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endorphinjunkie(z7bAlabama)September 10, 2010

I am just about to leave to go to Scottsboro for this evening and tomorrow. I am going to participate in a sprint triathlon on Saturday. I am leaving today so as not to have to get up early for the two hour0-ish drive. It's a 1/4 mile swim, a 15 miles on the bike then a 5K run; one right after the other. It will be me and 600 other loony tunes. I'm leaving today so to get a campsite at Goose Pond Colony, which is on River. The campground is first come first served. Will make a stop in Huntsville and take two of my nieces to lunch. Then I will spend a quiet afternoon by the water with some nice reading material. Hopefully a lot of the triathletes will be there by evening, and hope to socialize a bit with them. Then get up early and go to it.

It should be a nice mini vacation.

Gots to do something to get the hyper-tension under control, and properly managed. Have I stated before that I am particularly loathed to take pharmaceuticals?

Methinks I will pick up a frozen concoction machine on the way. They are a bit pricey, say ~200 smackers, but, they are useful; they are good to make smoothies and especially some woozies...

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Frozen concoction machine? I thought you meant an ice cream maker, but the more I think about smoothies and woozies being drinks, you mean the one that swirls and has a handle that releases the goodness? Happy vacating!

I'm soaked, the remainder of Hermine's eye got me good. I had to walk to the car to get my name badge so that I could withdraw money from the credit union, and the downpour came inbetween the building and the car. I have to replace the heater core on my car and it needs hoses to go with it. So I got out enough money for labor and the hoses. I already bought the heater core a couple of months ago. It's starting to get cold though and I need for the boy to be warm. My shoes are squishing and my hair looks funky. Hurricane season, harumph. I'm looking forward to Sunday when the weather will have passed, my remaining boxes will get moved to storage and my new chair (new to me, mom is giving me her's) goes in. I'm funky too. I am irritable and so is the LF. Don't know if we're doing it to each other or just happened at the same time. Hope we get a new attitude on this, the last weekend of the pool until next May. If we don't get to swim, it'll be too sad. We can go if it rains, but doesn't have thunderstorms. And, less other people will be there. We may be cold, but we'll swim. I wrote on my Facebook account that I can't tell what day of the week it is. Doesn't feel like Friday. The nandinas are turning red, the trees are turning yellow and orange. It's here!

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