Early Morning on Afton Mtn: Quote 9/19/12

kathyjane(z6VA)September 19, 2012

I slowly twisted down through the old

Swannanoah Golf Course road

and out onto the little 2 lane mtn. road

I passed the old apple orchard with skeletons

of ancient apple trees slowly making their descent

down though the swale, where they're never seen again.

Everything was of another time and the barns and sheds

had all given up hope of ever sheltering another harvest.

The 300SD swings into the first of a tight 'S' turn

on a downward run and I keep the right wheel on gravel

in case there's an icy spot waiting.

I slow even more and then have to stop completely

when I see a foggy shadow on the left-hand side

up ahead.

My jaw dropped; it was a magnificent Bobcat!

He was just standing there, watching me intently.

He had gorgeous black-tipped ear tufts and

his bob-tail was as alert as his ears.

His coloring was perfect for the woods

and the orchard both.

We just stared at one another through the fog;.

I finally remembered to close my mouth.

Finally, out sheer boredom with my presence,

he let out a loud, curdling scream to remind me

this was his territory.

I meekly let the car roll past him,

the diesel keeping an even rpm as I

tried not to stare and anger him more.

Did he think of me later?

Was he as disgusted

as I was enthalled?

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What a lovely vignette of an interesting encounter! Being a member of the feline species, he most likely was a bit annoyed to be interrupted, after all, he had important things to do.

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Don't you know better! To disturbe a cat, my word. I like the picture your adventure formed in my mind and I think of a sideroad during a drive on the Blueridge Parkway.
Was yesterday in NH at my son's house and spotted, while I was the only one around and quiet, a red fox sleeping in the backyard under a tree.

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I64 over Afton Mtn. VA version 2 u tube. Beautiful. May go that route after the leaves turn. Thanks for posting

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Lio, you're right, of course!!!

Oscar, if you do go that way, just get on to 610 right off of 64 --the Pkwy is right next to it----you'll see Pete Lang's golf course on your right at the top of the hill (a couple miles up from the turn-off)--stop in and say Hi if you see an older fellow with a shock of white hair---that would be Pete---he's 93 now!

The leaves are always gorgeous up there!

Anne, 610 does run alongside the Parkway for maybe 4 or 5 miles----then dives down into Sherando---crammed with hunters----I even used to chase them off my property when I lived in the cabin!
That's the first thing I learned out there----NEVER, EVER give an inch on something----like your 'posted' signs being torn down over and over. I even chased those guys through the woods in my little VW Rabbit, I was so mad!

Irish Creek is also a nice side road farther down (south) the Pkwy. (PS----what a lovely thing to happen across--a sleeping fox---he must've felt safe in your sons' backyard! Hope you're enjoying every minute of your visit!)

You guys sure perked me up----thank you!!!

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Wonderful poem.
Back some 50 years ago when we made the fall color trips, it got somewhat crowded on the week-ends. A friend if mine went a few years ago and said it was bumper to bumper and people 10 deep at the lookout points.
I'm sure KJ knows the best spots.
Below is a page listing fall colors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fall Color, va

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Anothe gem! Thanks, KJ.

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Is this the u tube? Oscarthecat?

Here is a link that might be useful: Is this the video?164 over Afton Mountain

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Wow, West! What a hoot!
I never thought anyone would do a 'Rollin' Down the Road' video in our neck of the woods!

If you like watching those, Freewayjim is top of the heap----esp. with his choice in music! My DGS and I have watched almost all of his videos---esp 'Atlanta by Night', (all of his ATL videos are good!)
'North Shore Drive' and 'Cheapeake Bay Bridge'----the music he uses fits them perfectly!

--If I wanted to look at leaves these days, the LAST place I'd pick would be along the PKWY! It was horrible in the 90's and has only gotten worse!---ESP on the bloomin' weekends. There are no 'best spots' anymore.
I guess since we're right at the end Of Skyline Drive and the beginning of the Blue Ridge Pkwy, it does make it a lot busier and frantic during peak season!

Raven's Roost (I used to rock climb there---'waaay back!) and Humpback Rocks are very nice spots to spend some time---but they ARE crowded on nice days---not much fun there!
I'd head for WV and quieter roads....for real, folks!

When I lived up there, it was bad enough....
(It was worth it, though!!!)

Now there are a bunch of nambie-pambies living in tract homes in the newly developed parts.
The origional houses were one-of-a-kind, usually, with some being outlandish----but it all fit the mtn. energy and the quirky folks who lived in them--yes, including moi!
West, thanks again for the video---sheesh--blew me away!

---(mwheel---thank you!)

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Hi west gardener. Yes that is the one I used but there are others on the google.

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loved it

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