Weekend Journal September 4-6, 2010

rob333September 7, 2010

I stayed up until 1:30AM Friday night/Saturday morning trying to clean and tag things for the Saturday yardsale. Kitties kept getting into everything, and so, I put them in LF's room for the night; he was at his dad's house. The upstairs neighbors got up at 5:30ish. She was showering when she let out a blood-curdling scream because of the two inch across spider who joined her in the tub. Needless to say, I too was awake at 5:30AM. We set up the stuff on the lawn (we had to drive mine up the steep driveway or I'd never have finished) and sat down with coffee. M, their three year old, found a truck I was "selling" and kept driving it around the yard. He did that the entire day! First with that truck, until the tires fell off (it was meant for big kids who could use the r/c portion and not smash it on the ground), happily whirring around the Salvia farinacea saying "Trees! Trees!", then with the bright yellow Tonka dumptruck every male child has had since the 1960s. He was a happy camper, and I enjoyed watching him. Well worth the money I "lost" from not selling the first truck. He doesn't say a lot more than one word sentences still as he's here from Guatemala and his language skills haven't caught up yet. Neighbors waved and stopped to talk as they came by. The day flew by. Neither of us sold very much. Believe it or not, the baby stuff didn't sell??? but my old textbooks did! I'm surprised. Maybe the hard covers were going to be made into purses, who knows? She picked up what she thought might sell at consignment, I picked up the two kitchen appliances that my heart hadn't been in selling anyhow but really don't need, and he took the remaining that could be donated to donation. I took the empty boxes and magazines to recycling. After all that, I was pleased to be able to do the monthly grocery shopping and clean up the remaining mess from the garage sale that was inside. I finally have a living room that is in order. The refrigerator is packed with lovely green veggies, cold drinks, and other sundries. The freezer and pantry are packed too. First time in about two months. Ah, sweet relief. Moving has been heck!!! Watched Maverick and ate dungeness crab legs and steamed asparagus. I was so tired I don't even remember if I went to bed. I think I did since I woke up in bed. I came to the conclusion, just donate stuff and get a receipt or sell it on Craigslist. But it's gone! Neither one of us was going to let that stuff back into the house.

Sunday, I got up and was lucky to be clean and wear reasonable clothes to church as I was still exhausted. No makeup, no contacts, no fancy shoes, not even any jewelry. Oy. After church, we were supposed to get LF's room organized, but he refused to go through his boxes, so I cleaned up all the outside things that have been sitting in front of the front door since I moved in August 7th (is that right?). I put up the windchimes and tied the chair pillows on the patio table chairs. Later, I made huge prawns wrapped in bacon and covered in barbeque sauce (I thought it was last night, but evidently, it was Sunday night now that I am thinking about it), while we watched Transformers as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is supposed to make it to our house tonight. We made peanut butter cookies while the upstairs neighbors hosted his parents and nephew by having s'mores on the upper deck in their firepit. LF took them a dozen cookies and we got ready to go swimming the next day by finding all the towels and bathing suits, made sure they were clean, put the free tickets for my nephew and his friend by the door, and put the sunscreen out in the bathroom.

Labor day: After I got dressed, he was still in bed, so I got him up, then plopped him down in front of his breakfast, while I made brownies for the pool trip. It was my job to make dessert for the picnic and I wanted something more than peanut butter cookies. We put on our suits and out the door. I'd told Matt to be at the front gate by 9:45 so I could give them their tickets I bought them. Of course they weren't there on time. When sis drove up, I gave them to her, so that LF and I could run like crazy to be first in line for the slides. Haven't done that all season and next weekend is the last chance we'll have. This weekend may be the last real chance as it looks like Tropical storm Hermine is going to be dumping rain here :( so I am glad we did it this weekend. We did the body slide (without tubes) and then Thunder and Lightning (completely enclosed tunnels that have a few holes for sunlight, but mostly dark)! We high fived each other and giggled all the way up the stairs and down the slides. The pools were like ice since the weather has turned cooler. We're getting 50 degree nights and days only in the 80s. LF and I jumped in the waves and played in the water all day long. Many who came (including my mom and sister) sat at the edge of the pool, arms crossed and shivering, trying to stay warm. Lunch was really good. There were so many of our family there, we filled up both sides of the picnic table and ate peanut butter and jelly or hot dogs with loads of veggies in dip or raspberries. There was root beer, ginger ale, and KoolAid. By the end of the day, the sun warmed everyone but only LF and I swam. We may go back next weekend, but I wouldn't count on it. Had the last of the crab with steamed spinach. We watched the movie Cars and played with the kitties.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tonka trucks-his (that was LF's) looks like the pic

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Might I borrow some of your energy? I get tired just reading about your weekend, LOL!

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I think it's my reward for being that kid that pushed parents and teachers to their wit's end never sitting still and continuously questioning...

I'd love to come help you finish whatever you want to finish (cleaning house, gardening, grocery shopping, etc.) though. Do you live close to Nashville?


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It's amazing what energy you have.
When you are talking about Tonka Trucks, as far as I'm concerned you are talking about continuity toys. Both DH and our children played with
Tonkas and now we are handing down the toys to our gs.

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I have never seen a book purse, what a neat idea.

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West, I think it's against the law to throw them out, one must pass those tonkas along. (((wink, wink))) Great, well made, aren't they?

Gabriell, I saw those when I was trying to figure out what to do with them. It seems like it was last year at some point and I saved the idea and the books just in case I felt like doing it sometime. I'm just sure I learned about it on GardenWeb; most likely on the junk forum. Amazing what people see when they look at objects. Wish I had that gene! I'd even give up 1/2 of my energy gene for it.

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