Not trying to make

oscarthecat(z7MD)September 26, 2012

a political statement just telling what I saw. Hiway 70 passes through Wheeling WV and on the outskirts of the cityI spotted 4 homes boarded up. These were nice homes and I wondered where the people went. Wheeling used to be a very busy place. Lots of galvanized steel products, garbage cans, washtubs, waterpails etc. I wonder when things will turnaround and people will come and pull the boards off those houses??

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I understand what you're saying. In my fiance's neighborhood, his is the only home for sale out of 14 that is NOT in foreclosure. So very, very sad.

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The people will pull the boards of the houses when they are able to buy the houses at today's market value and when the banks will lend at today's value.

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