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Casia-NH(5b)September 6, 2013

Hello. I just created my account here although I've been browsing the forums all summer. I moved a few years ago to a new house, and just decided this summer to tackle the various plantings all around the house, with a lot of success thanks to this site.

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Welcome, Casia! Wasn't sure if your plants are inside or outside your house...or both? What do you have?

I have no gardening space unless you count my two orchids from Trader Joe's. So I must live vicariously through those who do! lolol


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Sorry, double post.


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Hi, Casia--what a pretty name. Welcome to the Garden Party. Good for you for taking an interest in the plantings in your yard. Right away, I confess I'm not a great gardener, but really enjoy the Garden Party. If you have a question, there's usually someone who has an answer or can direct you somewhere you can find one.

Again, welcome.

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Hi Casia, welcome to the garden party. Glad you posted.
I'm with you that I learn a lot from the forums here at the Garden Web, and I enjoy talking to like minded people.

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Welcome aboard Casia- as you already know, there are some truly wonderful people on this forum and others. Everyone is so helpful, right? Good luck with your new home and gardens. It's a pleasure to browse through the forums...


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Hi Casia, welcome and I hope you stay around. Nice to see somebody from New England. I have family in MA and NH.

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Good morning, Casia
Welcome to the party and greetings from California! Fall hasn't arrived here yet, dropped in for a quick visit and had to retreat: much too hot. We are heading toward 102ú today, and hope this is summer's last stand - we need rain!

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Hello! Waving wildly from TN. Hope you enjoy yourself gardening. It can be so much fun. The season to sit inside and read seed catalogs is upon us. And if you're sleepless, drift off picturing the plants growing. For now, come by and chat to keep busy.

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