The Terraces in July.....

deanneart(z5Southern NH)July 22, 2006

IÂve been spending this day indoors enjoying a respite from the watering. WhoÂd have thought IÂd be looking forward to a rainy day? Anyway, here is a selection of photographs I took in the last few days of the Terrace Garden in the back yard. You really have to love the lily season! Between the daylilies and Oriental lilies the color and fragrance in the back gardens are beyond belief. LOL

This first photo is another panorama morphed together from quite a few photos. There are probably eight or ten in this one. I thought it would be fun to try and get as much foreground in this one as possible so you can see how the patio relates to the terraces. That banana on the patio is really gaining some size with this warm humid weather.

This daylily is just a bit more peach than it appears in this photograph but is still one of the best true pinks I have. It makes a good combo with the Shasta daisies and the astilbe in the foreground.

And a longer view of that combination looking up the hill.

Looking at the border from west to east.

Now IÂm standing at the top of the hill looking down toward the patio. You can see from this pic that the hill is a bit steeper than it appears in the other photos.

The echinops are beautiful this year. IÂve cut quite a few stems from this clump for flower arrangements and it still has plenty of color.

This is looking from east toward west across the third terrace.

And another view from east toward west now standing at the front corner of the first terrace.

From the patio

AhhhhÂ. There is nothing like the abundance of July here. I think IÂll go and find a beverage, put my feet up and enjoy the view.


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Oh Deanne!!! Your gardens are lovely! I'm going back to look some more but had to hurry to send you a thanks for sharing the photos!

Hope Doug is doing well today.

Thanks again,

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Beautiful,gorgeous,fabulous,lovely,and on and on ........
I need huge blow-ups of all the wide/panoramic views to cover my windows with, so I can pretend that that is what it looks like outside! :-)
You have every right to be happy and proud, not only of your gardening skills, but of all your talents.


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How absolutely beautiful ! I'ts so hot here my garden is frying ! How nice to see your verdant lush plantings. Makes me feel 20 degrees cooler !
Kathy in the Napa Valley

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Beautiful. I love July!


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Deanne, fantastic shots of your garden. Were you on the roof for the 1st one? It gives a better idea of the garden. It almost takes my breath away with all its beauty. Thanks for showing these.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Just gorgeous Deanne!

I love being able to see the whole backyard, what a clever idea and a real treat for those of us who haven't actually been lucky enough to see your garden in person.

I love your Taplow is so beautitful & healthy...Trudi had it in her garden yesterday too and it was so wonderful I'm just green! Is there anything special you do to yours? It must have some need that I am not meeting because everytime I've tried to grow it in my garden, it disappears by the next season. I love it combined with your daylily. My old boss had hers planted with a yellow daylily too and I remember how pleasing they looked together and had tried to do the same thing in my garden with Lemon Love Notes daylilies, but Echinops just doesn't seem to like me.

You know what I noticed too. It's funny how you think you don't like a certain plant or are not terribly fond of a certain color and then you see it in a clever gardener's garden, combined just perfectly and in just the right setting and you realize, it's not the plant or the's how you use it. I like having some yellow in my garden, but it's not my favorite color and here you show this all yellow combination that just blows me away! Deanne, I am in love with your ligularia/daylily combination! That is about the prettiest and most clever monochromatic color scheme I've ever seen. I love the play of shades and hues.

Anyway, I hope I don't come off to you as insincere because I *know* I gush a lot when I see your pictures, but believe me Deanne...I am *totally* sincere...I so admire your eye, your talent and how hard you work to create such beauty.

Thanks for sharing all the beauty! Ei

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Count me speechless!! We missed you at the IU3, Deanne, but I see you took comfort in your amazing garden! Hope to see it in person some day -- I know it would still knock my socks off -- Eileen said itjust right about how the same plant seems to shine in the right setting and combo - at which you are truly a master. Thanks for taking all the photos and sharing them, Deanne.


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Deanne,what an awesome view of your gardens. It's nice to see an overall view. It's funny because I had printed out a bunch of reference photos of most of my beds to mark where I wanted to do different things and had them lying on the table and DH lined them all up to make a panoramic view of them. I hadn't thought to do that.
Anyway yours looks great. My daylillies are winding down except for the late ones. The heat we had was hard on them. I didn't add any new ones this year, but have been spending my time giving them more room to show off and combine with other plants. Your photos always inspire me to make better combinations. I hope Doug is doing ok. I'm sure he must have some pain from that.
By the way my coleus are doing great. Thanks again. Norma

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Deanne, your gardens just blow me away. I know I constantly gush about them but as Ei said, you truly are the master. The color, texture and combos are spectacular!

I, too, love the lemon daylily. What one is it?

I hope Doug isn't in much pain from the surgery. Tell him we truly missed you both at IU3. And BTW, please don't stop posting pix!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Deanne, I have only one question - when are you doing a book?


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yes indeedy! I'd know that beautiful garden anywhere! The echinops and veronicastrum are terrific this year here as well. My lilies are about finished and need cutting back. Much of the colour is gone here but soon the goldenrod/aster season should start I guess. Keep posting so we can follow the seasonal changes!

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I just purchased a book called Perennial Combinations, and I swear your pictures are better than the ones in the book. That's saying something, because the ones in the book are awesome.

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Your gardens are them most beautiful I've ever seen!
They belong in a magazine or books! for the world to see!


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That's just...Oh WOW! I think I should just hang up my gardening gloves, and live vicariously through those who have a good eye and know what they're doing.

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Can't wait to see this in person!!!! NO, Deanne -- Don't do more than planned, anyway. LOL


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Deanne, I was just looking over this thread AGAIN and realized I don't have a post here. Don't know how that happened. You could and should do a book! Maybe titled "The Romantic Garden". Your gardens have that sort of feel to them. Very beautiful! I always come back to your threads to enjoy them again and again.


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