putting feet up and browsing a good pond book or two on a nice day

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What you see as "gross" is actually a unique and delicate ecosystem that can easily be destroyed if you do the wrong thing.
If you want fish it sounds like your going to have to dredge and make it deeper. Then add your aquatic plants; this is a must by the way if you want a healthy pond.
Here is a good list:
(Acorus calamus) Sweetflag
(Caltha palustris) Marsh Marigold
(Equisetum hyemale) Horsetail
(Iris prismatica) Iris, Slender Blue Flag
(Juncus effusus) Soft Rush
(Nymphae odorata) Water Lily
(Sagittaria latifolia) Duck Potato, Wapato
(Scirpus cyperinus) Wool Grass

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zinniachick(southwest Ohio)

I'd leave it be, since you asked. T-man has a good point. If you want to change it, you'll probably have to line it with rubber roofing liner, and start over, controlling every little element you put in and keep out. Quite doable, but a lot of work and then maintenance, and with a new farm you probably have a long list of work already. Best wishes with your new endeavor.
-- Zinnia

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Buy you some grass carp they will clean it up for you fast. But then you will not be able to grow water lilies because they will eat those too. Unless you remove the carp after they are done cleaning your pond. They will eat all of your algae usually within a year depending on the size of the pond and how many carp you put in. I've included a link of a plant that will do well in you lake it is a hardy lotus. And the carp will not touch these neither will the turtles.

Here is a link that might be useful: gabelmans gardens gallery

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